Unexpected Muscle


By Turbo Muscle

Someone wanted to post this for him anonymously:

“Never fear John.” Jeff said. He just held out his as the car started speeding toward us and held it back with just one arm… The wheels started smoking against the force of Jeff holding the police vehicle back. This went on for several minutes…

Suddenly, Mark stopped the car and got out with his hand gun aimed right at Jeff’s chest. “Try it.. you wont hurt me.” He grabbed the gun from Matt’s grasp and proceeded to twist the gun into mangled fragments.

“Holy crap Jeff!” John exclaimed staring at his muscle buddy.

“Jeff.. what the F are you DOING.. it was just a test for you…. I knew you were strong all along.. I had to just get you two in a situation where you had to defend John…”

“Oh yeah sorry. I kinda got carried away.” Jeff said, releasing Matt’s arm…

“You mean this is what you wanted to show me?” John asked, slumping against the smoldering police vehicle…

“That’s only the beginning of what I can do.” Jeff asked.. He reached over to Matt and lifted the surprised Sherrif’s deputy by his armpits. He held him up for several moments repeated the procedure several times… “Now its your turn…” Jeff said dropping the amazed cop to his feet… •

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