Start of Something Good, The

Another One Down


By falseyedee

Nick's appetite had been whetted and now he wanted more. Converting his muscle queen neighbor, Dale, into his own personal muscle boy had tapped a longing deep in Nick's psyche. Watching Dale unwittingly go thru the transformation from a more or less average guy into a lean, thickly muscled hunk who could think of nothing more than muscles and sex excited Nick in a way that he hadn't expected. It was sexy. It was fun. He wanted to do it again.

Dale's transformation had been relatively quick. The guy had sucked down 3 or 4 glasses of a protein drink doctored with both the muscle growth and intelligence inhibiting formulations.

In the matter of 30 minutes Dale's body had changed radically. His stomach had shrunk down from 36 inches to a 33 inch washboard of muscle. His chest had grown from a flabby 42 inches to an impressive 48 inches. The transformation had been proportionate: all Dale's muscles had gotten bigger to the same degree. His upper arms were now over 18 inches, getting close to 19 inches. At 5'-9" tall, Dale had gone from an out of shape 205 pounds to a body builder's 235 pounds. Nick liked the results.

In the same 30 minutes, Dale's mind had descended from that of a bright professional to a profoundly dumb muscle head. He forgot his name. He forgot his job. He could think of nothing but his own muscles. His own muscles turned him on. His thoughts ranged between admiring his own muscles, to showing off his muscles, to wanting bigger muscles, to wanting sex. Dale wanted lots of sex. His own muscles turned him on so much he was in a near constant state of arousal. Muscular men had always turned Dale on, but in his "enhanced state", he wanted every muscular man he met to fuck him hard and long. Nick liked the results.

For a week or so after Nick had forced Dale's change, he had pretty much kept his new muscle boy to himself. Fucking a hot bodybuilder was more satisfying than Nick had imagined. Topping a hot bodybuilder was even more satisfying for Nick. But he had really enjoyed watching Dale morph into a muscle stud right in front of his eyes. Nick had been surprised at how hot it was to see Dale get bigger and dumber by the minute. The control turned him on.

Bodybuilders are expensive to keep, especially bodybuilders who are too stupid to hold a job. However, Nick found that his friends, carefully selected friends, were willing to pay for posing and sex sessions with Dale. So he was able to find the resources to keep his new muscle boy.

Nick had started out with the vague idea of creating his own "stable" of big, dumb, muscular men. A bevy of bodybuilders at his beck and call; the thought of it excited him. If sex with one bodybuilder was good, sex with multiple bodybuilders could only be better. Nick kept his eyes out for a likely addition to his "stable".

Dale was about the same height as Nick. Nick wondered if the next man should be taller or shorter? He had a preference for shorter men, so he kept a look out for a cute, shorter guy.

He was taking the muscle building formula himself. But he was taking it at a much slower rate. He enjoyed getting more muscular quickly enough for people to take notice, but slowly enough to savor the changes in his body and in people's reactions to him.

Nick's appearance made it easy to meet people. He was a hotty. Blonde, at 5'-8" tall, he weighed in at a lean and fit 155 pounds. In the 30 minutes Dale had completely transformed into a bodybuilder, Nick had gained 4 pounds of solid muscle. Nick had always had a very narrow waist. It was still very narrow: only 27 inches around. It looked even smaller under his 41 inch chest. His chest was dis- proportionately large in comparison to the rest of his physique. This didn't bother Nick in the least. His too big pecs attracted muscle queens like flies to honey.

When he went out to run errands or meet friends, he kept his eyes open for a potential new stud for his stable. He dressed to show off his body without resorting to gym bunny lycra and string tank tops. Nick preferred to wear a tight pair of 501's and an ever so slightly undersized short sleeve shirt. Sometimes he would wear a sleeveless t-shirt to show off his developing deltoids and lean 15 inch biceps. Many men were taken by the sight of the big vein that snaked down from his delts, over his biceps and joining a growing web of veins on his fore arms.

It was time for Nick's next dose of the muscle growth formulation. He gave thought to the question of whether to take it before finding a new stud, or whether to take it while he changed the next member of his stable. In the end, he decided to take his next dose afterwards, during sex with his new muscle boy. That would be hot! Getting bigger and stronger while fucking a hot muscle man; just the thought of it got him hard.

Saturday night Nick went out on the town knowing he would find his new muscle boy. After hitting a couple of bars, he found himself at The Eagle, a notable leather bar. He was dressed appropriately in tight jeans, motorcycle boots, and an open leather vest over a bare torso.

Nick's generally handsome appearance coupled with an outfit designed to taunt the muscle queens and show off his too big pecs and rippling abs turned more than a few heads when he walked into the bar. He bought himself a drink and positioned himself so he had a good view of the entire room. Of course, the room also had a good view of him.

