Pictures of Dorian's Gays, The


By John

The following story is part of an ongoing tale. Elements contained in this chapter are related to those in other chapters and readers may wish to explore the other chapters. This is a tale involving nudity, muscle growth and gay male sex. If these types of activities offend you, please do not choose to read it.

"Have you heard the news!" Kevin shouted as he rushed into the gym.

It was early in the morning and he hoped he would find Dorian's harem there, as usual.

"They said on the radio this morning that Mr. Olympia was killed in a plane crash in the Italian Alps last night!" He rushed on bringing everyone to an instant stop in their workout..

"You're kidding!" reacted Michael.

"No! No! Honest to God, I heard it this morning!" Kevin went on, forgetting about the distance that had grown between the two of them.

First Michael burst into laugher, then the others joined in as a fifth hulking image stepped out from behind two of the other muscle giants.

"Let me assure you that reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Laughed the real Mr. Olympia, Jeff.

"Huh! What the…? How can…? Where d - d -…?" Kevin stammered in complete disbelief.

"It's OK kid" came a voice from behind him. "It was time to begin the transfer of power and this was the easiest way."

Kevin spun around to face Mr. Chronos. "What do you mean?"

"Well, think about it logically, Kevin" the head master went on. "If Michael is to assume his rightful role as the next big muscle star of the world, then Jeff has to step aside or be pushed aside, doesn't he. Well, this way, it's easy. In the eyes of the world, Jeff is gone. Now Michael can step right in, after a suitable period of grief, of course, and assume his promised position."

"Huh!" was all that Kevin could think of to respond.

"Hi, Kevin, I'm Jeff" the reigning muscle demigod announced stepping into Kevin and offering a large, solid hand that was attached to an expanding map of veins and muscle called a forearm. "Glad to meet you. Sorry to do it this way, but Mr. Chronos is right, as usual. He knows how to do this stuff and he's had this planned for quite some time now."

"Uh, nice to meet you, too." Kevin stammered.

"Anyway," Jeff continued "as you know, we don't age, so, if we didn't do this soon, people would begin to talk too much about how we look and that could become quite uncomfortable for all of us."

"I guess that makes sense." Kevin responded as he regained his composure.

"This way, I simply disappear for a while and, in the meantime, can go on here doing the two things I love best - getting bigger and getting off." Jeff added with an obvious smile. "And, I'll bet your hiding just the right equipment for that!"

"Don't let him intimidate you, Kevin." Dorian jumped in. "After ten years at the top of the bodybuilding world, he's pretty used to getting what - and who - he wants but, actually, Jeff is just a big muscle-headed baby."

"And he does mean big!" Jeff cut in as he threw the torn sleeve of his sweat shirt up revealing his infamous upper arm.

Jeff quickly brought the arm up into a single bicep pose the likes of which caused Kevin to jump back a full step as the muscle literally exploded out from the body of the arm. Clearly the man had already been doing warm-ups with his arms. How else could the amount of stiffly crafted meat announce its' presence so completely and suddenly. The definition exceeded any Kevin had ever seen in any of the magazine photos. Jeff clenched his fist harder in Kevin's face and the thick veins became even more pronounced as the skin stretched even tighter around the newly expanded mounds of the biceps. The famous double split became so pronounced that it seemed as if there were two separate huge muscles occupying the same space.

"It's hot, hard and ready!" Jeff insisted as he moved the giant so close to Kevin's face that he could feel the heat rising off of the thinly wrapped rock of flesh.

Kevin understood the invitation and reached up. He slowly stroked the leading face with two fingers, gently feeling each and every of the endless number of bumpy fibers that fanned out crisply from the deep valley of the connection with the partially fabric covered ball of the deltoids. His hand traced the deep, curving division between the front mass and the cantaloupe of the upper ball. His entire hand spread out as wide as possible to cap the upper mound and, instinctively, began to squeeze. As Kevin increased the pressure, he could feel it as Jeff contracted the muscle even more. The hot flesh refused to give any ground to the penetrating fingers. The surrounding network of veins throbbed on the underside of Kevin's hand.

