Forever N


By Musclebuff

Please see Part 1

16 : Rescued

Four guys piled on top of Tim and another four on top of Billy. They soon had them trussed together, face to face, arms cuffed around each other's backs, straps and ropes of one kind and another pressing their torsos together, their huge dicks trapped between mountains of ab meat. Someone discovered a large hook and soon the never-beaten pair were swinging in the air, one helluva packet of horny hunkdom.

Then it was my turn. Shave jumped up on to the vaulting horse and released me, dropping me into the arms of DeN. As my pecs slid down over his face he licked it salaciously, then clamped it between his sweaty pecs, and again in the canyon of his abs, until my feet reached the floor and my eyes, to my surprise, were on a level with his. He gave me a green-eyed grin and turned me to face the music.

A huge, hunky, Italianate brute whom I recognized as ForemaN eyed me as he lifted the Mary P. nozzle to his nose.

"Shit, guys! No wonder they're all as high as kites - this is Mary-Poppins!' He took another hit before Swim was able to snatch it from him and do the same. Soon the whole bunch were hard, horny and high as hell. ForemaN advanced on me once again bearing the bottle, his huge club pointing straight at me.

"Heard all about you from the guys - had to see for myself and gang-bang time seemed to be a good moment. Time you and I got to know each other. Here!"

He was practically pouring the stuff up my nose when it was snatched away from him by some other greedy hunk - Den, who was still holding me from behind. He pushed me hard into ForemaN's arms where he crashed his pecs into mine and seized hold of my tris. Quick as a flash his mouth was on mine and only a few seconds later I was half over the vaulting horse with his club whamming into my fuck-chute.

My head flew back and my mouth opened wide as the great club punished my prostate. At that moment another huge hunk - NightGym, ForemaN's mighty partner - inserted himself between me and the horse and started to rub his pecs against mine in sensuous circular motions, while his grreat fist started to jerk at my dick. So here I was, in a muscle sandwich once again. Not that I minded at all.


So it began. Pretty soon I was feeling hands and dicks on every part of my body, mauled and pawed and slobbered over and jerked and sucked and fucked as if I was the only flavor of the month. After a few ecstatic moment, being fucked by Foreman's dick in the rear and by Night's tongue down my throat in front, two other guys were squeezing my nips whose implants were already going crazy and a third had captured my dick in his mouth.

But nothing stayed the same once ForemaN had delivered a mighty load in my rear and I had reciprocated down Shave's throat. As soon as ForemaN pulled out I was lifted bodily by many hands and treated as if my whole body was a needy dick or needy muscle-cunt. My hands seized every muscle they could get hold of - and found two needy huge dicks, while other needy fuckpoles fucked every aperture in my body they could find.

By now we were slithery with sweat, cum and oil and we were soon pigging it in a totally stoned fashion in Tim's oil pit. Muscle against muscle, dick against dick, grab, squeeze, bulge, splurt. Nirvana - complete nirvana.

Not so for Billy and Tim who yelled from aloft that they needed to join in. They were totally ignored until we all received a muscle-milk shower from their joint lofty emissions. People started to lick each other and even the oil pit to benefit from this "heavenly" rain.

But at that moment there was a roar and Surfman (whom I now knew as Mark) blasted into the barn on his super-charged Buell m/c.

"THAT MAN IS MINE!" he roared over the decibels of his machine.

"THEN TAKE HIM!" Yelled someone else and I was picked up bodily by ForemaN and Nightgym who rushed me over to the bike and planted me for me on the dildo Mark had strapped to the pillion.

"What took you so long and where the hell have you been?" I shouted.

"Thought I'd let you have a little piggy fun before I got to you!"

I threw myself forward on to his back and grabbed his pecs as we roared away into the night.

Even without the benefit of Mary Poppins he was as passionately crazy as I could have wanted. We fucked, my Rescuer and I, until dawn.



17 : Graduation and after

Next morning (Morning? Afternoon?), after a lengthy and profitable shower together, I was summoned to N's presence. Mark told me N had a couple of Graduation gifts for me. Uh oh. He delivered me to the door.

N was sitting on the front of his desk, nursing a giant morning woody. Was that one of the gifts? OK, yes it was. He delivered twice, I delivered once. When we had calmed down he held out a box to me. I looked at him. Well open it, he indicated.

The contents was a pure white, glittering unitard. Low cut chest, very high cut thighs.

"Your graduation suit. Well, put it on! Let's see how it fits."

