Pictures of Dorian's Gays, The


By John

So many men, so much muscle! It seems each of our painted demigods has his own agenda. Let's check in again and see what a few get into - or what gets into them! . Respectfully offered comments are always appreciated.

Mark was the last to awaken. It took a moment before he remembered that, to his knowledge, they had all been sitting in the theater watching the most dazzling display of human muscle ever seen and, yet, here he was now in the gym laying on a floor mat. Turning his head to one side, he saw Bob struggling to sit up next to him and Jeff sitting with his back to the wall just beyond.

"What's going on?" Mark tossed the question to the other two as he sought to sit up experiencing a dizzying head rush in the process.

"I'm not sure." Responded Bob and turning toward Jeff adding "Do you know what's up?"

"I'm not quite certain either, but there was a note from Mr. Chronos saying that we are to wait here until he comes for us." The former Mr. Olympia responded.

"Where are the others?" Mark said noting their absence.

"I think they're with Steve and Chronos." Jeff retorted. Bob got up and started toward the gym door.

"It's locked." Jeff called out. "And I'm sure that, for whatever reasons, Mr. Chronos just wants us to wait - and that's what I'm going to do. Whatever is going on is none of my business so, what the heck, we might as well just make the best of it."

"Well, I'm not sure I like this none too much." Bob responded back from the door finding that it truly was locked. "What happened to us?"

"I think it was drugs." Jeff replied as he stood up.. "It didn't last long, it's only been about an hour."

"So what are we supposed to do now?" Mark chimed into the conversation.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to do what I normally do. I'm going to start my workout." Jeff reacted dryly. "I haven't had much of a chance to get a good workout in during these past few days. At least maybe I can catch up a little now."

"Aren't you afraid of the drug we were given? Maybe we had better be careful." Bob cautioned as he grabbed a paper towel; wiped off the remainder of a cold sweat; and tossed the towel into the nearby waste basket .

"Nah," Jeff went on "It seems to go very quickly. I feel fine. I think my body will feel better if I do something. Just sitting here trying to figure out things that aren't mine to know won't do me any good right now."

With that Jeff started over to the lat pull-down machine and began setting it up for a quick warm-up set.

"I still think this feels wrong. It wasn't supposed to be like this." Mark continued. "Maybe we can force our way out. I don't like any of this."

"Jeff's right, Mark" Bob directed to his lover. "It's best if we just wait it out. We'll be able to find out what we need to know all in good time. Let's just put our minds into the weights for a while."

"Are you sure?" Mark quarried as Bob, too, began moving toward a rowing machine.

"Yes, come on, let's work together now." Bob said waving Mark to come join him. Jeff finished his warm-up set and let the light stack fall with a loud clang.

"That's better." He called over to the other two as they started getting ready to take turns doing rows.

Jeff reached down and moved the pin about 2/3rd of the way down the weight rack and, straightening back up hoisted the too tight tee- shirt over his head. Even after only a quick pull-down warm-up, his lats showed ample signs of his all-too-famous tapering flair. He sat back down on the small padded seat and locked his huge, loosely covered legs under the horizontal support bar and, reaching up, moved into his first heavy set. By the third beautifully controlled repetition, the upper back muscles were pushing the taunt skin to extraordinary width as the muscles tried to stretch ever further apart as the weights threatened to tear the giant apart.

Mark and Bob both followed suit after their warm-up sets and pulled off the matching sweatshirts they had been wearing. The `smaller' backs of the 320 pound members of the muscle elite danced alive as blood began to circulate through their systems at a rapid pace again. Just to be safe, they elected to do a second lighter set and then, before getting into full swing, decided that the tight jeans they had worn to the show needed to go. Uncaringly, they stripped down to their bikini underpants. The unveiling of the two muscle butts from heaven was enough to shift the tenor of any workout from serious to intoxicating.

From where he was sitting, Jeff got the best view of the two aesthetically sculpted lovers. The remaining small white patches of fabric left over half of the magnificent butts exposed. The sweeping cheek muscles dimpled deeply and flow exotically as the men reset the pins and seat position. The cut cheeks spread full, wide and hard across the small, small rowing machine seat as the guys squatted down onto it for their sets. The stretched beauty of the carved ebony and ivory posteriors opened the vertical crevassed valley deliciously as their sphincters licked the dark leather through the thin white cloth.