Just when Kevin was ready to yield victory to the double domed monster, Jeff straightened his arm and tensed the belly of the even more astounding triceps. The muscle ballooned into what could only be described as an inserted football on the lower part of the upper arm. Kevin let his fingers trace the flow of a couple of the still protruding veins down the face of the lined biceps, over the large collector vein running parallel between the two opposing muscles, and on to the surface of the newly constricted lower mass. Where the biceps had felt like a rich, hard series of fibrous metal, the triceps were a bundling of steely cables spiraling from elbow to outer pec.

It took two hands to get a true sense of the size and strength contained within this instrument of pleasure. It, too, re-solidified as Jeff concentrated on his flexion and Kevin's hands discovered the deep, hidden valley on the bottom that, when exposed formed the muscle-defining horseshoe effect. Even the tendons that disappeared into the arm to connect meat to bone felt as dense and hard as the rest of the massive monument. While the same beauty remained that Kevin had witnessed in the painting of Jeff earlier, this was not the same smoother body that had been depicted at all. It was a rock hard, crystal cut body that had been remade to relish, cherish and honor.

"God, that feels good!" were the first words Kevin heard as he became aware of the hand movement inside the waistband of his sweatpants.

Kevin had been so engrossed in this unbelievable muscle exploration of the (formerly) most highly recognized muscle god of today that he hadn't even been aware of his own "natural" response nor of the fact that it was getting its own attention from the muscle giant. Jeff's free hand had invaded the tented pants and fully grasped the rigid 10" tool that threatened to poke him in his own groin area. His forefinger moved over the top of the hardened crown and tripped playfully back and forth over the slit opening at the tip. Kevin's already perfectly rigid tool tried to respond to the stimulation by twitching harder and higher only to meet the resistance of the brutally strong hand endeavoring to conquer it.

Most of the others, including Mr. Chronos, were very much enjoying this unexpected show. Michael, seeing how lost Kevin had become in his companion's displays, had chosen to leave. Steve, not wanting to miss the final act, reached over and pushed Kevin's pants down around his ankles exposing the rigid red rod, inflated testicles, pumping muscular upper legs, and dimpled striated ass.

Then Jeff took his controlling hand off of Kevin's pipe just long enough to throw his shirt up off of his body and on to the floor. Kevin's reaction to the exposed muscle was instantaneous as his cock pumped wider and grew even stiffer with veins dancing in delight along and around its entire surface. His balls bounced gleefully as the sacs readied their shower of passion-juice.

Jeff brought both massive 27" arms forward and locked them straight and hard on either side of the front of his award-winning dense upper body and grasped Kevin's begging cock with both hands. Jeff's pecs thrust out full and round as these prominent features of the 65" torso became trapped between the two ham-sized arms. Both pectoral mounds creased into lined waves of muscle as they ballooned out several inches between the confining arms and the cleft between both of them. Kevin reached forward with both hands and tried to shove his fingers into the middle canyon. The muscle was so solid that Kevin's hands had no chance.

Sensing this, Jeff relaxed his muscle-crunch briefly, permitting the fingers to penetrate almost up to the knuckle joint. He flexed hard again and trapped all eight fingers within the muscled massiveness. Both men shared equally in the sensation of Kevin's fingers bumping in between the multitude of muscled fibers as they tried to rub up and down inside the valley. Then Kevin stretched his free thumbs over across the hills of meat and let them dance over the ends of Jeff's aroused nipples as his mouth salivated over the visual image of the controlled deathlock of dense muscle constraining his lusting fingers.

The boulders underlying Jeff's skin which he called shoulders cracked and formed a series of sweeping striations disappearing over the top and headed down toward his thickly bound back. Kevin only felt the cloth of his muscled attacker's ballooned pants briefly pushing into his left thigh when Steve pushed Jeff's pants down to the floor too. From his restricted vantage point, Kevin could not see much below the Olympian's 31" waist, but the freshly exposed cock was equal the body to which it was attached. The crown on the fat 12" man-muscle forced itself straight and hard against Kevin's inner thigh. He spread his legs slightly and flexed so that the throbbing crown soon found itself as trapped between Kevin's thighs as his fingers were in the deeply muscled bosom.

