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By Freaker

Just continuing Doodling. and BTW Doodle read at your risk.

Every care taken. But no responsibility! ok?.........sorry :D

If I tried to write poetry, instead, would I be worse than the very worst in the Universe? You know, dontcha! The girl, as quoted in The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Mandatory reading for anyone into MuscleGrowth Stories, BTW :D

Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex. Probably not? Thankyou for that reassurance. Whew!!!

But I would no doubt be worse than that of the well known gentleman, the likeable (to some), one Prostetnic Vogon jeltz? Who uttered those, now famous words:

Oh freddled gruntbuggly thy micturations are to me/ As plurdled gobbleblotchits on a lurgid bee. etc etc etc.

Now! Tell me if my story hath not a similar ring to it? Or better, worse!!!!


But not being able to kiss without a great deal of struggle, with Pecs a foot thick and down turned nipples. Plus (remember?) Thighs a foot thick forwards, was compensated for by the fact that after 14 days (in dream time) their Thighs had grown so thick AND so CUT they had deep cleavages between the Retus Femoris & Vastus Lateralis & Medialis muscles running up and down their legs! And individual muscle fibres could be seen with a hand held magnifier through skin that was thin enough to be practically, transparent!

Both of their Thighs and Calves were able to press an easy 10 times their own body weight for endless reps! Yes Sir! The Calves too were magnificent! Like the rest of their bodies, especially their magnificent protruding Pecs, their skin oozed a bodily male bodybuilder Man-Oil. It made them look like Pro-Bodybuilders competing on stage. But they weren't. They just glistened constantly catching every ray of light. Except for their Calves...they dazzled as they were like clusters of huge diamonds, one on top of the other and then packed tightly together. Yet at the same time they seemed like they were trying to burst apart....and they measured over 40 inches (at the thickest) and rubbed over eachother when Max & Mike walked.

This sent quite large vibrations up through the tendons stadling the knee joint and then up their Quadriceps and terminated in their groins, stimulating nerve endings. They are the endings we all share, except Max and Mike had hightenede sensuality and hormones and so many nerve endings they assured a good erection within just 10 steps to just about reach their Pecs. And by 15 steps they were guaranteed an erection that went through their thick Pectoral cleavage all the way to the Adam's apple!!

The effect was to turn their Cocks into built-in ties! Except they only came in skin colours and Veins for variation.

And their Chests measured over 120", expanded. That's 10 feet, and their torso's cross sectional area exceeded their narrow (rock hard) muscular 35" waists by 10!! noting that their tiny Waists were like 2 symmetrical piles of indestructable hot boulders that demanded sucking....boulders of muscle that formed-up a perfect 10 Pack. Each boulder was a singular delight to be worshipped and made a perfect "lookout" to watch the inevitable double biceps pose show. Except the show was always upstaged by the equally inevitable protruding Pectorals that smirked as they blocked the view through to the multi tiered biceps mountains!

But finally, day 15 arrived! This was the final day of their dreams and saw their muscles seeming to want to "burst" apart.....no, the way they were behaving it looked more like "explode" from the balls of glistening muscle that covered them. They had already grown to over 1000 pounds and they were eating more than ever and taking their time to attempt record lifts and record contractions. They were perfecting stiff arm lifts of eachother where they wrapped their wrists around eachother and with stiff arms lifted eachother overhead in one move as they took turn to be lifted completely ridged and the hurculean effort caused their Cocks to explode shooting directly into the Liftee's mouth. Ha! Yes, it was a trick. But hey! It was easy :D

But early afternoon they started exerting themselves seriously. To the max! As they tested themselves muscles would turn rock hard and they took time to hold the peak of the contraction and let the spotter run their mouths over rock hard mountains of muscle to feel the power in their new muscle-moutains. It was then they noticed something different was happening. Or wanting to happen, under the skin. Like when the muscles were relaxed they visibly pulsed in a way that mimiked a volcano. So they were about to explode. But how and when?

Even when they were fully contracted and as hard as rock their tongues could still feel a slow rythmic pulsing. Sometimes even a short surge of vibrations and the feelings flooded from their muscles. It was very intense and very pleasurable. So they stopped worshipping and started working-out. With maximum weights, together, they pushing and challenging eachother. They started with bench pressing. A quick warm up set of 1500 for 20 reps. Fast and furious of course at such a light weight. They had benched 2500 regularly already. So they went for 3000. Slowly adjusting their grips. Took a look at eachother. Made a smile and then just pressed 3000 pounds. It was EASY!!!!! So they loaded the bar to the max. 20 plates each side and did 10 reps before setting the bar down slow and quiet. Without dropping it.

