Family Ties


By Muscl4life

Hey Guys! This story may be similar to my Bull's strength saga, but the theme is so fucking hot for me that I decided to try my hand at another super freak teen, check it out! I was wondering, what if the muscle freak could curl over 500 pounds in one hand, had 33 inches biceps, but also he was atill afraid of the dark? Or if he was just a 12 year old, still discovering about life?

See ya!


Alex slammed the door of his brand new red Ford Ranger rushing to Mr. Redfield's, and right after he came down the main hall, he ran into his brother Jamie who was coming from the principal's office: "Jamie, weren't you suppose to look after him?" Alex asked shaking his younger brother: "Yeah, right! Like I had to look over my bigger brother!" Jamie said ironically as he returned to his own classroom � "Oh, God, please don't let them kick Randy out of the school this time!" � The blond young man whispered as he finally made to the principal's office. The short old lady looked at Alex through her thick glasses: "Good afternoon, Mr. Ferguson" - Alex nodded at her � "Is everything alright?" He asked still recovering his breath. Mrs. Norris waved her little gray head "You'd better talk to the principal himself!" She pointed at the very familiar wooden office and Alex thanked her. The school year had barely started and Alex had already visited this same office exactly seven times! He found the same bald thin man sitting at his classic red leather chair looking seriously at him: "Mr. Ferguson, I can't say I am happy to see you back in my office, so soon!" The man shook Alex hands and asked him to seat on the other chair. Alex did as he was told, and looked seriously to Randy, who kept staring the floor: "Alex, I am afraid we'll have to take more severe measures against Randy � It's the third time he is aggressive to a fellow student, this time he attacked Nate Phillips at the school cafeteria." Mr. Redwood got up and wondered around the room: "Why did you do this Randy?" Alex asked trying to sound hard, but he felt so sorry for his brother: "He called me names! I asked him to stop , but he kept calling me names!" The voice tone was so low and powerful, you could never guess it came from an eighteen year old. The enormous 7'2" tall bulk outgrew the chair he was sat, looking ridiculously disproportional. Randy sobbed and tried to cover his tears. "Randy, could you wait outside, please?" The principal asked and the huge teenager obeyed "Yes, Mr. Redwood." The door closed and the principal looked straight at an apprehensive Alex: "Mr. Ferguson, I am afraid this school isn't working for Randy" The man sat on the table � "I told you, we could have some trouble with him, if Randy has any kind of mental challenge, he should look for a special school": "Mr. Redwood, I know Randy has a moody temper, but we both know how cruel kids can be!" Alex tried to stand for his younger brother. "Alex, the kid Randy attacked almost had to go to the city's hospital! Your brother dragged him through the cafeteria buffet and was about to do even worse if we hadn't stopped him! Randy can be a potential menace to the other kid's health! I am afraid we can't have a student with such needs attending the seventh grade if he doesn't show any sign of socializing advance�" "Richard, all I ask you is a last chance! You know Randy is a good boy, he isn't retarded as you could see for yourself, he just has some issues, but he's seeing professional help!" Alex touched the principal's shoulder � "Life's been so hard on us!" The principal took a deep breath: "OK! I guess we can give a last chance to the big boy!" The principal smiled and led Alex to the door. When they came out of the office, Randy was literally holding Mrs. Norwood up in the air. The old lady was petrified. Alex rushed to his much taller brother: "Randy, you put Mrs. Norwood on the floor right now! What were you thinking?" Alex said as Randy lowered the scared woman: "She said she'd give anything to reach that shelf, so I was just trying to help her!" Randy said with his usual na�ve look. Both Alex and Richard smiled, embarrassed with this unusual scene. "Randy, you can leave with your brother and think about what you did, but I wanna see you in class tomorrow morning, OK?" Mr. Redwood said looking at the even taller teen. "Right, Mr. Redfield" � Randy looked at Alex and his gaze went down � "Will Nate be alright?" � Richard and Alex exchanged looks � "He'll be just fine, you can apologize later!" Randy grabbed his school bag and left the building: "Is this the new car? COOL!" Randy said as he checked the brand new vehicle. "Let's just hope you don't get too big for this one too, huh?" Alex said as he opened the door. Randy smiled: "Say, Alex, could I get my license now?" The teen had a glow in his face "Don't you even start with me, young man!" Alex looked at him smiling. Randy entered the car and his head