Pictures of Dorian's Gays, The


By John

It's one giant free for all at the muscle house of Dorian's Gays. Time to discover just what happened to our superior muscle team of Steve and Mike as well as to our poor little muscleboy, Kevin. Respectfully offered comments are always appreciated

Dorian knelt languidly on the stage. The two enormous muscular bodies laid where they had fallen. They were still nude except for the addition of the thick heavy steel bracelets now securing the two giants together along the ship-anchoring heavy length of chains. Having applied the cuffing restraints, Jeff had just departed carting off the equally unconscious forms of Mark and Bob off to the gym where he was assigned to keep them.

Dorian longingly stroked the prone body of his protégé for the past ten years. The weight of the connecting chain links had positioned the arms flat on the floor extended above the sleeping head. Even in rest, they appeared poised and ready to explode into the chiseled balls of solid rock that they had been just a few short moments ago. The waist-sized 33" slabs of pure beefy biceps and triceps contained under the thin casing of skin had the density of silk-covered vulcanized rubber. Veins still tripped like delicate webs between the skin and meat adding texture to the tantalizing touch.

Probing hands forced their way under the bottom of the rubber hard balls of the biceps and disappeared completed behind the expanse of the flowing triceps. Even ignoring the weight of the wrist band and chains, one was left to marvel at the strength it must take simply to lift all this hulking upper arm meat. Like properly inflated tires, the thick muscle masses pushed back successfully against the hand applied pressures to deform their beautiful roundness. Unconsciousness did nothing to weaken the feel of the inbred strength contained within the hearts of these succulent muscles.

Even in its unconscious state, Steve's body was draped in solid, voluminous muscle. The prone body was so thick that the slowly heaving 72 " diameter expanse of chest rose up past the kneeling man's crotch. Chronos' hands strayed slowly across to the massive male breasts and, one by one, forced his own strong fingers deep into the heaving monsters. The knuckle deep meat yielding succulently to the applied pressure that only the drug-induced relaxed state would permit.

Cupping the outer curve of the two pectoral mounds just beyond the still sharpened nipples, Dorian hoisted the ham-sized slabs and attempted to push the heavy protrusions of beef together. The dividing cleft between the two family-sized meals of meat became canyon deep as the individual masses crashed together under the externally applied lifting force. The rising piles of cleavage grew so thick and high that the outside edges spilled back heavily over top of the manipulating hands.

The burdened hands let the cascading breasts spread endlessly outward again as they slipped along the bottom of the defined shapes letting the stiffly mounted nipples tickle past each passing finger. The exploring digits slid over the hard curvature of the muscle sheathed upper rib cage and followed the sharp drop several inches down into the prone-formed vacuum of the abdominal cavity. Even in the current state of pure relaxation, the individual packing of each of the lined ab muscles was clearly discernible. The vacuum ended where the ribbed intercostals rejoined the small, flat, hollow waist.

Every oversized muscle on the unconscious giant was densely but deliciously pliable in this drug induced sleep with one exception. The cock, the magnificently created cock, held most of its blood- filled sustained erection as if refusing to surrender to the drugs without an appropriately stimulated release. The admiring hands of the drooling examiner found their way to the base of the vertical poled monster. While it had not given back any of its astounding 17" length or forearm thick 4" width, Dorian enjoyed the opportunity to cause the bulbous head at the end of the mighty post to wave and swirl in small rhythmic circles by playing with it at the normally reinforced base.

There was something even more erotic about Steve's monument to manhood in the state of pre-tensile hardness it now retained. As the loving hands drifted up over the brutal length of the main column, they relished the opportunity to force fingers ever-so-slightly into the fleshy surface. At about half way up, the roving hands reached around together to form their own constricting collar ring. The opposing fingers and thumbs barely came together around the challenging girth.

Lust driven eyes lapped up the memory as the more restricted blood flow in the length of meat above the constriction pumped that portion of the meaty tube to fully sharpened hardness. Veins grew into pulsing rope protrusions as blood was refused the chance to continue its flow. The crowning glory became a solid, bright helmet as it, too, was pumped full and rigid. Once released by the removal of the clasped hands, rather than racing away, the hardening blood simply refilled the balance of the aroused tool bringing the entire entity into a completely hardened erection.