He fielded a few clumsy passes by drunken or lust driven boobs before spotting the "man of the hour". Nick watched the guy for a short time before taking any action. He was a very attractive, shorter Asian. He had a pretty good body to begin and obviously spent time in the gym. It was time well spent: he was lean and hard. He had a body worth showing off and, dressed in black leather jeans, black boots and a leather harness, it was shown off nicely.

Nick moved thru the crowded bar and positioned himself to catch the guy's eye. That was the crucial moment. If they guy met Nick's eyes and passed on, he would be harder to seduce. If his eyes locked with Nicks or lingered, drinking in the sight of Nick's muscular body, he would be Nick's that night.

It didn't take long for the guy to notice Nick. To Nick's satisfaction, the Asian's eyes looked him up and down. They guy unconsciously licked his lips and looked into Nick's eyes. Nick met his gaze and they stood locked like that for a nice long time before Nick nodded to him. The Asian nodded back. Nick continued looking at the guy and smiled. He would not approach the guy. The guy had to come to him.

He smiled and flexed his pecs. He almost laughed seeing the guy's eyes widen for just a second in response. The guy smiled back and made his way over to Nick. Nick's next stud was his!

"Hi, I'm Nick," the blonde stud held out his hand.

Sam extended his own hand, "hi. I'm Sam. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Thanks. Sure," Nick said.

His grip was strong and sure. Sam noticed that Nick was flexing his pecs. He couldn't help but notice, at 5'-2" tall, Sam looked right into Nick's muscular chest. "This guy's got such a hot bod," Sam thought to himself. He tore his eyes away from Nick's chest and went to the bar to fetch a couple of drinks.

Sam was used to being the shortest guy in the room. He was used to looking other men in the chest, but it had been a while since he'd looked into such a fine muscular chest. Sam wondered where this big blonde worked out. The guy was so sexy, Sam was getting a little turned on just looking back at the fellow from the bar.

When Sam returned with the drinks, they made chit chat for a couple of minutes. Nick had to lean forward to hear Sam over the music in the bar. Sam admired Nick's chest and cobbled abdominals. Nick's lean, defined biceps impressed him as well. But the blonde's sapphire blue eyes entranced Sam and made him feel weak at the knees.

"So, uh, where do you work out?" Sam asked, "you've got a great build."

"Thanks," Nick replied, "I've made quite a bit of progress in the past few months. But I'm gunning to pack on another 7 or 8 pounds."

"That would look great on you. You weigh what? About 150 pounds?" Sam figured the guy weighed more, but was close to that.

"About that. I'm 155 right now. How about you? You're no stick figure yourself."

Sam blushed. "Thanks, I'm only 115. No where near your league."

"I don't know, Sam. You've got a nice hard, lean physique. And you look great in that harness and jeans."

"Thanks. I sure wish I could pack on some more muscle. I'd like to be a lot bigger. You know? I think I could carry another 10 or 15 pounds without looking too big."

Nick smiled a knowing smile. "Yeah. You'd look great with more muscles. But, I'd bet you could carry more than 15 pounds."

"I don't know. You said you've made a lot of progress recently." Nick nodded. "What've you been doing?"

"Why don't we go someplace and talk about it. You want to come over to my place?"

Sam hesitated and thought for a second, those pecs and sapphire eyes convinced him. "Sure."

Nick smiled triumphantly. They continued to chat as they headed over to Nick's apartment. Mostly Nick asked Sam about his life and weight training. Sam found himself telling the hunky blond everything; how he was single and 23, the same age as Nick; how he was an American born Vietnamese who had worked his way thru college and was now between jobs in the banking industry.

Sam found himself telling Nick all about his training and his deep desire to get bigger. He even joked that he worked out because if he couldn't be taller, at least he could be more muscular. He hardly noticed that Nick wasn't talking much about himself.

When they arrived at Nick's apartment, Nick took off his leather vest revealing what Sam already knew was a really great physique. The blonde wasn't a huge guy, but his pecs were so nice, maybe because they were disproportionately large. Sam really felt attracted to this tall muscular guy.

Sam had a seat while Nick went into the other room to get some drinks. He came out with a tray carrying a pitcher of something and couple of glasses already filled.

"So you, Sam, you were asking me about my workouts and stuff. This," he bent down and placed the tray on the coffee table, "is one of the keys to my success. It's a special supplement that I've found invaluable." He offered one of the glasses to Sam, keeping one for himself.

Sam looked at the thick shake-like drink with some doubt in his eyes. He'd tried a lot of supplements and never found them very successful. He said as much to Nick.