barely touching the ceiling on the front seat. They drove down the main street, and Alex once more repeated his lecture: "Randy, how many times do I have to ask you not to pay attention to whatever those kids say to you! It's not worth to be kicked out from school! You know how hard it was to convince them to accept you!" Alex said as the light went red. "I know, I know, but I feel so mad! They keep calling me retarded, I am not retarded! How can I be retarded if I am only ELEVEN?" Randy said as his tears came down. Alex looked to his sides, fortunately there was nobody near them. He parked the car and dried his brother's eyes: "Randy, you know it's better if they think you are older than you really are! You are not retarded, we both know you are a very clever boy!" Alex said punching Randy's mighty chest! "What would you think they'd say if they found out that an eleven year old dragged the captain of the wrestling team through the catering service!" They both laughed hard, and touched their foreheads together. "Actually, he is the quarterback of the varsity football team!" Randy said still laughing. Alex stopped: "How big was him, anyway?" Alex asked still dumb folded. Randy looked at him with his eyes still filled with water � "Not much taller than you, and he weighed only 200 pounds!" Randy said as he pointed to the green light. Alex drove the car and remained quiet the whole time. They arrived at their house and Alex pulled over. Randy rushed to the kitchen to stuff his face with food. "Randy, I gotta get back to the store, you'll be alright by yourself, OK!" "If I can pass by a 17 year old, don't you think I can stay home on my own?" Randy said bringing his "snack" to watch TV in the living room. Alex just stood by the door and looked severely to his brother. Randy changed his expression � "I'll be fine!" Alex smiled and hugged his brother, feeling food drips falling from the chin of the enormous little brother, which stood much higher than the top of his own head � "I'll be back soon, and you can finish with Jamie's ice cream, if you want I'll bring more tonight!" Alex blinked at his brother and the kid smiled back him. The 5'11", 24 years old blond ran a great vehicle concessionary he founded with part of his trust fund. Ever since the accident, he took care of his family, resigning to his own personal life. Alex was the elder of the three brothers, Jamie was almost 16 and Randy, well Randy apparently is eighteen, but he is truly the youngest with almost 12 years old. How come? Would be the natural question to be made here, and frankly, even Alex doesn't know the answer for such question. Their late parents, Doug and Anna, married because of Alex's unexpected arrival.. Doug came from a very wealthy family, which reacted very badly to his marriage with the young Anna, and the rest is very predictable. Doug had to find a job to support his family, in which he actually succeeded, and soon their family had another sibling, Jamie, right after Alex's eighth birthday. Over the years, Anna found out she had developed a serious heart condition, and since then she took part in a revolutionary medical treatment sponsored by some fancy pharmaceutical industry. Anna was assisted by a huge variety of specialists, and started taking a gamma of new drugs and most of the time she was used as a guinea pig to experimental drugs. The treatment seemed successful, because Anna's life seemed to regain absolute normalcy for several years. Then, one day the doctors called the couple for a meeting with the Board of Research, because when they found out Anna was pregnant of her third child; and they were thrilled to announce that her pregnancy would be totally assisted by the pharmaceutical company, since Anna was the only woman in the program who was able to reproduce after she entered the process and in her particular condition the pregnancy can be extremely dangerous both to the mother and the child, the laboratory was willing to sponsor Anna's pregnancy as a sequel to their initial program. Anna and Doug were at the same time happy and worried � A third child was the fulfillment of their initial family plans, but would he be healthy in such severe conditions? Such doubts were the main reasons to their acceptance to the Board's offer. Alex remembered that during her gestation, Anna had practically to move into the Laboratory facilities, and he could barely see her during this time, and when he did could see her, she seemed so fat and swollen, like a blowfish. But his father calmed him saying that her health was perfectly normal, she looked so fat because of the liquid retention and the size of his unborn brother, it seemed the little guy was not that little anyway. Finally, she gave birth to a beautiful and big baby boy � Randolph � named after Anna's grandfather. The boy was really big and heavy, reaching the impressive mark of 2 feet, 10 inches and seven eighths weighing