Change in School, A

By Anonymous

About 2 months at a new school in the New England area, Jack, a sophmore in highschool, has already made friends. Average size, tall about 6ft, and has brown hair, brown eyes, fits in perfectly. The new highschool is a lot larger then his other school. Jack is a single child brought up by his mom, who is rarely ever there for him. Because of this, he has no car, no ride, to even go to driving school so he can eventually get a car to go out with his friends.

While sitting in 5th period English class, Jack is sitting down at his desk, working on a test. The room is quiet. Jack has on a black loose tee and a pair of jean shorts. While reading over text for the next question, Jack begins to feel an overwhelming feeling of being nervous. No reason, he had studied, knew the stuff, but he began to sweat. It only lasted a minute, and nobody else noticed him alomst panicing. He began to feel his own weight even heavier on the his chair. He adjusted his legs open, comfortable and looked down, he could see two forms of two huge balls pressed up against his shorts. Startled, he moved his leg from left to right, and could feel the heaviness in his own balls. Not knowing what to do, he went onward with the test, and quickly finished. By the time he had finished, he had looked down and again and saw that they were even bigger and were starting to get very noticable in his shorts. He took his books and put them over his front part of his shorts, and past in his test asking to go to the nurse. After receiving a pass, he left the room and perseeded down to the nurse. No one was in the hallyways, empty, and he started to walk awkwardly from the two huge balls, that had filled up to the size of about golf balls. Being 16, he thought he already has gone through all the changes of child to adult, but apparntley not. They where getting to heavy on him and he could feel them pulling down. He slipped to an exit door, and snuck out of the school, with one hand holding his books and his other hand in his pocket holding the heavy balls.

Jack had to walk 3 miles before he got home, and luckily his mom wasn't home. His balls were now the size of tennis balls, each. Jack, could not understand what was happening to him, and why. He was now paniced, but also curious to what was going on. He went straight to his bathroom and undressed entirely before the mirror. His balls were hanging a couple inches down his upper thigh. This didn't make any sense. Nothing else had changed. He pinched himself to see if it was a dream but nothing. Suddenly he began to feel a feeling of a warmth as a tingling from his balls was felt. He liked the feeling, and it even made him aroused, but he didn't even notice that. What he did notice was that his balls were beginning to swell up, they began to increase even bigger! They began to grow rapidly and hang down more as they each grew to the size of baseballs, to the size of basketballs, and then to size of yoga balls used at the gym. They were huge, and touched the ground. His legs were greatly seperated as he tried to move them behind his balls that were beginning to take up the size of the room. Thank god his bath room is large, cuz he began to come off the ground and onto his own balls as they inflated rapidly filing up the room. He couldn't move if he wanted too, they must of weighed a ton. Suddenly an idea popped into his head, that perhaps to jack off might relieve what ever was filling up inside his balls. He carefully positioned himself in the direction of the toilet and began to rub and stroke away. Feeling good till the point of climax, he had his eyes shut and didn't notice that his balls got even bigger. Suddenly he let go and released, as he flowed his stuff into the toilet, and his balls began to decrease in size. However the rest of him didn't. His dick began to elongate harder inch by inch as he grew taller and muscles began to bulge off his body and fill room. His skin grew tight, and tanned, has his skin became perfect smooth. His thighs filled in with muscles tight, pressing his legs against eachtother as his balls returned to the size of the slightly bigger golf balls. His dick increased to a foot, as he grew to 6 foot 7 inces. His pectorials swelled and became bigger of formed over hanging deep creases over his incrediablly tight abs. His shoulders broadened out emensly as his biceps buldged out of his arms in incredible shape and size. Standing strong, he looked over himself in amasement, he was bigger then a bodybuilder but had no popping out veins and no body hair, just smooth defined muscles and skin. He couldn't believe it, then Jack remember that his mom was out for the night and his girlfriend would be over any minute, for his transformation took over 6 hours. Now being made up of perfect muscle, he could have the perfect sex with his girlfriend and show her the new "equipped" him. •

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