Table Has Been Turned, The

By Sparky

Dave Reilly and Larry Bulmer were both young men of 17 years and next door neighbors. Lary was the top athelete of the class. He was the All-State Running Back and captain of the varsity football team. He was a power forward for the basketball team and during the spring season, Larry was the state champ shot putter and star right fielder for the varsity baseball team. Everything came easily to Larry including his powerful AND muscular body. Larry stood at 6 feet and weighed 230 pounds. He measured in with a 52 inch chest with pecs the size of mellons, 19 1/2 inch biceps that resembled grapefruit and 6 pack abs that provided a perfect washboard look. In addition to this, Larry was equipped with a 12 inch cock. Larry had won the GENE POOL and this made him conceited, confident and self assured. He would ofter display his muscular physic to David and mock him for his small and boyish body.

Dave was just the opposite. While showing a sharp and intelligent mind, he came up short on the genetic pool lottery. He stood 5’3" and weighed 115 pounds soaking wet. Adding to his insecurity was his 2 1/2 inch cock that resembled a tootsie roll.

Being next door neighbors, Larry and Daves bedroom window faced each other. Each nite David would look out into Larry’s bedroom to watch his nighty workout and posing sessions. David loved to watch Larry’s rippling muscles but when he looked down at his little boy body, he would become depress. Larry’s muscles also made him a hit with the ladies. A couple of nights a week, Larry bedroom shade would be drawn and David could hear the groans, moans and screams for more from the ladies sharing Larry’s bed. The only hope David had for sex was perhaps a wet dream.

One spring day, while leaving their houses at the same time, a call came from Mr Betz across the street. Mr Betz was a retired pharmacist and had been living across the street for years. When they met up with him, Mr Betz was inviting both boys into his house. After some small talk, Mr Betz got around to state that there was a reason for inviting both boys over to his home. He told them both that he had been working on a muscle growth formula since his retirement. "I think I’ve finally completed my work but I need to test it out. Are you boys interested?" David jumped to his feet and said sure. Larry always interested in adding muscle to his already muscular form said "Why not" Mr Betz led them to the kitchen and they both sat down at the table. Mr Betz placed separate two gallon pitchers in front of each lad and picked up a mason jar filled with a pink powder. He stirred a heaping portion into each pitcher and told the boys "I can’t guarantee any results and I don’t know what the side effects are, so please proceed at your own risk". Rich boldly stated "I can’t be any worse off than I am now" and chugged the strawberry shake milk formula down in less than a minute. Larry, in less of a rush, took his time but still was able to down the formula down relatively quickly". "I don’t know how long it takes for it to kick in, so please let me know if you experience any changes. Let’s see what happens" Both boys left and felt no changes the rest of the day and eventually went to bed that night.

Both boys woke up the next morning with completely different effects. David had no changes and still had his boyish figure. Larry had no physical changes but he had woken up with an enormous appetite. His mom had prepared some pancakes and no matter how many he consumed, he maintained an incredible hunger that he was determined to satisfy. His mother finished two boxes of pancake mix, so Larry left the house in search for more food. He walked to a nearby MacDonalds and continued to eat. He ordered 4 Big Macs, 4 Quarter Pounders with cheese, 4 orders of French Fries, 8 apple pies and 4 cokes. Larry still felt unsatisfied and upon returning home had his mother prepare some pasta. Unbelievably, he was able to consume 5 pounds of spaghetti and 3 loaves of soft Italian bread. All along, Larry was wondering what was going on. He went to bed that night and while undressing notice a very slight loss of muscle definition and what appeared to be a small gut developing on his belly. He went to bed hoping that it was only a temporary thing and went to bed. He woke up the next morning even more hungry and was even more determined to satisfy his craving. His mom started to prepare some eggs and while eating the eggs kept asking his mom for more and more. Larry had gotten through 4 dozen eggs, 3 pounds of bacon, three pounds of home fries and three loaves of bread that his mother couldn’t toast quick enough. Larry still got up from the kitchen table craving more. He left the house and walked over to Burger King. He had no problem chowing down 5 Whoppers, 6 double Whoppers, 7 orders of Super Size French Fries, 8 Dutch Apple pies and 9 cokes. Larry was stymied, confused and in terrible shock that he was now in the early stages of a Major League Eating BINGE !!!! He arrived home to find that his mom had ordered pizza. Larry told his mom to keep the delivery boy on standby, sat down at the table again, unbuckled his belt and pants and dove into eating the pizza. Pizza after Pizza was delivered and with each pie, Larry felt himself slowly getting fatter and the loss of muscle. For days, Larry couldn’t stop eating and his meals were getting bigger as was his waistline. Five dozen hotdogs and 3 gallons of ice cream was no problem at one sitting. One night, a 18 pound turkey with all the trimmings was consumed with no effort. Finally after two weeks, Larry had INFLATED to 450 pounds and had acquired a 68 inch waistline. On the 14th day of the eating binge, Larry’s intake of pasta had increased to 8 pounds. While preparing the sause, Larrys mom had accidently mixed in a large portion of HOT chili sauce. Larry consumed the pasta and hot & spicy sauce within minutes. Larrys mouth immediately felt the effects of the chili peppers and was in a frenzy to quench the hot burning effects that he had in his mouth. He immediately went to the kitchen sink, place his mouth over the faucet and turned on the cold water full blast. Within seconds, Larrys shirt buttons started to pop and his stomach started to EXPAND like a water balloon!!! Once his thirst was quenched, he stood up and very tragically displayed one of the biggest bellies that anyone had ever seen. Larry’s mom took one glance at his immense gut and weeped and cried " What happened to my little bambino" With a need to be by himself, Larry turned started to make his way to his room. Now with his fatman waddle, Larrys belly would jiggle like a platter of jello with each step. He made it to his bedroom door and he had to struggle to squeeze, wiggle and wedge his way into the room. He walked to the scale and Larry was agasp to find that his weigh EXCEEDED the 800 maximum reading. He reached for the tape measurer that only two weeks before was used to measure his muscle. He wrapped it around his waist and he was stunned that the tape could not reach around his HUGE gut, that it had exceeded the 90 inch measuring tape. Feeling depressed he waddled to the other side of the room and rolled over on to the bed on his back. The rollover caused a rippling effect on his belly that resembled the ripples on a water bed. Once settled on the bed, he looked at his gut and saw that it resembled a giant Hellium balloon. What a sad come down for the local sports athlete.

