Midnight Muscle

By sizzlep2000

So much for sleeping. Right now, it's the middle of the night, and I'm making my way to the living room from my room where, until five minutes ago, I was enjoying the most erotic dream I've had in a very long while, and I'm sure I could have gotten a lot more out of it were I not rudely awakened by somebody incessantly pounding on my door and ringing the doorbell. Whoever it is better have a goddamn good reason for getting me out of my bed at this hour.

"Who's there?" I groggily ask. I add a pinch of righteous indignation to show I mean business.

"B-Bill, it's me. Sidney"

"Dude, it's like… three in the morning. What's your deal?"

"Open the door, man. I need help."

I fumble for the chain and manage to slide it off the lock after a few unsuccessful attempts. The moment I swing the door open, this huge man pushes his way in, staggers into the room, and nearly stumbles over his own feet. He's just wearing some long white coat with some shredded clothes hanging underneath. I'm about to panic and scream out when I recognize the face of my long-time friend, and he looks like he's hurt. He's out of breath and literally gasping for oxygen.

"Sid... what..."

"My folks are gone, and I had an accident at home. I need your help, Bill. I don't know what to do." I was working on something, using my Dad's stuff in his home lab. I didn't know. I shouldn't have tried it..."

"What was it?"

"It's this project he has for his company. It's... ngghhh... Oh no... hunghhhh..."

"Dude, are you ok?"

"No, not again... agghhhhhh..." Sidney drops to his knees, and he's shaking and sweating all over. I open the lights to get a better look, and there's definitely something happening to him. I can see his coat moving, and it's not from his trembling. It's more like it's filling up with air, and if I didn't know any better, I can swear veins were popping out of his hands and neck. "Aannhhh… ANNHHH... ANGHHH... AGGHHHHH!"

"Dude, that is crazy! You better get that coat off or..." I come over and kneel beside him to help him out of his coat, but as my hands hit the fabric, I feel Sidney's body pulsing underneath.

Sidney is breathing heavily, his torso heaving. It's obvious he's in a lot of pain, but I have no idea what's happening to him. He cries out, "No... leave it. It's... unghhh... unhh... too late... agghHHHHH!!!!"

Suddenly, his body swells, and his coat starts to tighten up and tear at the seams revealing his tight skin pulsating with power underneath. I stare in disbelief as another spurt comes, and the coat just bursts into shreds. Pieces of white cloth fall to the floor as his biceps bulge up, his shoulders lift up and mound into boulders, and his neck thicken. I gasp at the sight of my half-naked friend growing bigger and more muscular right before my very eyes. I take a few steps back and watch with my mouth agape.

"Good god, Sidney! You're growing!!! Holy shit!!!"

"I-I know... I... AGGHHHHHHH!!!" Sidney's pecs thicken and flare out, and his stomach sucks in and divides into an 8-pack. I look lower and find his pants beginning to quiver. Before I know it, his thighs rip right out of his pants, and his calves are morphing into solid balls of muscle. I can actually see veins snaking their way down his legs. His shoes, if they were ever there, are gone, and the only thing covering his body is what's left of his pants, hanging on for dear life.

Suddenly, Sidney stops screaming, his entire body slackening as the growth begins to subside. After a few minutes, his breathing becomes more relaxed and eventually returns to normal. His body is covered in sweat from head to toe. All I can do is stand there and wonder if this big man in the middle of my living room is really who he says he is.

"I... I think i-it's stopped," he huffs in a deep voice that I don't recognize at all. He tries getting up on his feet, but he's visibly exhausted from the ordeal.

"Sid... are you ok, man?" I rush to his side to help him up, but he raises his hand to ward me off.

"D-don't come near me, Bill."

"What? Why?"

"Trust me, man. I don't know what might happen... if you touched me." He tries again to stand up, and it's only until when he's fully upright on his own two feet that I realize the total extent of his transformation. I catch myself looking up at Sidney--way up into the ceiling. My shocked brain is trying to tell me that there's no fucking way this could be Sidney. He's just 5'7", 5'8" at the most and probably the skinniest guy around. This guy's got to be at least 6'11" with God knows how much muscle is hanging off that body of his. Fuck, his muscles had muscle. And I know for a fact that he does not have a package *that* big.