The tiny waists sat tightly defined by the inch-wide elastic band and exaggerated the expanding broadness of the aesthetically sculpted backs. The wide sweeping curve of the upper back musculature invited fondling as it was stretched outward by the gravity driven weights. Then the wealth of muscles would bunch and striate themselves into thick sharp dense artwork as the weights were hauled up again as strong shoulders sought touch in the contraction movement.

By his fourth set, more than Jeff's back was hot and pumped. He felt the pressure of his expanding cock turn into a sharp groin pain as the hardening tool tried to force its' way through the steel of the horizontal support bar above it. Jeff focused on the space occupied by the two gloriously provocative buttocks as spots of wetness dampened the lucky leather seat as the mouth of the desirous love channels left their sweat created kiss when they stood after a set. Jeff's mind dreamed on the images of the two perfect lined muscled asses before him as he moved fluidly from one to the next like a pianist equally adept at toying with both the white and black keys with equal joy.

When Jeff went to stand at the end of his fifth set to move over to the chinning bar, the supporting pole of the tented pants reflected largely in the mirrors serving notice to Bob and Mark as to the effect they had had on their muscle loaded friend. This, of course, was all they needed to see. Soon their own self-motivated instruments of manhood began to expand forward and up pulling what little light fabric there was covering their groins into their supple ass cracks when they stood between sets. Soon, all three muscled bodies were equally pumped and equally aroused.

Responding to the obvious fact that cloth was no match for 13" of rigid rod , the two `older' men simply threw off their remaining articles of clothing for the last of their sets. Without any remaining visual interference, the fully unveiled paired mounds of posterior delight completely tantalized the viewing muscle giant as he tried to force his way through his first set of pull-ups.

Jeff's 350 pounds of muscle-laden body was more than enough to cause his blood-flooded muscled back and cantalouped shoulders to explode into their own muscle show as they struggled to hoist all of this muscle up to where he could see over the chinning bar. The natural forward thrust of the hips in the movement pushed his hardened manhood out the full 12" in front of his groin as the formerly loose material screamed for release.

After their last set, the twinned lovers just walked right over to the struggling Olympian and, with one swift pull, yanked his training pants completely down to his dangling bent knees. His fully enraged cock bounced happily up and down in its' new-found freedom. Caught by surprise, Jeff quit his set early. Dropping his feet to the floor, he laughed loudly and, accepting the challenge, completed the removal of his remaining clothing. Turning quickly, he stepped over to the two playful muscle companions and, reaching around to the outside of each, brought them all together in one giant muscle hug. Jeff's hands landed squarely on the tightly piled ass globes of each of the men and, playfully, secured a handful of the desired flesh in each hand. Claw-like fingers groped to separate the mounds of delight as Jeff viewed the results in the mirror behind the two twitching muscled bodies. Almost half a foot of his own marvelous cock pointed back at him through the mirror as it sat gleefully trapped between the tight grasping upper thighs of the two men.

The two gentlemen responded by steeling their cheeks as the friendly struggle of muscled hands attacked the crisply cut bottoms. From Jeff's perspective, his stimulation was enhanced as his own muscle driven finders strove to invade what he viewed as fingers of striated ass muscles. It was not a choice between chocolate or vanilla, he wanted to taste both. Neither seemed to be getting the advantage over the other, but all got the sensual advantages they sought.

Not to let their hands be left out of the fun, Mark and Bob each permitted their curious digits to caress and fondle the unending girth of back meat that covered the awarded muscle giant. Bundled fibers of expansive latissimus meat formed their own responding entertainingly resistive fingers as the thick fans dimpled into the exposed sides and swept back to the deeply crevassed center of the back. The network of feeding veins surfaced thickly as the sensual assault caused dense meat to eject the more elastic tubes from within.

"So just how much strength do you think these precious manta rays can handle?" Bob tossed coyly to Mark through Jeff's ears.

"They feel big enough to carry a couple of extra `little' pounds" Mark joked back pawing a handful of the unyielding meat.

"Do you think their owner might be willing to find out?" Bob taunted back.

"OK, boys, you're on." Jeff threw in accepting the obvious challenge as he stepped back reluctantly releasing those most attractive of butts.

Jeff stepped over to the chinning bar and, reaching up, firmly grasped it. Using his head, he pointed over to a nearby shelf. Bob went and returned with two wrist straps that they each used to secure Jeff's hands to the bar. This done, each of the 320 pound muscle men swung underneath the huge giant and reached up to clasp their own hands together atop the boulder-like shoulders.