anything less than 35 unbelievably pounds and that made his dad even more proud of his offspring. Both Jamie and Alex were at their grandma's, when they got the bad news. Their parents were on their way home, but a terrible car accident victimized the couple. Only little Randy was unexplainably sound and safe! They had to move in with their father's parents and their grandparent's fortune was really convenient, because soon, Randy would start to show his unique characters. Over the years, Randy grew bigger, stronger, and smarter, than any other kid they've ever seen! His appetite was inhumanly voracious and despite the five year difference between their ages, Randy could perfectly pass for Jamie's twin brother! He was even stronger than Jamie, and only slightly shorter than him. Seeing a 3 year old with full motor and body coordination, including developed vocal and mental skills, wasn't a very common thing, that's why his grandparents decided that Randy should attend classes at home. When Randy completed 5 years, he was actually taller than Jamie (who was by then 4'5" tall) and much, much stockier! He weighed nothing less than 110 pounds! And it wasn't by fat at all! Randy was completely ripped, and he had no baby fat on his body! You could actually see his very cut muscles under his child clothing. He and Jamie always played the super hero act. Jamie pretending to be the helpless victim and Randy was the powerful super hero who saved him from the claws of danger! And Randy always enjoyed these opportunities to show his brothers his amazing feats of strength! Once he lifted a very heavy marble statue on the yard carrying it like it was made out paper, and he threw the thing over the mansion's walls, hitting a parked car, which caused a very complicated situation for their grandparents! At the age of 6, little Randy wasn't little anymore: 5'7" tall and 168 pounds, with amazing muscular mass, this kid was no longer acceptable to human standards! Randy was just a little shorter than his elder brother Alex, who was almost 12 years older than him, at the very age of 18 year old! Sure, Alex was pretty big himself 5'10" with a very muscular physique in his 175 pound figure. Fortunately, playing for the softball University team was helping him to develop his muscles and strength, but even so he couldn't match his kid brother! And Randy never ceased to amaze his family � Their grandparents secretly called physicians to find out what was wrong to their grandson, but it turned out Randy had no problem, he had perfect health condition, just like his brothers. Year by year, Randy was taller, and stronger and more muscular! By the time his grandmother died, such amazing development on a kid scared his grandfather and each day this feeling increased. Alex attended college at that time, getting surprised each time he saw his "little brother". At the tender age of 7 years old Randy was just as tall as Alex, and he outweighed his athlete brother by 23 pounds � 198 amazing hulking pounds of pure hard veined muscles! Alex was just amazed at this impressive kid brother, but not nearly close to his grandpa, who really caused serious problems towards his young brother. He started forbidding the kid to leave the household even to play at the yard or at the swimming pool. Alex always had serious disagreements with his grandfather regarding Randy's situation. He wanted the kid to be happy and have a normal life, but old man was just too scared to allow that. And Randy sure didn't help much � In less than four months he grew from 5'10" 198 pounds to astonishing 6 feet even and 225 hulking pounds! Randy had 17 inches guns and his chest tapped at 48 inches around! Even his voice was already cracking, although he hadn't started puberty � apparently. With only 8 years old the amazing kid tapped the scales at 270 pounds with an outstanding 6'3 and � inches. Randy became each time more than a man! In a matter of months, his body was changed into the hulking mass of muscle, growing with power and strength! He broke 300 pound mark a little after his ninth birthday, and therefore, his body assumed such muscular density, that Randy's muscles were actually heavier than they looked. When Randy completed 10 years old his size became impressive even if you consider adult standards � 6'6" 337 pounds of muscle, and being a kid with incredibly 24 inches guns meant he couldn't have a normal life, and his grandparents seriously considered to send him far from their "real" world, which caused Alex's reaction � At the age of 22 years old he was decided to fight his grandfather the court for his brother's custody, although he was aware it could bring severe consequences on the kids, specially on Randy. Coincidence or not, a little before Alex graduate from Law School, his grandfather died from a terminal cancer. According to his will, Alex would be the tutor of his brothers and most of the family