It looked so skimpy in the hand I didn't think it could fit a dwarf. He took it off me, lifted omne of my feet and stuck it through a leg hole, then the other. Then, with some difficulty, he pulled the strings over my delts.

"Hmmm - snug fit! Just right."

I wriggled into it some, my dick rising all the time, and he spun me round to look in the mirror. Fuck, it was fantastic, dude! The white showed off my tan and the shiny material was a second skin to what few parts of my body it covered. I felt hot and horny just wearing it. It made my muscles look bigger and bulgier.

" 'Feel good', yeah?"

"Feel good, YEAH!" I grinned back. "But what do I do with my.......?"

"Here, let me!"

He reached into the suit at my navel and plunged his hand down to grab my disobedient dick. He tugged it by the crown to one side and forced the whole darn' snake to curl round my hip under the helanca.

"Now look."

"Shit! Makes me wanna cum!"


"Me too!" he laughed, "but there's something else I gotta do."

He pulled the straps off the shoulders and yanked the suit down to my crotch.

"You won't be needing this any more." He somehow unclipped the unclippable cockstrap and pulled the suit together again. Now I had one enormous nut hanging loose on each side of the suit-legs. And now it looked even more deliciously obscene.

"Later today you're gonna have a bit of minor surgery: Pilot is going to insert an implant just below your joy-button. You'll find that your own body electricity, especially when responding to another guy's, will cause all three of your implants to interact in the most satisfying way.

"But now, it's time for your Graduation. I imagine all the guys will have gotten over last night's little party - you seem to be OK, in spite of it all!"

I had the decency to blush as he shepherded me from his office to the commissary, with a disturbing arm around my delts.. Would I never get used to this guy?

Shit, every single N-er was waiting - all nice and clean and spruced up for the occasion. All wearing their nice red thongs (I wished I was) in stark contrast to my shiny white suit and its embarrassing contents. I felt every eye was looking to see how far my dick wound round my hip. Even Tim and Billy were there, looking rather sheepish.

Still with his arm around me, Master N orated.

"You all thought he was a shrimpo when he came here. You all thought Surf was crazy to bring him, and me to accept him. But even then there was something indefinably, interestingly attractive about this guy and now that he's as big as any of you - and still growing I might add - perhaps you won't find the idea so crazy. I know he isn't even aware yet exactly what's happened to him, but maybe you all can see how satisfactory his results are, even if he can't. Sure, some of you can, I know!"

I stole a glance at Mark who glared at me unflinching.

"So, guys, as I am satisfied, in my capacity as leader of this crazy group, I declare Damien, the Lucky Lunk, to be graduated!"

They all cheered - even Mark! Then to my surprise they all started tugging at their red thongs.


"You anticipate me, guys, 'cos I haven't even told him about the rest of the Ceremony, but you may as well get on with it. Damien, each one of your friends is about to make a deposit in your favor and you will be required to accept it with a good grace......."

"That means in one gulp!" yelled Billy.

"Shut your face, Billy! I'm surprised you even have the face to utter after yesterday's behavior....."

"Hey, sir, I bet he enjoyed it - I know we did!"

Tim growled "Billy!"

"DeN , perhaps you would do the honors?"

DeN stepped up and stood close in front of me.

"Lunk, it's the custom here when a guy graduates to receive a token of appreciation from all his colleagues, whether graduated or not." He turned to glare at Billy - who sniggered. Tim gave him a thump in the ribs.

"Hey, Tim!"

"Hey nothing - just hold it!"

Den continued.

"When the tokens are gathered, you are expected to complete your graduation by drinking the lot in one breath. OK?"

Shit and double shit!

"Now we'll get going."

He stepped back into the crowd. Now all of them were jerking away at their own, or someone else's dick, most of them in pairs or trios, like a circle jerk. Some threw their heads back and got on with it alone. Mark came closer and never took his eyes off me as he nursed that great woody that had got me caught in all this to begin with.

To my surprise N was at it too.


"Shit, dude!" I said quietly to Mark, "Am I expected to stand here and do nothing while my own nuts are churning in overdrive?"

N overheard me and said, fake-pompous, "The mark of a true graduate of this academy is his self-restraint when called upon to use it!"

Triple shit! There he was, one hand still around me, the other pumping away, while Mark, only three feet away was panting as he swiftly rose to a climax. And not once did he look away from me.

Suddenly Pilot rushed to the fore with a large silver jug and everyone else followed him to get as close to it as possible.

