Pictures of Dorian's Gays, The


By John

So, you think you know how this muscle saga ends! Then you may want to read this last chapter and find out how right you are. Respectfully offered comments are always appreciated.

The going away party was finally here! The past two weeks had felt like an eternity. Images of Dorian Chronos' demise had consumed Kevin for several days. The man had literally rotted to death in just a few, short moments. The body assumed all of the decades of self- imposed abuses as quickly as the painting was destroyed. Over sixty years of age and chemical abuse attacking Dorian's fragile systems was too much for him to withstand.

Mark and Bob had taken charge in the aftermath. Following his own "weight-training" ordeal, Jeff was quite sore for the better part of a week and had not been seen much. The remaining paintings, along with the detested paints, had been locked up and only Mark and Bob had access.

With no need to cover up their feelings anymore, Kevin had moved in with Michael. Both were pleased not to have to help out too much and, instead, focused on getting ready to leave. Even though Michael had, at Kevin's request, stopped taking his regiment of steroids and growth hormones, he had managed to retain his astounding amount of muscle size, shape and density. Mike and Kevin hoped the accumulated negative affects might diminish in time and Mike's tortured painted image begin to move closer to human form.

The speculation was that, as long as the paintings existed, the gains were part of what the image supported. Steve, had elected to continue with his supplement program and to work out at night when everyone else was done for the day. Rumor had it that he was still growing.

For now, the two new lovers were content to prepare to leave and get back to their own little part of the world. With his own amazing 410 pound muscular size, it would be difficult for Michael to simply re- assimilate, but Mark and Bob said they had something in mind. Whatever the plan, at least Kevin and Michael would be together.

The going away party was to be in their favorite place - the gym. What better place was there for a celebration between six spectacular muscle addicts. Even Jeff was going to be there. Mark and Bob had had several long discussions with the confused Olympian and assured everyone that Jeff was fine now. Except for pure greed, jealousy could do more to misdirect the intentions of any individual than anything.

That evening, Michael and Kevin arrived at the gym to find Mark, Bob and Jeff already waiting. Jeff immediately offered a forgiveness seeking hand and apology to the two lovers. Mike and Kevin accepted graciously.

"Hey, what say we start the festivities with a bench press contest?" Jeff offered with an gregarious laugh. "But I don't mean most weight, I mean best percentage of weight to body weight. That way, we all stand a chance against Sir Mike of Muscledom here."

"OK, loudmouth, you're on." Mike accepted with a return laugh.

With the ice broken, the five muscle monsters set up a pair of benches. The game was simple. You had to do ten clean reps and you were out when you failed. You could pick any weight amount with which to work but, once you picked an amount, you could only go higher, not lower.

Kevin, as the smallest would be first and they would work up to Mike. Each man knocked out a quick ten rep set at 225 pounds to warm up. Then Kevin decided to start conservatively with 275 pounds, just a little over his body weight. The ten reps came easy, but he sure enjoyed the pump his body was feeling by the time he was done.

Bob was next and began with 350 pounds which pretty much matched Kevin at about 110% of his body weight. Again, the ten reps came easy to the "eldest statesman" present. Mark, with his 55 years of youthful exuberance, got through his ten reps at 395 pounds with noticeable heavy breathing during the last two reps. He tossed this off as the result of his early excitement and promised to "beat the pants off" everyone else.

"OK, you're on!" shouted a gleeful Jeff in response.

"On! On to what?" Mark demanded.

"The looser looses his pants! That sounds fair enough to me." An excited Jeff retorted.

"Fine, I'm on for that one, too." Mark agreed.

Soon, they all accepted the new terms. Jeff decided to start by challenging his own 350 pounds of muscle at 120%. They loaded the bar to 420 pounds. Jeff made it through the first eight and then forced out two reps as adrenaline pumped the expanding muscles.

The challenge bar had been set high for Mike. He could feel his own body tighten with anticipation as he announced that he would go for 125%. The waiting bar was loaded to 510 pounds. The man who could rip steel chains apart had no problem shooting through this pittance of weights. His pecs could be seen pumped high and proud through the tightening fabric of his shirt as he tossed the bar back onto the catch pins.

Kevin faced round two with the need to go for 130%. They stripped the load down to 335 pounds and he ripped through the challenge effortlessly. Others began to realize that Kevin might just be able to win it all because he didn't have to push nearly as much weight around as the rest of them did.

