Jekyll and Hyde Redux

Take it to the Max


By Shade

Toby had woken up the next day. If it hadn’t been for the fact he’d still been laying face down where he’d fallen, he’d have said the previous night had been a dream. In fact, he wasn’t sure it hadn’t been a dream. For the week following had passed without incident, despite his every effort to figure out what had happened.

With his rational mind he’d managed to convince himself that it had been a hallucination brought on by his ingesting that poisonous concoction. Angry with himself, he put the grimoire back away in his collection and made the conscious decision to get on with his life in the reality he was living in. Fuck Michael. He was who he was, he could live with that.

It took a month to forget, but that’s when the impulses started. Slowly at first.

Not that is wasn’t unusual for Toby as an openly gay man to have impulses. But these were something new. Out of character impulses and reactions. He found himself coming on to guys – guys who usually wouldn’t have given him the time of day. Guys that would have laughed at his skinny ass were actually giving him a second glance now, drawn in by his strange displays of confidence. But then just as quickly the moment would pass and everything would fall apart as Toby realized where he was and just whom he was talking to.

The stronger the impulse grew, the more effort Toby expended to control himself. He felt like there was a fire raging inside waiting to devour him from within. It was scary. Maybe a little exciting. But it was getting difficult to concentrate. The feeling of power he had had on the night of his transformation, ah…hallucination Toby reminded himself, was starting to come back. The dream was becoming his waking reality.

By the time two months had passed, every semblance of Toby’s life had returned to the same staid normality of academia that it had always had before his obsession with Michael’s transformation had caused him to try making that concoction in the first place. Everything was normal except for Toby himself. It was like withdrawal.

He felt he needed a fix and when he couldn’t take it anymore he went into the closet and grabbed an old leather jacket he hardly ever wore. He’d bought it on sale it was at least a size too big. But it was cool. He was going out on the town. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He wasn’t totally unattractive he thought. He had natural glow about him. He left feeling pumped, even though he didn’t have any more than a swimmer’s build.

The club scene was crawling with all the usual crowd. Each man looked as good as the next, but they were all the same. Toby looked and looked until he found just what he was looking for: a muscle stud.

This guy wasn’t the biggest that Toby had ever scene, but he was the biggest he’d found so far and he’d do. Toby felt that now familiar flush of confidence fill the nervous emptiness of his stomach, and the fire inside burned hotter.

Even before he’d reached him, the stud turned to watch his approach. He saw Toby the once over.

“Hey,” said Toby, in a voice he couldn’t believe was his own, “You’re one big fucker aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” said the stud, stupidly, casually flexing one of his guns for Toby’s edification. Toby noted the hard, round shape of it. Like a baseball. This young buck was just growing into his size and fullness, but his young power made something inside of Toby ache.

“What do they call you stud?”


“Well Doug, believe me when I tell you that it’s very nice to make your acquaintance, “ said Toby, by now running a hand over Doug’s chest. Then out of the blue Toby said to him, “You can call me Max.” Toby was completely unsure what had prompted him to give this stud a false name.

Doug felt oddly unsure of himself. Normally he’d have given a guy like Toby the brush off. But he was powerfully attracted to him and he didn’t know why. Toby wasn’t anywhere near his type, and there were plenty of other guys here he could have left with if he’d been ready. But there was something about Toby that the stud couldn’t quite put his finger on. He wanted so much to slide his meat up Toby’s tight little ass.

As if reading Doug’s mind, Toby licked his lips in anticipation and casually asked, “Do you wanna get fucked tonight big man?”

“Oh, yeah, dude,” said the stud, with some certainty, indicating to Toby to follow him, “C’mon. I got a truck out back.”

Toby followed him obediently and in no time they had driven the ten minutes it took to get to the trendy part of town where the richer college kids lived. The kid had a really nice little apartment tucked away on the top floor of a place near the beach.

Once inside the relative safety of the apartment Toby and the muscle stud went at each other like it was the last sex either of them was ever going to have. Toby let himself be completely dominated by this massive young stud.

As Doug and Toby struggled to get out of their clothes, Doug realized what it was about Toby that was so attractive to him. His musky scent was a total turn on. Doug buried his face in Toby, trying to breath in every whiff. Then he began licking all over Toby’s upper body, Toby’s sweat an intoxicating nectar.