Jeff let the underside of the top portion of Kevin's hardened 10" cock rub up again his taut lower abdominal muscles while his hands continued their hard, faster manipulation of the main part of Kevin's broad cock shaft. Kevin pumped ever faster against the containing hands and abs as his own thumbs continued their erotic nipple taunting. Jeff responded with equal passion as his pecs flexed and massaged the groping fingers while his cock pounded within the moist muscular thighs under a growing sensation of enhanced friction.

Jeff hit Kevin with one densely solid painful pec flex that sent shivers of muscle enhanced delight through his engulfed fingers. Kevin's cock took one last jump and pumped hard and high as he felt the warm wetness of the first load splash thickly into the bottom of his hands and his torturer's protruding pecs. By the third volley, the bottom of Kevin's hands and Jeff's pecs were saturated in cum. The sensation of the hot fluid triggered the frictional reaction in Jeff's own tool as his cum spilled hard and heavy like a white fountain out back from between Kevin's legs. He kept up this seemingly endless stream for almost a full minute as Kevin finished his eruptions onto the giantly muscled torso.

An exhausted Jeff released the capture hold on Kevin's hands as the pecs reformed into the two expansively rounded globes of semi-relaxed muscle. Without awaiting any signal or permission, Kevin's tongue moved in on his own juices as he licked the contoured meat into glistening cleanliness and partook of his liquid meal. As Kevin finish removing the last of his deposits, Jeff lifted Kevin's face gently up to his and brought their lips passionately together. Inserting his own tongue into Kevin's parted lips, he took back what he could of the milky serving for his own.

Turning their attention to the spectators, they noted that they had not been alone in their involvement. It was obvious from the white splatterings on the floor that all four, including Dorian, had responded expectedly to the muscle bonding show which they had just witnessed.

For the first time Kevin became aware that Michael was no longer present and realized that it was best that way.

"Well, well," Dorian interjected "It seems that the two of you are going to get along pretty well. Now, if all of you don't mind, maybe we can get this room cleaned up and, then, Kevin, I need to see you in the studio for your sitting. With any luck, we should finish your first painting today."

Chronos called for a couple of the servants to come and assist in the cleanup as he, Kevin and Jeff went off in their separate ways to attend to themselves.

About an hour later, Kevin reported to Dorian's private painting studio as requested. Dorian was already there readying his brushes. It had been two weeks since Kevin had first arrived. It hadn't taken long for him to realize that Michael's whispered warning was probably more true than not. After all, since no one had ever heard of this unique individual who had apparently controlled the most elite of muscledom for over half a century now, it was fair to assume that Mr. Chronos had no interest in his secret getting out to the rest of the world.

Secretly Kevin had no desire to move forward with this bizarre program but, at least for the time being, he had no specific plan in place that would get him away from here and give him the peace of mind for his long term safety. As time went on, it became more and more evident that Mr. Chronos had done his homework and knew Kevin all too well. Kevin was sure that Dorian would not stop short of harming his family to get to him should he elect to leave.

At first, he was deeply grateful to Michael for the warning. However, it wasn't long before it occurred to Kevin that, had it not been for the visit by Michael to his gym, he never would have followed through on coming here. All this came to the surface on the third day when he had been assigned to his own house only a short distance from Michael's. On his way back that evening he had passed Michael and they had pretty much had it out very publicly.

In private, Michael had insisted that there was not much he could do without putting his own life in jeopardy. Michael alleged that he had not counted on falling so heavily and quickly for the young Kevin. There had been a lot more that got said between the two. In the end, they agreed it was best just to stay as far apart from each other as possible.

For now, Kevin just wanted to finish this painting and get back to his house where he could think things out on his own. As much as he was appalled by the concept of allowing any kind of drugs or unnatural hormone cocktails into his hard earned muscular body, there was no way he was going to let Chronos be aware of his true feelings. He was, however, cautious enough to be playing the "hard to get" role so that Dorian would not get suspicious at an apparent immediate reversal of position.

"Good, Kevin, we have great light today. I'm sure we can finish this first painting today." Dorian welcomed his model. "Let's take off that robe and get that magnificent body into position, shall we?"

