Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

Steven went to take a shower. He had been in there about 5 minutes when the hot water shut off. Steven jumped out of the shower. He stepped out into the hall and he noticed the door to Mr. Andrews's bedroom was open. Normally Steven wouldn't run around the house naked, but since Mrs. Andrews was gone, he figured it was OK. Steven went downstairs. The basement door was open. He went downstairs. Mr. Andrews was standing there with a wrench in one hand and a beer in the other. "Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Steven asked. Mr. Andrews replied, "In addition to eating too much, you use too much hot water! You don't need more than 5 minutes for a shower. And don't give me any crap about how big you are and there is more of you to wash!"

Mr. Andrews was staring right at Steven's crotch. He hadn't seen Steven naked since he was about 12, and Steven had gotten a lot bigger. Since Steven was 7'10" tall, his crotch wasn't too much below eye level for Mr. Andrews! Steven asked, "What are you looking at?" Mr. Andrews replied, "Damn, how do you even get your pants on with that thing?" Steven laughed, "Oh, I manage. It's a big job, but somebody's got to do it!"

"You know you're not supposed to run around the house without clothes. What would your mother say?" Mr. Andrews said. "She's not here, I don't think she'll mind." Steven replied. "Well, I mind, go get some clothes on Godzilla! I don't want to have to look at that monstrosity flapping in the breeze!" Mr. Andrews said. Steven said, "Turn the hot water back on, I'll finish my shower and I'll put some clothes on." Mr. Andrews smiled and said, "No more hot water!"

Steven grabbed the wrist of Mr. Andrews's hand that was holding the wrench. "Give me the wrench!" Steven said. Mr. Andrews said, "NO!" Steven then began applying pressure to the wrist. Mr. Andrews held on for dear life. Steven squeezed a little harder. "I don't want to break your wrist, you little twerp!" Steven yelled. Finally Mr. Andrews dropped the wrench. Steven picked it up. He began looking at the pipes trying to figure out which one was the hot water. Mr. Andrews grinned smugly! "So the big, strong Steven isn't smart enough to figure out how to turn on the hot water is he?" Mr. Andrews said.

"I may not know, but bet I could make you tell me, if I wanted!" Steven replied. He saw a chair sitting out in the middle of the floor. Mr. Andrews was short enough that he would have needed a chair to reach the pipes along the ceiling. Steven walked over there and saw a valve. Steven felt the pipe and it was warm. Steven kicked the chair and it went flying across the basement and smashed into the wall. "I won't be needing a chair to stand on!" he said. Steven turned the valve with the wrench.

Then Steven walked back over to where Mr. Andrews was standing. He held the wrench in both hands and bent it. "There, now you won't be able to mess with the hot water again!" Steven said. "Back to bed with you, and this time stay there!" Steven grabbed Mr. Andrews by the back of the neck and carried him upstairs. He threw him in bed. There was a large antique wood dresser in the bedroom. It stood about 7 feet high and probably weighed 300-400 lbs.. Steven grabbed it by the sides picked it up and carried it out into the hall and set it down. He closed the door and then set the dresser down in front of the door. "That should keep you in there and out of my hair!" Steven said. Then he went back to the bathroom and finished his shower. He even took a longer shower than normal!

Steven went downstairs to watch TV. He went down to the basement and got one of his 1,000lb barbells and brought it up stairs. Normally, he wouldn't be allowed to have a barbell in the living room, but Mr. Andrews was gone and Mr. Andrews was sleeping it off, so he could get in an extra arm workout while he watched TV. He was sitting on the floor watching TV and doing one arm curls with the barbell. He thought he heard a rustling in the bushes outside but he figured it was just the wind or an animal!

Then Steven hears the back door open. He jumps up and goes out to the kitchen. He is still carrying the barbell. Who's standing in the kitchen but Mr. Andrews. He's got a beer in one hand and a rifle in the other! "How'd you get out of the bedroom? And where'd you get that rifle? Steven asked. Mr. Andrews replied, "Did you ever hear of climbing out of the window, you idiot! Then again, maybe you haven't, seeing that you're probably too fucking big to fit through a window!

Steven said, "Put down the gun before you hurt somebody!" Mr. Andrews replied, "Oooh! Is big macho Steven scared of a little gun! Is he shaking in his big boots! Well too damn BAD! I've put up with you throwing your weight around long enough!" Steven just glared at him. "Where did a little guy like you get such a big rifle?" Steven asked. "I picked that up from the elephant trainers at the zoo. They always keep a big rifle around when they're dealing with an elephant! You never know when they'll go rogue on you!" "I'll admit I'm pretty big, but I think the rogue elephant comparison is pretty derogatory." Steven said. Mr. Andrews said, "Why not! You're as big as an elephant. Lord knows you've got a trunk on you! You're always implying that you're as strong as one. You may be a hell of a lot bigger than me but this baby is the great equalizer! You might outweigh me by 600lbs. but a 4 oz. bullet will bring you down, you big muscle-bound freak!"

