Pollination: The Series


By AbsMan420


The man who had been Agent Wolf Murdock worked endlessly in the fields, preparing the land for seeding, spreading fertilizer, tilling earth, a far cry from the rigors of his former profession, but now the single most important drive of his life. Not that much of it was really HIS life, anymore.

It was a plant that was inside him, after all - yes, a plant with which he'd achieved Symbiosis, but a plant, nonetheless - and plants grew. It was their nature. When Murdock was asleep, or lost in the throes of passion, the plant could expand a little, slip its tendrils a bit further into Murdock's mind. It would boost his sense of pleasure, deadening his resistance, and then assert itself a tiny fraction more. Soon, Murdock came to believe the plant's motives were his own, and it was only a short step before Murdock was the passenger, and the plant was the dominant of the pairing.

Murdock didn't even realize that he didn't exist anymore, that he was just along for the ride, floating in a pool of pleasure, a blissful coma, as he watched his actions through his own eyes and believed he was in control. The man that had been Agent Wolf Murdock continued his work on the fields, knowing the others would arrive shortly - he could feel the Great One calling them even now.

Once they got here, re-population could begin in earnest.


It was probably not the way old Ed Bowden imagined his retirement years - that seems a fair statement. Closing in on eighty, it would be a safe to say that he'd given up his aspirations for bodybuilding, however ill-defined they may have been. (Even when he'd been younger, Ed's build had never been described better than "strapping," so it's not like he'd been disappointed or bitter.) He wasn't capable of imagining the details of his own transformation - he had less than an eighth-grade education - so the thought had probably never crossed his mind - even in the creative guise of fantasy.

Fortunately for Ed, he hadn't had to imagine anything. He could FEEL it. That's how he knew it was real.

He'd never taken Viagra, though he knew what it was - enough to joke with the boys down at the feed store, or the barbershop - but what the pollen had done to him, that dusty emission from the plant in Murdock's room, made Viagra seem about as powerful as placebo.

He'd been almost constantly hard throughout the transformation - three solid days. The level of pleasure was so high that he only kept track of time by the presence of the sun - he remembered counting three nights - the pleasure was so much greater when there was sun. He'd collapsed before the Great Plant when it first pollinated him, overwhelmed with reality, already high from the buzz. When he'd awoken, he'd found himself lain in the root structure, supported by shoots and great flat leaves, surprisingly comfortable.

He was facing the blossom - that is, the big flower came up between his spread legs and angled down toward him. Tendrils wrapped around his arms and ankles, two ropes around his chest, they kept him from moving, but he didn't feel he was a prisoner. Another sort of shoot enveloped his withered old penis - a half-formed flower, it seemed - a tendril around his balls like a cock-ring, so soft and stimulating - the Great Plant gave him almost continual head. And for a man who'd had oral sex only once (and that was when he'd had a prostitute in Dodge City before he was married), Ed had known this was better - the best he'd be likely to ever get.

There was another vine - Ed could feel it, but denied he could - the one tickling his asshole, growing into him. Every release, every jolt allowed it in a little deeper, to grow a little thicker. He'd been afraid to admit how much he'd liked it, so he ignored it. He wouldn't be able to do that for much longer.

As had been happening for the last three days, as Ed's head began to clear, the blossom lowered itself to his face, sealing its edges like a surgical mask. Ed could feel the velvety softness of the petals against his skin, dry and cool - he could smell the pungent aroma of the flower, like old sex in an air-tight room.

And then it would shoot the pollen. Slowly at first, the hint of its coming like the realization of incense on the breeze, stage-fog at a rock-n-roll concert, and then the full dose, wave after wave, coinciding with his inhalations, constantly, until his lungs were nearly full of powder.

It would move away from his face like they'd just finished a passionate kiss, and the stimulation of his cock (and his asshole - C'mon, Ed, admit it!) would begin. When his breath would hitch from the strains of pleasure, little bursts of pollen would escape his lips, little gurgles of powdered ecstasy.

The first few times, he almost drowned, choking from the dust in his lungs. But just as he'd start to panic, the pollen seemed to MELT into him, absorbed by his bloodstream. Just as quickly as he lost his breath, he regained it. As a matter if fact, the slight jolt of instinctual panic that he'd feel at those moments propelled him into the thick of the buzz, the expansion of his personal power, the rush of adrenaline.