They stood up. Approached eachother. Smiled and kissed. It wasn't easy, but they had developed a technique that suited them for getting their lips together. And at the same time found a way to maximise the rubbing together of as much solid muscle as possible. Then Max laid back down and positioned himself ready to press the 4000 # bar. Mike patted Max's hard Abs, bent over, kissed the area of his belly button, set deep inside a muscle cleavage and then put a bear foot on them. Then he climbed up and placed his feet on each of the huge pads of Pec muscle Max offered without fear. Then Mike turned and sat on the bar gripping it with both hands and pulled his calves and hamstrings together. Max lifted 5000 #, plus! And by the 8th rep Max was starting to breath heavily but the weight felt lighter as Mike's rose bud blossomed back at Max's face and he directed his spent air with pursed lips straight at it! Then something upped the anti inside Max and his heart started pounding and his Cock glistened overhead. Lifted up by the thickness of his torso and at the peak contraction of rep 16, huge thick STRIATIONS burst into prominence through the surface of Max's Pecs' and Triceps' skin! The feeling was awsome and an incredible release, like cumming 20 times over racked Max from head to toe! His new striations burst and stretched his skin like never before and voluminised his Pecs & Triceps for 10 minutes until they becoming 25% bigger from the release of 2 weeks of pent up tension and muscular development. Then, they became completely solid!

Slowly, about 5 minutes, Max lowered the weighted bar, then, by comparison, rushed to the mirrors. Mike didn't follow. he anticipated and Max took in the awesome changes, so far, to his Pecs & Triceps. They were now practically set solid with thick striations and deep cleavages that ran everwhere. Where muscles met they collided and mike could see Max was going over the top after that feat of sensual endurance that matched by his transformation under 5000 pound PLUS!

A feat of sensuous endurance that promised an almight Cumming. and in an almighty way! But Max was much too transfixed by the feel of his new set of muscles and his reflection in the mirrors to even notice his lover grab of his Cock. Mike had to prize it away with force from Max's possessive Pecs to be able to engulf the whole piss slit. Otherwise Cum would surely explode everywhere when it hits Mike's face! And in the end he found he could get three quarters of Max's magnificent hard glistening DickHead filling Mike's mouth! Max involunarily started bucking, suddenly forcing his whole Cock Head inside Mike's mouth filling his face. Then he started posing in the mirrors at the same time. This was no ordinary shooting session :D Doing side tricps poses, flexing and bucking at the same time getting off on his muscles. Then with side Pec poses he flexed and saw how his Pecs had truly exploded to over a foot off his huge ribs! He bucked and shot endlessly! Thick daubs of thick testis milk made Mikes thirsty throat gulp voracously minute by minute as Max bucked faster. After 2 minutes he reached full speed and rubbed his huge flexed raised Arms into his face so he could suck alternately on each arm and started to force too much Cum too fast into Mike's mouth so it started spirting out his Nose!! But Cum now felt like AIR to Mike who swalloed the whole 3 litres of hot Cum for a full 30 minutes of unloading! ManCream that would have shot 10 feet unimpeded slipped down Mike's throat mostly as Mike pulled and pressed Max's thick manly tool into his Pecs1 It was a struggle to keep the mighty canon from pulling back to Max's Pecs. To where it wanted most to be!!

Then, after the last buck of our bucking partly transformed Muscleman, the last buck that was hard to tell, Mike was covered in splashed Cum and the 2 hyper-male-lovers found a nearby bench.....Max laid down and Mike straddled him. They kissed and sharing the splashed MuscleCream. Then Mike helped himself to Max's new heavily-armoured & striated packs of Triceps meat while Max held his hands behind his head. And flexed. Mike dipped into Max's arm pits and devoured the accumulated dessert before finishing off devouring Max's hyper Pecs sending the tip of his tongue sideways across the lateral striations and muscle cords!

But Mike was impatient for his turn and signalled so by standing and grabbing Max's huge Cock. It was a hard pull but he got it back passed vertical and let it go. This caused an inevitable reaction akin to a loaded heavy spring steel coil of the same thickness. It slammed into Max's huge treasure chest sending Pec muscle flying and sending out a loud resounding deep pitched - BOING!!! IT WAS MUSIC TO THEIR EARS :D

Mike's Pecs & Triceps then had their turn to explod and Max had his turn to worship!! •

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