College Days


By MuscleMike23

I had never been a real huge guy. Neither had my roommate, Jon. We'd been roommates for the past two years, and it seemed that everytime we both tried to gain some serious size, it never worked. I guess we were stuck this way forever.

Not that it was a bad thing either. I was the "bigger" one if you want to call it that. I'm 5'11", skinny, with dark black hair and blue eyes. Of course, I have a pale complexion so that just makes me look even weirder. Jon was a bit shorter at 5'6". He had brown hair and blue eyes as well, and to me at least, he was cute. He wasn't skinny like I was, but he wasn't real muscular either.

Not yet anyway.

So that's where my story, excuse me, our story starts. It was another normal college day. I had chemistry that morning, and like always, had managed to spill some chemicals on my hands. Of course, I knew the drill. Use this if it’s a base, this if its an acid, use soap and water, blah blah blah. But it didn't hurt though. I felt dizzy though, so my professor told me to go back to my dorm and take a rest.

So, there I was. Alone in my dorm room, lying on my bed, feeling like shit. I just stared up at the ceiling, wondering what those chemicals would do to me. I tried to get my mind off it though. You see, I had a fascination for huge guys. I mean, REALLY huge guys. Bigger than any bodybuilder. So I started to think about that. I thought what it would be like to have huge biceps, something that'd strike fear into anyone's heart. What it'd be like to have a huge muscle chest, so huge that when I looked down, I couldn't see my feet. I sat there, closing my eyes, imagining it, feeling a tingling sensation in my cock. I smirked, and started taking off my pants, exposing my cock. It was normal size, about 6" hard, but I've always wanted a huge one. A two foot pecker, or something obscene like that. I felt myself getting aroused again. I watched as my dick started to stiffen. It was then that my head started to ache. Really bad. I had to turn my attention away from everything else. The pain was excrutiating!! Burning, hot, searing pain… I passed out…


When I came to, I looked at my nearby clock. 12:05 p.m. I'd only been out for an hour, but still. I sat up, and looked around. Jon wasn't back yet, so he didn't catch me naked again, like the last time, but that's another story. As I sat up, something didn't feel right. I looked down, and gasped! My huge pecs obscured the view from anything below me! Damn, I still must be dreaming. But as I ran my hands across it, I knew it wasn't. That's when I noticed my arms. THEY WERE ENORMOUS! At least 30" around. I looked in front of me, and gasped. My usual small 3" soft cock was now 18" soft!!! FUCK!! I couldn't believe it. And it was getting aroused. I stood up. I wanted to see myself in the mirror! I walked over to the mirror, and as I saw myself, my cock instantly became hard, smacking me right below my chest.

I had huge, tree trunk quads and calves. It was amazing to think I could still walk! I had a thin waist, probably 30" around. I had an amazingly hard and huge 10 pack, which seemed to jut out from my body. My chest was enormous, my pecs standing out at least two feet! And as I saw my face, precum started to ooze out of my massive cock.

My face would have made Brad Pitt look butt ugly. I had a square jaw, high cheek bones, and a smile that would cause any normal guy to cream his pants right there! I ran my huge hands over my new body, watching all the muscle fibers in my forearms bulge and twitch. I couldn't hold it any longer. I used both of my hands since my two foot long hard cock was so thick, and ran them up and down that huge shaft. Within seconds, I reached orgasm, sending a spray of cum all over the mirror and wall. It seemed to last forever as I shot load after load after load. Shit, I must've shot a gallon! The orgasm was so intense, and it took everything in my power to keep myself from screaming in ecstasy. I didn't want the other people in the dorm to find out! My orgasm lasted ten minutes!!! Finally, I started shooting less, and finally ceased.

Hell I was up for another round! But crap! I looked at the clock again. 12:25?! Damnit..Jon'd be back from class soon. I didn't want to scare him looking like this. I didn't want this room to be a mess either! I imagined my old body, and suddenly I felt my muscles shrinking. I watched in awe (and disappointment of course) as my huge body went back to being small again. I then grabbed some towels, and started to clean up my man seed. I couldn't wait for Jon to come back! I wanted to show him my hugeness! •

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