Dorian's hands flowed back down to the anchoring base. This time they found that they could no longer cause the steely column to move or sway from its reinforced position. Leaning in, a longing tongue reached out to meet the pre-cum moistened opening at the very top. While one hand slowly enjoyed the heated trip up and down the massive staff, the other wandered back over the expanse of the slowly heaving pectoral masses.

All this muscular beauty! All these many years to create it! What a waste for it all to be destroyed!

Just as these thoughts floated through Dorian's mind, he was brought back to full attention by the sound a murmur from the audience area.

"Welcome back." Chronos greeted the awakening third muscleman as he rose and turned from his private adulation.

"…Huh? …What the…" the still confused Kevin reacted as he found his own movement restricted.

"Just a precaution." Dorian responded. "Your friends should be awakening soon, too. They're much bigger, so it took a lot more to ensure that they would stay unconscious for a while."

"You … you … you drugged them! You drugged me!" Kevin focused as his mind became clearer and memories of the recent activities reactivated themselves. "I saw you! You injected them, and me, with something!"

The prone figure of Michael on the stage groaned and began to move slowly before Dorian could respond to Kevin's latest observations. Whatever it was they were given, it seemed to wear off almost as quickly as it acted. Very soon, the recently ravished body of Steve began to moan and quiver back to its normally toned muscular state of awareness.

Reluctantly, Dorian stepped off of the stage and stood near the seated nude muscleman in the audience. By now, Kevin had discovered that his body was bound to the seat at the waist, feet and wrists. Dorian enjoyed watching as Kevin's lovely crafted muscles flexed into writhing hardness as they fought against the tight restraints. Biceps, abs, pecs, thighs and forearms all stiffened into glowing hardness in the struggle. Veins erupted over the reddening body to feed the demanding tough meat as lines of definition cut the various muscles into anatomy chart clarity.

Much to Kevin's frustration, the bands of taped restraint held fast. Both gargantuan piles of muscle on the starkly lit stage snapped into crisp awareness as the rattle of heavy chains focused their attention on their own securement dilemmas.

"What the fuck is this!" Steve demanded in his native German lifting a steel-banded wrist only to have the surprising weight of the connected chain slap it back down loudly to the floor.

"I'm sorry, my love" Dorian responded in English. "I guess this is just what I had to do considering what you and your two friends here were plotting to do against me … against us."

"What the fuck are you talking about - you fucking bastard!" Steve cried out angrily in his heavily accented English.

"Now, now, you all know what I am talking about. Don't play dumb with me. You, of all people, Steve, should have known better." Dorian continued in his soft voice. "You know you can't keep secrets from me, especially ones that might threaten our little life-time arrangements here."

"What the fuck are you trying to do here! I will rip your fucking body in half! Release us - now!" Steve screamed back as Michael finally recognized the seriousness of their situation.

"I can understand how Michael and Kevin may have been stupid enough to think that they could plan to get away from here, from us, but you, Steve, you've been through this before. You, more than anyone should have known the chance you were taking by offering to help them." Chronos responded more forcefully.

"They're in love, Chronos, real love!" Steve insisted back. "Love like I once had for Daniel…not the fake crap I have pretended to you since you stole him from me!"

"I've given you everything! Even myself! I thought, I hoped, you had gotten past Daniel. I can't undo what he caused me to do. I've given you my love, my attention, and everything you wanted so that you could have that glorious, chemistry created body." Dorian continued. "And, instead of a deserved trust and love, all you could give me back is this betrayal! Now, look what you have caused! Now you force me to re-teach the same lesson I thought you had learned with Daniel."

"Love, bullshit, there was never any love! All you ever wanted was my body! You took Daniel from me ten years ago, I will not let you take away from these two all that you took from me." Steve shouted.

"Daniel was going to destroy everything. Does your German stubbornness still prevent you from seeing that? Had he gotten away, everything we have would have been lost - even the glorious body of muscle that attracted him to you would have been lost if he had succeeded in going public." Dorian said harshly. "We couldn't let that happen. I did what I had to do to protect all of us - to protect you! Now, obviously, we need to teach that lesson all over again. Only this time, you will either learn it or … or … suffer the consequences."

"What the fuck are you trying to do, you sick little man!" Steve stood angrily as the loud clanging of the heavy chains reminded him of his restricted position.

