Young Tony

Tony vs. a Car - #2


By Deadliftr

Once Tony had so severely damaged the teacher's car a few years ago over a mild reprimand, people were aware of his tremendous strength - and his willingness to use it, and the word spread quickly: leave him be. Although the stories -- and the lessons -- of Tony's many examples of extreme misbehavior during high school were well-known at the college, perhaps not everyone heard about Tony's behavioral patterns, or just didn't believe them. And after the passage of two or three years or so, well - they amounted to little more than good stories to some people -- people such as Mr. Brady, who this year had Tony in an afternoon English class.

Tony generally confined his classroom sex antics to earlier in the day. Afternoons usually found him resting up for his evening fun and games at home or pumping up in the gym so that when he got home, he was primed for pumping his always 'willing' (because they had to be) brothers. If he did show up at class, he sat quietly, thinking about his sex-filled evening to come at home.

The teachers didn't talk much about Tony's occasional classroom fucks; it's not the kind of thing one usually discusses in polite company or wants to advertise, and consequently, quiet, lonesome, undemonstrative Mr. Brady had no inkling of such activities. And in his defense, it had been a month or two since Tony had done any girls in class, so any of the teachers probably would have been caught off-guard. Even Tony hadn't planned for this to happen, but on this particular day Tony was feeling especially horny and Jeanine - pretty, long-haired, tight-bodied track star Jeanine, who was forever openly groping Tony in the hallways and who, during recent months, led the school in frequent-fucker miles with Tony, teased him from three rows across the room beyond his will to say "No." At the start of class, Tony had nothing on his mind beyond finding new ways to have sex with Jake and John simultaneously later that evening, but almost immediately, Jeanine turned her chair towards him and began opening and closing her skirted legs, repeatedly showing off her hairy, unclothed entry point. Tony really wasn't interested, but his body was and soon he was happily stroking his dick, which had easily escaped from his posers, as it so often did, and his abs were getting wet from precum leaking from his huge, hard erection. Suddenly he was interested. A quick little nod towards the back of the room was all it took, and almost before anyone realized what was happening, Tony was inside of her. Quite naturally, the class was severely disrupted, in part because of Jeanine's noisy departure from her desk, but because meek Mr. Brady was lecturing while seated at his desk, his view was blocked by the seated students, and he couldn't tell what was happening.

What was happening, of course, was that Tony had filled Jeanine's hungry cavity before either of them hit the floor. When she reached Tony, she placed her hands on his shoulders and leaped up; he grabbed her under her buttocks, lifted her and set her down on his now raging cock in a single smooth move. Then he wrapped his right arm firmly around her waist while she wrapped her legs around his and fell forward, catching himself easily with his left arm. With his body in a slight 'V,' he was able to fuck her quite thoroughly simply by rocking his pelvis back and forth as she did likewise. Quite soon he was happily plowing away with the power of a draft horse, keeping Jeanine at least a foot off the floor the whole time.

They started out quiet enough, but as his thrusts picked up power, that all changed. "Oh, God, Tony, you're so … unnhhh…, so…, I can't believe it's so…Nnhhh…,ah-h-h-h. I'm already starting to… s-s-s-s-s…".

"Awww, fuck yeah - slam it onto me, Babe, harder.., NNGH! - oh fuck, yeah-h-h." Assuming at first that they were just innocently making out, Mr. Brady let it go at the start, but pretty soon, Jeanine's unmistakable moans of exquisite and unexpected pleasure cleared things for him. At first, the shock of realization immobilized him, but then his teachers' instincts took over, -- and so it was that on that fateful day when Tony took the tall, buxom track star right there on the floor of his classroom, Mr. Brady lost it. "STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! LEAVE THIS ROOM INSTANTLY - BOTH OF YOU!!"

"Grunt!" and thrust. "Oh-h-h…, Omi-God! … It's soo-o-o BIG! .. a-a-a-h-h-h.."

Mr. Brady walked towards the back of the room: "Stop that instantly; we are NOT animals here!"

"Tony! - I'm gonna cum already! Unh.., unh! … Unh-h-h-h-h…"

"Aww fuck, yeah! You really like this huge fuckin' muscle dick up yer cunt, don'cha? Aww, fuck yeah! Squeeze me harder, babe…, harder! Aww yeah -- feels fuckin' good, babe."


