We Love Muscle


By Freaker

Recall last episode? Max and Mike fell asleep on the gym floor?

Well, its morning now. Probably the next day when suddenly they open their eyes and are awake instantly. Its like someone or something had just thrown some sort of switch. Inside their brains! And they find themselves entwined. Startled of course. As they're practically staring at eachother sharing the same air. Yet they're comfortable with their lips still touching! A vestige no doubt of their last kiss of their last shared dream.

Soon they'll discover their thighs that were pumped to an incredible size by last night's thigh WorkOut have solidified into permanent muscle. At least most of the spectacular PUMP they got. Besides, what is the time? They have no idea but their new Thighs will soon prove the combination of good old P.R.E., progressive resistance exercise and those perfected steroids they're taking give amazing growth results. But right now. At this moment they're unaware of their new Thighs. And unaware of the enhancements to their spines and joints. Improvements that will support the even heavier weights they will be training with as overnight, cartilage, tendon and connective tissues was laid down thick and resilient enough to cope with the sorts of unusual weights they'll soon volunteer to lift as they start to ooze more muscle and power than they thought their bodies could ever cope with. Apart from measure up to.

Completely unaware how their new joints will be able to articulate there bodies with Olympic gymnast effortlessness! And when they do heavy heavy chin ups with weights strapped to their waist they will feel no twinges inside their rotator cuffs. While now, as they wake they're also not aware of the overnight enhancements to their eyes. But they soon will! But then right now they still assume the "perfected steroids" were just steroids. But that assumption will soon prove a little incorrect since already Max's eyes have become not just crystal clear, but deep Blue with never before seen clusters of sparkling diamond thingy things inside. No doubt something quite new to present day Iridology? Where the iris reflects the state of the body.....So are these diamondy things new to science? New to the human body?

As our 2 new recruits wake Mike's sparkling dark chocolaty dream eyes meet Max's deep passionate blues square-on! With lips encrusted in what? Diamond dust? Ha! No, not really. Its just dried saliva! Except! Its a strictly Man to Man thing. Put simply, enhanced muscleman saliva tastes extremely good. But then suddenly, in fact as suddenly as they wake their heads jerk back in surprise and shock! A natural reaction considering the suddenness of the waking. And being so close together. Plus the sparkles. Enough to shock. But whatever it was it was strange. Totally weird because as far as they were concerned time slowed right down.

Their minds were racing and in normal time it lasted just a few seconds. But to Mike and Max it seemed forever as volleys of nerve impulses burst from their pealing lips and hit them in the frontal lobes! It was like they were having mini orgasms of the lips and time came to a full stop! Giving them tonnes of time to recall all their overnight dreams. Dreams that were so vivid it was like they hadn't slept. But they had. And soundly too. But they recalled their dreams in full and to Max and Mike it was like they had been awake all the time. Yet they knew they had slept. At least 8 hours. But inside their dreams time spanned a full 2 weeks plus a day. Yes, 15 days together. And it had been spent growing huge together!

Actually, they had become Massive and more handsome than could be measured. Massive and masculine for eachother and for eachother's delight as they dreamt their way through 15 days of muscular development! Even their jaws grew and they found themselves staring at eachother's countenance constantly. Watching the small and accumulating enhancements as they embraced and kissed. And at the same time they could feel eachother growing. Pressing their hot firm flesh into eachother, feeling the throbbing and finally growing into such monsters of muscle they could hardly wrap their fingers around their Lats enough to hold on! As their "hugeness" didn't stop at just your common every day Mr. Olympia "huge". Nor did they want it too as they followed the instructions attached to the Perfected Steroids. And after the fist week they reached 300lbs of solid muscle!

Increasingly more handsome, they could cum if they stared to long into eachother's eyes. And so did their desire to grow and before they knew it, their desire for more muscle had turned into a insatiable NEED!!!! An unending obsession....Yet interestingly, in their dreams, the more they grew the easier it became to grow.Well, with the exception of height. 6 feet 2 inches was the absolute maximum height possible. For some reason. While some things grew in interesting ways we'll go into later. But by day 14 they had re-defined the word "HUGE". As it applies to species HuMen......So, Ronnie Coleman? Kevin Levrone? Nasser? And all of your favourite Pro-BodyBuilders? "Eat your hearts out"!

Then, of course, as they grew, so did their desire for WorkOuts! It became a NEED and lifting the heaviest weights became more and more like mini orgasms that exploded inside their contracted muscles rep after rep after rep! Then their PUMPS became truly awesome. Totally incredible and so awe inspiring they could do Preacher Curls and find they could hardly bend their arms they get so pumped!! As they did their sets it was like non stop Roman Candle Fireworks exploding each and every hard flex. Every rep pumping arm curl. Every rep pumping thigh squat! Shooting orgasms deep inside their muscles at the peak of their contractions! And just a few days into their second week they sported matching 28" Guns they pumped to 33" and sucked on for hours. Then they could sense their arms were destined to one day stretch the tape measure beyond 50" in tiered balls of muscle never seen before!...If the tape didn't wear out.