"I'm not `trying' to do anything. I'm going to let you two learn the lesson you each need to learn." Dorian laughed. "Unfortunately, only one of you is going to survive long enough to remember what you never should have forgotten - that what we have created here is more important than any one of you!"

"If you'll take the time to look around, you will note devices mounted to the floor below each of your respective paintings pointing toward the other one." Chronos continued without waiting for any more conversation. "Well, there is just enough chain between you two so that one of you can reach the device opposite their own painting, but you will have to drag your connected friend with you. You can't both get to `your device" at the same time."

"So what!" demanded Steve.

Dorian assured them that silence would be of value to them and then explained the deadly program. Pressing a button on the remote control he held, all the paintings mounted on the stage rotated to their opposite sides - the side containing the distorted images carrying the years of drug-driven bodily abuse. Once again Kevin found himself struggling to keep from vomiting as the grotesque images came into view. He couldn't help but notice the gross changes in the paintings of both Michael and Steve as they swung into position on opposite sides of the stage directly above the strange machines mounted on the floor below them. Both of these paintings now rivaled the grotesque image of Dorian in their disgust.

The proposal was as simple as it was deadly.

Once the paintings had turned, it had tripped a timer on the machines that would set them off automatically in 15 minutes. They were, for lack of a better description, flame-throwers. The men had this 15 minute period to be the first one to get to the device pointing toward his painting and disarm it by hitting the red switch. Otherwise, their painting would be destroyed and, thereby, all the years of the abuse absorbing image would be destroyed.

Steve knew what this meant. It had only taken a few minutes for the results of all the physical abuse to move into Dan's real body on that fateful day ten years ago when Dorian had destroyed his picture. Soon after, Dan's body succumbed. Now, ten years later, Steve and Mike could only begin to imagine what another decade of even stronger drugs would do to them as the results reacted with their unprepared systems. A quick death was probably the best thing for which they could pray.

Also, they were advised, the act of shutting off one machine would trip the other. No matter what, one of them was doomed. Kevin, whose refusal to commit to all the lifetime `benefits' that had been offered to him was there to watch so that he, too, would learn the lesson and witness the results of what his resistance had now caused to happen.

All the men responded in disgust and anger. Chronos merely reminded them that the timer had been tripped and that they had already lost over a minute of precious time. He also warned them that, should they seek to try anything `funny', he could set off both dreaded firings from the remote.

Reality set in quickly. Recognizing that they had not been left with much choice by their disturbed captor, the two muscular marvels surrendered to the challenge of the fate before them. Steve had no interest in a torturous end to all the gains he had made over these past few years. He knew the mind of Dorian and understood all too quickly that either they would play his way or all of them would be doomed. The only hope for the moment was to buy what little time there was by playing the game in the hopes that some miracle would come along. He instantly taunted Michael into re-focused anger by letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that he, Steve, intended to win.

Michael realized that, if he lost, in addition to his own demise, Kevin would be forced to decades of suffering and there was no way he was going to permit that .to happen. With equal conviction, he assured Steve that, regardless of their friendship, Steve would only win over Mike's dead body - literally."

With that, the struggle of inhuman muscle against inhuman muscle began. The two giants began to step back from each other as if preparing to charge. The weight of the wrist-thick connecting chain was no match for the sheer power at each end. Soon all ten feet of steel linkage was stretched taut in midair between the two pillars of pure muscle. The muscled columns began to resume their rock-like status as adrenaline and blood coursed through the fibrous bodies as both men prepared to tackle their own survival.

Michael noted Steve's still hard erection and found that the combination of the vision before him and the challenge of a death struggle of muscle against muscle was more erotic than he would have imagined. The man across from him was, in almost every respect, his equal. Inch for muscular inch, the two men possessed the greatest bodies every created and now one of these colossal structures was about to succumb to the other.

The very thought sent shivers of muscle defining reaction coursing up and down through Michael's entire being. His muscles literally shook themselves alive, hard, large and ready. Definition shot visibly into the body of every muscle in the form of cut ridges, deep striations, and pulsing bundles of shredded fibrous strands. His danger stimulated cock was no exception.