"Omigod Tony - Unh! .. Ungh! I'm cumming again…, I can't keep from cumming again…"

"Too much muscle and dick for you to handle, ain't it, Babe? This huge fuckin' muscle dick makin' you cum again? Aww, fuck, yeah - CUM for me, Babe. That's it…."

… "I'm cumming', I'm cu---Ungghhh! Unh…, ungh!…., unn-n-n-n-h-h-h-h."

By this time, Mr. Brady -- quiet, keeps to himself, hardly-ever-noticed Mr. Brady -- was trying to physically pull Tony off of, and out of, Jeanine, who was making it singularly difficult for him because she had her arms firmly wrapped around Tony's ass to be sure he didn't get very far away. Neither his feeble efforts to move Tony nor his incoherent screeching sounds had any visible effect on the participants. Mr. Brady finally started beating Tony with yardsticks, large dictionaries, even a heavy bookmark to his upper back, which bounced harmlessly off of his remarkably thick, dense traps. And while he was beating Tony he found his voice, and he was not complimentary: " You disgusting….," .…. "filthy!" ..ungh! as he slammed down the dictionary.., "immoral bastard!"

Tony stopped, but only after he had unloaded copiously into the breathless but very, very satisfied young woman beneath him who he then, and only then, lowered carefully to the floor.

Tony allowed himself only a few moments to catch his breath before popping out of Jeanine, standing up to face the teacher, giving him a god view of his still-leaking, still rigid pole. After gathering his thoughts, he pulled on his shorts and walked slowly up to Mr. Brady, his beyond huge, bodybuilder body completely overwhelming the average-sized teacher with its lean, muscular bulk. Suddenly on very uncertain ground, Mr. Brady backs up against the wall as Tony continues forward until he finds that his head is all but pinned against the wall, almost surrounded by the mass of Tony's huge pec mounds. "I think it's time for you to go," says Tony. "Wha-a-a…??" "For good." "What are you…" "I'll help you," he offers, and throws the frightened teacher over his shoulder and carries the screaming man through the corridors out to the parking lot. On the way out, he passes the main business office and shouts inside, "Mr. Brady has just resigned." "What?!? No! .. I haven't.. I.." Tony shakes him. "Quiet!" Once out in the lot, he sets him down and asks, "Which car?" They walk over to it. "Hm-m-m-m…, looks like you're going to have a hard time getting home in that thing." "..What? … Why? - It works fine!" Tony steps up to the front of the car, shoves both hands through the hood, rips it off and tosses it back over their heads, narrowly missing some students who had followed to watch. Then he jumps onto the edge of the engine compartment and with both legs SMASHES down on the engine block, breaking every support bolt and cracking the casing. As oil spreads on the ground, Tony says, "Not any more."

Mr. Brady was stunned. His mouth was working without producing a sound; he was about to cry. Meanwhile, Tony had walked over to the nearby six-foot chain link fence, and using just his fingers, casually snapped off the clamp that was holding the fence to the sturdy metal support pole. Then, grabbing the pole and giving it a sudden sideways jerk, he easily snapped it off cleanly at the base and walked back towards the crippled car. By now, much of the school population is watching and finding out for the first time just how strong this muscle beast was.

Tony strode very purposely toward the teacher's car, looking like he was fiercely angry at it. While a step or two away, he raised the heavy pole overhead with both hands, and using it like a club started beating the car into an unrecognizable mass. He used such force that soon no part of the vehicle was more than knee high. Unsatisfied, he completed the job using something stronger - his obscenely huge thighs, finally reducing the entire vehicle to a thick metal pancake. He walked to the frightened and distraught teacher, pointed the way out of the school grounds, and after a brief hesitation, the still reeling, uncomprehending man walked very slowly away.


Ever since "The Change" came over Tony when he turned eighteen, the rate of production of his male hormones had been ever on the rise. By now, his body was in reproductive overdrive and he was more or less continuously primed and ready for sex. The primary recipients of his seed these days, besides the school's football team and other athletes, were his brothers and now, more and more often, his foster father. Most days he "entertained" them for breakfast, dinner, and, often as not, as a bedtime snack. But some days he was quite satisfied to have his fun privately and would spend the afternoon, between school and supper, watching himself shoot load after load in front of his floor-to-ceiling bedroom mirror as he continually flexed this muscle and that, admiring the way the bulges appeared and disappeared as they rippled across each thickly veined, striated muscle in turn. On one such day, he showed up for dinner, only to disappear immediately afterwards back to his large, mattress-filled barn loft. Tony had even skipped his morning twin-fuck and by late evening, John was suffering from neglect - his juices were flowing strongly too and he hadn't cum in 48 hours - and so decided to go to Tony's lair uninvited.

