Ring, The

When John awoke, it was late evening, only shadows and streaks of lamplight filled the room. He lay silent, exhausted still, his arms dangling over the side of the bed. As he pulled himself upright, he heard a small noise. He looked at his empty hand and then to the floor. The ring lay there, unsparkling. John placed it on the table and looked over at Richard's silent form. The massive chest moved softly, Richard's breath came in small sighs like a child's. In the half-light, John rose to go to the bathroom. He walked softly and closed the door before turning on the light.

For the second time that day, he gasped at his reflection.

As unbelieving as before, John touched his hair, eyes and mouth only to confirm he was himself again.

The ring. He realized in a flash of memory and recognition: the ring was magic and had transformed him, but its power deserted him when the ring left his hand. He turned off the water, threw a towel around himself and turned back into the bedroom. He needed to retrieve the ring before Richard woke up.

He found it immediately, slipped the ring on his finger, noticing how the stone blazed even in the twilight. John concentrated on his earlier fantasy figure and slipped back into the bathroom to see if it had worked.

Once more he was the tall, imposing blond he had been earlier. But this did not reassure him. Would it last? How could he explain it to people who knew him? Friends? Did he want to look like this forever? And then another thought struck him.

Sitting alone in the bathroom on the edge of the tub, he shut his eyes again. He concentrated on a short red-haired, mustachioed man he was creating in his mind. About 5'5", he thought, heavy square tits covered in golden red hair and thickly muscled thighs with diamond-etched calves. He imagined the long slender penis surrounded by curling red hairs. John opened his eyes and saw what he had only imagined before.

Excitedly he tried several changes in form to resemble the men he always wanted to be. He became tall and dark, short and muscular. He noticed a muscle mag lying on the toilet top and he realized he could indulge himself with his most outrageous muscle fantasies.

Turning the pages, he found a picture of Mike Francois who had always turned him on with massive size and his huge 22 inch biceps and good looks. Concentrating on the photo, he looked into the mirror. He looked exactly like Mike. He raised his arms and flexed his biceps. The mighty arms flexed beside his head, the massive shoulders and chest flexed and rippled in the mirror. He ran his hands over his new body, feeling the size and power.

"Hey, where's John?"

John turned to see Richard standing in the doorway to the bathroom, looking over John's massive new body with definite interest. Richard's glance stopped at John's ring.

"Ah, this is going to be interesting," Richard said raising his right hand to show John his own ring. He picked up the muscle magazine and flipped through the pages, stopping at a photo of Paul Dillet.

"You like freaky muscles, too, eh? Watch this," he said and slowly changed his 6'2" gymnast body into Paul's massive physique, his muscles growing and hardening, becoming much bigger than John, his skin darkening to Paul's sexy ebony. Richard lost a couple of inches in height but gained about 60 pounds of muscle.

Watching Richard change from the hot man who'd just fucked him into a rock-hard bodybuilder excited John tremendously. His dick stiffened as he moved to Richard and ran his hands over Richard's huge muscles.

"Biceps are my favourite muscle," said Richard as he flexed his huge, award-winning arms, the muscle looking like a mountain top with it's amazing split. "What do you think?"

John's cock grew to Mike's full 8 inches as he ran his hands over the massive biceps that Richard now sported. Changing his form was incredibly hot, but having a partner with the same power was mind-blowing, the possibilities for sex unimaginable.

"Shit, you look hot," panted John. "God, I've always fantasized about getting off on Dillet's biceps, feeling them, licking them, measuring them... He must have the biggest arms!"

Richard smiled, "Me, too. Why don't you get out a measuring tape." He hit a double-biceps pose, then ran his hand over his right arm, flexing and pumping the huge muscle.

John found a tape and ran it around Richards upper arm. He drew a deep breath and read off the tape, "23 inches," he gasped.

"Look again," grinned Richard.

John did a double take. Richard's biceps had grown bigger, to a huge 24 inches, every muscle on his body gaining mass. His hand's shaking, John stepped back, dizzy with excitement. He looked down at his own massive body and flexed the outrageous muscles. He looked at Richard's huge physique and his own and nearly fainted, again.

"How did you do that?" John demanded. "Have you done this before?"

"Like it?" responded Richard. "You like my muscles, like watching them flex and get bigger and bigger, huh? Yeah, man, I get into muscle sex, getting bigger than any of these bodybuilders you like so much."

Richard took my hands and put them on his massive, striated chest and flexed. "Feel my pecs, muscle man, tell me how much you like freaky big muscles," he said, then hit another double biceps pose.

