By Musclebuff

I wrote this short story on the rebound after finishing the Forever N epic. I guess my libido needed something more gentle - and anyway I've always had this thing for MerMen.

Hope you enjoy it..


I was tanning on the edge of the "sea-pool" at a rich friend's house on the Keys when he pulled himself over the edge and stood dripping on me. He was incredible. Standing at about six foot two and weighing, I don't know, about two fifty? He was the picture of muscular beauty. Every fucking muscle of his deeply tanned body was carved out of perfection, every striation glittering from the water he was deliberately brushing off on me. His sea-green eyes shone out of the noble face, enhanced by the close-cropped full beard and the hair that hung full to his shoulders.

He turned for a moment to look out to sea, twisting at the hips to spread his huge lats which swept down to the tiny waist. For one hair-raising moment I thought he was naked, for the dark brown thong almost vanished up the crack of his fuckable ass. Even from the rear I could see his legs were incredibly powerful: his hamstrings curved out of his legs in perfect proportion to the sweep of his quads at the side.

As far as I knew I had never seen him before and I had certainly not seen him jump into the pool this afternoon. So where the hell had he sprung from? As if he had heard the question he turned back to me, rubbing his perfectly shaped thick, thick pecs, grinned with his perfect white teeth and spoke.

"I've been watching you for a week and I thought it was time we got to know each other."

"But I've never seen you here before!"

"No, but I've seen you - from a long way off - and I have very good eyesight! I've seen you working out here at dawn every morning, flexing your muscles to the sun - stretching that incredibly hot body every which way - seeing how your own muscle turns you in and what you do about it when you think no one else is watching."

Shit. I could feel my face burning - and it wasn't from the sun. He laughed.

I got up and looked around to see if my host was anywhere near.


"Nothing to be ashamed of! This ocean has seen shiploads of my cum over the years!"

Not knowing what to say, I flung him a towel which he caught, ignored and dropped on the ground. His crazily beautiful physique was still towering over me. There was something animal about him and his lithe, thick muscle that made me think he must be a champion swimmer. And he had some kind of strange magnetism that drew me to him.

I realized that neither of us had spoken for a few moments and, to release myself from the spell he was casting from that height, I got up. My cut up, heavyweight contest physique was denser than his, and almost the same height, but I got the feeling he was immensely more powerful than I was. We looked at each other for a moment's silence, then he reached out to put his hand on my shoulder.

An almost electrical impulse ran through me, my dick rose to full-mast and I realized for the first time in this strange encounter that I was stark naked. As he laughed at my puritanical reaction I looked down to see what his was doing. He was still wearing his thong but I could see the python uncurling inside it, making a very satisfactory bulge which grew even as I looked.

His voice brought me back to a kind of reality.

"I didn't want to waste any more cum on the ocean - that's why I had to confront you myself - to see what, if anything, we have in common. I don't think there's any doubt about that, do you?"

As he spoke he pulled some kind of rip-cord and his thong dissolved to the ground. A huge shaft reared immediately towards his pec muscles, rising from a nest of short dark curls which did nothing to hide the giant ballsack and its mighty contents. I forced my eyes upwards to confront his totally disarming smile. As our two dicks made contact I found my voice again.

"I know nothing about you, yet you say you've been watching me for a week - you spring out of nowhere looking like - like - like some kind of sea-god. Then you kinda turn me inside out so what are we going to do about it?"

He didn't have to lean far forward to plant his lips on mine. It was the cue for us both to grasp the other's big dick as our tongues met and intertwined. I sucked his into me and his strong arm pulled our abs together, causing our pecs to mash into each other.


"Ever done this in the water?"

"Not with another guy, no."

"Then let's go for a swim!"

He leaned back, still firmly attached to my bewildered torso, and we both crashed into the shallow end of the pool. Our lips closed on each other again and our dicks found their way between each other's quads. We went on kissing and grabbing at lats and bis and tris while our fuckpoles, lubed by the sea-water in the pool, went into overdrive between our legs.

He started to wrestle me and slowly dragged me into the deep end till our feet were no longer supported. I munched at his pecs when he disappeared, it seemed for hours, to devour my dick from below. I twisted my self around to achieve a floating sixty-nine: his dick periscoped up from the water into my throat while he remained below sea-level, somehow supporting me half in, half out of the water.