Steven pumped the barbell up and down. Steven said, "What have I told you about the word musclebound, you little twerp! If I were as puny as you, I wouldn't call anybody a musclebound freak! Mr. Andrews replied, "As long as I've got this baby, I've got all the muscle I need." With his free hand he flexed his scrawny 11" bicep. Steven laughed out loud. "You call that a muscle!" Mr. Andrews continued, " I'm the big man around here now and don't you forget it sonny!" as he patted the rifle.

Steven said, "You really shouldn't point a gun at somebody you know! Is that thing loaded?" Steven took a step toward Mr. Andrews and started to reach for the gun. Mr. Andrews pointed the gun at the ceiling and fired. Steven jumped back and kind of stumbled. Mr. Andrews smiled and said, " Yep-It's loaded all right! So that scared you did it? Big Macho Steven's scared of the little gun! You won't like having to listen to me will you? Make you feel like a weakling does it? Well TOO DAMN BAD!" Steven replied, "Actually, I haven't felt like weakling in a long, long time! I don't' think a weakling could pump this barbell, do you?" Steven lifted the barbell over his head. He started to let the barbell fall toward Mr. Andrews, hoping to knock the gun out of his hand. Mr. Andrews fired again. The bullet hit the barbell and ricocheted off. Steven stopped the barbell's fall in mid flight. Steven yelled, "OK, now I'm PISSED!" Mr. Andrews just laughed at him. "You're pissed, but I got Big Bertha on my side!"

Steven set the barbell down on the floor. He just grinned a wicked grin and said, "Well, Golly Gee Whiz Little Pops! I guess you are the big, strong man around here now with that rifle. I guess this is one time my musclebound biceps just aren't going to do me any good!" He gave Mr. Andrews a double bicep pose and a wink of his eye and turned and went out the door. Mr. Andrews followed at a distance, still pointing the gun at Steven.

Steven walked out into the driveway by Mr. Andrews's car. He raised his fist and hit the roof of the car right in the middle. The roof crumpled and caved in like it was made of cardboard. Mr. Andrews yelled. "Don't do that you freak! Leave my car alone!" He started to aim the gun at Steven. Steven yelled, "You wouldn't shoot your own musclebound son would you?" Mr. Andrews yelled back, "I'd shoot a rogue elephant in a minute!"

Steven reached down and grabbed the underside of the car with one hand. He flipped the car over on its side and crouched down behind it. Steven crawled down to one end of the car and peeked around the corner. He saw Mr. Andrews slowly coming around the side of the car. When Mr. Andrews got close, Steven pushed the car over on its roof. The sight of his car crashing onto its already smashed roof caught Mr. Andrews off guard. Mr. Andrews jumped to get out of the way of the falling automobile. This gave Steven enough time to run a few steps and grab the rifle by the barrel. Steven moves pretty fast for a big guy.

Steven tried to grab the rifle away, but Mr. Andrews held on tight. Mr. Andrews fired the gun again, but Steven had been careful to keep the barrel pointed in to the air. Steven flipped the gun back and forth several times. Mr. Andrews's finger was caught in the trigger guard. Mr. Andrews went along for the ride flipping back and forth as Steven flipped the gun. After several flips, there was a crack as Mr. Andrews's finger broke. The he let go of the gun. He went sprawling on the ground. He attempted to get up, but Steven put a Size 36 shoe on his chest and forced him to the ground. "You're not going anywhere, little man!" Steven said.

Steven grasped the barrel of the gun in both hands. His biceps bulged as he bent the barrel of the gun. When it was bent in almost a circle, Steven said, "Well this won't hurt anybody ever." He threw the gun on the ground. He reached over and picked up Mr. Andrews with one hand and lifted him up over his head. He brought him down to face level and glared into his face. "Just what am I going to do with you, little man!" Steven said. "Didn't your mama teach playing with guns was dangerous?"

Mr. Andrews whimpered, "You're not going to hurt me are you?" Steven yelled back, "You ought to be scared you little shit! I told you that you wouldn't like it if I got pissed off! I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with you. I'm so fucking strong I could tear you apart and crush the pieces! I'm a fucking musclebound freak elephant you know. And I'm a really pissed off musclebound freak elephant! Steven flexed his bicep right in front of Mr. Andrew's face.

Steven continued his tirade, "I guess you're not the big man around here anymore since your gun is broke! Just remember.. I'm always the big man! You're going to have to learn a lesson tonight. Don't fuck with the strongest man in the world!" With that Steven ripped off his shirt and thumped on his chest like Tarzan does!