"Sidney, is that really you?" I finally ask after picking up my jaw from the floor.

"Yeah, Bill," he replies. "It's me." He glances at me and then at himself, examining his humongous hands and arms, his large pecs, and his stunning abs. "You're probably wondering what happened to me," he says.

"No shit, Sid. I still can't believe this, dude."

"You know I've always wanted to be bigger, right?"


"Well, my Dad has this project he's working on for his company. It's supposed to be a sports supplement, but he's been doing some other stuff with it in his own time, and I found a way to tweak the results. I, uh, tried it earlier tonight."

"You what? Are you crazy?"

"I know I shouldn't have done it, but I didn't want to be skinny anymore. I never told you this, but I've always hated how I looked. For years I've tried everything to change it, and nothing's worked..."

"Until now," I say, finishing his sentence.

"Yeah, until now." He pauses for a few seconds before continuing. "Look, I didn't expect anything to happen. In fact, the supplement has to be taken over a period of 2 weeks before any results appear. I guess I tweaked it a bit too much and created a highly concentrated, quick-acting solution based on the original formula. I started feeling its effects just ten minutes after my injection."

"Ten minutes? You mean to tell me this isn't the first time you've changed?"

"No. This was probably the third time this has happened in the last six hours. The first time totally caught me off guard. I was sitting in front of the computer studying my molecular models when I started to sweat. Then my vision began to blur as my temperature rose and my heartbeat sped up. If I weren't seated, I would have collapsed from the convulsions, but I was able to hang on to the chair while my body went into shock. It was like every muscle was stretching and contracting at the same time."

"What happened next?"

"The pain suddenly disappeared, and I was breathing normally again. I wanted to stay in the chair for a bit longer, but I needed to find out what had happened to me. The moment I stood up, I felt really dizzy, like all the blood came rushing back in my head, and it took me a while before I could start moving again. I eventually managed to set up the blood analysis kit we kept in the home lab, and after plugging in a sample I took from my finger, I immediately discovered something did happen to my body chemistry."

"What did you see?"

"It's hard to describe, but I guess you could say my cells were bigger and tougher. I pulled up onscreen one of my previous blood samples, and the differences were very distinct. For one thing, the rate of cellular growth was incredible. Mitosis was occurring at least thrice the current rate, and I realized that must have been what I went through, but as I was about to check myself out, the second growth spurt hit--hard."

"It was worse than the first?"

"Way worse. Simply put, I thought I was going to die. It didn't even give me any warning this time. My body just cramped, every fucking muscle. I fell to the floor, and I couldn't even scream for help. Every cell in my body was on fire, and that wasn't the worst of it. I could actually feel my skeleton growing inside of me and pulling at my skin and internal organs."

"Holy shit, dude."

"What kept me going on was that I was still able to think, that I was still conscious, so I forced myself to fight through the pain. I thought if I passed out, I wouldn't be able to wake up again. I don't know how I was able to do it, but I was able to get up from the floor and steady myself on the table as the throbbing subsided. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw that my transformation was a lot more drastic the second time around. My shirt was much tighter and so were my shoes. I guesstimated that I grew taller by about 3 inches and gained around 30 lbs. of muscle that time, but something told me I hadn't run the course of my earlier dose. I needed help, but there wasn't anybody else in the house, and it was already 2 am in the morning. I didn't know what else to do or who else to talk to. You were the first person I thought of, Bill. I grabbed my coat, ran to the car and drove as fast as I could to get here, but I almost didn't make it. By the time I reached your door, the third growth sequence had already begun, and you saw yourself how bad that got."

My mouth is dry, and I'm having a difficult time swallowing, but not his story. I mean, how can I not? He's standing right in front of me--a living, breathing testament to his tall tale.