assets were legated to him. But the young man decided they could only have peace away from his severe family. By then, our Randy boy was 6'11" and weighed 365 pounds! His arms reached 27 inches around, his chest tapped at 73 inches, his legs were 48 inches and he had a complete 10 pack washboard stomach. Alex sold the mansion which brought so bad memories to his family, packed all their stuff and left � for good! He knew his old grandma and grandpa loved them, but they could never give them the kind of love and attention his brothers needed, especially Randy! And Alex decided he would give his giant little brother the life which has been denied to him for all those years �the young lawyer had a real plan worked out! He secretly arranged to change Randy's birth date, making him "older" at 17 years old, and managed to get the whole documentation for his now 17 year old little brother. He also got a fake certificate of the Elementary School. Since Randy had always attended private classes with expensive tutors, it wasn't completely fake, but he also managed to forge that Randy had flunked many years, due to a severe psychological condition � basically it would explain why Randy had the "looks" of an 17 year old and the personality of an 11 year old child, explaining why he couldn't complete the seventh grade. The next step was moving out to any place where they could start a new life, away from everybody who knew about them. Alex used part of his enormous trust fund to start his own company, and he also invested on the right places, resulting in a respectable increase on their fortune. The most difficult part was convincing his brothers to join him in the whole thing. Jamie would have to go a public school to finish High School; it wouldn't be that hard on him, although he would have to tell everybody Randy would be his "bigger" brother. Jamie would also have to look over Randy in Junior High. But no one would have to do more than Randy himself � The kid would have to pretend that he was six years older than he really was, which meant he would have to fake being a teenager, regardless his real tender age. Alex knew it would be very hard on his brother, but maybe it could make his life a little easier. If only people thought Randy was just a huge teenager, like many others, then he could have a chance to live a "normal" life, besides in the right time he would become an adult, and it all come natural being a hulking muscle bound. That was the whole motion of Alex's plan: cover up the SIZE of his kid brother until he gets old enough to be so huge! Truth to be told, Alex never considered what was the reason why his brother had grown so much, and so freakishly, to him he was just his baby brother � an 11 year old boy who after tragically losing his parents, lived his whole life being hidden by his uptight grandparents, with no friends except for his older brother Jamie, who, by the way, had been taught his whole life to fear and treat Randy like a freak. Sure it seems desperate, but to Alex it was the best solution for the time being. They were starting it all over, maybe this time they could actually get to be happy. All those things happened in less than four months, and they were still adjusting to the very delicate situation. Jamie, noticeably, was the less comfortable with the whole thing, especially with Randy's still growing size. He's now 7'2" tall and weighed (last week) 420 hulking muscle pounds, and he didn't even complete twelve years old yet! That's why Alex instructed Randy always to lie about his actual body weight, saying that he is just a little over 320 pounds. The kid's guns were impressive 32 inches around, and his chest tapped at 81 inches, his pillars read 53 inches, and Randy's displayed a full 12 pack incredibly ripped abdomen. All those thoughts cleared out of Alex' mind when he finally arrived to his store. His business was doing well, and soon he could really start to gather profits from his investment. It's a good thing being the owner, he could skip work whenever he wanted to, and the last couple of weeks Randy made him really get out of the office. "Hi, Alex!" Said the secretary � "there's someone here to see you!" Patty opened the door to his office and Alex was surprised to see such big burly man there: "Hello Mr. Ferguson" � The man offered his big veined hand � "Coach Clifford Sanders, but you can call me Cliff" � Alex shook hands with the big man. He was about 6'2" and very brawny, surely over 250 pounds of muscle, although still very far from Randy's standards, he had thick black hair, and a goatee to go with his perfect tanned skin. He wore a skimpy pale green polo shirt with the symbol of the football team and a white tight lycra shorts. In sum, he was one hell of study picture, but definitely he wasn't there for the kind of things Alex was thinking of. "What can I do for you, Coach?" Alex asked as he sat on his chair.