There was a telephone pole at the end of the driveway. There were footholds that started about 10 feet off the ground. Steven carried Mr. Andrews over to the telephone pole. He reached up and grabbed one of the metal footholds. He bent it upwards so it was like a hook, then hung Mr. Andrews from it by his shirt. He went over to the car, which was sitting upside down in yard. Steven grabbed the tail pipe and ripped it from the car. He came back over to Mr. Andrews. Steven bent the tail pipe into a curve then wrapped it around Mr. Andrews at chest level and the telephone pole. This effectively kept Mr. Andrews pinned to the telephone pole and kept him from moving his arms.

Steven went back to the car. He grabbed one of the tires and ripped it off the car. The metal screamed as he pulled. He repeated this on each tire. Then he ripped all 4 doors off the car, one at a time and threw them in a pile with the tires. Then Steven flipped the car over right side up. He made a fist and smashed in the trunk. He began smashing the car all over, on the hood, the fenders. He reached into the car and pulled the steering wheel out and the front seats out.

Steven then went to the front of the car. He lifted up the car until it was completely vertical. It was resting on the ground on its rear bumper. He then grasped the car at the sides and lifted it off the ground several feet, and let it fall to the ground. Steven repeated this several times until the front of the car was good and smashed. Then he turned the car over and smashed the front end. Then Steven grabbed the car in a bear hug. His arms were not long enough to reach all of the way around the car, but he was able get them a good way around in his long grasp. Steven began hugging the car as hard as he could. The sound of metal crushing could be heard for blocks. It sounded like a car accident in slow motion, but it lasted for about 60 seconds! The sides of the car buckled under the enormous pressure from Steven's mighty muscles. The car took on an hour glass shape as Steven crushed the passenger compartment. By the time Steven got done, it was barely recognizable as a car! Steven then lifted the car up over his head. He gave it a toss and it landed in the yard about 20 feet away. The adrenaline flow that Steven had from his anger made him even stronger than normal!

Steven flexed both biceps and let out a might roar. Even Steven was impressed by the way he handled that car. He'd never crushed a car before or threw a car across a yard. Strange as it seems, it seemed like his father seemed to draw out hidden strength in Steven. Of course it could just be the anger he caused Steven.

Then Steven walked over to the garage where Mr. Andrews had his tools. Mr. Andrews said. "It's locked!" Steven gave him a bemused look and replied, "No problem. Having these monsters is like having a master key!" Steven flexed his bicep. Then Steven reached down under the garage door and got his hand underneath, and simply pulled the door off its track and out into the driveway. Steven said, "So much for locks!" Steven ducked his head and went into the garage. This is where Mr. Andrews kept all of his valuable tools that he would never let anyone touch!

Then Steve came out with a table saw in one hand. He squeezed the saw and crushed it until it was mass of misshapen metal. He did the same thing to Mr. Andrew's lathe, sander and a bunch of other power tools.

There were several cans of paint in the garage. Steven brought these out, one in each hand. He went over to the telephone pole and held the cans from the bottom with the top pointed at Mr. Andrews. He began to squeeze. The can crushed, the lid flew off and the paint flew all over Mr. Andrews. Steven got a little on himself, but it was worth it.

There was also an empty barrel in the garage. Steven carried it outside, raised it over his head and crushed it, like somebody would crush a soda can. Then he threw it across the yard.

After Steven got done wrecking most of the tools in the garage, he went and stood in the doorway. The top of the door was just about level with his chest. He put his hands on the doorframe and started lifting. The wooden frame of the garage groaned. Soon the lower part of the garage pulled away from its moorings. The roof of the garage bent in the middle. The front of the garage was off its moorings and tilted at an odd angle. The roof broke in the middle. Steven gave a big tug and the front of the garage came forward. He dragged it out in to the driveway where it collapsed in a pile.

Then Steven went down to the end of the driveway where Mr. Andrews was still wrapped in the car's exhaust pipe, hanging 10' off the ground. Steven squatted down and wrapped his arms around the telephone pole. He then began lifting the pole out of the ground. It was a struggle but he managed to get the pole up and out of the ground. The Steven lowered the pole to the ground. The wires on top snapped and power went out all of the houses on the street. This really wasn't a smart thing to do because of the potential danger from live wires, but luckily a live wire didn't hit Steven when the pole came down! He went to the center of the pole. He grasped it in a bear hug and got the pole off the ground to about chest level. Then he got under it and lifted the pole over his head in a military press! He raised the pole up and down several times. Steven said, "I've always wondered how much one of these things weighs! Apparently not much!" Then Steven raised the telephone pole over his head several times using only one hand! He even twirled it around a couple of times, like baton!