With a deep, deep breath, Jeff's feet bent back leaving the floor. All 1,000 pounds of combined muscle hung suspended by two rockened 26" arms as the amazing lats flared to proportions they had never been challenged to reach before. The resulting arches of flaring wings pressed deeply against the equally stretched thickness of resisting pectorals. Then, these mighty outer back muscles, along with the shoulders, moved from human to steel cabled as the arms began to fold and slowly raise the precarious mass ever upward. The stretched tits and nipples of the two side-car riders rubbed sweetly along the sides of Jeff's massive expanded side wings.

Jeff could feel two steel-hard cocks hitting his upper thighs as the suspended masses of muscle stiffened in response to his own muscle solidification. The dangling men could feel each of the defining ridges of muscles as the astoundingly strong shoulders did their work. It took the width of both hands to bridge the distances defined by the capping marvels. The shoulder muscle hardness was so complete as to not let any of the substantial clinging weight displace a single muscle fiber from it's task.

The two living weights could also feel, as well as see in the same mirror, as the beyond-huge biceps began to ball up into quaking mountains. Line by line the incredible splits and re-splits of the constricting balls appeared as the biceps muscles fractured into marbled stone. The clasping hands soon slid into the deep rift that defined the harsh masses between cannoned shoulders and bouldered biceps. Excited, yearning fingers sought to play with the burning phenomenons of meat and dancing veins without loosing their grip.

As the top of Jeff's head passed the chinning bar, bulging pecs entered into the struggle. They mounded in front of the bulging deltoids and formed into their own global relief maps of muscle fibers, cords and veins. Pointing nipples reflected sweat-wetted pinpoints of light as they announced their approval of the muscle driven display.

As his forehead disappeared behind and then reappeared above the horizontal pole to which he was tied, Jeff felt and saw his own foot of excited man-meat jumping and pumping with it's own anticipation of success in the challenge. For what seemed like forever, Jeff's vision of his own cut, straining massive muscle was out of view as his eyes passed behind the chinning bar. Finally, he saw himself, fully crunched in a dazzling display of human musculature in a full, perfect chin-up with two gorgeous hunks of equally cut meat suspended with him.

After a full two-count, he let gravity slowly return his body to it's full, flaring stretch as he descended back down. Fiber by fiber, the arc of the amazing wingspan reappeared. The miraculously small waist hollowed into a minuscule vacuum less than 1/3rd the width of the tented muscle above. As Jeff's feet re-introduced themselves to the awaiting floor, the hanging men let go of the hot hard meat with great disdain and arousing pleasure coursing through them simultaneously. They untied the straps, releasing the spent muscle machine and rewarded it with a gentle tongue massage of the pulsing lats, pecs and biceps.

Jeff relished both the accomplishment and the mouthed appreciation as he regained his breath and felt the rush of reaffirming warmth within his completely primed musculature. Turning to the two adoring men, it was time for him to seek his reward.

The two playful musclemen offered him more in return then his own imagination would have sought. Securing one of the weight bars, a few large plates, and a couple of flat benches, the guys set up a make- shift arrangement under the chinning machine that, they said, they enjoyed privately on occasion. Jeff watched as they set the bar so that, using the weights as a base, it pointed roughly straight up from the floor. They anchored it by placing weighted benches tightly on either side.

This done, they retrieved and applied a lubricating film to the 3" diameter by 15" long upper part of the weight bar - all the way down to the 5" wide fat collar which normally acted as a weight block. Then, without any sign of hesitation, Bob jumped up on the benches and grabbed the high chinning bar. Lifting his body and his feet he was left dangling and centered over the makeshift device. Then he pulled himself as high as possible into a fully executed chin. Mark assisted as the dark, beautiful, dimpled ass of the elevated muscleman was positioned directly above the receiving end of the threatening weight bar.

Then, the beautiful ass simply impaled itself onto the bar. All three round inches entered in one swift, brutal plunge. The descending body weight drove more and more of the unforgiving iron into the muscled cave opening. The complexity of inviting ass muscle hardened into all of its extraordinary beauty as inch after inch of steel invaded the endangered posterior. The suspended body of muscle shivered convulsively with intoxication serving as additional of visual stimulation for the viewers as the marvelous ass absorbed the impossible length of metal. Bob moaned with delight as he continued on his self-driven impaling until, finally, his sphincter made complete contact with the fat collar signifying the complete immersion of all 15" of cast steel.