After knocking - as he must - Tony allowed him in, and there he was, at it again. He was standing up, naked (it goes without saying…), facing the mirror, one knee resting on the mattress, completely involved with himself in the middle of another jack-off session. And he was beautiful to watch, every muscle in his body big, hard, and shiny, and rippling back and forth with every thrust of his pelvis as he jacked himself harder and harder. More than his beauty, it was his size that made John instantly hard - he was easily bigger than the biggest Mr. Olympia. Tony seemed to fill the room, overwhelming John's senses. But the most impressive part of his body had to be his cock; John had never seen it so big - it must have been close to fifteen inches, the skin stretched so tight it was almost invisible; and just as amazing were his balls - they were HUGE!!! Were they five inches across? Maybe six? "How…?" he mumbled dazedly to himself. He soon found out "how."

Just as John thought Tony was going to blow his load, John saw him clamp down hard on his dick and stop the orgasm before it began. Once he had control of himself, Tony finally acknowledge John's presence. John, of course, was by this time in a mild state of delirium, whacking himself off at the sight of his huge, muscle-god brother. Tony looked over with a knowing, arrogant smirk on his face, one hand still in continuous motion on his unbelievably stiff, pre-cum-leaking, Purple Monster and said, " Shit, Bro, you really do need this huge, fucking dick up your ass, don't you…?"

John dumbly nodded his head as he continued his uncontrolled jacking. Tony finally took mercy on him and signaled him over. John stared at Tony's balls as he walked over, his hands reaching out of their own will to cup Tony's cum-laden balls, each rock-hard globe easily overfilling his hands. John looked slowly up at Tony with bewildered awe on his face, his jaw half-way to the floor. "I've been up here jacking for the whole two hours since dinner, lettin' my balls make more and more juice, watchin' 'em get bigger…, feelin' 'm get harder…" He lightly pressed John's hands against his very solid balls, undulating with pressure and pulsing with the need to release. He looked deep into John's eyes, saying, "…and I haven't even cum yet -- I think it's time," as he smiled, and released John's hands. Automatically, John grabbed the smooth, hard, wet, shiny rod in front of him and made as if to get his mouth around it, but Tony stopped him. "Somehow, I don't think you can handle it," he smirked. He placed John's hands back down onto his strongly pulsing balls. "Do you have any idea how much cum there is in these babies…?" John couldn't talk; he nodded and then turned, knelt on the bed, and waited. Barely two seconds later, Tony gave him what he came here for. However, John had gotten boned watching his brother that two thrusts was all it took before he lost it. "Awww, fuck, yeah," says Tony, " ..guess you really like the feel of the huge, fuckin' muscle dick.., aww, yeah-h-h.." Tony held off but kept on pumping, and it wasn't but two or three minutes later when, "Aww, shit, Tony, I think I'm gonna…unnhh.., unh!…"

"Aww, fuck, yeah, Bro, all this muscle and this huge fuckin' dick's gonna make you come again - aww, fuck, Yeah!" - as he thrust real hard one last time..,("Tony! - I can't stop! - Oh shit - I'm gonna cum again…") and held it in to the hilt and flexed as hard as he could, and together, both of them exploded. John didn't have much left, of course, but Tony had enough for a small army. John swore later that he could feel his innards moving around, making room for all of Tony's thick, sizzling hot man juice.