We were almost there when he suddenly popped up from below.

"Shit! How d'you manage to stay down for so long?" I asked, feeling cheated of at least one orgasm.

He avoided the question.

"It's not so good doing it up here - we need to be down in the ocean itself. You need to feel the power of the tide dragging your sex-juice out of you, filling you with its own might."

Shit, is this guy crazy? Somehow I didn't think so - anyway, so what if he is?

"Sure - lead the way!"

I expected him to race out of the pool and down the short distance to the beach, in fact I started to climb out when he dragged me back in.

"Not that way!"

"How then?"

"Follow me - trust me, I know what I'm doing. How d'you think I got up here in the first place. Just keep your mouth on mine and breathe through it, OK?"


He grabbed me by the back of the head and pressed our mouths together. Then he did this incredible thing of drawing me beneath the surface and swimming with me attached to him into a far corner of the deep end where I had always imagined there was some kind of pump to bring the sea-water up through filters into my host's pool.

The "pump" and "filters" turned out to be an underground channel that acted as a natural sluice to fill the pool from the sea itself and through this channel we went. Deeper and deeper, with him swimming for us both and me wound around that powerful torso.

Powerful he sure was for, when we surfaced, he had "swum" me several hundred yards away from the beach. The house seemed sea-leagues away and I could already feel the powerful tow of the tide. I started to panic, frantically pedaling water.

"Hey! Stop that!"

He wound his legs around me to stop me pedaling. "I've got you fast and there's nothing to worry about. Relax and enjoy the moment. Only moments ago both our bodies were enjoying each other - now it'll be even better. Give yourself over to the tide - give yourself over to me! It's easy - after all we all came from the sea originally! If you feel you might drown, just relax and breathe through my mouth, OK?"

Somehow his dick wound its powerful way into my butt. I've always been a top and very rarely suffered the indignity of being filled down there by another guy but, shit! I was having no trouble at all with his invasion of my privacy! It felt so darn good being filled with him and my fuck-channel was having a ball as it tightened around his long boner. He lay back with me on top of him, and gently lifted me up and down with the rhythm of the waves until my own dick wanted to shower them with cum.

This he wasn't going to allow. He suddenly planted his mouth on mine and rolled us around so I was the one under water. I tried to relax and breathe through him and it was only his growingly insistent thrusts into me, and the feeling of my dick being pulverized against his corrugated abs, that took my mind off the possibility of drowning. I was going so crazy with sex-joy over it as he was fucking me I didn't even wonder how he did it.

I only started to panic again when he released my lips and I could hear his voice warbling through the water.


"I'm going to let your mouth go from moment to moment and gradually you will find you are able to breathe under water. When that happens, we can really go sex-crazy and we'll both really enjoy all this!. You ready?"

I held my breath for as long as I could while he fucked me with a fury. When I felt I could hold it no longer my legs started to thrash beneath him and he gave me his mouth again. Somehow I heard him telling me to relax and breathe deeply.

By now I wasn't really hard but he persisted with his water-lubed pile-driving into my ass. Gradually the gaps between using his breathing apparatus grew longer until I suddenly found myself being able to breathe somewhere behind the ears. I gave a water-whoop of joy as I achieved the secret. At the same time the water stopped stinging my eyes.

He grinned at me.

"Now we can really play!"

We were like a couple of mating dolphins, slipping in and out of each other's arms and muscle-cunts. There seemed to be no limit to the number of times we could cum - often blessing the waves with silvery streams that was born swiftly out of sight by the undertow.

And all the while he was drawing me deeper and deeper below the ocean. The deeper we went, the warmer I felt and the more passionate our love-making became. We clutched at each other's muscles, flexing and bulging in the weird green light. Our bodies became phosphorescent as we circled in and out of each other, and our skin became even more tactile as it became more slippery.

I heard some kind of distant water-signal. Almost as if a gong was being struck in the depths. He pulled me close into him and wrapped his arms around me.

"Now we've reached this depth something's going to happen to me that I hope won't upset you. If it does, I promise I'll see you safely to the surface at once. If it doesn't - well, I promise you'll regret nothing of this. Now, hold me tight and shut your eyes."

