U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

I started to moan when Jeff kissed the back of my neck. His lips were full and moist on me. His tongue darted in and out and furthered the tingling sensation over my whole body. His saliva was doing the same as his precum. It sent shards of pleasure into me. He must’ve known I was on the verge of blowing my load, because he clamped his mammoth hand around my cock to stop the impending explosion. Then he sucked some precum out of his own cock. Being that it was now at the top of my back, he didn’t even need to bend over to have it in his mouth. He leaned my head back and kissed me deeply, sharing his enchanted power fluid with me. As I swallowed the glowing nectar, it felt hot going down, really hot, as if my insides were on fire. After about 5 seconds, my cock jumped uncontrollably and I felt it actually start to stretch in length and girth. It must have increased about an inch or so, and it felt heavier, too. In fact it felt like my whole body grew in all directions, about an inch making a huge feeling of enormous power shoot through me. For a split second, I could feel my chest, arms, back, legs and neck expand and all my muscles growing with intense heat. But I knew that wasn’t possible, or was it. I felt absolutely rock hard everywhere and totally indestructible. My God this really was my wildest dream come true. This was unreal, awesome, and mind blowing to me, but it wasn’t nothing compared to what was about to happen soon. Jeff released his suction on my mouth and pulled me even tighter against him.

He whispered in my ear, “How was that, Buddy?”

“Fucking Awesome!!” was all that I could get my lips to say.

I could feel Jeff smile even though I couldn’t see his face. “I knew you’ve waited your whole life for that to happen. I know I did. I would fantasize about being huge ever since I was a young scrawny teenager.” His voice seemed to drop an octave lower, then. “I could tell from the moment you stepped into my gym 8 months ago, that you’ve dreamed about it, too.

I nodded in total agreement.

“You were always lifting as much as you could and we could tell that some of the time your cock was semi to fully hard from it. That’s why you made it into our little group. Carl, Bo, Eric, Joe and myself, needed another to complete the cycle and then we saw you.” I know the other guys he mentioned and had thought before about how much bigger they all were, compared to everyone else in the gym: Actually in the whole city for that matter. How they completely radiated power, masculinity, and massive sexual energy from their bodies. It made people intoxicated for them.

Jeff continued, “You came into this gym, out of shape and determined to succeed. Now is your chance, to have it all. All you’ve ever dreamed of. But you can never go back. You just have tell us you want it and it will be yours. I promise, you’ll have never felt so alive and God like.” His voice lowered more. “Tell us it’s what you yearn for. You’ll have pure Euphoria, all of the time. Say yes to it Steve; give in totally to the power. You’ve only had a tiny taste of it from me, just now. Just think about when you have it all. But, you have to tell us, Steve. You have to say you want it. And remember there is no going back. You will be one of us for the rest of your life.” It started getting lower still. “I can’t wait till you see yourself and feel like we do. There’s so much that nobody will ever know unless they are like us. It’s going to blow your mind & body and change your life, forever. Tell us how much you want to be HUGE and completely AWESOME.”

“Oh God YES, I want it so fucking bad. I need it more than anything I’ve ever wanted. I want to breathe pure power. Please, please do it to me.”

With my outburst of acceptance, Jeff released his strong hold on me and backed off enough to let his cock drop down and quickly shove it under my balls and though my legs, making our bodies slam back together. The mixture of precum on and in my body was on setting me on fire. As he stood back up to reach his full height his cock actually started to lift me off the ground. It was lifting all 265lbs of me, (I had gained 15 pounds already) without the aid of his arms. I couldn’t believe it.

“Holy Shit” I blurted out.

I must have been at least six inches off the floor, when he again, crossed his arms over my chest and grabbed each nipple sending electric shocks straight to my cock. The feeling was fantastic, making me shoot 3 small loads of precum, which hit Carl’s cock and chest. I didn’t know why at the time, but this caused Carl to scream with a thunderous roar, along with having his cock stand completely straight up off of his chest and stay that way, rigid as an oak tree. As he did his last leg press, his cock danced and grew about 4” longer. Now it must have measured at least 18”, which wasn’t near as long as Jeff’s, but that was about to change.

Jeff quickly straddled us over Carl and lowered us down so that Carl’s cock went between our pressed bodies. Carl looked to be in a total state of euphoria. It was as if he was in an erotic trance. We came to rest on Carl’s body. It pulsated underneath my thighs. He moaned and growled like a wild animal as his whole body started convulsing and he seemed to be growing right before my eyes. Oh my god, he really was growing; even bigger than the monster he already was. I could see his skin stretching over his large pecs, which shook violently and enlarged to the size of basketballs. His arms, shoulders and neck expanded beyond comprehension. His girth was getting wider making my legs stretch outwards. My ass crack expanded enough to fit Jeff’s cock up between my globes against my asshole. Even Carl’s height was lengthening. He was already almost 6’8” to begin with. Now He must have been over 8 feet tall and growing. His thick body hair was getting more coarse and darker, sending more shock waves of pleasure through me as it tickled my thighs and balls. I could feel his cock start to pulsate like crazy between Jeff and I. Jeff’s was still throbbing under me, increasing in intensity against my hungry hole. I knew I couldn’t take much more of this or I would completely explode, spewing my spunk everywhere, but then it started. The series of events that happened next were to be the most incredible things that had ever happened to me. It would be the beginning of my change: The becoming of something extraordinary. My awakening. My Euphoria.