Mark was the first to pour into the jug, then N. Mark out his arm round my other shoulder and whispered "Hold on, dude! Hold on! Be over in a minute."

There was a sudden outpouring of moans and groans and spunk pouring into that darned jug. I could see Pilot was having trouble holding the weight at the same time as jerking off his own great dick. When I saw it tipping up dangerously I reached out and grabbed it without thinking. This seemed to trigger of a rush of deliveries into an already dangerously full jug.

When the last guy (Coach Brick had of course been one of the earlier depositors as he had been concentrating on Big Billy-boy) had splooged his splooge into the jug, Tim grabbed it from me and Billy grabbed the back of my head.

"Big breath, Lunk, and down in one!"

"And don't miss one drop of my cum!" yelled someone.

"And don't get it on that white suit!" yelled N behind me.

So the frat party to end all frat parties erupted and the splooge started to pour down my throat. I gulped and gulped, and gulped and gulped. I felt myself going scarlet in the face and my dick shriveled to nothing. The with a lot of shouted encouragement, I got into my stride. I grabbed the jug from Tim and started slugging it down: as I thought of all these fucking beautiful men splurting out their power-juice for me, my dick started to thicken and throb and

I started to enjoy sucking all that warm, silvery, creamy sex-juice into my own body.

Now, with every mouthful, my muscles started to throb and bulge.


"Shit, guys! He's fucking bulging everywhere! He's getting high on our juice!"

"Shit, look at those muscles! They're growing!"

"His biceps are HUGE now - and they're splitting!"

"You see his dick pushing up out of his pants! Hey, let me get atbthat pre0cum before he stains that pretty white suit!"

And all the time I was gulping and slurping and enjoying every drop. When the last possible morsel had been devoured I throe the jug into the air and yelled. The others picked up on the yell, and picked up me, bearing me bodily oiut of the commissary and throwing me into the pool.

Mark was the first one in after me - then the lot splashed in - even N who must have dislodged half the water in the pool with his massive bulk. The I discovered he and Mark were there to protect me and get me out again.

"Get him home and dry, Mark - look after him (and that suit!) - he's worth it!"

"I know, sir!"

"As soon as you can, get him to surgery for that implant. He'll need to sleep that off."

And so it was.

We got back to my place, Mark gently stripped off the white suit, rinsed all three of us in the shower, and hung it up. Then he took an enormous towel and started to dry me like a baby. I pushed the towel away and went to grab him.

"Hey, none of that, bud! You heard what N said: he wants that implant in before you've digested all that splooge!"

He threw a robe at me and"transported" me swiftly into Pilot's efficient and surgical hands. Before I knew what was happening, he'd given me a shot and I was out. As I went under I heard him say:

"We'll take good care of him..."

"You'd better!"

"....and we'll get him back to his room."


"My room, OK?........."

And that was the last I heard............................

18 : Commencement

I woke to a gentle throb under my nuts. Mark was sitting on the edge of the bed.


I wriggled a bit -

"Can't feel anything except this throb. It's the same hum as ever, but now it seems to be part of me."

"It is part of you. You're lucky you're not sore - I know I was when they did to me! Wanna get up?"

I didn't tell him, but I was up!

"How long have I been out?"

"Just a day. They kept you fed while the implant was getting used to you. Plenty of protein!"

"They kept me fed, or you did?"

"Dude, you couldn't take anything up that end while the implant was growing into you!"

"Well, when can I?"

"Fuckin' impatient, aren't we?" he grinned. "Probably in a few minutes!"

I leaped out of bed. Immediately my three implants started to react to each other - or to Mark's........ Fuckin' great feeling, man! Aww fuck yeah!"

"You sound like Billy!"

"Maybe I feel like that horny dude too!"


"Let's get that sheet off you and see if you look like him too!"

"That sheet" had been hiding my rampant state, or so I thought. But now he ripped it away from me and all was revealed.

"Shit, man! You're huge! And I'm not just talking about your dick!"

As he had once before, months ago in Las Vegas, he turned me to look in the mirror.

"Remember how we both looked like one of N's paintings of the big guy with his arm round the little muscle guy? Well, look at us now! No bodybuilder is ever satisfied with what he looks like - nor should he be - but take a look, dude! You're not the kid any more. You're the same fucking height as me, and the same fucking size!"

"Shit, man...." I tried to turn away from the mirror but he forced me back.