We squeezed our muscles and bones tightly to each other. I was soon aware of something happening to him, for he started a strange kind of moaning - not a sad moan, rather a triumphant one - and there was a mighty thrashing


of the waters beneath us. Eventually he calmed down and told me to open my eyes and look down. From below his huge and erect dick and pulsing nut-sack, where there had been a pair of immensely powerful legs, in the glimmering sea-light I could see an equally immense and powerful fish-tail which swept gently back and forth.

He pulled himself away from me and executed a few turns and rolls. I don't think my eyes had ever seen anything as beautiful as him. Somehow everything came into focus and I could understand all my earlier wonder about this guy, my lover. Everything seemed logical and right. My dick hardened into a waving massivity as I swam into his arms and wound my legs around that magnificent silvery dark-green tail.

Wordlessly I dropped my butt onto his dick and instantly came all over his gleaming pecs. With a few deep, hard strokes he burst a torrent into me.

As my silver streamed away up towards the light, he rolled over and showed me that he still had a fuck-hole immediately above where the tail began. He back-swam towards me until my dick was firmly homed deep inside him.

I tell you, a few power-driven thrashings of that tail and my dick was ready to cum over and over, as often as either of us wanted.

We drifted even lower, the Merman and the Man, and eventually came to his home. Night after night, as we lay in each other's arms, he would tell me the history of his people - how Hans Christian Andersen hadn't been all that wrong with his story of the little mermaid: what he had got it wrong was her sex, for there never were such things as MerMaids - only self-propagating MerMen. They were a species who preferred not to adapt themselves more than temporarily to shore life.

He showed me how I had "reverted" when I grew gills behind my ears so easily while he was fucking me. How about the tail, I asked.

"That'll come soon enough, as soon as you decide to stay with me. If you do, you'll need it, 'cos, in spite of your beautiful big muscles, you can't swim fast or far enough with a pair of legs! Time for all that later - let's fuck!"

So weeks, months went by in a happy daze. Free from all the cares of shore-life, all the politics and money-grubbing, we fucked and we hunted for food. We met brothers and cousins of his - fascinated by me, they all wanted to fuck - and some did. Group sex with my Merman and others was the best ever.

However, he didn't allow any of this until I had told him I wanted to stay with him forever and my tail started to grow. At first it was alarming to lose the


use of my legs, but early on he taught me how to use the tail, and how to get used to it, until it became second nature. Then we could really swing! Great races around the ocean, great fucks triply-empowered by the strength of the tails. Once we felt equal to each other, we became one with each other.

My muscles grew and grew - the swimming and water power proved so much more intense than lifting the iron, and having sex was amazing. The power those tails contained seemed to triple-charge our libidos and the power of the whole fuck-and-cum process.

It wasn't until disaster struck that our under-sea Nirvana was in any way disturbed. First it was an oil-tanker oil-slick that forced us away from our hope deeper into the ocean and further away from land. It was months until the water was clean enough for us to return. Then there was a violent storm which wrecked a boat so full of alien refugees that it exploded, broke in two and capsized.

Along with our mer-brothers we did what we could to save survivors by carrying them to dry land, but too many we could not saved or who had already been killed in the explosion. My intense pity for my human "brothers and sisters", particularly the kids, brought me to a feeling of neglected responsibility. What right had I, I asked my lover, to live in paradise when so many lived and died in some kind of hell?

I became so miserably depressed, and made so many frequent trips to see the shore-line, that eventually we both decided I should go back - even if just to get rid of the frustration that was wrecking our relationship. It took him a long time to understand all this: after all, he had never lived on land or been caught up in the perils and miseries of shore-life.

He explained that, if I wished it, my tail would change back to legs as soon as I got out of the water. If it didn't change back, then I would know I didn't really want it to.

The dreaded day came and many tears were added to the already salty ocean. He would swim with me as far as the sea-pump "channel", then leave me to cope as best as I could. I clung to him, unable to release myself from his embrace, or from him. I was weeping so bitterly that eventually he pushed me from him and thrust me towards the gulley.

I swam back into my host's sea-water pool. It was a hot afternoon and someone was snoring under a newspaper. There were weeds everywhere in the formerly immaculate pool area, no longer so immaculate nor so clean. It


gave me time to take stock and prepare myself for my "return". I took a deep breath, concentrated on what had to be and pulled myself over the edge of the pool onto the hot and uncomfortable dry land. Immediately my tail (legs) ached with such a devastating pain that I couldn't restrain a yell.

