MassX Frat

The First Day of My New Life


By muscleboy82000

When I picked the title of this series, I had a storyline that was going to be developed very quickly but I have decided to spend a few more chapters on developing the story more completely. I hope that everyone understands and continue to enjoy my work.

------------------- Cast

Shawn Son of Bob, College student at State University, 20 years old

Bob An X'd Man. Father to Shawn and Vice President of Marketing and Sales for MassX

Tommy An X'd Man. A waiter at the Big Dan's Restaurant and model for MassX


I awoke as the sun began to shine into the bedroom. I am not a morning person but for the first time, I was wide-awake and felt like a million dollars. A just laid in bed and thought of all that happened last night and how my life has changed. No longer was a just an average male but now I was an X'd man. No longer would I have to satisfy my sexual needs and desires by jacking off because the girls would not give me the time of day, but now I was an X'd man and I should have no problem finding people eager to satisfy my masculine needs. I thought of my new huge muscles and the power and strength flowing through my body and was glad that Dad had brought me into this new family.

I looked over a saw my father lying on his back sleeping. The sheets were on the floor and his body was totally exposed. The smoothness of his body shining from the sunlight and is muscles flexing has his mighty chest rose as he inhaled. Is phallus was semi-erect and was lying against his tight 10-pack abs. I just watched his breathing and became more and more sexually aroused and excited seeing the power and strength coming off of him. I crawled over and began to kiss and caress Dad's monstrous things and moved slowly up to his dick and scrotum. Once I got to the head, I began to suck on his dick for all it was worth. The more I sucked on it, the more excited I began, and the more I wanted to shove the entire thing down my throat. I surprised myself with the ease of how fast I had become such an experienced and skilled "cock-sucker" and hoped that Dad would be proud of me. Two days ago, I would have never thought of sucking a man's cock, let alone my own fathers, but now it felt so natural and right. Finally, I got into a good rhythm and began to deep throat my father's cock. 24 plus inches of man meat was sliding down my throat like it was nothing at all. If a normal had tried this, they would have either damaged their throat or would never got beyond the lemon size head. Dad was moaning in his sleep and his cock continued to inflate as I bobbed up and down. Sweet precum began flowing from tip and down my throat. It was warm and sweet and helped to lubricate my throat so that I could get more of the cock down. I did not notice last night but as Dad's cock inflates, the thick veins running down and around his cock expanded, causing the girth to increase and tickle the back of my throat. I began to play and fondle his nuts and finally they began to tighten and spasm and his body began shaking as he began to explode tremendous amount of cum in my mouth. I took special effort to allow none of his cum to go to waste. I began to feel something pushing my mouth farther down the shaft and realized that Dad was awake and enjoying his morning hummer. He encouraged me to continue and to suck harder, faster and deeper. He finally let out a scream of pleasure and joy that should have wakened the dead.

After he finished blowing his load into my mouth, I sucked the last bit of cum and moved up to Dad's face and began to give is the best morning French kiss a son could possibly do and shared some of Dad's "man seed" with him. Dad said that the best taste he ever had was his cum coming from my mouth. We talked for a few minutes about last night and Dad asked me if I had any problems with what he did and how the changes have affected me. I said not at all and I think that I am getting the hang of X'd man sex stuff since I just gave you a great blowjob. I thanked Dad for his wonderful gift and said that I could never repay him. I did say that I have a few questions about MassX and about the company but that could wait until later. Dad asked if I had blew my load yet and when the answer was no, he dove onto my dick and began servicing me like he did last night. Dad was a great cocksucker and I blew my load very quickly and with a volume that some of my cum leaked out from the corners of his mouth

As Dad was licking the last bit of cum off of my dick and his face, he looked over that the clock and said it was time to get moving because we needed to get dressed and head off to the office. He said that he had people for me to meet and he needed to explain everything about the company to me. I began to smile thinking of the fun last night in the shower and the repeat performance of impaling Dad on my new dick but Dad said that we did not have time for fucking right now. He sent be off to shower and said that he would to find some clothes for me, since nothing that I owned would fit. As I walked into the bathroom, I finally got the chance to examine and admire my new body. I just stopped in front of a full-length mirror and began to admirer my new appearance.