Jamie got home right on his usual time. He dropped his bag on the kitchen floor and reached for some snack, but he had no luck � Randy's been there and already ate the whole food left. Jamie just drank a glass of milk and called for his "older brother". "Randy?" Jamie called as he went to the outside of the house. The brothers lived in a huge house, complete with backyard and swimming pool. Alex wanted them to have the most comfort they could. Such a big house and no maid � It wasn't very easy to clean, but they managed to keep the house in order. "I'm in the room!" Randy said with his voice came a little muffled, and Jamie got the message. Randy was training at the gym �the place he called "his" room! The soon to be 16 year old still couldn't believe Alex forced them both to sleep in the same room ("He's just a kid, he may get scared sleeping alone!"), but turned the entire attic into a real gym! It had state of the art equipment, and lots of weights, plates, bars and all those modern things. In fact, Randy spends almost his entire time at home training in his gym. "He is not 12 yet and already has a home gym!" Jamie whispered as he went upstairs. He could hear the sound of metal plates crashing into each other, and the very loud sound of Randy's breathing: "17�18�19�20! Fuck yeah!" Randy said as he lowered the bar on the bench. "What did Alex told you about cursing?" Jamie said as he entered the gym. The whole place stank at men's restroom after P.E. � The 5'8" young man watched as his 7'2" soon-to-be 12 year old brother finished his "warm up" � "Sorry, bro! I got a little carried away" � I've just done 20 reps! Randy smiled as he increased the weight on the bar � Jamie nodded: "That's OK! I curse all the time, and Alex doesn't have a shit to do with that!" They both laughed at their "bad behavior" "So, Alex gave you the same old lecture?" Jamie sit near Randy as the kid prepared to bench press 550 pounds � "Yep! The green eyed, dark chestnut curly hair stud blinked at his older brother � "But you know Alex�"Randy said lifting the bar and beginning his eighth series. "Yeah, he can't stay mad at you for over ten minutes." Jamie completed as he approached the mirror on the other side. "He can't stay mad at you too!" Randy replied as he brought the huge bar up in the air again. "We both know it's not the same thing � He can't stand arguing with me for long, so he just gives me what I want, but with you, he's all softy and delicate!" Jamie teased looking at himself on the mirror � "I bet he promised to buy you some frozen yogurt when he comes back from work, am I right?" The light brown haired 15 year-old provoked: "He's bringing� some more for you too! 30!" Randy completed his last rep and lowered the bar � Why you are so hard on Alex? He just tries to raise us properly! "Don't you come with his same old speech on me, I am the one who had to quit school and lose all my friends, and you have no right to ask me to be nice with him!" Jamie said brief ad coldly. Randy looked down and sighed. Then he prepared to do biceps curls. Jamie looked at his giant little brother: "Look, Randy, I know it's not your fault! I asked to be beaten by that idiot! Why did I have to pretend to be tough anyway?" Jamie tapped his brother's enormous shoulders � "You should have let him clean the floor with me, I deserved it!" "No one hurts my family!" Randy said as he lifted the enormous bar loaded with huge metal plates. He curled huge bars like they were made out of paper! Jamie took a step back: "But, you've put yourself into more trouble because of me! You can't be the student bodyguard! You've already got into trouble helping those kids last week, they never told the principal it was them who were being beaten up at the backyard! And the girl you helped when every body was calling her tramp. You got in a fight with her boyfriend and she never thanked you for defending her honor!" "Jamie, I can't let your suffer more than I already did, that Nate Philips is a pain in the ass!" "Yes, but he's the star player of the football team, you know he will get out of this easily, while you'll be treated like a mental challenged!" The older brother approached Randy, but the kid asked him to stay away, he was carrying very heavy load: "WHOA! Watch those weights!" Jamie said as he saw Randy putting them down � "How much did you just curl?" "300 in each arm!" Randy flexed his guns � "Those babies will be 35 inches in no time!" Randy said proudly. Jamie just nodded: "No wonder you gave that bastard a lesson, you curl more than his bodyweight in each hand! How strong are you, anyway Randy?" Jamie laughed and so did Randy: "I still don't know bro, I still don't know!" Hey, you think there's something to eat? "I'll se what I can get!" Jamie said trying to leave before the inevitable: "THANKS BIG BRO!" Randy grabbed him and lifted him, tossing the smaller brother up and down and soaking him with his smelly sweat. Then he lowered Jamie back on the floor and returned to his training � "And Jamie?"� Randy said laughing at him: "I know, I know � Whatever I cook, just make a double portion!" Jamie repeated as he went downstairs � "Gee, this guy eats more than a whole family!" Randy looked at his weights � "Well guys, it's time to LIFT FOR REAL!" Randy said as he loaded the bar with even more plates. "I can get back to my normal series now, what if Jamie found out I can 500 pounds in each hand for over 100 reps? Or that my bench press is 1200 for 200 reps?" Randy smiled as he prepared to hit the weights really bad this time!