Kevin dropped the robe onto the floor and moved over to the windowed backdrop of the platform. He immediately did a couple of quick stretches to stimulate his still pumped muscles and adjusted the all- too-small excuse for posing trunks. Mr. Chronos had suggest the provocative mini-thong saying that he liked to dress his men in the outfit that he suspected would be the style of the day when they burst upon the muscle world in about 10 years. He seemed convinced that within a decade the showing of the entire gluteal area couple with stretched fabric that clearly outlined the penis and testicles- almost as if it was painted on - would be the style.

He said that he couldn't wait because this would bring more and more heavily equipped men into the bodybuilding game. In fact, Dorian indicated that Kevin's sizable package had been part of the consideration in his selection. That was why he had mounted the camera in the shower area of Kevin's, and a number of other, gyms. As it was, when he reached up to raise his clenched fists high over his head in his stretched clench "signature" pose, the top of his cock where it intersected his groin was clearly visible. Dorian though this only added to the image. The deep blue stitch of fabric grasped the soft length of the sizable dick and bulged out, yet again, over the large mushroomed cap. Dark crevasses were visible at each side as Kevin's balls pushed the material away from his body creating another inviting gap to each shadowed testicle.

He held the stretch as he clenched his fists forcing his forearms to flare out as full and thick as an average bodybuilder's upper arms. The biceps formed into their opposing half moon spheres as their nearly 22" fullness just about came in contact with his ears. The triceps served as appropriate counterbalances to the bicep volumes as they cut themselves into sharply divided ladders of muscle. Parts of the massive shoulders were just barely visible above and behind the sudden fullness of the voluminous lats. Combined with the still protruding pectoral muscles, it was not hard to see the effect a full 55" of muscle could have visually when appropriately sculpted onto the male upper body.

Rather than forming into two half wedges of the infamous "V" shape down to the ever-so-tight, small waist, Kevin's lats flowed outward from the shoulder joint first before curving lovingly and continuously into the middle of the obliques. Veins caressed and seemed to fondle the fanned muscles as the pose forced them into erotically inviting width.

This width was only further exaggerated by the narrowness of the 31" waist girdle. The chiseled abdominal muscles each still showed in their individual glory even completely stretched out and lengthened. Their extended flatness helped to pronoun the true girth and fullness of the blue-painted package. Only the thick fullness of the upper leg masses seemed to reduce the actual hugeness of the package. Diagonal lines of striation cut in opposing directions across both the inner and outer thighs added to the impression of their power. Kevin had been blessed with small joints at the wrist, elbows, ankles and knees. The result created yet another sizing illusion at the forearms, upper arms, thighs and, especially, the calf muscles. The 21" of lower leg muscle seemed several inches larger.

Dorian had been right to select this pose for Kevin, it exemplified the compelling beauty of his astounding 255 pound body of muscle and made his 5'-10" tall frame seem all that much bigger.

"When this one's done, how long before we start the other painting?" Kevin finally worked up the courage to ask.

"We can start right away." Dorian answered and added with a smile. "We can begin just as soon as you are ready to give us another one of those fountain shows like the one you had with Jeff. You know, the second one will only work if we mix those paints with your own cum."

"Is that when I have to start taking the steroids, growth hormones and all?" Kevin asked a bit more timidly.

"Oh, no, my apprehensive friend." Chronos responded with a noticeable tenderness in his voice. "You can't take any of that stuff until we're done with the second painting. Your cum has to be all natural for it to be most effective. The paint can't decipher what effects to take on if you have disguised any of them in your own semen."

"Is that why I have to take this blood test every day?" Kevin went on.

"Yes, my friend. Look, I know how hard this is for you, but believe me, you will be fine." Dorian continued. "It won't be long before you start seeing results on your body that will both astound and please you. And as much as I want to believe that you are beginning to accept this proposition, I need to know that you aren't doing anything, like secretly taking anything now, to interfere with this program until we are ready to begin."

"How long will that be, then?" Kevin figured it was worth the question.

"It should only take the same two weeks to do the other painting, that is if you can cum like you did today on a daily basis for that long." Dorian smiled wryly. "Then we will induct your pictures into our "Hall of Infamy" and get you started right away."