"Well, you know," Nick replied, "that's true. This is the only stuff I've ever found that really works." He winked at Sam and said with a laugh, "You might want to take that harness off before you drink it, you just might burst out of it"

Sam laughed and the two men drank up.

"Tastes pretty good," Sam thought. He took another sip. It was really good. He drank some more.

Nick had sat down, placing his glass aside.

"It's good stuff, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Sam said. "It's funny. I almost feel like I could climb a mountain right now. Are you sure there isn't anything funny in this stuff?"

"Oh, I'm quite sure it's safe, Sam. Here, let me top off your glass for you."

"Thanks. That's good. I don't want to drink up all your stuff."

"Not to worry. There's plenty where that came from." Nick drank some of his own glass.

Sam lifted up the glass and drank down about half the glass in a couple of gulps. He couldn't help it. He was afraid it might look rude, but he felt compelled to do it. He felt so good. He was even more horny and he felt stronger. He liked the feeling. He looked over at Nick and was turned on by how hot the guy's body was. Nick's physique was so lean almost chiseled. The guy looked great.

After Sam had downed his second glass, Nick poured him another, saying, "What's most remarkable about this supplement is that to get bigger muscles all you have to do is drink it. The results kick in pretty quick. Do you feel it yet, Sam?"

Sam heard what Nick was saying. It took a few seconds for it to register. His mind was swimming with thoughts of muscles and Nick's muscles, and how horny he was.

"Is that right?" Sam thought. He did feel strong and powerful. And now that he mentioned it, it did feel like the harness was too tight. His leather pants felt tighter as well.

Nick watched as Sam's muscles began to grow. He could see Sam's pecs, separated by the straps of the harness, beginning to thicken and swell with new muscle fiber. The little Asian's whole torso was getting thicker and beefier as each second past.

"This is fucking great!" Sam exclaimed. The guy was right! His muscles were getting bigger and fast. Sam could see his pecs swelling up under his chin and his biceps growing larger right in front of his eyes!

"You may want to take your harness off, Sam."

Sam felt the leather cutting into the rapidly enlarging muscles. The harness was uncomfortably tight now. He reached down and unsnapped the fasteners for the bottom straps that came up under his bulging pectorals. The leather straps fell and he felt the release. It felt amazing.

"Have another glass, Sam," Nick said offering up another glass of the formula. He could see the red marked impressions on Sam's skin left by the harness. The little guy was growing muscles faster than Dale had.

Sam took the offered glass and drank it down in one long draw. He wanted muscles. He was getting muscles. This stuff was giving him muscles.

"Look at these muscles!" Sam said, flexing each arm in front of him. "Fuck that's awesome! It's almost like every time I flex they get bigger."

"They are getting bigger every time you flex, Sam. Why don't you take off your pants. Aren't they getting uncomfortable?"

Sam had been aware that his pants were getting tighter and tighter around his quads, but now he realized how uncomfortably tight they were. When he looked and reached down to unbutton and unzip the leather jeans, he saw the much more prominent outline of his dick and balls. Vietnamese were known for their size, but he'd never been this big.

He unbuttoned the top and unzipped the jeans. His thong underwear couldn't contain the two egg sized nuts in his ball sack and his growing cock had pushed up out of the pouch. Sam wanted to examine his new manhood, but the jeans were rapidly getting painfully tight around his now powerful quads. After a struggle to get them down, he was able to step out of them, followed by the thong.

All his muscles were getting bigger. Sam couldn't believe how sexy it made him feel. He was the muscle hunk he'd always wanted to be. And he had a much bigger dick. The thing was beautiful and long. The erection that had been contained by the leather now bounced in front of him.

Sam looked up and saw a stunning blonde muscle guy smiling at him from his chair. The hunky blonde offered him a glass of refreshment which he took and downed hungrily.

"You're naked. Does that embarrass you?" the blond asked him.

"No, man. I like being naked. I like showing off all my big fucking muscles." He flexed his left biceps, then raised his right for a double biceps pose. It was fun to show off his muscles. It was fun to display himself for this hunky blonde.

"Do you know your name?"

"Uh," he thought. What was his name? He knew he had one. He absentmindedly stroked his chiseled 8-pack stomach, then unconsciously started tweeking his own left nipple. It felt really good.

"Your name is muscle boy."

"Yeah! That's it! I'm muscle boy!" He liked being muscle boy.

"Are you strong, muscle boy?"

"Fuck yeah! Look at these muscles! I'm a strong fucking muscle boy!"

The blonde got up and the muscle boy saw how much taller he was. "Can you lift me, muscle boy?"

