Young Tony

A Visit from the Sub


By Deadliftr

The contents of this story, all its characters (except the main character, Tony), locations, names and actions mentioned and described in this story are 100% fictional creations by this author only. No aspect of the story represents any true and/or actual facts. Any resemblance of actual characters, locations, names and/or acts is accidental and unintended.

The year was drawing to an end, and what a year it had been, fucking-wise: the biggest athletes whenever he wanted them, the coach almost daily, all those girls right there in class! - and even the Dean. And through it all, he continued to grow - bigger, harder, and stronger, everywhere. Now closing in on six-foot-five, his dimensions had ballooned from 'massive bodybuilder' to 'unheard-of.' His mountainous 63" chest was supported easily by a pair of densely striated 44" thighs - almost frightening in their bulk and obvious steel-hardness, and dressed up with a pair of never-before-seen 28-inch guns with skin so tightly stretched over every deeply-etched muscle fiber that they appeared ready to explode. His physical growth was well-matched by the growth in his libido; Tony was hard so much of the time he figured he must already be in heaven: how could anything make this year any better?

Fuck a teacher, maybe?

It was Saturday. After an early A.M. family fuck-fest, Tony found himself alone for the rest of the day. He had no visitors planning to come over, but he knew a couple of phone calls could quickly change all that. He hadn't cum in over 2 hours now and decided to bone up by pumping up in his home gym. On his way to the barn, he noticed a strange car coming up the long farm driveway. He stood and waited, hands on hips, as the car stopped near by. The window tinting prevented his seeing the occupant, and who should finally step out but his "good buddy" -- the gay substitute! A smile of true pleasure quickly filled Tony's face: "The year is now complete," he thought to himself.

Mike sat in the car for what seemed like a very long time after he stopped. He was staring at Tony, who was, of course, completely naked, his obscenely large endowment drooping prominently over the top of the two large, low-hanging ball sacks. "Shit! - he looks even bigger than I remembered!" thought Mike to himself. "What the fuck am I doing here, and what will he do to me if I stay? I'll be totally at his mercy." Silence. "I really ought to turn around and get the fuck outta here…," but the undeniable sexual attraction and his deep need to experience this monster of a man sexually won out, and Mike stepped from the car.

They just looked at each other for a while. Tony could detect the lingering doubt, but by now he knew he wasn't going to let the man leave before having his way with him; on the other hand, he hoped Mike would make that decision on his own, so he gave him no encouragement. He remained still, saying nothing. Slowly, Mike started walking toward Tony, stopping only a few feet away. It was clear he was staying. So then, and only then, Tony briefly cast his eyes down towards his now-twitching cock and back toward Mike, but that was enough to send his intended message. Mike looked around a little, clearly uncomfortable in this setting, and then back at Tony, as if to say, "Here?" Tony just nodded slowly, but definitively. Mike got slowly down on his knees, took a deep breath, and began to make love to Tony's mammoth dick.

"My God, … Where do I start? … There's so much of him," he thought to himself! He decided on the balls, starting by cupping them from below with his hands, making him realize, for the first time that, "Holy shit! - they're bigger than my hands!". He just stared, still disbelieving their size, and then squeezed gently, then harder. His eyes widened; his mouth dropped open: "Fuck me! - Mine never get this hard, and he's still relaxed!"

Tony could sense Mike's reactions and remained still, patiently waiting for him to get a move on. "Ah, that's better," he said quietly as Mike starting moving his palms around his pleasantly sensitive nutsack, squeezing and kneading as he went.. Up the sides, down the back, underneath, back and forth, getting firmer and firmer with his massaging as he went on. Tony could feel him tentatively shove his fingers sensuously up between his ballsack and his thighs, and he even tried to push between his huge, very hard quads, he was sure to try to reach the perineum, only to run into a veritable "brick wall" of inner quad muscle. "Heh, heh - he's not going very far in that direction!" The thighs were just way too thick for there to be any space at all in between. At about this time, Mike had a brief "vision" of how it might feel to have his hardest possible tool massaged between those massive logs of man-muscle, and very nearly fainted at the thought.

Mike finally moved his hands up along side the tip of Tony's waiting meat, hesitated, and looked up to get approval. "Ah-h-h, he's finally getting down to business.." He nodded, and Mike grasped the thick, firm meat loosely, letting his fingers travel lightly up the underside of the cock, after which… "..Good!" said Tony. Next a light stroke down to the tip….and back up and down again… a little tighter this time… "OK, Man - do it like you mean it!" he thought. As if on queue, he did, and Tony flexed and tensed up, making his cock suddenly surge to an inch longer. Encouraged, Mike firmed up his baseball-bat grip, reaching around as far as he could - this thumb barely touched his middle finger - slid down to the tip and squeezed harder as he moved back upwards. Simultaneously, Tony thrust forward, pushing his way through the flexible vice of Mike's grasp. Hearing Tony's hissing intake of breath, Mike repeated the action, gradually upping the pressure and the pace, as did Tony.