"Just look! You came here smaller than anyone and the kid complex has stayed with you ever since - even though you're now as big as the rest of us.

"Lunk, look in the darn mirror! You have a more proportionate physique than any of us - no! It's the most beautiful build of the whole team! We're all jealous of you: your shoulders are wider than anyone else's, your biceps are more split. No one has an eight-pack as rugged as yours. Your pecs have so much more sweep and thickness than mine I could kill you!"

"Mark, I....."

"Look at those quads! No one in the Olympia ever had such quads - not even Jay Cutler or Gunther. They sweep around from your armor-plated excuse for a waist down to those crazy calfs....

"You can't see the back, but take it from me that your lats spring out from under your delts and bis and curve down so thick to the small of your back. And your fucking glutes, man! They're the most inviting glutes in the world! No wonder we all want to fuck you!"

He turned me to face him and shook his head in wonder.

"Shit, those pecs! I could cum just looking at them! Your golden skin is flawless - your face, well, we're all good-looking I guess, but yours is the only one for me."

Before I could respond to that he rushed on:


"You're so lucky to have those small joints which make those deep muscle bellies seem even greater. And look at your equipment - that thick dick fills us better than anyone, and we all agree you're the most fun to fuck!"

I threw him down on to the bed and grabbed both his pecs. He seized my wrists and threw me off him.

"Go on, take a good look at yourself! We're all 100%, but somehow you've got us all beat. So, Champ, git out from under your little-boy complex and enjoy being One Of Us!"

He hauled his huge bod off the bed and grabbed me by the delts.

"Don't look up to me any more - you can't anyway! Just wait until the BB world devours you - every dick, straight or not, will be at full mast as soon as you step out on that stage."

By now I had been taking a good look at myself and saw that my muscles were responding to everything he said. Shit, I was big, fuckin' big! I turned back to him with shining eyes as he said:

"They won't be able to resist you - and I can't now!"

He took me in his arms, crushing my pecs to his. I flung my arms round that living boulder and kissed him deep, deep, for ever, it seemed. Now he had the shining eyes as he sunk to his knees and gently took my waving dick in his hands. He stroked it and stroked it till I thought I would cum, then he wrapped his tongue around it and started to suck.

Just before his mouth enveloped me he looked up and said (for the first time ever) "I want you to fuck me!"

I groaned as he swept his tongue around my mushroom and reached down - not so very far - to grab his erect pole. But as I started to stroke it, longing to sit on it as much as I was longing to fuck his ass, there was a sudden shimmer in the mirror. With my dick still deep in Mark's throat, I looked up.

There, in the mirror, was N in his SuperioN incarnation - bigger and better than any of us had ever seen him, bigger and better than mortal imagination could conceive. His deep voice mocked us out of the mirror.


"Mark and Damian, through the authority I have as leader of this community, I now pronounce you officially joined to each other. You may now go the distance!"

I could tell that Mark's implants were working as dazzlingly as mine, responding to SuperioN as well as to each other. My whole body seemed to be one great muscle-sex machine. Mark's slurping increased its urgency as Superion cracked a huge double bi in the mirror. I mirrored him - muscle for muscle, most muscular, front lat spread, side chest, side tricep, thighs and abs.

And Mark went on sucking and slurping.

SuperioN presses his huge dick against the mirror and starts to weep great gobs of pre-cum. At that I shoot a huge salvo down Mark's throat. When the spasms subside he gets up and positions himself behind me, jamming his velvet steel between my glutes.

As he enters me our implants go wild. The mirror shimmers again and SuperioN clasps us both in his arms, pulling us both close to that almighty chest. He snares my dick between his thighs and slides his own up the cleft of my pecs till it reaches my lips.

As I suck the tip, his whole body throbs with an electric charge: we both feel the ecstacy of being in his control. Mark fucks me harder and harder, I dry-fuck my dick between Superion's legs, he does the same, self-lubed, between my pecs.

His green eyes drill into mine until I grow dizzy, then his lips claim my mouth and tongue.

So joined, all three, it seems we melt into one another, into one cosmic entity of muscle, mind and sexual desire.

Suddenly Mark lets out a yell and looses a torrent into my innermost gut. I cum at the same time as SuperioN shoots into my mouth and I shower the mirror from between his legs.

SuperioN shimmers back into the mirror and is immediately hidden behind the curtain of my splooge which is cascading down the glass. Still joined at the butt, released from SuperioN's sustaining power, we fall back on the bed. Mark pushed me off him and tangles his legs around my waist.