"So that's why you were already so big by the time you came here. I almost didn't recognize you when you came in. And now, you're even bigger."

"Yeah. I'm sorry for bringing you into this, man." Sidney looks down at his body again and seems to be very concerned about something. "You're... you're not freaked out by all of this?" he asks.

"Freaked out? Of course, I'm freaked out, Sid!"

Crestfallen, Sidney burbles, "Bill, I'm s-sor…"

I cut him off. "What'd you expect me to do, man? It's the middle of the night, and you come barging in here like a madman. You not only wake me up from the best dream I've had in ages, but you also scare the living crap out of me. And *then* you're gonna ask me if I'm not freaked out by the biggest, baddest, most *beautiful* body I ever laid eyes on my entire life?"

"What?" Sidney's shock is priceless.

"Your legs are the shit, man."

"Hmm? You... actually like this?"

"Hell, yeah, Sid."

"I... I was afraid you wouldn't understand..."

"Are you kidding? Look at you. You're a fucking giant! And those muscles! They're everywhere."

Sidney blushes; he's always been the shy one especially when it comes to his body. He automatically reaches for and squeezes one of his mammoth pecs after which he runs his fingers down the more-than-impressive cuts of his abs. "Yeah, I have to admit, I look pretty good."

"Pretty good? Pretty *damn* good is more like it!"

Again he blushes, but this time he's actually smiling. "You're right Bill, and I feel pretty damn good too." Sidney then lifts his arms perpendicular to his body and does a double bicep pose. My eyes bulge out at seeing how big his biceps got every time he flexed those fucking guns of his. Then he places his hands behind his head and starts grinding his stonewall abs. He's really enjoying himself now, and I'm really getting into it.

"Let me try something," he says. He proceeds to put his hands on his waist and positions one of his legs forward. I have no idea of what he's up to until I see his right quad shaking, then flexing, and finally exploding into a sea of striation. He grunts, "Nnnnhhh... not bad. I've always wanted to do that."

"Your calves are so huge! You could outrun me any day," I gush excitedly.

"You like?" He turns to the side and tenses his left leg so that his calf muscle balloons outward.

"Ohhh... my God. I would kill for calves like that. They're awesome." If a while ago I was parched, now I'm practically drooling. Sidney is bigger and beefier than any bodybuilder I've seen, and he spends the next few minutes mimicking their poses. I'm completely and utterly mesmerized by his powerful physique, and all I can think about is stroking his body, caressing his skin, and fondling his every muscle just to see if they were all real. I'm drawn to him like a moth to a flame, and he doesn't even notice me approaching him. The moment Sidney has his back turned on me (too caught up showing off his lats), I feel a force driving me forward, impelling me to reach out and touch him. The compulsion is too strong for me to resist, the temptation too great, and before I know it, my hand lands on his back.

The sensation is electric, and Sidney is immediately aware of the intrusion and quickly pulls away. "Bill!" he shouts.

"Huh... what? What did I do?" I snap out of my trance wondering why my hand is floating in mid-air.

"I told you not to touch me Bill," Sidney says seriously.

"I couldn't help myself, man. I had to. You're so fucking hot. You have no idea..."

"Shit, you have to get out of here." Sidney looks pale, deathly pale.

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

He doesn't answer. Instead, his eyes are tightly shut, and his entire body is trembling again.

"Dude! What's happening?"

I see Sidney trying to speak, but he can hardly get the words out. "Bill... ngghhh... s-stand... back... hunhhh... now... hunghhh.... not d-done..."

Not done? Not done with what? And, as if in answer to my question, I hear something rip. Sidney lets out a muffled moan, and I can't determine if it's from pain... or from pleasure. Then another rip comes, and I'm wondering where the hell it could be coming from when I realize the one place it could have come from--Sidney's pants. My eyes dart to his crotch, and I catch a glimpse of his cockhead pushing past the waistband of his pants. Sidney's erection is getting harder, longer and thicker, and I stand there mesmerized by the flickering phallus, dancing to the rhythm of his hectic heartbeat.

