Muscle Machine, The

By Anonymous

My brother as a seventeen year old and me only being thriteen I have looked up to him because he was so ripped with muscles.Until today I went to my brother and ask him if you could bulk me up. He said that he had a machine that gave you instant muscles. I pleaded and pleaded if i could use it and see if it had an effect on me because I've tried to to everything. What he told me to do was strip from my clothes and put on a speedo because I'm thirteen my cock wouldn't fill up the room. Then I laid on my bed and he turned it on. All of a sudden I feel this charge of energy in my penis it made it fill up an large speedo. After that i felt my calves get bigger, my bi's and tri's get bigger. Than i got washboard abs. Then my brother turned it off I yelled at him KEEP IT ON I WANT TO GET HUGE!

after that colt of energy I had 15% body fat and gained 95 pounds in muscle. I told my brother to turn it on again. Then i got even bigger. My speedo broke and my penis grew 4 more inches.I ended up haveing sex with my brother. I had gone muscle insane. my brother and both hooked up to the machine since i had gone crazy my brother sucked my cock. I kept saying kepp sucking it keep sucking it. Then somthing happed the machine broke. So at the end of my growth i gained 130 pounds of muscle 0% body fat and went from 13 to 20. I was happy and pleased with my results my parents that i had a run in with chemicals. I had never told them what happened, but I end up with being the most musclar man in my family. •

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