"Fuck me!"

My big throbber of a dick has no choice bujt to enter those inviting glutes which suck me in up to the root.


"Now fuck me real hard! I've been waiting for this for weeks!"

He pulls my butt in even closer and clasps the muscles inside his ass hard around my dick. I may be topping him but there's no doubt who's running the show.

Both of us are pouring with sweat, covered with cum, and we're joined as close as human beings can be joined.

"I can feel what you're feeling and I guess I know what you're thinking. Let's celebrate and give thanks to Swimboy and DeN too for their part in all this."

He was wrong about what I was thinking, but I heartily concurred. The feeling that they were somehow part of all this triggered me into giving him a cosmic fuck to celebrate our union - hard, deep, vicious and completely satisfying.

I latch on to his great pecs and nips, grab his tongue in my mouth and power-fuck him with a Delivery no mortal man could withstand. He gives me as good as he gets as our fucking, bulging, flexing, swelling muscle bodies are yet again fused into one.

Still joined, our arms flung around each other, we fall into a deep sleep.

19 : Out into the World

N decided to send us both out to compete in the Olympics, part of the first bodybuilding event to be included in the international Games.

N had the selection committee come to the Institute to see us. At first they laughed and said it was clear we were maximally on steroids and would never pass what were to be the most stringent drug tests every known at the Games.

But N persuaded them forcefully to take the risk. He suggested that if we failed the tests there would be plenty of other muscle meat to replace us nearer the time. They agreed on the condition that they could hold unannounced spot checks at any time between then and the games themselves. They left, shaking their heads.

Twelve months passed. Twelve months of stringent training and diet, twelve months of absolute hell in fact. But at least we were in it together and were well supported by the rest of the team - including DeN who was training for the IFBB Olympia at the same time.


As well as all that, N engaged the Portugese brothers from Cirque de Soleil to train us in our posing and to teach us a muscle adagio routine that N felt "might be useful at some time."

Thanks to N's nutrition formulas we did not have to stop having sex with each other, but the number of times this was allowed was strictly controlled. During the final weeks of training we became so buffed, so striated, so thin-skinned and so vascular, so fucking beautiful horny hard in fact, that we could just stand and look at each other's bodies and cum, copiously and spontaneously without touching our dicks - or each other.

Then, side by side with training for the "muscle duet", we also had experts designing our different posing routines. By the time we left for Athens DeN had won the (non-tested) Olympia and we were so psyched up by his victory and our own anticipation that it was sometimes difficult to sleep. We even had to get used to separate rooms and beds, knowing that it would have to be the same at Olympic Village. "Do you good - keep you on your toes, thinking about the night after you win!" said N.

We won. In spite of the fifty or so drug tests, we won. We were only the second couple ever to be given a joint first place - two gold medals! The great Russian champ, Sergei Zicuncov, got the silver and some handsome lightweight Asian got the bronze. Several very famous names in the sport were disqualified for steroids, but we were clean and home.

At the closing ceremony we were asked to perform our Muscle Duet. It was one of the most sensuous events ever seen and it had that huge crowd on its feet and they would not stop clapping and shouting until the Officials agreed to a frepeat performance.

The result of all that was an invitation from Cirque de Soleil to perform with them in Las Vegas and, later, on the road across the world. We met so many great guys and learned such a lot from them that soon we were able to develop our own act which involved doing our muscle-adagio stuff on trapezes high up in the dome. Man, what a charge that was!

We went "home" to the Institute whenever we could. Partly for R and R but also to help out. Billy and Tim, as expected, had gone big-time into the pro wrestling world and were having a ball at it. Coach Brick, so as not to have his heart broken I guess, had gone with them as their Manager. So N recruited us both, DeN and Swimboy, to coach and train others. We developed a great calendar between this and our work with the Cirque which led to a helluva lot of other engagements. We also scouted contests for N, and persuaded several guys to take the plunge and join him.


There were massive losses in the "supplement" industry as a result of our success and several well-known magazines had to close down. Through N we had given birth to a new era of Mega-Bodybuilding in which steroids played no part. Even college football was the better for it!

And us? We are happy and fulfilled. We constantly fuel each other's enthusiasm for the sport, being in perpetual rivalry. Neither of us ever want a situation where one of us might overreach the other. We rejoice in each other, in each other's bodies, in each other's love.

It is Nirvana. What more could we possibly desire? •

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