It only took an instant for Mike's super-tool to achieve its' amazing super-hard posture. One and a half feet of unfathomable dense manhood pronounced its' earthly superiority as it stood forward in a spellbinding assault toward Steve. The 5" wide mushroomed head virtually snarled its' arrogant presence mounted enormously onto the flared endless body of the cobra-shaped shaft. The slight upward curvature only enhanced the vision of the instrument as a challenging, indestructible animal.

Steve stood transfixed as the erupting challenge formed across from him. Vein by magnificent vein reinforced the visible strength of Michael's protruding avenger. His awe began to turn to re-focused anger as Michael exercised his amazing control over his instrument of terror by flexing it into an ever hardening rising and lowering as if it was breathing for itself. All to soon, the fattened upper part of the shaft had broadened to a proportion equal to the width of the fat collar around the based of the smiling red head.

Then Steve's focus drifted back and up to the monstrous mountain of muscle that had solidified itself behind the invincible man-shaft. Michael was nothing less than a perfect anatomy chart of exaggerated muscular proportions. If there had been any ounces of fat or droplets of extra water between the massive musculature and the paper-thin skin, it was no longer there. All that was between Steve and survival was a 410 pound marvel of seemingly undefeatible muscle. His only chance was to act - and to act instantly.

And, so he did. With speed that one would never believe possible from a massive monster the size of Steve, he pivoted on the heel of one foot while locking his fists, filled with chain, between his huge pectoral mounds and the bottom front of his boulder sized shoulders. Leaning forward, Steve began to run toward the grotesque picture of Michael and the flame thrower aimed at his own picture below it.

The action succeeded in catching the hulking statue of Michael completely off guard. In just one or two steps, Steve had created enough momentum with his own 410 pound bulk to yank the resistance of the opposing muscled force from its' balance. Before he could begin to react, Michael had given up half the distance between Steve and the sought after control switch. As quickly as he could, Michael forced his feet in front of his body and leaned backward as hard as he could. While it did not gain any of the precious lost distance back, the movement succeeded in stopping the opposing agile giant.

The chain stiffened with a loud sustained creaking between the two impossible forces as Michael succeeded in planting his feet solidly into the stage floor as he sat further back onto his massive haunches. Simultaneously, both muscled bodies exploded into their equalized struggle.

Steve's rear upper body arched back as his lats, traps, and erectors shredded themselves into steel coiled volumes of unforgiving muscular thickness. At the same time, his partially visible pecs and biceps roared into a battle with each other as their own deep, rich volumes of rock-hardness fought against the biting metal chain links trying to sink unsuccessfully into the very heart of their muscled depths. The compilation of dense back muscles came as alive as the previous image of Michael's cock with writhing muscle bundles dancing around, over and through the giant's rear body. All this upper mass hardened like cooling lava flows into the pumped cliffs of chiseled ass muscles now engaged in ensuring no loss of distance to the squatting mountain of opposing muscle they faced.

Michael's body had resumed the anatomical characteristics it had held just before the surprising assault. Stretched arms pushed the formidable triceps out and cut them into fist-deep horseshoes of coiling muscle standing out sharply from the tensed upper arms. The inward pointing heated biceps pushed the pinched pectorals into such thickness that their half-moon volumes were larger than the head of the sweating man who owned them. The squatted upper legs shook resistively with so much line-entrenched muscle that one might suspect that they were being electrically stimulated. The calf muscles corded themselves into bulbous bellies and tendons so sharp that they virtually cut through the containing skin.

From between the clenched, arched top curve of the tremendous vibrating upper thighs the mighty cock stood in proud defiance of the attack. The strength of its' erection could actually be measured. The top of the angered crown pressed so hard against the underside of the metal chain links above it that, in spite of the 820 pounds pulling horizontally along the length of chain in opposing directions, the heated, excited tool pushed the adjacent links of metal up so that the line of metal bent visibly over the top of the throbbing monster.

Steve's ass muscles locked themselves onto rubbing piles of striated shifting boulders as they took on more and more of the struggle to out-muscle the resisting forces. Michael's cock flexed itself hard against the chain as it signaled its desire to blow the undulating posterior rockpiles apart and gain entry to the hidden treasure cave within. Steve's own cock reddened into its' own over-stimulated hardness as it pointed the way to the sought after life-saving switch.