At 410 pounds, Bob pumped his way to safe status with the completion of his tenth rep at 135% of his body weight. Mark, being the cockier of the two long-time companions, asked for another 50 pounds and pushed the challenge to 150%. On rep eight, he began to show the signs of real struggle. Mark's heaving chest bunched high as he filled his impressive lungs with rich, giving air. His own lover coaxed him successfully through rep number ten. Bob's assistance was more driven by the chance to run his hands reassuringly over the hard, round pectoral mounds that had assumed a position of prominence on his lover than out of a simple desire to help. Sweat soaked through to the outer surface of Mark's shirt as his lover caressed and manipulated the beating meat behind the fabric.

Jeff jumped back into the challenge at just over 150% with 540 pounds. Jeff hit the bench focused. Six came easy. Seven felt heavy. Eight was a struggle. There was no way he was going to be the first to fail. Nine was pure determination. The pecs, shoulders and upper arms filled the previously limply hanging shirt solidly. The fabric stretched wide and stiff as his pecs braced themselves for the tenth rep. With a burst of energy driven more by commitment then power, the last rep came off even easier than the ninth.

"Remember, I'm still Mr. Olympia in the minds of the rest of the world - dead or not!" Jeff proclaimed as he sat up on the bench. "And none of you better forget it, either."

With that, he ripped off his shirt and pounded out a density-defying crunch. An endless number of sharply arced lines shot across both sides of the engorged chest. Sweat ran freely and quickly turned the display crystal clear as the wetness reflected the light off of the chiseled 350 pound mass of muscle. Jeff fisted one hand and pounded it onto the clenched pectoral muscle. The noise echoed loudly as the applied beating force met concrete-hard resistance. Jeff snarled a challenging smile toward Mike.

Mike smirked back his visual acceptance of the challenge and called for a loading at 175% of his 410 pounds.. The surprised men began to bring the bar up to 720 pounds in an endless line of moving plates. When finished and ready, Mike walked over to the waiting challenge then reached up and slowly lifted his shirt from his overpowering frame.

The underlying muscle was primed, pumped and ready. The upper body was, indeed, as large and amazing as it had been on that fateful day two weeks ago. The lats moved apart wide and thick as the lifting arms pulled the meaty slabs of outer back muscles into view. The lower opening of the rising shirt fought harder and harder to surround the growing muscle mass. Even with the arms partially raised, the lower pecs pushed so far forward above the sculpted abdominal cavity that the over-challenged shirt was trapped briefly under the cantilevered cliffs of pec muscle.

Finally, the material sprung up from it's impaled position and tickled its way across the springing nipples as they bounced happily into view. Frustrated with the increasing difficulty of the effort, Michael simply let his mammoth arms drop out to each side, ripping the shirt in half and tearing it from his upper body. Ten additional inches of upper chest/back muscle over the gargantuan proportions that Jeff possessed put Michael into the realm of indescribable.

Each man present was unspoken in his pleasure that this paragon of human male muscle had not been lost to the sick efforts of their former master. The falling arms were stopped at 30 degrees from vertical by the sheer bulk of the underlying latissimus spreads as the boldly erotic pectorals regained their full collected thickness. The boundless mountains crashed together and waved in delightful heaving undulation as the bulk of the body landed on the waiting bench.

"Screw it!" Mike shouted. "Put on another hundred pounds. Watch, peons, how you handle twice your body weight - and learn."

Soon 820 pounds was in place and ready. Bob and Mark positioned themselves at each end of the bar as Kevin stepped up above the head of his lover. Jeff stood transfixed at the base of the bench. Each man had moved into position as much for the spectacle of the view as for the opportunity to be of assistance if needed. Sure, they had all seen Steve push through several reps with the six-hundred pounds of impaled Mark and Bob muscle, but this was two-hundred pounds more.

Mike fell back as flat as he could onto the bench.. The sheer massiveness of the muscle on the upper portion of Mike's body was so voluminous that almost a foot and a half of distance separated the top of the bench seat from the point of the excited nipples. The top of the huge chest rose another 3" to 4" as it took in vast quantities of lucky air molecules.

An upside down smile and wink to Kevin started the proceedings as Mike hoisted the bar high over the middle of his twin lunar pectoral surfaces. As if assaulted by an explosion from within, the skin tissue stretched transparent over the mounded surfaces as the entrapped muscle fought to fill as much space as inhumanly possible.

Mike breezed through four amazing reps. By the fifth, blood enriched muscle fibers had commanded that the skin be pushed almost beyond it's flexible limits. Kevin, who had witnessed this amazing display often on a more intimate basis, forgot his potential as an assistant as his mind locked in on the pure, lustful display of muscle in motion.