The best overall description that first came to mind was that I looked like one of those comic book super heroes with the super muscular bodies. Every muscle was so developed that the definition was incredible. I took a minute to just stare and examine my new body. The only thing that still looked like me was my face and even that had changed. I had always had lots of pimples and now my face was perfectly clear, except for about three days worth of facial hair. My hair was still a nice brown color but had grown at least three inches and now reached the top of my shoulders. My necks was thick and very little was visible before great shoulder muscle rose up. The three heads of each deltoid was well-defined and thick veins crisscrossed. Each upper arm rippled with simple movement and when I flexed my bicep, the mound looked as large as a bowling ball and the head had a ridge running down it. My forearms looked as big as my former bicep. Looking at my chest, the only think I could say was Wow!!!!. Each pec had striations running across them and the valley between them had to be six inches deep. My nipples were extended at least an inch and pointed straight down towards my feet. My lats were wide enough to cause my arms to rest on them and stick out at nearly a 90-degree angle. My abs were gorgeous to say the least, I had a well defined 10-pack with no fat at all. The lines separating each muscle could hide a nickel. My waist as so small that between my lats and legs, I had a perfect hourglass shape. Each thigh was so huge that I had to walk bowlegged and caused my cock and balls to be pushed forwards. The skin was so thin over my legs that I could see ever fiber of muscle. Each calf was equally as muscular as the rest of my body. The absolute best sight was my new cock. Even semi- erect, it reached nearly to my knees. The head was as big as a lemon and the shaft was as thick as a beer can and covered with think veins. My balls were heavy and hung low and each on was the size of an orange.

After showering and shaving all the facial hair except for a goatee, I walked back into Dad's bedroom. Dad said that he had laid out an outfit for me on my side of the bed and he grabbed a piece of my ass as he walked towards the bathroom. For clothes, I had a pair of blue Lycra shorts and a stretch cream-colored tee shirt. Both were skintight and took a fair amount of effort to get over my muscles. It was the first time I have not worn underwear and it felt fantastic to have my new equipment supported by the Lycra. I began to think about all of the new experiences and sensations that I have had since last night and felt an inner peace. I yelled into Dad asking about underwear and he said that because of our size, nothing could contain out dicks so why bother. He said to go on down to the kitchen and make us a batch protein shakes to hold us over until breakfast. I slipped on a pair on sandals and walked to the kitchen and found a case of protein shake/meal replacement packages and two blenders. I had just finished whipping them up when Dad walked in and looking dynamite in a tight pink polo shirt and a pair of dark Lycra long pants. His long hair was flowing free and reached below his shoulders. He kissed me and said thanks as he grabbed one of the blender containers and downed it in one gulp. He said to drink up because time is money.

We hopped into the convertible in front of the house and Dad took off like a bat out of hell. As we drove, people we passed would just stare at us. It felt great to be the center of attention and having the wind blowing through my hair and across my muscles. Dad saw the smile on my face and said that the best is yet to come. We were heading into the city towards the old industrial section is starting to become the art and yuppie section. This was becoming the party section of town with several new clubs and bars opening right before I left for college. Our first stop was a restaurant called Big Dan's with a sign containing an outline of a bodybuilder. As we walked towards the place, Dad said it was originally a diner targeted to bodybuilders since the area has a large number of gyms but the X'd crowd has taken over the place. Bodybuilders and normals still liked to come around and hang with the big crowd. It was one of the few places that served meals large enough for us. Big Dan's was not a huge place, maybe fifteen tables but all of the tables and chairs we sized to accommodate an X'd man size and a counter around the cooking areas. Since it was only 7:30 am, the place was empty. Dad said that most X'd men like to sleep in since we spend most of the night fucking and sucking our brains out. We grabbed a table in the middle of the place and I took the chair facing the front door, as I wanted to see the studs as they walked in the place.

As I was watching out the front windows, Dad said hello to Tommy as an X'd stud walked past me and shared a long and forceful passionate kiss. Once they separated, Dad introduced to Tommy, the brother of the owner of the diner. Tommy looked to be about 25 years old, about 6 feet talk and the usual proportionate amount of muscle. He had long blond hair that was pulled back into a thick ponytail and each ear had a couple of earrings. He was wearing black high-top boots, black cargo shorts that we tight around the legs, with a nice size bulge in the crotch and a white tee shirt and a blue apron. His skin was well tanned and he had matching barbwire tattoos on each arm. Dad explained that I am new to the scene and just became X'd last night. Tommy said welcome to the MassX family and he hopes that I enjoyed Dad last night has much has he as. I looked down has his cock and noticed that it was growing. As we talked, I noticed a couple of normal size body builders come from the back and begin working about the grill and counter. Dad said that we each would have a "Big Breakfast". Once Tommy had the cooks working on the order, he came back and asked me if I would like to have tour of the place. Before I could answer Dad said that I should go and enjoy yourself. Tommy led me into the backroom and no sooner did we walk into the stock room, then he spun me around and began kissing me and shoving is tongue deep into my mouth. I began to return the affection that he was showing me and we both began to rub our hands all over each other's muscular shoulders, arms and chest. Tommy reached down and began to fondle my nuts and cock and said that I was very nicely equipped and pulled my shorts down around my ankles. My dick was so eager to respond that is smacked into my chest and abs with a loud thud. Tommy said that we needed a little privacy for this and he helped me out of my shorts and we walked into the employee restroom and he pushed me into one of the stalls. Tommy began give me a great blow and I grabbed onto the metal stall dividers to steady myself. Tommy drove me wild as he worked his tongue around my shaft and head and paid special attention to my slit. The act that sent me over the edge was how Tommy used his teeth to scrap my shaft as he move up and down. The orgasm I had was so wonderful, so powerful, and so strong that I ripped the two metal dividers from the wall and floor and folded and mutilated them, as if they were paper. Tommy began to laugh and said I really needed to learn how to control my strength and excitement or I was going to be rebuilding the place every time we played together. I began to laugh to and thanked him for the welcoming gift. He said no problem since he did the same thing to Bob right after he joined the X'd family.