When the first surge of precum appeared, Mike took very little time deciding what to do; almost immediately, his mouth had engulfed the tip of the penis, and his tongue was exploring the depth and breadth of Tony's piss slit. Tony felt great. "Hey, this guy knows his stuff," he thought to himself "Oh, yeah, shove that tongue down in there…, aww yeah.." It wasn't long before Mike felt the pressure of Tony's hands on his head, and the increasing pressure of his face against the huge muscle-meat in front of him. "Uh, oh-h-h.., here it comes…," he thought, at one and the same time wanting desperately to experience the fullness, the hardness, and the taste of the huge cock in his mouth, and fearful of his ability to take it all in; and sure enough, suddenly much -- not all, of the head was in his mouth and his tongue was busily washing it as thoroughly as he could.

As good as that felt, Tony was quickly ready for the whole treatment. "Time to get serious," thought Tony as he got ready to push once again… ", two.., and.., "Plop!" It was in. "Ummpffff!" gasped Mike; " Holy fuck!" he thought, "…there's no space left in there!" His tongue was mashed to the base of his mouth. He pulled it to freedom within a few seconds, but the only place it could go was up and down the cum-slit, so he began exploring that in even more depth than before, trying to suck and squeeze on the cock head at the same time. "Aww, fuck, yeah-h-h… suck that meat, Man," Tony finally said out loud. He finally got an inch or two of back and forth action going, repeatedly flexing his cock on the way in, giving Mike frequent bursts of fresh juice.

It wasn't more than a minute or two later when Tony couldn't stand his "half-suck" any longer. "Get ready, Teach - Here I come…. Get ready…," Mike was trying to express his distress.... "..get set…," Mike said: "Unh-uh-h-hh!! … N-n-n-n-n-n-n," and "…Unnhhh-h-hh…" "And Go!" And in one l-o-n-g, s-l-o-w, steady, but non-stop thrust, his thick rod gradually expanded and filled the teacher's throat, and his pubes were up Mike's nose. And Tony held him exactly there for the next three minutes while Mike coughed, sputtered, gasped, twisted, pushed, and squirmed every which way, but eventually he readjusted, and learned, and was breathing once again. Of course, all that movement was terrific stimulation for Tony's dick, which had now reached its full girth and its nearly full fourteen inches of length. He seemed blissfully unaware of Mike's little problems, leaning back a bit, eyes closed, mouth hanging open, holding Mike's face firmly up in his crotch, quite enjoying the little "ride" he was getting.

Finally in control of himself, Mike was now able to do what he knew Tony expected of him and started experimenting with a throat massage. He'd never, naturally, had anything quite this big down his throat, so he had to get back on the learning curve to figure out how to get the job done right, but with Tony's help, he soon developed a good rhythm. When Tony released the pressure on his head, he'd pull up eight or nine inches, sucking in such air as he could; then, holding his head in place, Tony pushed himself back in, FLEXING as he did. Mike was caught off-guard; his thoughts were racing. "Ung..., gulp..., holy shit, how did he..." Back out, and in, and FLEX! "Umpff! Omigod - it get so fucking HUGE when he does that..., N-N-n-n-n-n-n..." Out. In. "Oh shit, it's getting to my dick - I already feel like...." Out. In. Flex. "Oh damn, I'm gonna.., I can't stop..." Out, in, & flex. "Oh shit...Ungh!... Mmpff..., N-N-n-n-n-n....." His load was shot, but Tony never lost stride until it was his turn.

It wasn't long. "Ung! UNNGGHHH!..., M-m-m-m-m-m..." Mike kept swallowing even though all of Tony's fourteen, now going on fifteen inches was deep inside. With about half his load gone, Tony cut off the flow, pulled out the shaft, finally granting his teacher a few good mouthfuls, which he greedily swallowed purposefully. Tony had been keeping Mike actively servicing him non-stop for a full ten minutes, so when he pulled out and let go, Mike slumped to the ground, breathing heavily.

