Blood Moon

Night Changes 1 (Prelude to part 4)


By Jace Soliz

~Don't know if anyone really likes my story so far, if you do then, thanks. I'm trying. I'm just trying to make the muscle growth story into a novel like thing. Not just "his muscles grew and he was big like he always wanted" Not that I don't mind those either! (wink) Hugs and kisses to you guys! God bless America!!!!~

~Julian Crawford~ (1974)

Darkness spread across the land like a plague marking everything in its path with tasteless, untouchable goo of shadows. I was crossing the street to the park that is near by where I sleep. I have been feeling especially horny. I have grown another inch and my muscles are coming in hard, thick and veined. I've grown out of 3 shirt sizes since my first change. My voice, so deep and powerful, I've made men cum just by talking into their ears. My cock has also grown. What was once an average sized penis on a 5'9, plump man, is now a mammoth 14 inches of rock hard muscle, veined and throbbing with a huge sac now on a ripped monster of hairy muscle standing at 6'1.

We were having a meeting in the park to celebrate the coming of a new leader. He was to be made one of us tonight. The thrill and power that goes in hand with the change is amazing. The sexual pleasure is phenomenal. I crossed the new statue they placed in the park and I could then hear their muffles in the distance. I could almost hear every word. My sense of hearing has been amplified so much these past few days.

As I approached the crowd, I scanned them all from where I was. There were police men, doctors, teachers, famous bodybuilders, and the slaves. The slaves weren't of us, but they worshipped us as Gods. We call them our night children. But they are not important tonight. Tonight is all on the changing of Julian Crawford.

I shook hands and kissed with many of the men there, some women were there too, but they are only their to birth the children of our pack. I was bitten and kissed and nudged by a hundred ripped bodies, I in return licking, kissing and biting back. Without a word everyone stopped. And like in a trace we all at once turned and faced forward towards the picnic bench.

There stood Edward, our old leader and standing next to him our new leader. He only stood about 5'11. Skinny as hell. I snickered to myself, and noted that everyone else was questioning the new vision of our to be new leader. This had to be a joke.

"My lovers, wives, and children of the darkness, I am standing here with my last speech as your leader, your friend and victim in some cases!" He chuckled and raised his eyebrows to us. A wave of small laughs went through the crowd. "Today I give my power of leadership to this man here" He put his big hand on the shoulder of the slender newcomer. " This is Julian, I've told many of you about him in great detail, and I would tell the rest of you, but the moon's power will be at it's peak in a few minutes. We are greatly running late." Ed looked around at the faces of his clan, and he read each with humor, "Do not let his current status deter you from what he will be for you." Someone came up behind Ed, and whispered something in his ear, I only heard a few words, "Read…..detain from harm."

"Ah, we are ready." He walked over to Julian and kissed him lightly then pushed at him lightly to an area where a contraption was set up. Julian's eyes widened. Ed quickly spoke, "This is to keep you from harming yourself, my love." Ed kissed Julian's neck. Julian closed his eyes as if in ecstasy.

They put the links on his hands and ankles, with very little slack to move. The contraption was made of a thick metal. I have never seen such a thing. Julian's arms were at an angle, forced to be straight and away from his body.

One at a time we all went up to where Ed was and he slashed our hands with his nail and the blood that oozed out dropped into a golden cup. Then Ed slashed his and when his blood hit our blood, it bubbled and moved as if alive in its own right. When Ed saw there was enough blood, he asked us to step back and enjoy the show.

Julian cringed at the metallic smell of the offering, but gulped it down with as much gusto as anyone could with blood. That is a normal man. To us, blood is but a wine. Someone started to rub my back with his large powerful hands. I closed my eyes, only to open them quickly when the screaming started.

Julian mouth was covered in blood, the last of our blood and he screamed so loud. He became rigid. His was in agony. I felt someone watching me, and it was Ed, and he nodded saying this was normal. Julian finally stopped screaming, he hung his head down but his body was still rigid. He was still wearing his jeans and long sleeved shirt; you would have thought that they would have taken those off for us to view.

Julian started to grunt and panting as if he was given birth. Little did I know, I monster was about to be born. The grunts became louder and deeper and soon they no longer sounded human. Shivers started all over his body. Very powerful spasms. He lifted his head up and they were emerald green and he looked right at me, and he smiled. The smile turned to a snarl and he growled and closed his eyes and arched his back violently. Thick huge muscle ripped through the shirt, growing, and thickening. Julian had his eyes closed and his head up exposing his neck.

Thick columns of muscle formed around his neck, his traps exploded with size, thick growing, stretching the shirt opening even more. His shoulders started bulking up inside the shirt. Massive pounds of muscle violently growing, but just as one starts another puts on a show. His arms suddenly become muscled, growing so fast, so demanding, I kept thinking Julian's body won't be able to handle it. Biceps massive and veined with forearms that would put any of us to shame. I marveled at the constant change. He was so small stature before, but my God, he's so fucking HUGE now.

Just as fast as his body was developing the masses of muscle, he also grew in height. He was already at 6'4 and not stopping, his feet ripped out of the small 10's they were previously. Huge feet with sharp nails at the end. Calves that would make any male cry with jealousy tore through the jeans savagely, thick pulsing with power. His quads were blowing up like balloons. Massive balloons of ripped veined muscle that didn't just rip through the fabric, a sonic boom could be heard..

His shirt rode up and hairy, cobblestone abs appeared. Thicker than any of us who have gone through the change. His hands were hanging loose from the growth of this arm length and his hands were huge.

A blinding light flashed out from his body and he screamed in pure ecstasy. I heard metal bend, chains breaking. The light was hot and felt it flush down my skin in an erotic flow of unseen sexual energy. I was instantly hard, and found myself touching myself. I heard rips all around me, everyone was growing. Expanding with this light surrounding their bodies. I felt myself release somewhere in my brain. My thick cock ripped out of my jeans and pointed upwards to meet a mouth of the man behind, who's cock pushed through my jeans in the back and his thick cock entered my orifice. His thick rock got thicker and he humped me running his hands down my chest ripping my shirt off. Someone was pulling and tearing my pants off, and I felt the cool night breeze on my rock hard body, still thickening with whatever power Julian was emitting.

It was Fuckfest '74, everyone was fucking each other, cumming all over the ground, the light attracted someone people from the streets over to us. I cannot tell you how many massive men I had that night. The light stopped and so did everyone else. And standing where the steel contraption was, there was a God standing in a mist of heated breaths.

Julian stood there. His arms hung high because of the massive wedge of lats spread wide, veined. His vascularity was amazing, and his furry chest accentuated his massiveness. Nothing looked out of proportion. He was 8 feet tall. Our new leader.

"Now we hunt" The thunder rolled out of his mouth and clapped into the open air with a spark of hunger that none of us could refuse. A growl cascaded across the crowd in a wave of power. We changed, we hunted…and we went back to the lair and fucked.

I became Julian's lover. He wanted me even before the change. He is now my lover. And the more he fucks me the larger I get.

Things were going fine. We terrorized the city when we wanted. But then a funny thing started to happen. Members of our clan never came back. One stumbled into the mouth of our lair and said one word…… Vampires.

"Hmmm….." Julian turned to us "Things just got interesting" •

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