Never through any part of the movement did the monumental muscle leave its state of complete striation. From Kevin's perspective, the continental sized cleavage formed linearized arcs of domed muscular bundles looking much like the endless mounds of the Appalachian mountains when viewed from the air. Tributaries of sweat ran along the small pectoral ridges and became a river at the based of the deep central valley between the two stimulated moving mountain ranges of meat.

As the seventh rep became the eighth, neither Bob nor Mark could as the base of the central valley anymore over the massive, moving motif's. Subsurface quaking shook through the compressed rock hardness of the shivering pecs as they mounded ever higher and crashed together on the ninth rep. Veins coursed the translucent surface marbling the already stone-like appearance of the desirous man-tits.

A last big gasp for air drove the peaked domes into the stratosphere as they undertook the last of the repetitions. Unyielding conviction overtook invincible muscle and carried the unbelievable body to success on the tenth rep. The metal of the bar crashed loudly against the iron of the support posts as the magnificent body rose in victory to its adoring fans.

In homage to their god of muscle, all four attendants simultaneously stripped off their lower body coverings exposing the already obvious results they carried from the display they had just witnessed. A combined 48" of stiffly erected maleness saluted the victor. The three "smaller" men also discarded their upper wrappings as if to offer themselves fully to the conquering hero.

Michael stood and rewarded their surrender with his own resplendent "most muscular" pose. Pleased with the resulting waving of further-hardening penises, Michael re-doubled his constriction sending his magnificent musculature into visual overload. The strength of the internal compression pushed his image to that of diamond-cut clarity. Every ounce of the man was muscle and every ounce of the muscle was man.

The man and his muscle were one and the same. As if knowing it was OK, his passionate admirers flowed up to the living statue and began a mutually rewarding melding of hands to hot, hard muscle. They stoked, they fondled, they caressed, and they coveted. Michael's reaction was both expected and short-lived as a new voice interrupted the proceedings.

"Ah, so you think you have found your new God?" The German accent announced that Steve had arrived. "That was quite a show there. Now maybe you would like to go for the gold ring? … against someone your own size this time…Germany versus the U.S."

"Huh?" was the only word with which Michael could react.

Steve continued. "Only, let's do one that uses our real muscle! I'll wager that I can fuck your little boyfriend and keep from cumming longer than you can."

"Well, that's not fair! Of course he can make me cum easily." Mike offered back. "Besides, we haven't got anything to wager."

"Sure we do. Whoever can hold out the longest, gets to go out and be the next Mr. Olympia!" Steve retorted. "You know it's you dream. You've spent ten years getting ready for this and I'm not stupid enough to believe that, once you're `re-discovered' out there, you wouldn't go for it."

"OK, I admit that, but the match still can't be fair." Mike responded. "First, what makes you think that Kevin will go along with this. Second, it's still a lopsided match-up."

"Look, I know how you and Kevin have been practicing on that bat you call a cock for the past several weeks … so I'm sure he can `handle' it." Steve tossed back smartly. "As to your second comment, we'll make it even. Kevin on me and you with Jeff."

"Jeff! You've got to be kidding!" Mike said more curiously than negatively.

"That makes it fair. Are you in or not?" Steve demanded.

"Count me in, asshole!" Mike accepted.

Kevin moved to raise an argument but Mike grabbed him and assured Kevin that Steve was just having fun and, what the heck, it was a going away party wasn't it? Kevin had to agree and, remembering what he had seen that night two weeks ago, he knew he would never have another chance for this kind of experience again. With Kevin's semi- reluctant acceptance, the stage was set and the two men prepared for the task ahead.

Michael removed the last vestige of clothing bringing his semi-rigid, awe-inspiring tool into focus once more. He laid down on one of the two flat benches. Kevin moved in and began his task to fully awaken the mighty rod connected to his lover. As his lips and hands passionately embraced the human totem pole, Michael became excited quickly under the familiar touch and handling.

Kevin grasped the stiffening monster and rocked it back and around at its base. Each undulation teased the column into harder and more reinforced anchorage until it stood unmoving. Soon the 18" staff was vertical and ready. The strengthening veins surfaced and wrapped the monumental meat in a frenzied cabling of support. The now-familiar cobra-shaped body flared staunchly with the 5" wide head virtually inviting an attempt at an onslaught.