Feeding veins grew more and more prominent as the impossible muscle struggle continued. Soon half of the precious time was lost to the history of the battle. Even in his fear, Kevin's cock had responded to the unbelievable vision before him and stood wanting its own release. He struggled harder and harder against the wrappings securing him to his seat. In response to the erotically induced excitement, adrenaline mixed with Kevin's substantial strength as he could feel the bindings becoming looser more from stretching than from tearing.

Chronos had not been this stimulated in years. After just a few minutes, he had let his pants fall around his ankles so that his own 9" rod could be duly serviced. Casting a glance at the bound boy, Dorian noticed the inviting tool the young man sported. Finally, in his own excitement, he moved over in front of the captive audience and, positioning himself carefully, took the entire throbbing 10" pole inside him as he sat.

This action cut off Kevin's view to the death struggle but, fortunately for Kevin, offered him a unique opportunity. Acting as if he was absorbed in servicing the engulfing ass, Kevin re-doubled his forceful struggle against the binding tapes around his massive arms. His own mighty biceps and forearms slowly began to make headway as the constricting tapes began to yield to his muscle power.

On stage, the astounding battle continued. Michael had finally succeeded in regaining some edge. The fact that he could use the maximum amazing strength of his leg muscles in combination with his other muscles and his sheer weight had permitted him to slowly push his body closer and closer to his own objective. With about three minutes left, he had managed to literally drag the undulating specimen in front of him to where he, Michael, was now half way to his goal. Sweat dripped profusely from both battling muscle monsters. This served to reduce the advantage for both of them by cutting the chance to use friction as the surrounding floor became wetter and more slippery.

As the clock ticked down, in a final act of desperation, Steve spun around with wonderfully controlled agility to face his opponent and assumed the same position as Michael. The chain snapped loudly as Michael lost and then fought to regain his balance. The creak of the metal was more than the sound of a simple whipping effect of snapping metal, Both men caught this immediately realizing that, against their combined strength, the metal, not the muscle, was giving up. There were only two minutes to go.

Kevin's arm finally broke free of the binding. Now all he needed was an instant in which to act. That wasn't long in coming. For all the hatred Kevin felt for the man on top of him, the heat against his imprisoned dick pushed the aroused organ to orgasm. Kevin shot his first large wad of creamy cum into the pumping ass. The sight of the convulsing muscle on stage combined with the feel of the hot juice rushing into his ass finally pushed Dorian over the edge as his cock erupted into a shower of cum. Kevin felt the ass muscles clench in response to the first volley and heard the gasp of sensual release stimulated by the ensuing climax.

Grabbing the opportunity, Kevin flung his freed muscular arms up catching the unsuspecting victim in a full nelson. As he did this, Dorian, in his surprise, lost hold of the remote device as it hit the stage with the issuance of his second volley of cum.

"I've got him." Screamed Kevin to the two sweat drained giants.

"Great, keep hold of him." The German giant shouted back. Then, turning to Michael. "You heard what I heard. We need to pull harder than we ever have. Agreed?"

"Agreed!" Michael responded. "One … two … three."

On `three' two men simultaneously transcended mere muscle. They became muscle! Skin virtually disappeared as the dazzling display became nothing but disproportionately beautiful muscle. Metal creaked loudly and all-to-quickly shattered to the invincible muscle forms jointly assaulting it. They were free but only one minute was left to them.

They jumped up and ran for their respective switches. Kevin, who had dragged the still impaled torturer with him, kept the weaker man under his control with one mighty arm while he grabbed the remote with the other.

"Don't!" He shouted. "There is only one button on this thing! That means that they'll both go off regardless of what you try to do."

Acting quickly on instinct and out of pure anger, Steve ran over to the painting of Dorian. Reaching up he ripped the entire painting, frame and all, from its mounting. He tossed it over to Michael and, just as quickly uprooted the other painting of Dorian from the back of the post.

"Hold it up in front of your picture." He called over to Michael. "I hope this works."

Just then, the rear door split open with a loud crash as Mark and Bob rushed into the room.

"Jesus Christ! NO!" Dorian shouted as two columns of flame shot horizontally across the stage.

Both of Dorian's pictures burst into flame as they shielded the precious distorted pictures behind them. The shooting flames stopped; the two naked muscle gods tossed the burning pictures into the middle of the disheveled stage as the joined fire consumed both images.

Within seconds cries based in severe pain emanated from the voicebox of the rapidly changing figure that had been Dorian Chronos. •

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