As brief as it was, it was all too intense for John. He quickly fell into a sound sleep there on Tony's bed, waking only when…, well, he thought, at first, that it was a dream - he felt himself moving through the air supported by two large, very strong hands gripping him by his sides; then he felt a large, warm, wet, blunt object spreading his ass cheeks apart forcing its way in without warning, making him yelp. "Fuck! - this is no dream!" he thought to himself. He was right; it was morning, and Tony was ready to start a new day…. * * * * * Two consecutive days were rarely the same with Tony - he was always trying something new - new in the eyes of his family, at least. It was a Saturday evening about two weeks after Tony's humiliation of the jock-bullies that the brothers once again complained of Tony's neglect and their need to cum. Tony had had a stream of "guests" in his room starting after school on Friday and lasting much of the day on Saturday. Sitting around the dinner table, Tony's hefty meat was quite relaxed, having been well-exercised already that day, although both brothers were well-boned because of a) deprivation and b) Tony's proximity and the thick scent of male sex that constantly surrounded him. While always present and always pervasive, it was especially strong tonight because when Tony shot his last load - all of fifteen minutes ago, he'd caught and rubbed large gobs of it into his balls and pubic hair, all over his mountainous pec muscles and under each arm - and it was still damp. He simply wanted to see what effect it would have. Clearly, it worked. Even their Dad wasn't immune; his own tool was pointing straight up, needing release, because Tony hadn't "gotten around" to Dad since last Sunday.

Though their father said nothing, both twins complained loudly, claiming near-painful blue-balls. Tony's mind wandered back to his great face-fuck with Larry - how absolutely perfect the angle was, and recalled thinking back then, "Why hadn't I ever thought of this before!" - and so thinking, he came to a quick decision. "OK - you two come with me. Dad - give us five minutes and then you come on down as well.

So the two hard and horny brothers followed Tony happily to the barn - happily, that is, until Tony found a long coil of heavy-duty utility rope, casually ripped off two lengths, quickly tied Jake's ankles together (in spite of serious protest) and threw him up over his shoulder. "Hey! What the fuck you…Oomph!" Tony had tossed the rope over a ceiling joist and hauled Jake off of his shoulder, setting him swinging upside-down, adjusting the height so that Jake's mouth was right at the base of his cock. Tony stood still for a moment, testing Jake's position against the location of his cock. Sensibly, Jake had stopped making a scene; he and John knew better than to complain, because no matter what was in store for them, it always made it worse if they complained, so John simply asked, "What's going on?"

Tony answered by hanging John within arm's reach of his brother as he squealed and squirmed, trying to get free - to no avail. Tony didn't care; he was happily smiling at his handiwork, anticipating the upcoming double-fuck. "All we need now is…Ah! Hey, Dad - just in time." The father's footsteps stopped - he didn't know how to react. Tony walked over, wrapped his hugely muscled arm over the man's shoulder and walked him back toward his sons. He started out with, "Dad, do you know how many men have had their cocks up my ass?"

He hadn't actually thought much about that and could only shake his head dumbly, "No."

"Two. And there they are," pointing to Jake and John. Mr. Mills shocked expression showed that he clearly didn't believe it. "It's true - they're the first guys - or girls - I ever had sex with." He gave his father time to digest this. "Anyway - I figured that you ought to have the same opportunity - being in the same family and all that…." Three pairs of eyes got very wide.

Dad got it wrong, and started backing away. 'N-n-n-no! I could never fuck my own sons!" Tony chuckled, "No. no, no… you've got it backwards - I meant me - you get to fuck me."

Mr. Mills just stared blankly up at his muscle-god son, the son he'd picked, the son who now so totally controlled his life, still not knowing exactly where this was going, but not very happy about the prospect of sticking his dick into anybody's ass. Sucking was about as far as he'd ever expected to go.

"Here's the deal, Pop. I'm gonna face-fuck your little boys over there, one at a time, of course…, at the same time as you're fucking me."

"No. No, please…, I couldn't…, I don't want to…."

"…and you need to fuck me until I cum. Once I cum in Jake, I let him down. And then we do it again with John. Whad'dya say?" At first, his father said nothing; Jake was looking sick over the prospect, although John actually looked excited. Finally Mr. Mills slowly, disbelievingly, shook his head, "No."

"Well, Ok, Dad - I'll just go up and jack off for while. Just let me know when you're ready." He looked toward his quietly waiting brothers, "Later, guys!" and headed up the stairs.

"Tony, wait!" It was Jake. Tony stopped. "You can't leave us just hanging here…?" Tony scowled/glared at him with an expression that clearly said, "Of course I can, you dumbass!" Jake considered this. "Please, Tony - this hurts."

"Wait!" said their Father. Tony looked over at him. "I…, I guess I can do it…," came the reluctant concession. Tony smiled, until he lowered his gaze; his father, who had still been hard upon his arrival, was now limp with distress. Tony noticed this and pointed to his dick saying, "You're off to a pretty bad start."