John ran his hands over Richard's massive chest, tentatively at first, but gaining confidence when he his own massive arms moving in front of him. "Yeah, big, hard muscle, flex those pecs, man, show me your monster muscles. Flex for me, muscle stud!"

Richard moaned with pleasure, "Oh, man, yeah! Muscles!" He brought his arms down and hit a most muscular shot, his traps and shoulders massive and wide. "Man, I want you to fuck me, I want you to make your dick 12 inches long and I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to fill me with muscle cum!"

They moved back into the bedroom, and Richard grabbed John's cock, "Make it bigger man, make it huge, just imagine it and it'll get huge, man."

An image of the biggest dick he'd seen, 12 inches long with a huge vein standing out along the top, the mushroom shaped head flaring and glistening with pre-cum, filled his mind and he felt a surge as his dick expanded and hardened in its new shape.

"Yeah, that's it, man, huge monster meat! Fuck me, my muscle hunk!" Richard growled as he lay on his back on my bed, jerking his dick and flexing his hard muscle. "Muscle sex, man, hard muscle sex!"

John grabbed some oil from the night stand and poured a generous amount on his dick then over Richard's torso and ass. He smoothed the oil into Richard's hot fuck hole, the muscles clenched around his finger and Richard's hard cock throbbed harder and harder. John applied oil to Richard's cock and began stroking it roughly, "Yeah, this muscle man's going to fuck you hard, going to fill you up with my hard muscle."

Richard thrashed on the bed, his massive legs flexing, the quads hanging from the bone then harding into a mass of defined muscle. His calves were bigger than most bodybuilders arms, bigger than some men's thighs. John knelt on the floor and pulled Richard's ass towards his dick, the muscle's in his arms flexing and jumping as he moved the behemoth man. Richard put his legs on John's shoulder's and John began licking and biting and the monster calves beside his head. Raising his head, he grabbed his 12 inch dick and pointed it as Richard's waiting hole.

"You want this monster dick, man, you want this muscle man to fuck you?" John said.

"Fuck man, yeah, fuck me, fuck me stud!" Richard groaned. "Put that dick up my ass and fuck me, fuck your muscle buddy, let's get huge, guy, let's fuck and get bigger and bigger, man. Fuck, yeah! Muscles, big, freaky muscle!"

Richard raised his arms to flex his biceps again, licking the hard muscle. "Cannon ball biceps, man. I want you to fuck me and I'll make my arms bigger, yeah, fuck me as if you're filling me with muscle, watch me grow, man!"

John threw his body over Richard's, his dick plunging into his muscle buddy's hot ass. He grabbed Richards biceps and Richard flexed. "Make your arms bigger, buddy. My dick is in you pumping you up with hot, hard muscle." John began pumping Richard's ass, his massive dick plunging into the muscular hole, Richard's ripped ass muscles clenched hard on John's dick. With each stroke of John's dick, Richard's body became bigger, the muscles getting hotter. It seemed as if each stroke John threw into the massive man only increased Richard's weight by another 5 pounds. Richard's biceps were now 28 inches, his chest 70 inches, his shoulders were getting so wide spreading across more than half the bed, more than 4 feet across.

John felt Richard's muscles grow bigger and bigger, pumping his dick up Richard's ass, each stroke adding more and more mass to Richard's already giant physique. John couldn't help but start growing himself, Richard's massive biceps growing harder and harder sending waves of sensation and mass down John's arms. He grew taller and heavier, wider and stronger. Pulses of energy came off Richard's body, each pulse sending more and more muscle into John's body, filling each muscle with more and more mass. Now he was big as Richard, and getting bigger each moment.

"Yeah, my muscle man, make your muscles grow. Get bigger for me, fuck me and grow, man! I want to see 30 inch biceps man 35 inch biceps! I want a 500 pound muscle man pumping his hot cock and hot muscle into me!"

John's dick jerked and spasmed, even his huge 12 inch cock growing with the rest of him. His arms grew to 30 inches, then to 32 inches around. "You want muscle? You want to see 35 inch biceps?" John cried. He raised his arms and flexed, his shoulders 5 feet across, his traps reaching up his neck. He flexed his monster arms, "Bowling ball sized biceps, man! 35 fucking inches, man!" Turning his head, John gasped as he saw the massive, freaky, monster muscle. The sight of 35 inch biceps sent him over the edge, gallons of cum spurting into Richard's hot ass, his dick growing another inch. As the massive load pumped into Richard's ass, Richard's huge muscle dick throbbed and shot his huge load over the slabs of muscle covering his body. •

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