Now it was Steve's turn. All five onlookers gasped as the fresh body appeared from under the last of the cloths. It was clear that Steve had, indeed, still been taking advantage of drug enhancers. He was no longer Michael's match, he was his superior!

The new 435 pound body was bigger in every way over Michael's. Steve had pumped and primed his body for this entrance. He immediately moved into a double bicep pose that shattered anything Mike could have displayed. Over 35" of multiple split biceps and triceps now drove the lust within the viewers past reason. Drool mixed with spontaneous pre-cum as the four other standing musclemen shivered in delight.

Steve pushed one ultra-carved 44" upper leg forward while reaching up behind his head with both hands. The 26" calf muscle was not like a diamond - it was a diamond! His face disappeared between a mixture of compressed biceps meat and a preponderance of upper pectoral mass. Steve forced his ribcage down on top of his laddered abdominals. His lats absolutely flew apart as if steel belted tires had been shoved in under his skin. The minuscule waist exaggerated all the collected musculature.

Finally, bringing his hands onto the tiny width across the obliques, Steve spread his lats out filling the limited space left open between his bulging biceps and ballooned forearms as he arced his chest high and forward. The pecs shot out like armed weapons and solidified into glistening boulders that dared an attack. None present was dumb enough to accept the challenge from the 78" double-domed preponderance of upper muscle.

Yet even this amount of previously unheard of accomplishment paled at the groin. Just the action of the posing had pushed Steve to accomplished arousal. His cock stood out straight, veined and hard as ever - all 20" of it! Where Michael's flared out to 5" across, Steve's was now 5" across, too. However, his paragon of male prowess widened continuously to its' concrete-set girdled 6" wide core. Corded veins served as reinforcing rods sheathing the column of power in additional rigidity.

Without a word, he laid across the bench next to Michael and signaled for Kevin to come to him. The frightened young man was drawn more by his animal lust than by the accepted challenge. A drooling Jeff moved over to his quest. Soon, he was lost in a world of sensual fulfillment as he stroked and fondled his assigned mount anointing it with the necessary oils and lubricants. Kevin did much the same to the pile driver before him.

Both men climbed onto the upper legs of the prone giants and straddled over the man-flesh skyscrapers. They each knew their task - to trigger the monster cannons below them. Together they began their descent. The weeks of practice paid off instantly for Kevin as his expanding ring of sphincter muscle familiarized itself with a cock head of a size consistent with that of his challenged lover. The initial effect was much the same for Jeff.

None too soon the muscled asses had captured all 5" of the crowning portions of the pulsing members. Kevin quickly took over a foot of the invader into him and both men groaned in the delight of the experience. Jeff got about 6" down and sensed more than felt the second flair of the snake's steel body as it moved inside. His prostate was tripped beyond any previous sensation as the broadening body of hot, hard flesh re-challenged every inch of his rectal interior. The enraged cocks and flailing heavy testicle sacs on the two human pistons bounced gleefully in response to the delirious challenges within them.

Kevin began bounding up and down on the grinding machine inside of him. Fourteen to fifteen inches slipped in and out as Kevin clenched and released his ass muscles in the process. Steve groaned in his excitement and clenched in response as he struggled to control the heated flow endeavoring to move from his testicles into the ready cannon.

Kevin did not seek to exercise any control over the internal heat driving his own railroad-spike hard member. Each lengthening penetration pushed the young bodybuilder further into sensual glory. As his ass finally stretched to grab almost all of the unbelievable circumference with over 18" of hot steel man-column engulfed, Kevin let loose with one continuous arc of cum splashing broadly across the huge upper legs beneath him.

Jeff found that the very shape of the instrument within him gave him an advantage as he constricted his own insides so as to feed back the sensual feeling directly into the body of the inserted instrument. Michael yelped in uncontrollable anguish as his cock experienced the sensation of it's own size and shape within the muscled butt manipulating it. Jeff moved faster and deeper letting almost all of the monster gain admittance.

Jeff could see Mike's huge balls jumbling with their own excitement as the creams churned into their thick salty butter. Vein encrusted muscle rubbed inside against silky intestinal lining as friction heated the juiced tube white hot. One more long, fast plunge down by Jeff. Then, on his way back up, Jeff felt as the first of the hot cream flowed thickly into his anal passage. He kept the long internalized stoking going until the sheer volume of the emerging cum forced itself past the cannon barrel cock shaft and cascaded out and heavily down the unsheathed portions of the surrendered tube.