Before he had quite recovered, Tony hauled him back up to his feet and directed him towards the barn. "Come on - got something even better." Mike was struggling to keep up but Tony kept pushing him along. "I was about to do some 'benches;' I need to work my chest; you can make it lots more fun." Mike was totally confounded. He wasn't much of a lifter, and when he saw the bar racked above the press bench, with four plates on each side -- Tony's standard warm-up weight, Mike said in a somewhat shocked voice, "I can't help with that!" Tony smirked. I don't need help there -- I need it here! - grabbing his semi-hard cock and stroking it to a rapid hard-on.

Mike was still confused. His face said, "????" "Never mind. Strip." He did. Tony lay down on the bench, holding his dick straight up. "Climb on." Once again, Mike said, "????"

Knowing that if one of the twins had heard that offer, his ass would be up against Tony's pubes by the time he'd finished saying "on," Tony grew quickly impatient. He pointedly looked towards his cock, grabbed it and thrust it straight up - strongly -- as he grunted for emphasis. Mike finally got the picture. He walked to the bench, but Tony's bulk completely covered it, so Mike couldn't figure out what to do. "Um-m-m-m-m...."

Slightly exasperated, Tony reached out, grabbed Mike by the waist and easily lifted him up over his abs. Holding him there briefly, he pulled down on his balls with his thighs to aim his cock straight up and positioned Mike's rear door for entry.

"Hey! Wait a minute..., what...?"

Tony wasn't about to wait. He immediately pushed himself through Mike's portal with several up and down movements, lubricating his passage with his resurgent precum, and soon Mike's butt was firmly down on Tony's groin. His yelps of pain were quickly replaced by groans of pleasure produced by the amazing feelings of something that big filling him up. "Oh-h-h-h .., My…, God..., it's so-o-o fucking big!" He quickly found himself rocking back and forth, sliding his chute up and down the thick, blunt instrument filling him so completely and so sensuously.

Tony now had the weight off the rack and said, "Get ready, Doc." Mike had no idea what was coming. "What? What are you doing... Whoa!..," he gasped as Tony thrust his cock upwards hard on his first press with the four-hundred pound bar. He was also thrown forward by Tony's thrust and prepared to catch himself before slamming his face into Tony's knees, but he never got that far -- Tony's now fully developed, rigid sixteen inches stopped him. "Holy fuck!" he thought, almost blowing his load at the realization of the strength in the huge muscle-dick inside of him -- he grabbed his cock hard at the base to keep from cumming - barely. Meanwhile, Tony was pumping the bar and thrusting Mike up and down in the process. Mike finally got the rhythm -- rocking forward on his knees and rising up the thick, slippery meat as the bar moved downward and plunging down on the positive, experiencing the ecstatic pleasure of Tony's enormous cock flex each and every time.

It quickly proved too much for the gay teacher, and within a minute more he shot his wad, and though he now needed badly to rest, Tony wouldn't let him slow down because he was getting ever closer to his own release as he kept pumping the four-hundred pound bar up and down, watching his own pecs and tri's swell each time he flexed at the top of the press. "Awww yeah -- so fuckin' strong, and so fuckin' huge…," -pump, pump. "…and still getting' bigger… fuck, yeah-h-h …, and still getting' stronger…, and…aww yeah -- gonna blow, Teach! ., Unh!…, unnhhh…, UNGH-H-H-H! and Mike screamed as Tony's first hot cum-shot filled his ass, and while Tony held the heavy bar unmoving high over his chest, he seared Mike's insides with load after hot, thick load of muscle cum, quickly producing a pool of thick creamy juice at the base of his dick, a pool that Mike sat into with a squish on each down stroke.

His orgasm finally over, Tony racked the weight and lay back on the bench, and Mike lay back on him. Tony held Mike to his chest as the two of them caught a few minutes of shut-eye after the effort. Some time later, Tony felt himself getting alert once again, and getting hard once again as well as it re-filled Mike's fuck-chute. He sat up and swiveled his legs around to the side of the bench still holding Mike around the chest with one arm, his rapidly stiffening dick still fully implanted in his teacher's butt. Mike was now awake as well. "Well---, uh-h-h…, I guess I'd better be going," he suggested, quite groggily. "Nah-h-h-h…, not yet," said Tony. "Time for even more fun."

"N-n-n-n-No, Tony, I don't think that…Ummpff!" -Tony had suddenly stood straight up, supporting Mike with his huge, thick cock. "OH! -- Gawd!" Mike nearly choked: it felt like Tony's cock was up behind his pecs at the same time as his legs were dangling six inches off the floor. He tried to get off of the cock, using his feet and hands to try to push up, but he couldn't get anywhere at all. Tony immediately headed upstairs to his bedroom -- each step seeming to push farther up into Mike's body. He went along for the ride, grunting with every step, because he had no choice in the matter. He kept trying to use his forearms to push off the huge man-meat, but there was no way he could get off the hook.