But with Tony's help, his father was soon ready once again. "OK - you get behind me while I get started here…," as he grabbed Jake's head and fed the helmet of this partly relaxed twelve inches into Jake's mouth. "Hold on tight while I get your Dad started. OK, Dad - here's all the help you're getting." Tony used both hands to spread his glutes wide and waited. It took the novice man-fucker a while to get over his distastefulness, but once he did, entry wasn't a problem, except that he needed to push harder than he'd expected to get all the way in, which Tony clearly expected him to do. His biggest problem way what with everything, he was close to being ready to shoot, for which he needed permission. He was about to ask when Tony let go, and this super-hard, super-tight ass muscle clamped down on his disk, provoking a huge, "Hs-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s…..," as Frank barely held off cumming.

"That reminds me - hey Dad, how long after you cum before you can get hard enough again to fuck me?"

He thought for a bit. 'I don't know - five, six hours maybe?"

"Hm-m-m, too bad. You'd better not cum then, because these boys aren't coming down until I cum I them, and I'm not cumming unless you make me.." He noticed John turn a few shades of green. "Tony - No! - I can't stay here… I mean he can't…, I mean.." Tony ignored him, as did his father, who was having his own problems trying to control his dick.

"Let's go, Dad - start'er up.' And so he began, trying his best to think of everything except his dick at the same time as Tony was concentrating very hard on his, first pushing most of the twelve inches into Jake's throat, and then feeling it inch upward as his arousal grew, flamed both by his foster father's minor efforts in back, as well as by Jake's increasingly violent movements as the increasing length and girth of Tony's cock took their toll on Jake's ability to breathe. Tony preferred a steady, consistent rhythm of gradually building intensity, and both brothers had, of necessity, become fairly adept at doing exactly that, but the new position must have been giving Jake fits because he was trying his best to pull off of Tony's huge, thick cock, aggravating the hell out of his demanding brother. Exasperated, Tony finally placed both hands on his hips and thrust his pelvis forward and up as far as he could go, his balls pushing Jake's face back and up and squeezing his father's cock painfully hard in the process (as it turns out, that was lucky; it prevented him from cumming - barely…), then he just stood still, hands on hips, face tilted down, impatiently watching Jake gyrate about, even pressing his hands into Tony's groin trying to push himself off, but sixteen inches was too damned long. The best he could accomplish was to get the head out of his throat and into this mouth, allowing him to take a few deep breaths before ending his peculiar-looking "push-up" and descending fully back down, slowly and carefully, onto this brother's massive appendage.

"Finally," mumbled Tony, who relaxed his hold on his father, placed his hands back on Jake's head, and got into serious fucking. pushing into Jake as Frank pulled himself out of Tony and vice-versa. The rhythm was soon established and Tony was very, very happy. "Awwww, fuck, yeah-h-h - feels fuckin' great! --fuck yeah - gonna hafta do thi more often… - hope you fellas like it like this, aww yeah - nothin' like it... Come on, Jake - fucking suck this huge muscle-dick.., aww yeah, way to go, Bro!"

Tony was ready to stand there for quite a while - he really liked this position --, but he knew Frank couldn't hold on for too long, and he didn't want to permanently damage his most frequent fuck-buddies, so after a rather relaxed five minutes, he let his orgasm happen. At first it wasn't a great problem for Jake; Tony's dick was so deep inside, and the power of his ejaculations were plenty strong enough to send his cum straight into his brother's stomach, but because the stomach filled up after three or four shots, and because of his upside-down position, cum was being forced back down into his already well-filled throat. Now Jake did have a breathing problem and started gyrating about and pounding his fists against Tony's thighs to get his attention. Unfortunately Tony, with both hands planted on the back of Jake's head, pressing his face very firmly into his pulsing balls, was so involved in his pleasure, enjoying even the feeling of squeezing his Dad's cock with his ass as cum rocketed up through his own powerful gun, that he didn't notice Jake's severe distress until he was ready to black out. Luckily he pulled out in time for his brother to find some much needed air.

