Bodybuilder Boyfriend

By Ultrabeef

"Auuugh" Drew groaned as he lifted the heavy weight. "Fuck yeah" he smiled as he caught a glimpse of himself in his home gym mirror, "I'm looking awesome" . Drew sat on the weight bench and flexed. Drew was dripping with sweat, his white briefs packed full with his 7" cock, his black baseball cap on backward. Drew had been pumping iron for the past 3 years and he had made a remarkable transformation in his physique. Gone was the sagging beer gut and in its place were the beginnings of some rock hard abs. His biceps and triceps were coming along nicely -- no longer skinny weak arms and his pecs bulged nicely through his tight t-shirt when was out on a date with his girlfriend Emma. She loved his body and showed her appreciation for Drew's workouts often by her kinky behavior in the bedroom.

Drew loved the body he was building for himself and he loved Emma worshipping it but he longed to be bigger. He had worked hard for 3 long years and and made some awesome progress but Drew wanted more, and he wanted it right now !

Drew seemed distracted at the club that night. Emma was doing everything she could think of to cheer him up but Drew seemed depressed. Emma asked Drew "What's the matter, baby ?" Drew replied, "I'm just sick of all these guys who are bigger than me. Just look at that guy". Drew pointed to a big blond bodybuilder type across the club." "I want to be a huge muscle stud like him." Drew said with tears in his eyes. "But I love your body the way it is" Emma replied with a smile and a grab of Drew's butt cheek. "You just don't understand" Drew moaned. "You deserve to be with a MAN, not some little boy -- I'll never be a big enough man for you".

As Emma drove home that night she could see that Drew was really bummed by the fact that he wasn't a huge muscle-man. Emma loved Drew and decided to do something about his problem.

The next day while Drew was at work Emma used her key and entered his apartment. She went to his kitchen cabinet and took out his supplements -- creatine, whey protein, etc. and mixed a few scoopfuls together in Drew's water bottle, then she took a small vial from her purse and carefully poured the purple power into the mix. She then carefully mixed it with water and put a note on it.

Drew got home from work and was even more tired and depressed than last night. On his kitchen counter he saw the water bottle with Emma's note : "Hope you're feeling better Pooky. I mixed up some special supplements for you -- drink this down before you work out today. I'll see you for dinner at 7. Love Em".

Drew smiled and looked at the bottle. He had never seen such a brilliant purple liquid in his life. It was 5:30pm he had just enough time for quick workout and shower before Emma came over. Drew downed the liquid -- it really burned in his throat and stomach. Then he started to work out in his typical white underwear and backwards black baseball cap.

Drew had never felt such energy while working out. "Must be that sports drink of Em's" Drew muttered to himself. Drew was able to get the most intense workout of his life. His entire body tingled like it was covered by millions of tiny pins. Every muscle fiber in his body seemed sore.

After his workout Drew was exausted. He decided to lay down for a few minutes before jumping in the shower. As Drew napped wild thoughts of bodybuilders, flexing studs, and beach beefcake flooded through his mind. Suddenly Drew awoke at the sound of the doorbell. "Shit", he muttered, "I fell asleep and now Emma's here". Drew opened and door and Emma was standing there looking lovely as usual, only her mouth was hanging open "Holy shit" she gasped, "Drew ? Is that you ?" "Who do you think it is ? What's the matter with you ?" Drew replied in a rich deep voice. Wait a minute, Drew didn't have a rich deep voice. "Look in the mirror" Emma replied. Drew walked to the bathroom. Damn, he felt so heavy and hung over. As he flipped on the bathroom light and looked in the mirror Drew gasped. There is the mirror, wearing Drew's backward baseball cap was the biggest muscle stud he had ever seen. "Holy fucking shit" Drew bellowed in his deep baritone, "What the fuck happened to me". "It was the sports drink I left for you" said Emma caressing her man's new massive bubble butt, "It was a muscle growth potion I got from a street gypsy" I guess it mixed with your other supplements and increased it's effectiveness." Drew flexed his massive body which now filled his bathroom mirror. Huge rock hard 20" biceps hung like vslabs of beef from his wide lats. Massive pecs bulged from his body like a shelf supported by a column of hard abs. "I love you" Drew purred. "I love you too, stud" Emma replied. "What do you say we stay in tonight and explore all this new beef ?" •

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