Young Tony


By Deadliftr

Tonight he was walking home, as planned. It was about three miles, but Tony didn't care. He often ran into school pals and had himself a little fun along the way. As usual, he stopped for a huge meal at a family restaurant where his Dad paid the tab -- they served him in a back room, so he wouldn't "scare the customers." The management seemed to object to nearly naked customers with balls and leaky cock heads hanging out in clear sight. After eating, Tony stepped outdoors and looked around. Between his lengthy after school activities and the meal, it was now dark, so Tony decided to detour through the local Lover's Lane in a large wooded area nearby. It was a well-used location, and Tony had already become notorious for interrupting some very personal moments. He loved to come on to the girls while their boy friends stood by helplessly. Once -- no, make that twice, he'd even fucked a girl right in front of "her man." Tough shit, thought Tony -- that's what they came here for anyway, heh, heh, heh, and he was only too glad to help." And anyway -- it was certainly never rape -- it was seduction…, unfair seduction perhaps, considering Tony's size, scent, and sex appeal, but 'so what' thought Tony -- they do say all's fair in love and….

He was now moving quietly along the well-worn car path through the woods. There was a full moon, so it was easy to see. Then he saw it. "Aw yeah -- huge fuckin' pickup -- this'll be fun!" It had a over-sized cab with two rows of seats. He crept close and the truck started to rock -- slowly at first, and then harder and faster until, "NNGgh! Oh yeah, Babe! Nnnnn..." -- the sounds of orgasm.

"Familiar-sounding voice..., hm-m-m... he peered through the windshield -- Fat Larry! Bingo!" He walks straight up to the front of the truck, picks it up by the bumper, raises it easily to shoulder height -- and drops it! Screams and curses erupt from within. Tony stands still facing the truck, ands on hips, muscles tense and hard, and waits. Larry manages to look out the windshield and sees Tony. "Oh, fuck!"

"Hey. Missed ya earlier," Tony calls out.

Larry sticks his head out the side window. "Gee, I guess I uh-h-h..., forgot."

"Hear you messed up my boy, Johnny."

"Hell - wasn't nuthin'"

"Busted up some of his shit too."

"What?!? That puny little calculator? Flimsy piece of shit - Crushed it in one hand - hardly even squeezed."

"Is that right?... - kinda like this?" He puts one foot up against the truck's frame, grabs the bumper with two hands and pulls. The metal groans, Tony pulls harder, and the squealing gets louder until a Larry hears a loud metallic "R-r-r-r-i-i-p! Snap!" One side is off, and then quickly another "R-r-r-i-i-i-p! Yea-a-ahhh!" - and the bumper is free.

"What the fuck you doin', Man?"

"Y'er right -- this IS flimsy shit!" Grabbing it by the ends, he easily folds it in two, - and then again into fourths. Then across his thigh into eighths. Then, holding it up between his hands for all to see, easily crushes it into a large, misshapen ball. He holds it up, smiling in a way that said, "That was too damned easy!" Larry climbed out of the truck, still quite naked. He runs around, stares at this macho-extension of his dick and then yells at Tony, "Look what you did to my truck, you Fuckhead!"

Tony ignored his words, but glared menacingly straight into his eyes. "And didn't you once hang him upside down by his ankles and swing him around just for fun?"

"Hey! That was last year. I think the little pisser even enjoyed it." Then he tries to get friendly in a conspiratorial sort of way -- "You know how he likes guys with muscle, heh, heh, heh."

"You think so? Hm-m-m...." He walks around to the bed of the pick-up, tosses in the remains of the bumper, and sure enough -- finds a coil of strong rope. He picks it up. "Let's see...." Larry is suddenly worried. Visions of hanging upside down suddenly flood his mind, and he knows he can't handle Tony. "N-N-N-N-No! P-P-Please!" Tony wasn't listening, and very quickly Larry finds himself on the ground with his ankles very firmly tied together. "Hey! Cut it out!"" No luck. Tony easily lifts Larry off the ground and nonchalantly "throws" the overweight, 320-pound'er over his shoulders and looks around for a sturdy tree branch. Conveniently, there's one right nearby. "This'll do," allows Tony as he tosses the rope over the branch. "Ready for some fun, Larry?" He pulls down on the rope and readily lifts the frantically clawing, wiggling athlete clear of the ground and ties the rope to the trunk.

