Nino & Me


By radmuscle77

Guys, this is my first attempt at a story tell me what you think.

Nino and me have been friends since childhood. The odd pair that we were, we somehow just had that spiritual connection to each other. See I was always bigger than Nino. Even in grade school Nino was always smaller than everyone else, yet he was always competing with everyone just the same. Now I was always larger than everyone in every which way, but was the most docile, gentle person. In high school I grew to become about 6'4" and about 300 lbs, mostly fat, Nino on the other hand topped off at 5'7" and 135 lbs wet. We always had such great times together. Even though I was always studying or at the lab in school and Nino was out playing sports, we always found time to just hang out at my house and spend great times together.

It was sometime in our sophomore year that we came out to each other. I think I was the one who started the conversation, though I think he was the one who finished it. That night was a little awkward. Even though, I was the bigger guy and had the bigger dick (bout 9") I was definitely the bottom, and Nino with his 4 & 1/2" dick was the top. We definitely had some logistical problems to work on, but we worked though them.

High school came and went. Then off to college we went. I had offers to plenty of school, but decided to go to the college my dad went to. Not only because of the connections to get me in, though I wasn't the problem, but the connections to get Nino in. The day Nino got his acceptance letter was the happiest day of his life. He had no idea that my dad had pulled the strings to get him into the school. That next day had become the worst day of Nino's life, when his asshole parents said they couldn't & wouldn't pay for school. That's when my parents finally intervened. I had always had a happy family, lived in a very nice house, had a new car on my 17th birthday, Nino had none of that, and being my only friend, my parents took a liking to the boy. So, my mom and dad decided to informally adopt Nino. You should have seen the look in his eyes; you'd think he just won the lottery.

So off to college we went. We worked great as a team, I'd help him with schoolwork, and he'd help me with socializing. I never was a social butterfly, but he seemed to think that it would be good for me to get out once in a while. It wasn't till the Christmas after my junior year that I figured out the formula to break out a genome by its characteristics and be able to change them. I start testing my theory with great success. I started my trials on lab rats. I was able to change their hair and eye colors, make them fat and skinny. I was so excited about my breakthrough that I dangerously started trying experiment on myself.

The first human trials on myself were just to lose some fat, slowly so no one would notice. I never was into my body, but now I had the opportunity to make it smaller. That I was into. The first week I lost 12 pounds, by the first month I was down 35 pounds, and by April I was down 100 pounds. I also played around with my height, eye color, and hair color. It was great; I was having the time of my life.

There definitely was a change in Nino too. He became withdrawn from me, we stopped having sex, and it was very different. Something very unusual for me, I decided to confront him with the issue. He just started balling, telling me that I've changed not only physically but also mentally. That my weight loss and my new body have gone to my head. I never saw him that way; jealous, and scared. He thought that I lost the weight to meet other people and leave him, because he wasn't big enough for me.

After that night of turmoil and soul bearing, I decided that I would use my new discovery to help both Nino and me. Nino was sort of right in the fact that I was looking. It was just now with this leaner body, I was starting to get noticed. That next night while we were messing around in bed, I decided to ask Nino "if you had a way to choose your fantasy body what would it look like". You should have seen his face light up. You would think he knew what I was up to. But then tells me that being small all his life, he's fantasized about this a lot. He then jumps off the bed, pulls out his bodybuilding magazine and flips to a picture of Jay Cutler. He says, "I would love to be as big as him". We put the magazine between us as we start stroking each other and I ask, "Is there anything that you would change about him?" He starts by saying, "I have always had the body of the perfect bottom boy, blonde, smooth, and small." "I would love to have his body, maybe a little taller, yeah." I notice he is really starting to get in to this, so I ask him, " What else would you change?" "I would love to be tall, about 6'3" or 6'4", dark hair, dark eyes, deep dark tan, Italian looking, weighing in at 300 pounds of muscle with little or no body fat." Then he proceeds to tell me "see how his waist is little distended, that's from all the steroids he's used. I would love my waist to be as small as it is now with his deep cut abs that would be hot."

Just then I started going down on him. This was really getting him going. He starts telling me, "See how small his package looks in this poser, small almost nonexistent. I would want my balls the size of lemons, and my cock would be a shower and a grower." Seeing he's almost there, I ask "how big, soft and hard?" As he gets him over the edge he says, " like six inches soft and thick, and a little over 12 inches hard and really thick." Just then as I am swallowing his load, without him looking I take his sample aside and save it for the lab. Interested in continuing his fantasy, I ask, "What would your perfect bottom boy look like?" With that he rolls on top of me and starts riding my big dick he answers, "He would look something like me, only smaller, yeah." He is really getting into this fantasy thing as he rides me faster and says, " that be hot, a 5'4" blond with a good muscular gymnastics build, yeah, with a hot tight bubble butt that could barely fit my cock in it. Nice thick legs with the tiniest waist, yeah, nice wide back, oh yeah, smooth all over, yeah, be able to swallow my monster and give it what it deserves, that's it, he would be a slave to my body and cock, yeah, he would do anything I said, yeah, I would be his god and by body would be his temple." With that I went off like a firecracker. I knew that I would be in the lab later trying to make his fantasy come true. And then a thought came into my mind. His birthday, it's the day after we move out of the dorms. That's when I'll do it. That would be the greatest present anyone could ever give him. It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me. •

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