"Oh, cumming is not a problem for me. It never has been. But" Kevin hesitated and then went on, "can I ask why you have to do this every ten years?"

"It's a fair question." Mr. Chronos responded with apparent sincerity. "It doesn't have to be exactly ten years, that's my choice. If we don't do this regularly, the public will begin to ask too many questions. So, I give each of you ten years of uninterrupted training and then ten years of public glory. Then, as you see with the others, you have, potentially, an endless lifetime of muscle joy and love right here after that. When you think about it, it's not a bad deal."

"But Jeff is pretty much stuck here now. I mean - now that he's officially "dead." Kevin pushed forward boldly.

"Only for a while. In a bit of time people will forget him and he can always have some plastic surgery" Dorian said matter-of-factly. "That option is available to any of you if you want. Plus, there are other benefits you will learn about all in good time. For now, I think we're done with this painting! Want to see?"

"Sure" responded Kevin as he leapt off of the platform and moved around to the life-sized image of himself.

He was beautiful! Very, very beautiful! The same light that he had witnessed in the painting of Michael seemed to emanate from within his own exquisitely displayed muscles. Kevin found that he wanted to reach out and fondle his own image. The muscles looked three- dimensional. Sure, he had spent many hundreds of hours gazing at himself in the mirrors but now, for the first time, he was seeing himself as everyone else saw him - not as his mirror image. His cock immediately began to respond by pushing the tiny fabric to limits it was not intended to test.

Dorian noticed the response and quickly released the expanding captive from it's clothed envelope. Kevin did not resist as he continued his gaze into his own muscle bulging image. Before he knew it, he had lifted one arm overhead into the same position it held in the painting and, using his other hand, began to caress the corresponding actual extension of lat muscle. His hand moved broadly and sweepingly to cover every expansive inch of hot flesh and then drifted up the triceps and back down the inflated bicep. He wrapped the hand across the endless broadness of the plated pectoral and down over the dimpled length of the abdominals as his eyes followed the path on the image.

During the process of this self-absorbed exploration, Kevin's cock had responded with full approval and was back at full, blood-engorged attention. Dorian focused all his attention on this particular muscle of interest. His hands gently enveloped the 10" youthful iron- hard erection as hungry fingers sought to learn every exposed inch, each pulsing vein and the strength of the hot hardness. The head bulbed out and flushed itself with pliable stiffness and became hot to the touch as the surface temperature of the sex-rod rose closer to that of the internal body heat.

Chronos' mind began to imagine the extent to which this monster meat would grow, along with the boy himself, over the next ten years. Visions of, at least, a 15" cock attached to a 400-plus pound demigod of muscle danced through his mind as his hands and mouth moved in automatic reaction over the length and breadth of Kevin's already ample steel-hard rod.

Dorian surrounded the broad cap carefully with his mouth and let his tongue pursue the same learning experience that his fingers had just enjoyed. Kevin began to pump back and forth as he drifted further into the connection of his rendered to physical selves. His hands took turns exploring how the pictured anatomy felt as his rocking rhythm increased in response. Chronos gulped in reaction as he was forced to accept more and more of the young man's pile driver with each thrust. He clasped Kevin's equally hot balls in his hands and began stirring their contents.

Kevin fell into lost self-passion as he let the artist continue the internalized anatomical study of his cock while he extended his own exploration of the body both of them had, in their own way, created - one painted and one hot muscular flesh. The mighty cock bulged harder once more as the heat drove a final flush of divine blood into the organ.

Suddenly, the passion fulfilled it's aspiration as Kevin released a volume of his own liquid cream equal to that of just a few hours ago directly into the wanting mouth of his benefactor. Dorian worked hard and fast to swallow each volley as it shot hard against the back of his throat. He managed to take most of the considerable quantity but a few globules leaked out and down the side of his mouth and chin.

When he felt that Kevin had finally finished, Dorian let the still hard tool plop out. He picked up a clean paint rag as he stood back up and wiped his mouth as Kevin's gaze drifted away from the painting and refocused on Dorian.

"Oh, yes, I think we can begin that other painting tomorrow." Dorian concluded.

Kevin hoped that the muscle contortions resulting from his release of passion juice had hidden his own reactive fear to this unwanted future. •

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