“What is it with you Max?” Doug asked, bewildered by his own reaction. He was incredibly turned on and he was painfully aware that both he and Toby were now naked.

Doug stroked his cock until it was as hard as iron. He felt himself grow hard in his own hand, and he laid Toby out on his back on the bed, held down by one of Doug’s own powerful arms. Toby moved his legs up and back, so that his ass was clearly exposed to Doug. His hands moved over Doug’s young muscular body, feeling the ripeness of his powerful arms and chest and back. He saw the strength and power in Doug’s thighs, seeing his powerful cock standing out proudly before him.

Precum oozed out the tip and fell onto one of Toby’s balls. It was like throwing gasoline on the fire, and Toby felt the feelings within him rare up.

“Are you gonna fuck me or what you cocksucker?” he growled at Doug, in a voice not his own.

That was the impetus Doug needed, he moved into position over Toby and pushed his cock into Toby’s tight little muscle. Toby reached behind Doug to feel the dense muscle in his back bunch and flex, felt the heat of Doug’s chest pressed against him.

They kissed and they kissed. They kissed deep and hard and long. Doug continued his entry into Toby’s ass. He felt an intense pleasure as Toby’s sphincter muscle gripped around him tightly. Once Doug was in to the hilt he began to slide in and out, in strong masculine strokes.

Toby felt a pleasure as intense as any that Doug was receiving. He felt the warmth in the pit of his stomach and realized he’d never had a fuck that felt this good before.

Doug was grunting with contentment, and Toby mumbled half to him and half to himself, “Just a little more stud, I’m almost there, you’ve almost got it.”

Suddenly, Toby felt a wave of dizziness. His body began to tremble, a sharp pain in the pit of his stomach and the tremor it caused moved through his body.

Oh, my god, he thought, it’s happening. Please, don't let it wear off this time. Please let it stay.

Doug just ignored Toby so caught up was he in the intense pleasure of Toby’s ass, unbeknownst to him the olfactory stimulation of Toby’s transformation increasing every aspect of his enjoyment.

Toby felt the feeling of liquid fire spread from his stomach through his extremities, like whiskey on a cold winter’s day. He arched his back, and his head fell backwards. Doug ground into him picking up speed and bucking into him hard, as if in response to some unknown need inside Toby.

This went on and on and on.

Toby reached down and stroked his soft cock, and he felt it huge in his hand. A man’s cock. He felt it grow bigger than his normal dick. He looked into Doug’s eyes with satisfaction, but as Doug looked back his face assumed an expression of shock. Toby’s eyes had changed. Doug was sure of it. They had been green earlier. Now they were so deeply blue, he felt he could drown in them.

Toby grinned back at him, but it wasn’t Toby’s grin. It was a cocky grin. It was no longer Toby’s face. Doug watched the lines of Toby’s face change; it was as if all the pain, age and trouble had just melted away to be replaced by the healthy glow of beauty and youth.

Doug wanted to pull out, to pull away, but he couldn’t. It was like this strange man was milking him and the urgency in his cock, the need to fuck, increased as the changes in Toby increased.

But the thing that happened next blew Doug’s mind away.

He felt at first, rather than saw, the gentle swelling that began beneath him. The body beneath him began to seethe with power, each muscle pulsating and flexing of its own accord. Toby’s legs, arched up around Doug, were the first to begin to enlarge with Toby’s new power, flaring out as his calves and quadriceps expanded. As they grew, they shredded to almost zero body fat as muscles rose up gloriously in perfect articulation. Looking down Doug thought at first that Toby’s waist was getting smaller, but then he realized it was only that the rest of him was just getting bigger. Doug could feel the muscle of Toby’s ass grow, as his thighs surged and shifted with newfound virility. The entirety swelling with muscle.

Doug tore his face up from that to the new shoulders, grown wide and thick, the pectorals arcing up and bulging with strength. The once wiry neck grew now as thick as a bull, dense with cords of muscle. The abdominals rose up in perfect definition creating a pack of diamond, as all traces of imperfection disappeared. But Doug thought the biggest turn before him was Toby’s arms. They grew thick and then filled up round and full, bursting with new strength. Toby involuntarily flexed his arms as he lay there, the muscles growing as big as Doug’s own baseballs, and then surpassing them to become basketballs. Doug reached up to touch them, enthralled. He could feel the muscles under the skin still expanding under his fingertips.

