Muscles and Old Lace

By Sparky

Mark Ortman was a lad that didnít have many friends. Mark made many attempts at fitting in but most of the kids from town and in high school were into sports and took to physical fitness and weight lifting. They all had muscles and Mark was envious of every one of them. Unfortunately, Mark would look into the mirror and see a GEEK at 115 pounds on a 5í6" frame. The most embarassing time for Mark was taking a shower after Gym class. They all mocked at the way he looked and his two inch cock was an added source of amusement. They all claimed that if it wasnít for his adamís apple, he wouldnít have any bulge or form at all. Mark felt tormented and fell asleep many a night by crying.

The only friends that he could claim were Tessie and Edna, two elderly ladies that lived next door to him. Tessie and Edna were both in their seventies and they both had warm and outgoing personalities. They both had contagious laughs that would draw you into laughing yourself. Mark thought of them as his own pair of grandmothers. He would shovel the snow on their sidwalks in the winter and cut their grass and do yard work during the summers. He would run errands for them and run to the grocery store for food. On lonely afternoons, he would visit and listen to their stories and enjoy every one of them.

One day, sensing that something was wrong, Tessie asked Mark why he seemed so sad. Mark replied "Iím being laughed at during school for this toothpick body of mine"

Edna jumped in and said "Is that all?" With that she turned to Tessie and asked "Do we have any of Pops chocolate powder left?"

"I think so" replied Tessie and they both led Mark into the kitchen. While taking a seat at the kitchen table, Mark heard both women rummaging in the pantry. Moments later Tessie and Edna returned with a small glass jar. As Edna went to the icebox for a pitcher of milk, Tessie was looking at the glass jar and said "I think this stuff should still work". As Edna poured a glass of milk, Tessie was stirring two teaspoons of a chocolate powder. Mark looked at what seemed to be a glass of chocolate milk and wondered what was going on. Edna looked at Mark and said " Drink it. It might be the answer to your problems." With nothing to lose, Mark drank the glass of Milk. Ten or fifteen minutes passed with no effects. Tessie turned to Edna and said "Lets try another glass" Another glass was prepared and Mark drank it. Another ten or fifteen minutes passed, again no effects. Marks depression reached a new low and Tessie said lets give it one more try. Edna filled the gallon pitcher with milk and Tessie poured the remaining contents of the powder into the pitcher and handed the pitcher to Mark. He brought the pitcher to his lips and uttered "Here goes nothing." Within a few minutes, Mark started to feel warm. He started to sweat all over and he turned red from an incredible heat all over his body. Both Tessie and Edna watched with great anticipation. Mark started to cool down and within minutes he started to hear a sound like stretching rubber. Edna turned to look at Tessie and started to laugh and proclaimed "ITíS WORKING !!!!!!" They took him to a full mirror and told Mark to watch himself grow and grow he did. At first he started to grow taller. He leveled off at 6í6". His belly was now exposed but he noticed that it was becoming hard and defined. As his 8 pack abs set in, Marks pecs and biceps started to grow. One by one the buttons on his shirt started to pop and his shirtsleeves started to rip. A soft popping sound came with the arrival of each muscle. Marks shoulders and back muscles started to fill out and finally his growth finally started in his legs. With his legs finally developed, every stitch of clothing ended up in streads on the floor. His final worry was his two inch cock. He immediately was relieved when he saw it finally growing - 4 inches-6inches-8inches-10inches-12inche s-14inches and finally rounding out to a thick, full 16 inch cock.

With his muscular transformation now complete, Mark looked down at both Tessie and Edna with a great smile of gratitude. Edna took one slow look at each set of muscles and turned to Tessie and said " We do nice work, donít we" Both ladies started to laugh and looked up at Mark and he couldnít help but join in and laugh. Mark asked if there was anything that he could do for them for the miracle that they both had perfomed and Tessie said "No, youíve done enough already. Weíre glad that we could do this for you. With some minor efforts, Tessie and Edna managed to put together some of dads old clothes to cover Marks massive form.

The next day, Mark had great anticipation for his gym class. While changing in the locker room, all the guys who had made fun of Mark just the day before, became envious of Marks physic. They all caressed his 24 inch biceps, 56 inch chest and huge pecs and adored his well defined 8 pack abs. At that point Mark took each guy who had mocked his manhood and had them service his massive 16 inch cock.

Mark had finally achieved his revenge!!!! God Bless Tessie and Edna. •

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