In the midst of his success, Jeff's over-stimulated member moved past heated ecstasy and matched the display made by Kevin as his fountain of cum flew beyond the monstrous legs upon which he was perched landing in a wide, continuous stream along the gym floor. His task accomplished, Jeff collapsed and slid painfully down the full length of the still hard pipe within him. He rested fulfilled in a lake of cum at the bottom.

Kevin disemboweled himself to rush to his shaken lover. As the last of Steve's gargantuan tower plopped loudly into free space, Steve released his mind and the contained river of his own cum. A geyser of white exploded from within and powered shaft several feet into the air before spilling richly forming a broad pool within the hollow of Steve's abdominal cavity. Mark and Bob rushed in and drank heartily from the flood as the pump spilled more hot white gold onto the thirsty, lusting animals.

Having drank their fill, Mark and Bob mopped themselves with handy towels, turned and hoisted an exhausted Jeff off of the tower of power within him. The proud looser still stood hot and hard glistening under the coating sheen of it's own cum. The monolith of muscle supporting the spent column rose up to meet his oncoming lover and enveloped the sympathetic Kevin within an absorbing casing of warm, welcoming muscle.

Steve's body rose, too, with his entire vastness glowing bright and hard as the blood of victory coursed through every distended fiber of victorious muscle. He accepted Mike's smiling offering of congratulations as he pounded his body into its own statuesque muscle trophy. The image of 435 pounds of unconquerable muscle in its purest gargantuan form brought glorious stiffness back into the cocks of the five other naked musclemen.

Jeff moved in on the godlike creation and explored the endless muscle of the marbled creature. Steve responded with a familiarity that could only exist between two people who had a connection much closer than that of simple acquaintance. Jeff's head lodged itself onto, rather than into, a dense pillow of pumped biceps as he tongued the veiny head-sized fibrous balled volume.

"Nice try, Mike." Steve offered placing a quick kiss on the forehead of his attending servant and added turning his attention to the looser. "Now it is time for me to go prepare to claim my prize out in the waiting world of bodybuilding. You guys enjoy the rest of the evening, I have be up to leave early tomorrow."

"What! You're leaving, too" Mike shot back in total astonishment.

"No … not, too! I'm leaving tomorrow … and - only - I am leaving!" Steve retorted loosing the smile as a serious undertone set in.

"Huh! No! We're leaving, too." Mike assured while Kevin's face assumed a posture of total confusion.

""No, I'm afraid you're not." Mark interjected. "You don't really think we can let you go after all Bob, Steve and I have gone through over these last long years to avenge Daniel and take over Dorian's empire. In the end, his own greed opened the door for his demise. I guess you could say that he "painted himself into a corner". We're sorry that the two of you were put in such jeopardy, that was not our choice or desire. We weren't sure what he had in mind, we're just happy that it turned out the way it did. However, now that he is gone, we can implement all we have been working to do"

"Look, we're not like Dorian at all. We don't want us all to move forward under a constant threat " Mark continued "but you two know way too much to have it out there floating freely in the rest of the world. We, and that includes Jeff now, know we have something special here. Something we can all build upon. We understand how much Kevin is opposed to drugs and steroids and the like but, Kevin, you are trying to live in a past that can no longer exist."

"The world of bodybuilding has evolved into what it is … and, like it or not, we have all been a big part of that. There are new things coming. Things that Mr. Chronos was not ready or willing to embrace. Things related to genetic manipulation and cloning. We are moving the huge machinery that Chronos built in those directions. Steve here is an example of some of this early work. How else could you explain his 40 pound gains in just the last few months? If you wonder why Mike hasn't lost any of his new size, it's because we had been supplementing his shots recently, too."

"No! This can't be happening." Kevin shouted. "We can't be part of this! We won't be part of this!"

"Oh, yes you will my friend." Mark stated matter-of-factly. "The two of you are extraordinary genetic specimens. What we can accomplish with you will exceed anything in muscle about which you could have ever dreamed. And, remember, you're lover here is only secure as long as his painting is protected. We know you don't want to jeopardize that. You will stay. It may take some time but, ultimately, we suspect you will work with us. We like you and we want you to be happy. But, you will be happy - here!"

Slowly the two shocked lovers gained the understanding that they were exactly where they had been just a few short weeks ago. It was the same business - just under new management! Sensing the initial depressive reactions, Bob moved in and placed reassuring hands on two heavily muscled icy stooped shoulders.

"Don't worry, in time it will all be OK." He assured. "… and we have plenty of that." •

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