Big Time!


By WillingNrdy

Matt and Greg were groping each other's massive pecs and seemed to be getting hotter by the second. Finally the two massive men wandered into the bedroom never taking there hands off of each other. A few minutes later I heard deep grunts and moans coming from the bedroom.

While this was going on Shane had continued to admire his now huge, magnificent body; but every now and then I noticed him glance over at me with a strange look in his eyes. Finally Shane turned toward me and I froze; afraid that he was going to make me even smaller than my current 3 foot size.

"This isn't right Ty."

"Shane, what's happening?" my voice almost squeaked as I asked.

"Well, Matt is Greg's old college roommate and former lover. They broke up mainly because Matt couldn't deal with Greg being such a big stud and Matt could never seem to put on any muscle at all." "About a month ago, on a trip to Central America Shane met a witch doctor who gave him that magic stick." "It transfers mass from one person to another. None of us really believed it would actually work but obviously it does."

"The Truth is I only agreed to it because I've always wanted to get your attention. But not this way. I'm really sorry Ty."

I was stunned by all of this and could see by the look in Shane's eyes that he really meant what he had said. "Well, is there anything you can do to help me?"

"Maybe, Matt said that the witch doctor warned him not to let the stick get broken. Maybe if we break it in two your muscle will go back to you."

"It's worth a try. Where is the stick?" I was starting to get excited and hopeful now.

Shane looked around and then cursed. "I think Matt and Greg have it!"

With my small size I was able to sneak carefully into Greg's bedroom without being seen. I spied the stick laying on the nightstand. I also saw two massive hunks fucking the shit out of each other. I must have gasped in awe of seeing a now HUGE Greg plunging his massive cock into Matt's hot muscle butt.

"What are you doing in here runt!" I grabbed the stick and ran as Matt yelled at me.

Greg pulled out of Matt and both of them lunged for me and would have caught me had Shane not suddenly appeared and slammed into both of them with a flying block.

Shane recovered first and raced out to the living room where I was desperately trying to break the thick stick in half, with no luck. He came over to me and grabbed on end as I held onto the other with both hands.

"Stop it, assholes! Give me that or we'll pound the shit out of you." Greg was yelling; just as the stick snapped in two with a loud pop.

"NO!" Matt cried out and all three of us turned to see him shrinking, getting smaller by the second until he had actually shrunk past his old height and stood eye to eye with me at 3 feet tall and extremely thin.

Then the shrinking seemed to jump over to Greg who cried out in horror as he dwindled down rapidly, his own original muscular build gone; replaced by a body no bigger than the one Matt now had.

I felt an electric charge fill my body as it slowly started to expand , getting bigger, taller and thicker. In a few seconds the shorts I was wearing ripped apart and I continued to grow. When I was finally back to my old size I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. But, I didn't stop. I could feel myself getting taller and thicker. My muscles were stretching bigger and bigger so that I thought they would rip right out of my skin. I heard a gasp next to me and saw that Shane was now growing too. We both continued to expand, filling with muscle and sheer size for almost a minute.

When it finally stopped I looked over at Matt and Greg now cowering in a corner and said" Get Out!" Damn even my voice was deeper. Greg and Matt grabbed their oversize clothes and ran out. Shane stamped his huge foot at them startling them into running faster and we both laughed; deep hearty laughs.

I turned to look at myself and Shane in the posing mirror Greg and I had put on the far wall of the apartment. I couldn't believe it. I must be 7 feet tall and at least 650 lbs. Muscles nearly ripping out of my skin and veins the size of water hoses running all over my body. A soft, (but not for long), cock lay against my leg at least 12 inches long and incredibly thick! The really amazing part was that Shane was at least 3 or 4 inches taller than me, almost banging his head on the 8 foot ceiling. And over 50 pounds heavier, all hot hard muscle.

I looked into his emerald green eyes; "Well BIG MAN what did you say earlier about wanting my attention? Because you certainly have it now." •

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