"Ohhh man." Once again, I find myself being pulled in, this time by the charm of Sidney's snake that's about to shed its skin. Without warning, his penis pulses, and his pants gives off its dying rip and rests to the floor in pieces. What's left is the biggest, bulkiest set of cock and balls I have ever seen, and all I want to do is put it in my mouth and taste it. There's something in the air that's driving me crazy, a certain smell that's making me do this. One thing is for sure: I couldn't have stopped myself even if I wanted to.

I check on Sidney who's frozen like a gigantic Greek sculpture, unable to neither move nor speak, and here I am, a mere mortal, about to worship his marble-hard manhood. I strip off my garments, genuflect out of respect, place my hands in a prayerful position around his prick, and accept the gift given to me by my demigod. With much reverence and veneration, I begin blowing him to the high heavens.

In a last-ditch effort to warn me, Sidney shouts, "W-wait, no! D-don't..." But it's too late--for both of us. Sidney's balls begin to bloat and tighten up his body, and I pull my head away from his cock, close my eyes and open my mouth, eagerly awaiting my impending reward. The last thing I hear him say just before shooting his load is, "Oh God, oh nooooooooaaaahhhhhhhhHHHHHH!!!"

Sidney starts jetting liquid fire all over my face and into my mouth. I can feel his cum creeping down my naked torso and drenching my package. The taste is riveting, and I can't get enough of it. He's screaming in ecstasy, and this continues for a good five minutes unabated. I open my eyes and see Sidney's fuckshaft shooting a few more rounds of his precious semen, which I greedily milk from his deflating dick. After lapping his cock clean, my knees give out, and I collapse on the floor.

"Dude, wow…" I gasp exhaustedly. Sidney finally manages to move again, and he immediately kneels beside me and picks up my body in his arms.

"Oh Bill, are you okay? I-I'm so sorry!"

"Sorry... for what? That was fucking amazing, man! God... you're a freaking spunk machine!" I don't know why I'm so out of breath.

He looks at my cum-coated body and shakes his head in dismay. "Oh no. You too."

"What are you talking about Sid? It's not as if you fed me the supplement you took." I'm smiling, but I'm also beginning to get worried by his tone of voice.

"I'm so sorry. When I told you when I checked out my blood, I learned the supplement changed my body chemistry. What I forgot to tell you is that it wasn't limited to my blood. You see, it altered my reproductive system as well. I ran a semen sample through the analyzer and found traces of the supplement there."

"So? That just means it got into your balls the first time, right?" I'm breathing rather heavily now. For some reason, my chest feels so tight.

"Bill, you don't understand. I'm saying my glands have been naturally producing the supplement ever since my first transformation. I'm saying is that now you have it too..."

The realization hits me like a brick. That's why Sidney was trying to warn me about. Fuck, I've got to get this stuff off me, I frantically think to myself, but as I'm about wipe off his semen off my face and my body, I'm stunned to see the only thing I'm covered with is sweat. Holy shit! Where'd all the cum go? My answer indiscriminately comes as a slight muscle cramp that starts in the middle of my chest.

"Ngghhh... what the... agghhhh..."

The sensation grows and quickly spreads throughout my entire body, which must have absorbed and soaked up every last bit of his juiced jizz. I look up to Sidney with pleading eyes, but the only solace he can offer is, "I'll be right here for you Bill. Whatever happens, I'll be right here."

And then everything turns red.

"Unghhhhh... Ooouuuuuuu... Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!" The pain is indescribable and beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life. It's everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and all I can do is scream. However, somehow through the agony, I can still sense Sidney holding on tightly to my hand, reassuring me. "Hang in there, buddy!"

Mercifully, something distracts from my anguish. Even though I am very much still in pain, I can feel something happening to me; I can feel something happening to the different parts of my body.

My neck thickens. My shoulders get round and widen. My biceps rise as veins pop out everywhere. My forearms widen and harden. My pecs flare out and push out. My abs get hard and separate. I lift up a bit as my ass bubbles out and gets bigger and buffer. My quads flare out and gets more solid and more defined. My calves burst out, getting bigger, large veins are all over them. They bulge out hugely and are super-wide. My back swells out. My whole body gets broader, and I grow taller.