The snorer, whoever he was, woke up and pulled down the paper in alarm. Through the pain I could see he was a middle-aged, rather plump old thing with straggly grey hair on chest and head.

"Good god! Who the hell….? Wha- ? Steve, is that you?"

Now I could see it was my erstwhile host, some twenty years older and fatter. But how…?

"Steve, it IS you! But how - where have you been all these years? Twenty years! We all thought you were dead!"

Twenty years? Fuck! Twenty years! Had under-water time flowed so fast? I was l speechless with shock. The old boy got up and waddled towards me.

"But it can't be Steve - you're still so young - even bigger than…"

"No, Martin - I can't go into it all, but it is me. But is it really twenty years?

"Almost to the day! We thought you had drowned - swept out to sea or something - body never found……"

I turned away and sat on the edge of the pool, stunned. He came nearer.

"But you're so much bigger - you were always huge, all those contests…..but now your muscles are enormous! Where have you been? What have you been doing? How do you stay so young?"

I looked up at the ruin of a man, at the ruin of his home, and ignored his questions.

"How have you been. Martin?"

"Been? Don't ask! Life's not worth living any more - huge taxes, monstrous politics, starving millions. Ecology gone to pot, just as life's gone to rack and ruin, hardly worth living. I'm riddled with every kind of disease you can think of - only a few months to live, they say. Millions like me - wrecked by irresponsible politicians and their endless greed. They got their come-uppance when the oil all dried up and their masters the oil barons all went bankrupt - or worse.


"Then came the fall-out from the exploding nuclear reactors, Hiroshima all over again but on a much bigger scale, giving us all these diseases………………."

"But can nothing be done? Does no one try to do anything?"

"My boy - shit, yes, you are still a boy in spite of twenty years! - there's nothing but anarchy all through the so-called civilized world. We all saw it coming, but the greed of the politicians blinded them to it all, and look - !"

He waved a feeble arm at the surroundings.

"Don't know where you've been, or why, but whatever it is, you'd be better off to go back there! But you must be starving - come on up to house and we'll grub something together and get you something to wear, I guess. Kept all your things……"

He stumbled away towards the steps. I sat and put my feet into the dirty pool.

"If you don't mind, Martin, I'll stay here a while. It's all been a bit ……"

"A bit hard to take? Well, so have you, my boy - so have you! But have it your own way - come up when you feel like it."

The last words I heard as he disappeared up top were "Guess I'd better call the police - such as they are - not a Disappearing Person any more……….don't know what they'll say, if anything……………"

Police. Disappearing persons. Anarchy. I could imagine what would come of all that… Meanwhile it was the world that had disappeared - at least the world as I knew it. A dusty old newspaper blew across the cracked concrete and wrapped it self around my feet. Turgid headlines:"Disaster here, disaster there - record levels of disease - no medication available in New York….."

I wept. I felt as Christ must have felt over his prophetic view of Jerusalem: had his beautiful world all come to this? No, I thought - not all his beautiful world. There was still beauty, still love, still a life worth living on this once beautiful planet. Still I wept. Had I been equally guilty in throwing all that away?

I felt a gentle tug on my ankles.

I looked down into the concerned eyes of my mer-lover.


"How long have you been there?"

"As long as you have."

"So you heard it all?"

"I already knew it all. I didn't want to upset you…."

A few moments passed, then I felt another gentle tug. His hands had never left my ankles. I looked at him. His green eyes held a question - one which was going to make or break both of us. I looked up the hill towards Martins' ruined life.

I sighed deeply and slipped into the water and back into his arms.

"There's always me." he said.

"Yes, there's always you. For me there's always you. And now there's only you."

We kissed, softly at first, then with more passion as we thrust towards the gulley and down, out into the open sea.


Martin was concerned about his strange guest. He looked out of his bedroom window towards the pool and saw no one. He lifted his unhappy old eyes towards the setting sun. Its beams played happily, innocently on the ripples of the ocean. And in the distance, with his failing eyesight, he could see what seemed like two sporting dolphins, their great tails flashing, leaping over and under each other before they finally disappeared into the depths of the sea………..


An end •

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