I looked over and saw that Tommy's cock was growing in his pants. I told him that I wanted to thank him for his selfish act and I would either suck him off or he could try to fuck my brains out. He said that while the blowjob was tempting; that he would love to stick is X'd man cock up my ass. With that, I walked over towards the sink and leaned into the counter and sticking my ass out for Tommy to easily fuck me. I told him that I was waiting and with that, we dropped is pants down and freed his dick. Looking over my shoulder, his cock looked thicker that Dad's but a little smaller in length. A good amount of pre-cum was flowing causing it to have sheen. Tommy said that were going to enjoying and with that, he inserted the head of his cock into my ass. He stopped, for a moment, to allow for me to adjust to the wonderful sensation before pushing it the rest of the way up my ass. The feeling was great because it was wider than Dad's and I felt and ridge and vein. Once Tommy hit bottom, he began to work his cock in and out and pumped faster and faster. He reached around and began to play and fondle my nipples and massage my pecs. While I was in my bliss and Tommy was heading towards his, I wondered what would happen if I would squeeze my ass muscles close. So without saying anything and while Tommy was pulling out, I squeezed with all my might. I did not think that my super strength would include my ass muscles but they did because Tommy let out a painful scream. Since I did not want to hurt him, I quickly released and allowed Tommy to continue to pump me. After a few minutes, Tommy yelled he was cumming and I felt him blow his load deep inside me. As he continued to cum, he kept his dick buried deep inside me and hugged me so we could share the experience. I knew that we had to have a repeat performance when we could take our time and enjoy it more.

As we cleaned up in the sink, Tommy said that he was one of the first public member of the X'd family. He said that he was attending the local university and majoring in Biochemistry and was just starting to workout at the school gym when he saw a notice on the bulletin board asking for people willing to take part in a test of a new bodybuilding supplement. He responded, took the blood test and the rest is history. He said that he now works here in the morning to help out his family and he models for MassX. We kissed again for a few minutes and before we got carried away, Tommy said that we should get back out because my breakfast is getting cold. We walked out together with smiles across are faces. Dad said it looked like the two of us had a good time and he hoped that we would become friends. I told Dad that Tommy and I were now best friends but we had a little problem. I nearly destroyed the bathroom when I came. Dad smiled and said no problem because he DID destroy the same bathroom. Dad told Tommy to just add it to the company tab. With that, the two cooks/bodybuilders brought over our breakfast. The Big Breakfast was a dozen eggs, one pound of bacon, one pound of sausages, ten pancakes, and a platter of potatoes for both of us. I told Dad that I could not eat that and he said that, while we may not have huge hunger pains, once we start eating, we just couldn't stop. With that, we dove into our food and did not say another word for 15 minutes as we cleaned our plates. Tommy came by a couple of times to refill our water and juice. While eating, I did not notice anything occurring around me, I just concentrated on eating and shoveling food into my mouth. As Tommy was pulling our plates away, I looked around and saw six others had come in, two X'd men, two bodybuilders and two normal sized men. Tommy walked over and thanked us for coming in and gave each of us a goodbye kiss. Dad asked Tommy if he was coming to the 4 o'clock meeting today at the office and Tommy said he would be.

As we walked to the car, Dad asked how I enjoyed Tommy. I said that he was a great cocksucker and I would love to spend more time with him. Dad said that would be great and he thought that having someone closer to my own age to show be around and to help me adjust to my new life. He asked Tommy yesterday morning, while Tommy was sucking the man juice out of my dick if he would help. Dad said the request cost him a blowjob and being fucked up the ass but it was worth it, both for the sheer enjoyment but to help me adjust to the new world. Besides, he has fucked Tommy numerous times since joining the X'd world, so it nothing to worry about. Dad continued by saying that Tommy, along with his brother, were the first X'd men he fucked after he took MassX. I told Dad that he had to tell me the story of that but it could wait until later.

With that, we climbed into the car and I grabbed Dad's head and pulled him into a French kiss and thanked him again for everything. Dad just smiled and said he made him very happy to finally see me happy and able to share this new life together. With that, we sped off towards the office. •

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