My screams die down to guttural groans. I open my eyes and see my friend still sitting beside me, seeing me through the ordeal. "S-Sid..." I call out to him.

"It's almost done, Bill. The first time was the roughest for me too."

My skin is hot to the touch. Sidney feels me changing right in his arms. He is touching my back and feeling the throbbing muscles. He then sets me down on the floor to give me room and to watch the rest of the transformation. While still holding on to my hand, he backs away a bit because he senses what's coming next; he's frightened and fascinated at the same time.

My bones are still growing, and I'm still getting taller. My heartbeat has slowed down, and I can feel the blood pumping through my arteries and blowing up my muscles. Eventually, the pain has all but disappeared and has been replaced by an overwhelming sense of strength and power. I let out a gasp of relief as my body relaxes, and the transformation eases to a full stop.

Sidney drops my hand and gives me a huge hug. He sounds like he's been crying. "Oh... my... freaking... God. Are you okay?"

Sidney's soothing embrace makes me forget about all the terrible pain I went through. "Y-yeah..."

He pulls away, but still tightly clasping my shoulders, he tenderly asks, "How do you feel?"

I sit up and begin checking and feeling my new body. Every movement causes a muscle to ripple. I am amazed, astounded, and astonished by my development. I'm big, and I'm cut. I'm huge, and I'm hard. I'm almost as big, no, maybe even bigger than Sidney. I'm probably a 7-foot giant with 500 lbs. of meat, and my skin is so thin I can see veins on just about anywhere I look. I turn to him, and my smile must have stretched for miles. "Good!!!"

Sidney doesn't say anything. Instead he pulls me towards him and kisses me with such passion that I fall flat on my back with him on top of me. God, I think to myself, I have to be dreaming this! I can't believe that Sidney, who's been my friend for years, is actually kissing me! But somehow it just seems so right, and it feels so good.

We must have been a sight--two freakishly humongous men rolling on the floor, grunting and making out like there was no tomorrow. We're groping and fondling each other's muscular masses, and he stops long enough to say, "I'm so glad you're all right, Bill. I don't know what I would have done if I lost you."

"Imagine what was going through my head when *you* came crashing in earlier. I thought you were going to die," I reply, and we resume our liplocks. It's as if we've always known about each other but have been too chicken-shit or dense to do anything about it.

As Sidney is kissing me, his enormous erection grows back with a vengeance, and my own cock starts to get hard and swell. Apparently, my transformation hasn't completely finished as my balls balloon out, becoming fuller and heavier, and my cockshaft grows longer, getting thicker by the second. Fuck, I can actually hear my dick stretching, and I can feel the build-up within my balls quickly escalating. The exceedingly sensual sensation sends shivers up my spine, and I moan. "Uuunnnnhhh..."

Sidney wonders what's wrong and opens his eyes. He immediately sees my enormous equipment and gushes, "Wow, Bill! You're freaking huge! You're much bigger than I am!"

I wonder what he's talking about until I see for myself the monster that is my cock. Even I'm shocked by its sheer size. "Shit, you're right, dude. Your body must have synthesized the supplement into a stronger version."

"That's a reasonable hypothesis, Bill. Why don't we see if we can confirm it with you giving me a sample of your sperm? And I'm going to need lots of it... up my ass," he says with an evil gleam in eyes.

My straining baseball-sized nuts are quivering, and I can tell I'm about to cum soon, but I can't help but ask, "Sid, are you sure about this, dude? Won't there be any more side effects like more muscle growth?"

Sidney shrugs his shoulders and gives me a wink. "There's only one way to find out!"

He takes me by the hand and leads me to my bedroom as we're about to embark on some wild sex-periment. I still haven't fully grasped the ramifications of what had just happened to us, but obviously things are going to be *very* different for us from now on. So much for sleeping.


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