Carl’s cock expanded and lengthened again, in three violent and huge bursts shooting precum all over my back, mixing it with Jeff’s, causing more erotic burning on my skin. His cock jumped up about 12” and widened about 6”. I could feel the soaked crown of it banging against the back of my head. Even though I couldn’t see it, I knew that it had to be well over 2 feet long and probably a foot around, now. Jeff’s cock started to get larger as well; the head of it was lying on Carl’s chest and inching toward his mouth, touching Carl’s lips. I couldn’t turn around but I could feel that Jeff’s body was expanding, too. Then Jeff wrapped his massive hand around my cock and started to slowly pump it with his. He told me to hold off cumming the best that I could, till he said to let it fly. Was he out of his fucking mind, cause I know I was? I could hardly think, let along concentrate on holding back an orgasm. It took every bit of strength I had to not cum, but magically I was able to do so. But God, I just wanted to feel the power of shooting my load. My whole body tightened like a vise. I became like marble stone, within my muscles. Jesus, I wanted to cum, but somehow I knew I wouldn’t till given the signal.

He also told me to keep my mouth open as far as I could and to catch as much as possible of Carl’s Juice. With that, he took his free hand and again, tilted my head back so that Carl’s cock was right over my lips. I was staring up at the biggest head of a penis I had ever seen. It was nearly as large as my head. God, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

As Carl slowly brought the weight back down and his legs started bending toward us, I could feel the semen rising in his cock. It started to fill from the bottom and coursed through like water in an empty fire hose actually causing it to expand even more. I was in true pain trying to hold back from cumming when Jeff grunted and yelled, “NOW, Do it NOW! Shoot, you fucking wad, Steve. Shoot all you’ve got, buddy. Empty that log, out!” As Jeff quickened his grip, he pumped our cocks to explosion. I could feel that he was cuming as well. I didn’t know it at the time, but Carl had opened his mouth to receive our spunk. It was when both of our first shots hit his mouth that he in turn exploded like a firehose. He shot wad after wad into the air and at first it was raining down all over us, engulfing us with his essence. My whole body felt instantly energized with each strange glowing glob of semen that landed on it. Then a large wad hit my mouth and as I swallowed it, I felt my cock, which had almost stopped cumming, start back up again with even more force. Another shot in my mouth and more out of my cock. Jeff would lick some off my face give it to me with his tongue and I could feel him continue to cum. My whole body started to convulse and it felt like no pain or pleasure that I had ever felt before.

I raised my head as close as I could to Carl’s cock, darting out my tongue, so I could catch load after load. With every bit of him that I swallowed I came harder and harder. Sweat was pouring off our bodies, mixing with the semen, making our bodies shine with a warm ominous glow. With every shot of cum I produced, I could feel my cock expanding madly. I know this because it was separating Jeff’s grip on our shafts. I could feel Carl’s juice filling my stomach with boiling heat that brought tears to my eyes. That’s when My Change really started to happen with staggering results.

At first I felt my balls pulsate and swell larger than they had ever been. They were becoming a large sack holding two tennis balls. With the added size came the feeling of them being extremely heavy and full. I could literally feel huge amounts of cum swirling and being produced till my sac was firm with spunk.

My whole entire body started to twitch, spasm and expand. With every heartbeat of blood pouring through me, it was like a tire pump inflating me. All my muscles were contracting and then expanding larger and larger than before. The intensity of the heat boiling inside me was almost too overwhelming. My ass started to lift me higher off of Carl’s torso: Each globe becoming rock hard and fully round. My chest expanded up and outward making large mounds of flesh with huge nipples. My back started to become wider, fanning out from my sides and pushing my arms out like wings. Holding my arms up in front of me I witnessed the most amazing sight. I could see them lengthen and blow up like two of those animal-twisting balloons; completely overflowed and ready to pop at any moment. Veins started flaring up all over me, with every pulse of blood. Then I looked down and saw my legs growing to atlas proportions with veins snaking over huge mounds of muscle and flesh. Then just as suddenly, the heat subsided, the veins shrank from the size of plastic straws back to normal size; definitely visible but not engorged. My muscles, while still bigger than my most erotic fantasies, halted their thunderous growth. And the erotic pleasure leveled off. The best was yet to come. •

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