Flexing all the time into eachother's face and munching on eachother's muscles became a pass time they relished and could never tire of. They even relished and sucked eachother while they worked-out! Yeah, they played games. Like flexing and performing poses for eachother like Lats Spreads just to try and distract eachother as they took turns doing biceps curls. But try their best they could never make the other lose the awesome concentration that flowed so naturally from the lust they got from contracting their muscles. They loved concentrated workouts above all else. So the other one was completely free to suck and worship those magnificent muscles whenever and from whatever angle they wanted to. And without fear of causing an accident!

They could inflate their chests and do Lat spreads making their intercostals bulge out from between ribs to overwhelm eachother!They became eachother's dependent worshipper feeling eachother's impossible muscle powers grow by the hour. And ended up "living" for "WorkOuts". And eventually their muscular development powers were swept beyond what a normal healthy gay muscle mad bodybuilder could ever imagine. Beyond "awesome"!! They became intimidating Freaks of Muscle. Especially to the uninitiated as the dreams stretched 2 weeks.

For example. By end of week 1 they had reached the level of muscular development equal to a Mr. Olympia! That is, a level of muscular development only a previous Pro-Bodybuilder, one totally dedicated to his embraced choice of "lifestyle" could have achieved while living a lifestyle of "pumping iron" and injecting litres of roids 24/7. Then, week 2 saw the growth become exponential!! Muscle grew so fast they were growing on top of muscle growing! But that was only possible because week 1 had primed their bodies by growing strong denser skeletons and renewing their joints with thicker more resilient cartilage while incidentally growing to 300 lbs each from the inadvertent and the unavoidable heavy WorkingOuts they relished so much while filling out the spare time with FLEXING and POSING sessions that increasingly reflected the obsession they had for both mutual and self worship. The more they kissed the more they love themselves.

For example, they practised their posing routines constantly between super sets and forced negatives on eachother that lasted minutes each rep! The harder and longer the negative rep the harder their cocks became! And after each of their 12 meals per day they gave eachother massages! And they always slept entwined and were fucking eachother into stupors that made them crave more muscle!

So, they primed their bodies well that first week so that their skeletons became more than capable of supporting the final onslaught of growth that was so exponential it was like an explosion of muscle matched to an appetite increase that became a hallmark of week 2. A week of dreams that witnessed an anticipated massive growth spurt. A growth spurt that literally popped their eyes and they found themselves sleeping standing! Entwined in an embrace supported by 4 legs!...Yes! They could sleep standing? An incredible adaptation. So was it also genetic manipulation? But then they had 4 legs that had grown so huge, if they stood back and gawked at eachother they'd be shaking their heads in awe as their bodies just kept on redefining "monster muscles"!Kept on re-defining "massive", "huge", "Mr. Olympia", "Mr. Universe"!

Then on the 14th day they had incredible "symmetry". It was symmetry plus! Yet somehow symmetry made them look much smaller than their poundage. So their +1000 lbs of pure seemed like only 500! With unblemished smooth golden tans their muscles were glossy over permanent pumps that seemed just right! A blend of power and relaxation. Poise and tension. And as they took out the tape measure to measure eachother, what was by then a very worn out cloth tapemeasure, they could feel and they could see if they looked very closely, an underlying constant desire of their muscles to swell. Muscle that were permanently pumped and solid. Like they were trying to burst out their skin? And every half hour or less they could measure slight pulses of growth. Pulses that came and went. It was like they're muscles were pulsing in readiness to explode! Muscles that were packed on bones that could take any weight that was thrown at them. And they weighed over 1200 lbs, were over 5 feet wide at the shoulders, had huge torsos at least 4'8" thick from nipple to massive back muscles and matching super sized Guns that measured a cool 48" cold! And as they stood back and gazed at eachother they presented 2 opposing walls of solid visibly pulsing muscle! Impossibly huge muscle that loved to slam into eachother in jest bouncing off eachother and sounding off 2 resonant bass drum torsos..bbboooiiiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!! Loud and masculine BOINGS too!And the end of their journey of muscle growth........So they thought!!!!

2 walls of handsome muscleman. 2 men, whose bodies first come into contact as they approach, at their Thigh and Pecs, simultaneously. 2 pair of Pecs over a foot thick touch, but not at their nipples, they're too down turned, as 2, over one foot thick pair of Thighs touch too! As 2 superb solid walls of muscle that present 2 pair of double biceps peaked and flexed and 2 sets of XXXL Wheels that stretch that sore and sorry worn out tapemeasure to its limit as 4 guns pass 50" each and rise up when flexed and posed as multiple mounds of muscle, one mound bounding out the last peak, rising out the previous mound and horizontal plateaus of thick thigh muscle exploding from narrow well defined muscular hips set in solid narrow walls of bricks for Abs to then terminate in 4 huge Tear Drops worth sucking on for hours to get a full taste of their power and are as large as an average man's total thigh mass!.....So, as you can see, there is so much thigh muscle, so much muscle piled on top of muscle making up their Thighs it literally is forced to move off the hips horizontally forming 4 plateaus that can easily support a can of beverage each with perfect stability. Even as they throw double biceps pose at eachother. But they could never manage to kiss in this possition :D •

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