With Larry cursing and yelling and swaying with his head three feet off the ground, Tony says, "You know what? It's pretty chilly out here -- I think I'll just keep your girl warm for you," and turns his attention to naked woman staring fearfully out of the now-closed side window. "Like Hell you will!" screams Larry -- not that he can do much about it, of course. Tony walks over, sees that the door is locked, and motions for her to unlock it. Larry's not too happy: "You keep away from her, you bastard!" Tony turns to face him, pulls off his posers, lets Larry take in his long, thick cock which he quickly works into an even longer, hard erection before tossing the posers on top of the cab and turning back to the still locked door. The girl, named Jackie, is crunched up against the far side of the cab, shaking her head, "No." Tony merely shrugs, shoves the fingers of both hands through the door and yanks it off with one motion. He turns and shows it to Larry before folding it in half using only the power of his forearms and tossing it into the bed of the pickup. Larry, of course, is totally distraught. "You're wrecking my car, Man. Look, I'm sorry about fucking with Johnny - now let me down!" Tony just turns and climbs inside.

He'd assumed that it would be awfully tight in there for him, but there was plenty of room because they'd removed the bench seat and put down plywood and a twin mattress. "No, please don't." "Shhh, shhh, shhhsh; don't worry. I won't force you to do anything." He tries hard to sound like the perfect gentleman. "Just lie down and let me keep you warm for a little while." Jackie's mind is telling her that she ought to be afraid, but the center of her womanhood forces her eyes to focus desirously first on the huge mass of muscle facing her, and then soon on the thick, fifteen inches of manhood now within an easy arm's reach. Slowly she lets herself down, stretching her legs towards the open door of the cab, as Tony moves over her and slowly lowers himself on top of her, letting her feel first the weight of his balls as he drags them down from her abs to her thighs, and then of his cock, which starts out resting very lightly on her abs. He moves it gently back and forth along her stomach before letting his weight down more, finally pressing his dick very firmly against her pubic area, his nipples against her chest, and holding very still. From his vantage point about fifteen feet away, Larry had a great view directly into the cab and was still unleashing a continuous trail of threats at Tony and pleadings to his girl to resist. He should have saved his breath.

Meanwhile, Jackie was exploring the huge body on top of her, using her hands to investigate every nook and cranny, finally reaching -- and settling firmly into, Tony's very lean, very hard, and oh-so-generous ass, and then pulling him down as hard as she could on top of her. Tony, who could feel the precum rising, then lifted himself up a bit and slid the broad head of his cock first up between Jackie's ample breasts, and after a brief rest there, moved it up one side, bringing the piss-slit directly over the nipple. While in that position, he flexed quickly a couple of times, yielding a large spurt of precum that coated he top of her breast. At first a bit shocked, she then reached up, pressed her palm down onto her nipple and massaged the warm sticky fluid into her breast. He saw her smile -- looking pleased with herself - and maybe with him. He could tell this was first time she'd done anything like this.. After raising his butt upward to alter the angle, he dragged the slick tip of his wet cock down the one beast and then up the other -- and waited as he looked deep into her eyes. At first puzzled about what he wanted, she then seemed to understand and reached up, grabbed the cock with both hands, rubbed her thumbs along the underside a few times and then squeezed hard, producing an even bigger pool of fluid than before. Using the fresh juice, she then, with obvious relish, massaged both breasts with both hands with the fresh supply of warm slick lubricant.

Tony's arousal was growing; he needed badly to get inside, but wanted her to make the first move. He pulled himself downward and very briefly forced his cock down between her thighs, pushing the tip of his cock up against her entrance, and massaging it briefly with some fresh precum before withdrawing. He then flipped them around, so that Jackie found herself on top, with her ass crack firmly seated along Tony's hard, pulsing rod, held upright by his hands. As she mentally readjusted to this position, Tony flexed himself hard several times in succession, bouncing the startled - and then laughing, Jackie. He stopped and waited, and very quickly, Jackie had leaned forward, her palms on Tony's hard, massive chest, and started moving herself along his cock, and within seconds she was pressing her swollen clitoris up against, and into, the moist, broad, deep, inviting slit of Tony's purpling penis. He held himself in check and smiled up, and read her eyes. She knew she shouldn't, she knew Larry was watching, but she also knew she couldn't resist sampling the manliness beneath her. So she smiled back and all of a sudden, "Schloop!" -- She was in! Or rather, he was in, and she was saying, in a loud, very surprised voice, "Oh my God -- you're so huge!" "JACKIE! HONEY! What are you doing?" Larry had been watching closely, and he saw quite clearly who had made the first move, making his self-confidence take a nose-dive.