Alex kept listening to Coach Sanders, still mesmerized: "You see, Mr. Ferguson, your brother Randy has the most incredible potential I've ever seen in my 12 years of experience! Last week, he came only 0.74 seconds after the overall junior record for the 100 meters, and he weighs almost twice than the actual runner!" Alex smiled , and nervously tried to refuse the proposal: "Look, Mr. Sanders, Cliff, I don't think it'll be appropriate if Randy joins the football team. It's not that he isn't physically capable, but�" "Alex, your brother is THE sample of the pure and mightiest American Muscle! There isn't almost anything he isn't physically capable of accomplishing!" Sanders repeated. "But he is not much of clever, and he's still on the seventh grade, I don't think he could play for the High School, it could really interfere in his study"� Alex tried to sound very concerned to his mental capabilities. "Oh, yeah, about that" � Sanders took some paperwork out of his briefcase � "Ever since I got to know Randy's condition, I asked the other teachers to test Randy's skills, but it all went under informal and casual manner, just to see what did he actually know. See for yourself!" Alex looked at the comments of the teachers and they all were terrific; each once attested Randy had full potential to be attending higher grades. "I also asked the School Counselor to apply an IQ test on Randy and the results are rather amazing!" Clifford got nearer Alex � "I know it's against the rules, but check this out" � Cliff showed the test, and Alex recognized Randy's handwriting - "our Randy boy has the HIGHEST IQ in the school, and according to the Counselor, it's also one of the highest scores in the whole country! That's why I had a meeting with Mr. Redfield right after you left the school, I can make it possible for Randy to be enrolled in the tenth grade, and he'll start attending the classes on Monday!" "What? It can't be possible!" Alex's face went red, he was loosing control _"Look. Cliff, I know you only want the best for the school, but you can't just make my brother skip three whole years so you can have him playing for your team! Randy has serious relationship issues! Today he actually dragged one big jock through the catering service, just because he called him bad names! My brother has been seeing therapists for almost his entire life, I don't think he has the emotional structure to be a member of a team!" Alex said roughly, then he took a deep breath, and Sanders got up, getting closer him and holding his shoulders: "Alex, I know it may sound strange, but it is more common than you think! Those specially gifted like Randy, many times can flunk at school, because they don't feel any challenge at all, everything is too easy for them! Randy had already lost many precious years in his life, it's time to give him the attention he deserves!" Sanders approached Alex and touched his shoulders: "I don't know, it is all so sudden!" Alex mumbled as he sat back on his chair. " It's very hard for you Alex, I know it is, you must be ten years younger than me, and already has to raise two teenagers while I still live in a lousy apartment! Seriously, I believe Randy had very strong reasons for acting the way he's been doing�" "What?" Alex said still recovering his breath: "Well, I've been watching Randy secretly, like I always do with potential players; and found out he is completely sociable most of the time. The only reason he got in so many troubles recently, was because he can't stand unfairness!" Cliff said nicely: "What you mean?" "Well, I did some investigation around school, and realized Randy didn't fight in vain, he was really protecting other people. Like today, for example, he gave Nate Phillips a lesson because the bastard was picking on your brother Jamie!" "Jamie? What's he got to do with it?" Alex asked feeling the anger building within: "Calm down, he isn't guilty of anything. That Phillips guy is a real bastard, all Jamie did was trying to keep his lunch money, suddenly Nate started threatening him, and almost hit the kid on his gut, if it wasn't for Randy who taught him a very nutritive lesson!" Cliff laughed out loud � "Both Jamie and Randy are completely innocent in this incident!" "Cliff, I am still very doubtful about this whole situation�" "Alex, I guarantee you, Randy can't be treated like a mentally challenged if he has such a tremendous learning potential! He's a completely healthy and mentally stable teenager � if we assume a teenager can be mentally stable!" Sanders smiled. "Besides, practicing sports will help him when it comes to release the stress and the anger gathered during the day" "And what about Mr. Redfield?" Alex asked hesitating. "Don't you worry about the old Richard, he's pretty full of himself, but he's good people. Once I told him the whole truth about those incidents he realized Randy shouldn't be prejudiced by his physical or mental characters, but as a regular student!" Cliff seemed to foresee his upcoming victory: "Even so, we still have to know if Randy is willing to play for the team!" Alex concluded � "I'll talk to him tonight over dinner and if he's OK about being promoted to the tenth grade and take part in the team, I'll give the permission!" "Now you're talking, Alex!" Sanders hugged Alex strongly and they both shook hands. •

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