Jeff stood amazed and envious until Mark directed him to stand in front of and facing the self-torturing man. Jeff stared at the 13" aroused human shaft pointing at his face as Bob began his first chin- up. Inch after inch of the embedded metal reappeared. Jeff reached out instinctively and began to knead the heavy, round dancing testicles as they bound with the delight of the sensual experience. The pointing cock was so bright and hard that the lights of the room reflected sharply off all 13" of its' vein-bumped surface.

Bob held himself in the up-raised position for several seconds as his sphincter licked the two inches that were still contained within. Slowly, the experience was replayed as the muscled perpetrator invited yet another invasive assault by the unforgiving steel cylinder. Again, the excited cock re-leveled itself with Jeff's face. At the bottom of the second rep the suspended man dallied as Jeff's tongue played with the inviting piss slit opening. Jeff's own excitement increased as he felt the surge of juices flowing within the base of the man's heated balls in his hands.

The remarkable demonstration continued slowly over the course of several more repetitions. The working muscle figure struggled harder and harder to maintain control. Muscles tightened as they tempted failure through fatigue. The pulsing display of tissue was nothing short of intoxicating. As Bob reached the bottom of the eighth rep, Jeff's tongue moved forward to embrace the ebony head of the facing 13" throbbing monster in front of him again. This time, however, it was met with the first hard impact of the erupting cream. Jeff opened wide as quickly as possible and took as much of the luscious liquid of it into him as he could gather. Bob pumped out one more rep as the heated sauce that continued to erupt from him warmed much of Jeff's face in the process. When Bob got to the top of the next rep, Mark placed his shoulder under his lover's astounding butt and pushed him up the last couple of inches until his body was freed from its' intruder.

"OK, your turn next." Bob smiled to Jeff as he dropped back down to the floor

He stepped into the whitely wetted face of the delirious muscle giant and, returning the favor, tongued off most of his own, still flowing, man-milk.

"Huh! Me? No way!" Jeff responded with surprise at the suggestion.

"Come on guy. You love this ass invasion shit as much as we do." Mark urged. "We've seen what you can do with those dildos Chronos has. This should be a cake-walk for you. Trust us, it's feels as great as it looks."

"I'm … I'm …not sure." The aroused muscle mountain retorted. "I'm used to doing this sort of thing with squats. I'm too sweaty now to do this."

"Not a problem, we'll use the wrist straps. It'll be great." Mark continued. "We'll help. It's the least we can do."

"Uh, OK, I guess. But let's take it slow, OK." Jeff acquiesced. He had to admit to himself, he was really turned on by the idea. It had been a long time since he had tried something this new.

Mark directed Jeff to stand on the flat benches as the two lovers jumped up with him and secured his hands and the chinning bar together. They made sure he was well bound so that his hands wouldn't be able to slip loose. Then Mark jumped down and began to re- grease the weight pole. Bob stepped down and went to give special attention to Jeff's throbbing foot of manmeat. He found the thing as hard and ready as his own had been just moments ago. While, other than Kevin right now, Jeff had the smallest cock at 12", it was wonderfully thick and the oversized testicles promised a great expulsion of jism - and always delivered.

Jeff muscled his enormous body up as high as possible. The two companions positioned the awaiting steel piston below the target zone of muscle. With an `OK' from Mark, Jeff lowered himself just a bit until he could feel the blunt end of the slippery, cold steel pressing up at his clamped sphincter. In very slow motion the giant started his decent. The pressure increased as the flat end of the tube pushed for immediate and complete entry. This felt nothing like the experience with either man nor dildo. With those, there was a sense of expanding insertion. This was an "all or nothing" deal.

Gritting his teeth, Jeff finally decided that the only way to do this was to go for the "all". Loosening his expansive muscle control briefly, the 350 pounds yielded instant victory to the insistent metal pipe as all flat 3" penetrated without remorse. Jeff screamed in successful agony as he brought his massive body to a full stop with almost 4" of rod displacing parts of his lower colon. After a few seconds, the feelings shifted from agony to stimulating glory and he permitted the invader to conquer his prostate.