Tony pulled off of his Dad's cock, turned around, gave him a fatherly smile and praised him like you might a little boy. After letting Jake down (where he stayed for quite some time), Tony got back to business. He looked down at John, who was beginning to look green at the gills -- again; he'd been quietly observing the paces Jake had been put through and was not looking forward to doing the same. "He started to voice an objection -- "Tony, I…." Tony just shook his head; John stopped. He knew better and only hoped he hadn't made it worse. Tony walked up to John until his balls were pushing against John's face and waited. John pushed himself off with his hands and looked upward. Up past the balls, he saw mostly the gentle upward curve of his brother's thick, rigid rod and watched it disappear into the valley between the overhanging mounds of pec muscle. Then Tony tilted his head forward a bit so John could see him. Tony appeared to be waiting for John to do something, so he reached up and tried to pull Tony's cock downward so he could take it in, but Tony kept it flexed high. John gave up and gave a little shrug to say, "How?" Tony gave a little chuckle, grabbed John by the waist and simply lifted him up, allowing him to look straight down into the piss slit. "Oh," thought John.

Tony held him there and called for his father; "C'mon, Dad -- You're on again, heh, heh, heh." And so with a good measure of reluctance, Mr. Mills, with some assistance from his son, was six inches deep once again. "Hm-m-m -- I think you need a little hardening up there," and he gave his Dad a little glute massage…," NNNnnn…!" "OK - guess you're ready. Next!" - and he lowered John, inch by slow inch, flexing and more fully engorging his huge tool as he went, savoring every sensation as his brother's throat tightened around him, not letting up until he fully extended cock was fully implanted deep in John' throat. John was not finding this easy and was struggling to find ways to admit air into his lungs.

"OK, Dad - Let's do it together, this time." He pulled eight or ten inches out of John; his father didn't react. "Out, Man!" He did. "Now, you push first: one, two, three," and as Frank pushed, so did he. Then out as one, then in. Tony would hold John's head rigidly still as he slowly pushed up and in, and when his Dad was fully implanted, he'd grab onto his cock with his ass muscles and pull him along as he drove deep into his brother's throat. When he squeezed Frank's dick, he could easily feel the increased pressure on his prostate; the combination of this sensation, coupled with the slow, sensuous movement of his hypersensitive cock through John's throat made him want to blow his load with every stroke, though he had no trouble resisting. His father, on the other hand, whose cock had never been squeezed the way Tony's ass was doing it now, was on the brink of shooting each time he thrust in; what saved him was that at the end of each of Tony's thrusts into his receptacle, he'd flex and squeeze down extra hard, and the pressure was momentarily enough to be a bit painful - but it was enough to help diminish his state of arousal. Still, it was a struggle to avoid cumming.

Tony, of course, was thoroughly enjoying each and every thrust, sometimes holding John's head still while his hips provided all of the in-and-out action, sometimes moving the head up as he rocked out and then forcing it down as he moved back in. He preferred the latter, because it gave him more of a feeling of total control - and he loved it! - Not that John was completely out of the picture - no way! As per Tony's House Rules, he was always trying his best to squeeze his throat muscles up and down and around Tony's cock as it moved back and forth. Given Tony's thickness, John couldn't really squeeze all that much more, but Tony knew the difference, and so he did it.

"Tony, please - I've got to cum," said his Dad. "Hold on, Pops - I'm not ready yet." Thrust. Out. Thrust, flex, and hold. "Uhnnng-I can't..Nnnn!" C'mon, Bro - suck me harder - yer Dad's ready to go… awww, fuck yeah. Bro --- " Out. In, flex, hold. "Tony! I've gotta..g.. ggg…, nng…" "Fuck,yeah.. squeeze it, Bro! Awww yeah-h-h.h…" Tony relieves the pressure on his Dad's cock. "Oh shit! - I can't stop it … I've gotta..Nng…., nnnnn.." Tony was just trying to make him wait as long as possible. As soon as he realized the end was at hand, he let go as well, catching John by surprise and causing him as much distress as he had his other brother. After the first few shots, John tried even harder than Jake to get the fucking huge cum-machine out of his throat, with just as little effect. He tried noise: "MMmmm! … MMMNNNN! NNNNN!" Nothing. He pushed and banged on his huge brother as much as he could - nothing. Tony was in a state of bliss, and he wanted to stay there, and didn't even notice immediately when John blacked out from lack of oxygen. But within seconds afterwards, Tony had John off of his cock and breathing once again, so all was well, at least to Tony's way of thinking.

After letting John down alongside Jake, and giving his father a quick, "Hope you liked it, Dad; I think I'll just go upstairs and jack-off a few times before going to bed."

And he did. •

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