Upstairs, Tony tossed Mike onto his bed and turned to admire himself in the mirror. He started off admiring his pumped chest and arms -- "Awww, fuck, yeah…, fuckin' huge, man…." -and then it was his dick, which he began stroking slowly, teasingly, admiringly…., "Awww, shee-it, Man…., So fuckin' boned, Man…" Meanwhile, Mike was immensely enjoying the view. During their earlier sexual encounters, he was almost too close to Tony to see all of him. But now, examining him from a few feet away as Tony worshipped himself, Mike found himself lost in trying to comprehend just how big his… student? - was that really possible…? yeah, but not how big he was…, - how fucking huge he was. And how impossibly solid. Tony was facing away from him, and as he swiveled his hips in his masturbation, his ass alternately turned into solid blocks of granite with each forward thrust, and then invited him in on the backstroke, the cavernous valley of muscle taunting him with every move. Mike knew he'd never get in there, especially not now - he'd looked down at himself, seeing his limp, overtaxed member refusing to express any interest.

Tony turned sideways to his left, his right hand now gently teasing his muscle-encased dick which he repeatedly flexed and relaxed. Mike stared, slack-jawed as muscles bulged impossibly all around the red-purple rod-of-pleasure just a few feet from his face, and then the precum began to spurt,…, spurt…, spurt…, as Tony began to clamp down hard with his fist as he flexed again and again. Mike wanted to be involved, but he was too tired and just lay back and watched in awed disbelief: he'd just produced two huge loads, and here he was - actively at it again. It drained him just thinking about it.

After a final smirk in Mike's direction, Tony turned back to the mirror to enjoy himself more fully. Spurt. Spurt. The precum was getting stronger. Stroke, stroke -- he was beyond stopping now. "Awww, fuck, yeah…, Huge fuckin' muscle-dick, Man….fuck, yeah…feels so-o-o fuckin' good, too…., aww, yeah-h-h…." He was quickly spiraling upward toward release, thrusting faster, grunting louder…, squeezing his cock with enough force to pulverize granite. He managed to hold off for a minute or two before his final ROAR signaled the beginning of the end. He pumped, and shot, and pumped and shot, no holding back this time, and by the time he ran out, he could barely see himself any more in the mirror. "Awww, fuck, man --feels so, so-o-o g-o-o-d…," he was thinking as he continued to run his fist up and down his slick, hot, reluctantly softening tool. "I expect my buddy would really like to clean me up," he chuckled to himself. He turned around to make the offer, but he was too late. Mike was in a deep, deep, sleep.

"Oh -- What the hell!" Tony joined him -- in sleep.

Next morning, Mike woke up - confused. "What the hell?" There was an enormously thick forearm draped across his stomach, which made no sense to his fuzzy, half-asleep brain, and beyond that, he felt so warm, so complete.., so…, so…, "filled-up", was the thought that came to mind.., but why….?

"FILLED UP??!?" -his body jerked strongly in reaction, and then he used his butt to give an exploratory squeeze down below. Reality slowly seeped in just as a strange voice from behind him said….

"It's about time, man - I've been waiting. I'm ready to go…. if that's all right with you…," (as if he would give Mike a choice in the matter) as he flexes his dick hard by way of emphasis. "TONY!" Rocking his pelvis, Tony moves his ready-for-action dick in and out a bit, making Mike suck in his breath in pure pleasure. "MMM-m-m-m-m… -no pain at all," he realizes. He wasn't about to resist in any case. Tony moves stronger and faster. Mike, now fully awake, M-O-A-N-S his pleasure. Tony starts pumping with authority now. "Unh…, Unnhhh…, Omigod, Tony.., NNGGH! …, I'm gonna cum already…, Oh Fuck Tony…, I can't…"

"You really like this huge fuckin' muscle dick up your ass -- is that what you're saying…?" Faster. Harder. Pound, pound…"Awww, fuck, yeah…, squeeze my huge, fuckin' dick, Dude.., Yeah!…, YEAH!!.. Un.., Ungh…, UNNGGHHH!" Splurge! SPLOOGE!! Together -- teacher and muscle-beast, Tony holding the tight little ass firmly against his pubes with every shot, he globs of cum rocketing out of Mike's ass with every grunt until Tony's overnight accumulation had run its course.

When Tony finally pulled out, Mike was already back to sleep, so he left him that way until it was time to leave. Tony wondered if he'd ever come back. "Probably not," he decided, but he stopped teasing his fuck-pal in class after this day. After all, it had been good for Tony, too. •

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