"Oh, yeah! No problem. I'm a fucking strong muscle boy." He walked over to the tall blonde and positioned himself right up against the other guy's big chest and rippling abs. He squatted down wrapped his big muscular arms around the blonde's bubbly ass and straightened his legs, lifting the taller man with no problems. "Oh, yeah! I'm a fucking muscle stud!"

"Show me how much of a muscle stud you are. Carry me around."

"Awesome!" The muscle boy tightened his grip around the blonde's hips and walked around the living room with little or no effort. "Yeah. I'm a fucking muscle stud. I could do this all day."

"Okay muscle boy. Put me down."

Being the good muscle boy he was, he did as he was told.

"Yeah! Fucking muscle stud!" He flashed a smile and raised both arms in victory.

Sam was so pre-occupied with his own body that he didn't notice that Nick too had been getting more muscular. Nick loved the feeling of having gotten bigger himself. He loved seeing the little Asian turn into a major muscle hunk. But he wanted to try something with this little man. He told Sam to stay where he was and went to the kitchen. He mixed up two new glasses: one for Sam and one for himself. He went back out into the living room.

"Muscle boy, are you horny?" Nick knew this was a stupid question, the guy's cock was hard and pointing out like a flag pole.

"Horny as hell."

"Well, let's have a final drink then take care of that need." Sam took the offered glass and the two men drained their glasses, chugging the entire amount.

Nick's Asian muscle boy was already naked. Nick took off his boots and jeans. That night he had just given himself twice the dose he normally took in. He could already feel his muscles tingling with the beginnings of new growth. He was so horny. His cock flopped out and the muscle boy's attention was turned from his own phenomenal muscles to Nick's own naked, muscular body.

The two men grappled and Sam in his muscle addled state did as he was told. Soon Nick was fucking Sam while both of them were actually getting bigger and stronger. The erotic charge was intense for both men. The muscle growth alone was an intense turn on. But fucking while growing intensified the sexual desire and excitement. Nick could feel his own muscles getting bigger and he could feel Sam's muscles getting bigger as they fucked. Nick could feel his own cock getting thicker and longer even as he fucked his muscle boy's increasingly muscular ass. Both men experience the most explosive release at orgasm that either had experienced.

"Damn. That was awesome."

Nick was alone in his bed. He had taken Sam next door and introduced him to his muscle boy "brother", Dale. His stable was growing. Each of his two muscle boys was a hot, sexy stud. Dale, the 5'-9", 235 pound muscle queen, had the traditional bodybuilder look. Now Sam, the little 5'-2", Asian leather queen, had packed on 38 pounds of muscle in less than an hour.

Sam had gone from 115 pounds of lean muscle to 153 pounds of serious muscular beef. Nick laughed quietly to himself at the thought of Sam's not thinking he could carry more than 15 additional pounds. The little Hercules was stoked at 153 pounds. Nick wondered how much more Sam could carry?

At his new weight, Sam was quite a sight. With his small bones and small joints, his big muscles balled up impressively not having any where to go except outwards. Sam's waist had thickened up with abdominal muscles to 27-1/2 inches around. His chest had expanded from about 34 inches to over 41 inches. His quads looked monstrous at 26 inches. His 18 inch biceps were almost as big as Dale's.

Nick considered his own growth that night. He'd gained an additional 17 pounds in one night. He stood and looked at himself in the mirror. 172 pounds looked good on him. His waist was still lean and trim, though at 28 inches he'd gained a full inch on it. His chest was still disproportionately large. Now it was 45 inches. His big pecs were broader and his nipples were beginning to point downward. They even sagged just a little bit. He was getting man tits. The idea of it excited him. His own 23 inch quads were nice, but still weren't even as big as Sam's yet. He flexed his right biceps and the muscle sprang up to a clear and distinct peak. He'd gained 2 full inches on his arms and now at 17 inches they were closer in size to those of his two muscle boys.

Sitting naked on his sofa idly playing with his cock and balls, Nick wondered what his next step might be. Certainly, now he could charge more money to those who wanted sex with more than one muscle boy. This could turn into quite a money maker.

He chuckled quietly to himself as he thought about the diminished mental capacities of his two muscle boys. They were so fixated on their own muscles and engaging in sex. They'd become so simpleminded. They were simply muscle bound sex organs. Fucking a guy who was such a stunning muscle man, so fixated on muscles and sex, and so pliable was really fun.

Both muscle boys were packed with serious muscle. There was no doubt about that. But Nick's mind wandered and he wondered if he could make them even bigger? How big could this stuff make a man? He toyed with the idea of giving one of them more of the formula. But decided that he'd rather find another man on whom he could give this new idea a try. •

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