The erotic results were beyond anything he had previously experienced. His cock jumped dangerously rigid as it readied itself for an equally satisfying release. His mind took control of his excited organ as Jeff sought to savor the event and extend its pleasure. Slowly, he permitted gravity to service him as he slide more of the metal pile-driver into him. Ecstasy drove his downward flow until he, like Bob, felt the pleasure of 5" shelf of metal beneath him signifying full immersion. This was something he wanted to experience to the greatest degree possible. Sensing this, the two men encouraged Jeff into his first pull-up and his second decent.

Again, his mighty cock throbbed with anticipation and, again, he successfully controlled the wanting onslaught of man-milk. The observers suggested that the best way to experience this event fully was to work to failure. Jeff wanted all he could get out of this and began a series of muscle-numbing chin-ups. He passed the eight reps that Bob had done. By ten, his fully pumped muscles quivered with a mixture of delight and oncoming exhaustion. On number fourteen he required some assistance in completing the upward motion and signaled that the next rep would be his last.

Mark was first to secure Jeff's rigid man-tool in his grasp and delighted at tickling the over-stimulated organ past the point of no return. As Jeff shot his first thick wad, he let his spent body plummet down the full 15" length of the 3" diameter portion of the steel piston. The feel of the internal friction pushed out a second volley of cum as rich as the first. After several more shots, his cock signaled its happy completion and Jeff, totally drained, called for the two assistants to help him with one last, instrument removing pull-up.

"Not so fast." Bob responded to the surprised imprisoned man. "First, we want to know what is really going on with Chronos!"

Jeff repeated his denial of any more knowledge than that which the other two possessed as he felt his drained body slip harder onto the dangerous 5" collar of the metal shaft. Bob asked once again and was met with a second denial. Jeff screamed as the collar bit further into his ring of failing sphincter muscle.

"Look, we're not stupid, Jeff. What's going on and how are you connected to this?" Bob demanded. "You said you saw a note from Chronos telling us to stay here - but, when I threw away the paper towel, I noticed that the waste basket was empty. There is no note! And you were awake when we came to in here. Not to mention that, while you say we were all drugged, you were the one sitting behind us in the theater. That either means you are lying or you are the one who needled us - or, more probably, both. Now, either you talk or that metal collar is about to destroy your pretty little ass."

OK, OK, just get me off of this thing!" Jeff pleaded yet again as he began to feel the ring of metal biting painfully into his butt hole.

"No, talk first!" demanded Mark.

"All right, all right. Chronos found out that Kevin and Michael have been trying to deceive him. They don't hate each other at all. In fact, they have been plotting together to get away from here - from him." Jeff cried as he struggled to maintain control over his failing ass muscles. "I guess it turns out that Steve was helping them. I don't really know any of the details. That's what I know. Chronos asked me to help keep you out of the way while he dealt with all this."

"Oh, shit!" Bob cried to Mark. "This is "Daniel" all over again. We gotta help Steve! - and them!" (Then, turning back to Jeff) "Where are they? You know what he'll do! You know what Chronos is like when he's threatened like this!"

"No, no, he promised!" Jeff swore. "They're probably still in the theater. He promised that he was just going to straighten them out - scare them a bit. He won't hurt them! (Then with a pause he added) "Will he?"

"Of course he will, you idiot! Hey, what's all this to you anyway? What are you getting out of helping him?"

Jeff screamed again as the rough edge of the 5" steel clamp ripped into the last vestige of protective muscle.

"Kevin, I get Kevin!" Jeff confessed. "You can't let him hurt Kevin. Please, don't let him do anything to him!"

"You can really be a stupid, stupid asshole, Jeff! And now you've gone and put Steve and the others in danger! You stupid shithead!" Mark shouted as he kicked the two benches clear of the intruding pipe. "There, get yourself out of this one." (Turning to Bob) "Come on, let's go!"

"Oh, shit, don't leave me here like this!" the dangling, spent giant begged as his usually unconquerable muscles sensed final failure coming on.

Mark and Bob turned without response; picked up one of the flat benches; and hurled it at the locked glass doors. The doors shattered in a splintering of glass. The two naked men tossed workout pads onto the adjacent floor for protection and bounded through the shattered frame. They raced down the corridors and, reaching the doors of the theater, didn't even bother to check if they, too, were locked.

Heavily muscled shoulders steeled by anxiety crashed through the doors. Just as they burst in, they were greeted by the image of two horizontal columns of flame shooting across the disheveled stage.

All they heard was a voice as it screamed - "Jesus Christ! NO!" •

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