He could feel himself growing. He could feel his muscles expand, thicken with mass and strength. As the plant sucked his cock, he could feel the growth there, too - the vine leading to his ass certainly got bigger, but he allowed it in, lost in the penetration. His ribcage continually inflated, larger with each breath - or maybe the plant was blowing him up like a balloon. Old Ed Bowden didn't care as long as the pleasure continued.

And the bigger he got, the more pleasure he experienced, the more power he felt. In this dream state, none of it seemed quite real. If it looked like his legs were getting longer, if he felt his arms lengthening as well as thickening, his back expanding, well, that was just the buzz affecting his senses. That kind of stuff was physically impossible. Eighty year old men didn't grow. Hell, just the opposite.

The vine in his ass branched out, and he let out a moan. He felt something growing into his cock - growing INTO his cock! He couldn't help but panic, no matter how far along in the buzz he was. No matter how good this all felt.

Then the flower lowered to his face again, finding the pace of his breath, forcing more and more of the pollen into him, smothering him with it.

Good Lord, something was entering his cock! Something long and wet, thick...


And then the jolt as the vine shot up deep in his ass - ecstasy! - as the life-form slid into his balls. The power! The overwhelming power!

It was the kind of energy that an eighty year old body wasn't quite ready to take, not that one could expect an alien to know that. Old Ed Bowden's heart wasn't up to the task at hand.

He was dead before the creature settled completely into his balls.


"Ten-hut! General in the room!"

He had the stride of a man with a purpose, a man so aware of his own importance that his sense of self over-powered the room. A strong man, still with a build as disciplined as when he was a cadet - that's what he liked to say - the General was a man with little time to waste on scientists.

So when the little balding man in the white lab coat shook his hand, it reaffirmed the General's opinions - soft and weak. How could such intelligent men be so undisciplined about their bodies?

"Welcome, General. I'm Dr. Melvin Stanley. Thank you for coming down here this afternoon. I appreciate your making time for us."

"I don't have a lot, Dr. Stanley. Be brief."

"Yes, sir," the wimpy little scientist said, leading the General across the room as he spoke. "It's about something one of your operatives found in the field. We've been studying it now for a few days and think our findings are important enough to involve the military."

The General nodded - another scientist with a scheme. He hated this aspect of his job. "Show me what you got, Dr. Stanley."

They stepped into a small observation room, the scientist closing the door behind them. One wall was almost completely two-way glass, looking in to an examination room - or was it a holding cell? - a small table and a lone chair. Patiently standing to one side was a man of about thirty - jar-head, fantastic shape, clearly and obviously a soldier, though dressed only in olive boxer shorts and a tight tan undershirt, displaying his obvious fitness, but not bragging about it.

The scientist indicated him. "This is Staff-Sargent Adam Wendt - he volunteered for this duty. His core-team were the men responsible for the discovery."

The General crossed his arms - he was not one for dramatics. "Discovery of what, Doctor?"

The scientist pressed a button on a small console next to the mirror. He spoke into the speaker beneath it. "Proceed, gentlemen."

A panel in the examination room wall opened, and the Sargent immediately swung his head toward the motion. A shelf slid into the room, holding a potted plant, the tubular flower resembling a man's genitals. The General snorted. "You brought me down here for gardening?"

"Just watch, sir." The scientist pushed the console button again. "Sargent Wendt?" he asked, and the man in the room came to immediate attention. "You may start when ready."

The Sargent quickly glanced at the mirror (clearly he knew he was being watched), then took two determined strides toward the plant. The General was about to make another sarcastic comment about this waste of his time when he saw the plant suddenly move. It was like the flower sensed the Sargent's approach and re-aimed. How was that poss...?

Just as unexpectedly, the plant launched a dusty ball of pollen directly at the Staff-Sargent's face, hitting him squarely in the upper-lip - some of the pollen spattered against the two-way mirror, right in front of the General. "What the hell...?"

The scientist nodded, shooting a side-long look to the General, then almost immediately back to the Sargent. (This would be the third time Dr. Stanley had seen this transformation - he held his clipboard in front of his crotch already.) "Keep watching, General," he said. "It's just beginning."

As the General watched, the Sargent threw his head back and roared, and the General could clearly see the man's erection.

What the hell was going on? •

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