Then Steven lowered the pole to the ground. He went to the opposite end from where Mr. Andrews was and wrapped his arms around it. He picked the pole up again off the ground and held it at about chest level. Then Steven began using the pole like giant hammer. He began hitting the car with it, smashing it even more than it already was. He gave what was left of the garage a few whacks and demolished the rest of it too. All the while, Mr. Andrews is still securely fastened to the pole. He hasn't said much whole time Steven has been on his rampage.

Steven lowered the pole to the ground. He rolled the pole over to make sure Mr. Andrews wasn't on the bottom when it hit the ground. Steven walked over to Mr. Andrews and said, "Just thought I'd show you what a musclebound rogue elephant can do, you idiot. Things would be lots easier if you just realized you have to do things my way! Puny people like you don`t get their way ever! Big people get their way all the time! I'm a big person! I hope you learned your lesson tonight. "DON'T PISS OFF THE BIG GUY!"

Steven went into the house, got his car keys and some clothes and got in the car and left! He also helped himself to Mr. Andrew's credit card. Steven went to a nearby hotel and checked in. He got a room with 2 queen size beds in it and pushed them together. He ordered a couple meals sent up from room service. Going on a rampage works up your appetite!

The neighbor, Mr. Johnson came out and found Mr. Andrews still securely fastened to the pole. Mr. Johnson said, "What happened out here? When I saw the car go flying across the yard, I hid down the basement! Damn, that boy is strong!" Mr. Andrews replied, "Thanks a lot Johnson! That damn gigantic musclebound son of mine lost his temper and went berserk! Get me off this thing!" Mr. Johnson tried but couldn't get the tails pipe unbent. He called the Fire Department and they had to use the `Jaws of Life' to get the tail pipe unbent and free Mr. Andrews.

Steven came home the next night. He bought some stuff with Mr. Andrew's credit card, some records and stuff like that. Mr. Andrews avoided him almost completely. If they happened to meet in the hall, Mr. Andrews would step to the side to allow Steven to pass. Mr. Andrews avoided making eye contact.

Mr. Andrews picked Mrs. Andrews up at the airport in her car. He didn't mention anything about what happened at home while Mrs. Andrews was gone. Mr. Andrews's car was still crushed beyond recognition and overturned in the yard and the garage lay in ruins. When they pulled into the driveway, Mrs. Andrews said, "What happened to the garage and your car? Was there a tornado while I was gone?" Mr. Andrews said, "Your son did all of this with his bare hands! He crushed the car and then threw it across the yard." Mrs. Andrews gasped and said, "I wouldn't have imagined that even Steven could crush a car like that! Damn, he's strong!"

Mrs. Andrews said, "OK, What did you say to make him mad this time, dear." "He didn't get mad when I called him a rogue elephant. He got mad when I called him a musclebound freak." Mrs. Andrews said, "You should know that Steven doesn't like to be called musclebound. lIf you call him that, you're just asking for trouble." Mr. Andrews replied. "He didn't get really mad until I shot the rifle at him." "You shot my son with a rifle!" Mrs. Andrews screamed. "At him, at him, I didn't hit him!" Mr. Andrews said. Mrs. Andrews said, "You're lucky you're still here to talk about it! Steven could have torn you from limb to limb! Look what he did to the garage and your car!" You've got to remember our son is the strongest man in the world! It's best to let him have his way!" Mr. Andrews said, "I'm aware of that now dear!"

Mrs. Andrews sat Steven down the next day in the kitchen for a talk about what happened while she was gone. She said, "Steven, your size and tremendous strength are a gift. You should use them for good not evil. Sometimes people are going to say things to you or about you that you don't like, or that make you mad. You should just ignore them. Remember `Sticks and Stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt you.'" Steven replied, "I'm so muscular, sticks and stones can't break my bones! I can crush boulders with my biceps!" Mrs. Andrews said, "Just remember. You're so much stronger than other people. You could hurt them easily. You don't want to be thought of as big bully do you? Wouldn't you feel guilty if you accidentally hurt somebody or even killed them?" Steven replied, "Yes Mom. I'll try to be good."

There was a lot that Mrs. Andrews didn't know about, like the rampage at Mr. Tate's house, or saving the cop's life out in California, or beating up the entire student body at school. There are just some things that Mothers shouldn't know!

Mrs. Andrews continued, "Who would have thought my little baby would grow up to be the strongest man in the world! Your strength has been amazing me for a long time! I remember the time when you were about 3 years old. The nozzle came off of the vacuum cleaner under the bed. You lifted up the end of the bed so I could get it out. And you were only about 3. Do you remember that?" Steven replied, "I remember that! That was the first time I ever felt real strong!" Mr. Andrews said, "I remember it like it was yesterday." •

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