It was at this moment that he started to hear, softly at first "oh my god, oh my god, Oh My God, Oh My God, OH MY GOD !!! OH MY GOD !!!! SOMEONE HELP ME !!! Larry looked out his window and saw David with shaking and quivering with one hand on his head and the other on his stomach. His face was flushed with body heat and was trembling uncontrollably. With a sudden quickness, he stood up straight up, the trembling had stopped and his face returned to its natural color. David was at a loss as to what just happened. Having no immediate results to Mr Betz’s milk shake, David first thoughts were that he was coming down with something. Then he started to feel a tingling sensation in his crouch. He dropped his pants to find that his two 1/2 tootsie roll was throbbing. With each throb, it started to grow and David started to chant "go - go - Go -Go -GO BABY-GO !!!!! It finally formed to an enormous tool and a smile slowly came to Davids face. Immediately following, a stretching sound accompanied a growth spirt in height. A tightness took hold in his belly and muscle definitions started to form. A series of soft pops were heard and perfect 8 pack washboard abs appeared. With tremendous glee David uttered " Oh God !! This is Great." David let out a hearty laugh as his chest - back - and leg muscles bulged and were formed to perfection. His biceps started to increase in size with every pump of his arm and David shouted " Keep going baby - Keep fucking Going - Get Fucking Huge!!! " With his transformation now compete, David continue to flex and pose admiring every new muscle. He finally looked upward toward Heaven and said "God Bless Mr Betz" and then turned to look at Larry accross the way and an evil and wicked smile came to his face.

The next day, Larry still in his bedroom embarrassed to come out, heard a knock on his door and it swung open. David entered and said to Larry "I heard about your misfortune" and started to pat and caress Larry’s big and huge belly. "You look like a baby Hippo". With that David turned to check out his weight on Larry’s scale and it leveled off at 350 pounds and he topped off at 6’2" in height. He stripped down in order to accurately measure himself with Larry’s tape. Thighs 28", waist 32", Chest 64", biceps 25". Finally, David measured his cock at 16 inches. David turned to Larry and said "Mr Betz’s formula did a nice job, didn’t it" All Larry could do was blubber and cry and his belly shook with every sob.

As David was leaving he said with a grin "By the way. I’ll be inviting some of your old girlfriends over to my room, I hope we don’t disturb you"

That very nite, Larry heard screams of exhilaration from a young lady coming from Davids room. The voice was saying " Your beautiful David, Your Huge, I love you, Keep it going!!!" The next night was the same but noticed the voice of another young lady. The third nite was slightly different, there was two girls enjoying the company of David and the enjoyment lasted the whole nite. The fourth nite was filled again with the sound of two women and finally on the fifth night three women were heard enjoying the company of David. Larry was depressed and saddened and too embarassed to leave his room. What a comedown for the former town stud!!!!! •

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