Tony was too involved to notice any of that. As he stared into her eyes, he rocked slightly, providing enough encouragement that she started pushing herself on further and further, until his cock reached the end of her passage. He was less than half-way in. And already she was telling him, "Omigod, Tony -- I think I'm gonna cum already...Oh gees -- so fuckin' big..., unh, unnnnh...unh!.., Unh!..Ah-h-hhh...." And she had. As soon as she climaxed, he flipped them back around so that as she recovered she was totally relaxed on her back, and Tony was slowly moving within her, already re-generating her arousal. Her breathing quickly speeds up, as do her bodily motions and very quickly both of them are rocking the truck like never before. "Oh fuck, Tony -- I'm ready to cum again...ohmigod.., so soon..." "Oh yeah, Babe, come for me, Babe..c'mon.., aww yeah..." Splooge! Together. The two of them.

There is a brief moment of quiet, during which, had either party been paying any attention, they would have heard sobbing from the upside-down figure outside, but they did not. The moment was gone, and Tony was at it again, and so was little Jackie. "Ohmigod, Tony.., I can't stop cumming..., Oh fuck..., I just keep ...Unh!..Nnngg!..Oh God -- it won't stop!" "Aww, fuck yeah, Babe... Keep it up. Cum for me, Babe.., AWww, fuck, yeah-h-h-h..."

By now, Larry was in and out of consciousness, but remained sadly aware of the proceedings in his truck, and sadly resigned himself to the knowledge that he couldn't do a damn thing about it. After Tony had dropped half a dozen loads into Jackie, he decided to quit. He lingered inside of her for a while after his last orgasm, enjoying the sensations of her body contracting around his cock as she breathed in her sleep. He finally pulled out, found a blanket with which to cover her, walked over to Larry, and nudged him awake. "I've got something for you to do," he said, pointing to his dick. Larry looked towards Tony as if through a fog. "Clean your lady off of me." Saying that, he pushed Larry's mouth around his cock, which was conveniently pointing straight out at mouth-level. Tony's thought had been to let this go on for only a few seconds just to emphasize his total control of the situation (rather unnecessary, under the circumstances…), and then let Larry down and fuck him in the usual fashion, but whether it was because Larry wanted to "do this right" in an effort to satisfy Tony, or because he simply loved Jackie's taste, he was so thorough and so intense in his ministrations that Tony was quickly hard as a rock. The upside-down Larry put his arms around Tony's hips, held onto the sides of Tony's ass and as forcefully as he could, pushed Tony into him so as to be sure of cleaning every inch of his heavily-coated man-meat.

The thick twelve inches with which Larry began soon became an even thicker sixteen, and Tony decided it was time to bury it. He grabbed Larry's head, and holding it firmly in place slowly inched his incredibly sensitive arousal inward and upward, Larry's mouth encasing only the large helmet at first He sucked in his breath as he felt the underside of his hard dick pass across the not-as-hard upper row of teeth; he groaned as it rubbed slowly along the roof of the mouth and across the hard palate, and he hissed as it worked its way around the bend and drove straight into the throat proper, greatly enjoying the many voluntary -- and not so voluntary, throat contractions as Larry tried to handle the impossibly huge meat, his hands still on Tony's hips, though now he was trying to push Tony away. He was having no success in this matter because Tony was so much enjoying the surprisingly strong pressure of Larry's inexperienced and heretofore un-violated throat around his now fully embedded dick that he was simply standing still, holding Larry exactly where he wanted him - the dangling man's chin mashed against his groin on the topside of his cock, his nose and eyeballs crushed up against his enormous, pulsing, furry balls. Ignoring Larry's rather immediate need for air, Tony eventually started pulling down and out -- slowly -- and vaguely heard Larry suck in huge gulps of air when his now greatly engorged, purpling head slipped from the throat back into his mouth. Happily for his "partner," Tony decided to pause there for a few seconds -- only because he wanted to relish the anticipation of a second passage, so Larry filled up with fresh air before the inevitable return trip began, soon to be followed by a third and a fourth in similar, agonizingly s-l-o-w t-i-m-e.

By then, Tony was too revved up to maintain his controlled pace and increased the speed of his thrusts - keeping the withdrawals deliciously slow for a bit, but before long Tony's actions would best be described as a full-fledged face-fuck, utterly free of subtle nuances of movement. SLAM it in -- YANK it out; Slam 'er in (Hunh!), yank 'er out, gradually faster and harder, not trying very hard to hold off, until after maybe ten minutes of hard fucking, Tony emptied his balls - quite literally. When through, Larry's stomach was visibly distended, and he was groaning as one does after eating w-a-a-y too much! Tony sniggered as he pulled out.

He looked briefly around, noticed that the rope knot at the tree trunk was one that Jackie could easily pull out, thereby releasing Larry from his airborn prison, and then checked on Jackie, who was quite sound asleep. Larry was definitely not asleep, but he was too involved in his own misery to pay any attention to Tony as he smirked his accomplishments and walked silently away.

The little guys never got picked on again so long as Tony was around. •

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