Toby’s muscle strained against the skin, growing tight, wrapping itself around his new frame, and displaying every fiber to its utmost. Just as it seemed he would swell so large that he would be unable to move, Toby entered the final phase of his transformation. The cock and balls, already swollen, grew to a massive size, dwarfing Doug’s own sizeable equipment.

Another wave of growth passed through him as Toby grew even further beyond Doug’s own belief.

Toby felt the glorious energy surge through him. It was like the pleasure of the best fuck he’d ever had in his life. It was absolute unbridled power from within him. His power. His body coursed with it: the power to fuck, to hurt or to dominate anyone near him.

Doug looked down at the unbelievable muscle god beneath him. His muscles were incredible. Thick ropes of muscle surrounded his neck. The chest was like two slabs of meat, by far larger than anything he’d ever dreamt of. Toby causally flexed it all for his benefit. The colossal torso underneath Doug tapered down into an almost perfect waist, supernaturally small waist with its picture perfect abs.

Washboard was the first thing that came to Doug’s feeble mind staring at it. But no, this went beyond washboard. The definition was superhuman, like a comic book in its beauty and definition. The waist flared out into huge thighs thick with muscle. When he looked down again he really fixated on the cock before him. It was a gigantic power tool. His jaw dropped.

“What the fuck?” he said. And then he came. He couldn’t help himself; it was as if the dam had broken. His dick spilled out round after round of cum inside Toby’s new muscle ass.

Toby just smiled back at him, holding his own cock in his hand.

Toby’s cock was not just long, it was hugely thick, and the balls hung down from it like two pieces of grapefruit. But the focal point of the tableau was certainly that mighty cock.

Doug hesitantly touched Toby’s chest, afraid it was a dream somehow. He ran his hands across it, feeling the firm muscles.

Toby stroked his new cock in his hands. He was becoming erect and hard. What Doug had assumed to be hard before now swelled into its own. Expanding to impossible size, a cannon of sexual power and strength. Toby massaged his dick enthusiastically, enjoying the feeling of pleasure increase in intensity with each stroke.

Toby felt nothing but his own needs.

He grabbed Doug’s powerful form in his own more thickly muscled arms and moved him around like a rag doll. Before Doug could even resist, Toby had pulled him up and placed him on his dick. Massive amounts of precum had begun oozing out of its gigantic tip and that oiled the way for him to slide up Doug’s ass. Doug yelped with pain at the intrusion, but it didn’t matter. Toby only cared about his own needs. He lifted Doug up and down, forcing him up and down his new pole. The sensation of being inside such a tight hole was too much for Toby at this stage. There was no point in holding back. After a few more strokes he climaxed. His pleasure surged beyond even that of his earlier transformation. It roared up his balls and into his cock and then out through his loins, exploding up Doug’s ass.

Doug actually collapsed against him, not exactly losing consciousness, but the shock of the intense pleasure had stunned his mind made it impossible to think.

Toby sat up, pulling Doug with him like a baby. He pulled him off his cock and laid him down on the bed. Doug was exhausted. Toby couldn’t resist the urge to flex, and as his muscles bunched and moved beneath his skin, he felt the residual swelling as the last of the power made it’s way through his system. His final size was enormous, but massively cut and beautifully proportioned.

He walked to Doug’s bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror. His physique was incredible. His muscles were magnificent, perfect and huge, beyond anything else on this planet. He wasn’t that little thing he’d been before; he was the muscle god again. He was the maximum. He was Max. He knew it then for sure. Toby was still in there somewhere with his doubt and insecurity, but it was Max who was in charge now.

The sight of his new body excited him again and his cock swelled to erection without even being touched. He reached down and stroked himself long and hard. The intense pleasure built up in his balls again. It was this perfect body. As he fell in love with himself over and over staring at the mirror, another orgasm overtook him. It was not a weak, ancillary orgasm to his earlier cum explosion inside Doug. This was full and mind blowing. His spray of cum so powerful that it hit the mirror like a hose of water.

It was like he’d never cum before, the amount of jism that was pumping out of him, twenty spurts or more, spraying his seed all over the room. He glanced at the mess and didn’t care.

Nothing mattered now except his body and its satisfaction. •

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