Teacher, The


By Anonymous

When James got home, he ran into his living room and plopped himself onto the couch, ready for his nap. His parents were still at work. For some reason, he couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

“Maybe I’ll just watch some TV,” he said to himself. James reached for the remote control and turned on the television. The first thing on the screen that appeared was a soap opera. Usually, James would’ve changed the channel right away (only girls watched soap operas), but this time he decided to watch for a few seconds.

It was an intense scene between the male and female leads, but James wasn’t really paying attention to the female or what was going on. He was focused on the man.

“Hmm, I wonder what that guy would like naked… WHAT AM I SAYING!?” James immediately grabbed the remote and turned off the TV, trying to convince himself that what he’d just said never happened.

James didn’t even touch his dinner; the events of the day had ruined his appetite for some reason. When his parents asked what was wrong, he couldn’t think of saying anything else besides the fact that he “just wasn’t hungry.”

James decided to take another shower before he went to bed. He never remembered feeling so good while taking a shower. He enjoyed the feel of the warm water pouring over his body. James looked down at his crotch area, and noticed that things were starting to get a little stiff down there. You easily guess what he did next.

After he was done doing his business, James got out of the shower and dried off. He looked into the mirror, checked himself out, as many teenage guys do, and flexed his arms. No, there wasn’t any significant change in the way they looked. They were still a lot skinner than he wanted them to be, but he noticed that they were starting to show at least a little definition… maybe. Maybe doing those push-ups every morning was helping after all.

James noticed the treasure trail that went from his bellybutton down to his member. It seemed a little darker than usual, but didn’t really surprise James, because he knew that he was going through the process of growing up, and getting a little hairier was part of that process. James went into his bedroom and locked the door. He decided that instead of wearing pajamas, he’d try sleeping in the nude. James pulled the covers over his body, and smiled. He loved the way the sheets felt on his skin. It was so relaxing. He finally fell asleep, still wearing a grin on his face.

James opened his eyes. All that he could see around him was a field of lush green grass. The sun was shining brightly. He looked down and noticed that he was still naked, but didn’t mind a bit. He was the only one in the field, after all… Just then he heard the sound of laughter, and turned around. It was his classmates!

Some of them were playing tag; others were rolling down the hills. Did I forget to mention that they were all stark naked as well? James noticed Steve and a couple other guys walking towards a tree. They all sat down around it, smiled at each other, and then proceeded to play with themselves! James had heard of circle jerks before, but he’d never actually seen one. He found it to be rather interesting, and wondered if they’d let him join in the fun.

He then heard a voice coming from behind another tree. “Are you guys having fun?” The figure walked closer to the students, and James found out that the voice belonged to Mr. Smith! He was wearing a pair of sunglasses- in fact, that was the only thing he was wearing.

“Wow,” James said to himself. “What a stud!” He closed his eyes for a few seconds, and then-

“AHHHHHHHH!” James opened his eyes again and turned on the light. He looked around, and was relieved to find that he was safe in his bedroom again.

“It was a dream,” he said to himself, sweating with fear. “It was just a bad dream. Dreams don’t anything. It was just a stupid dream…”

He must have said those words to himself for at least 5 minutes, and then he went into the bathroom. He bent over the toilet, and proceeded to puke his brains out. He definitely wasn’t going to school today.

James spent the rest of the day on the couch, watching television. He was pleased to find that none of the men turned him on, not even the guy on that soap opera.

At about 4 o’clock that afternoon, he received a phone call from Steve.

“Hey man, how ya feelin’?”

“I think I’m going to be a lot better by tomorrow. Is Mr. Melville back?”

“Nope, Dave said that Mr. M’s flu has gotten even worse. He probably won’t be back for at least a week.”

“Oh… I see. Did he teach you guys anything today?”

“Well, we did watch a science movie for about 5 minutes, but then Dave pulled the plug on the TV. He said it was too boring, and that we probably we wouldn’t remember all that stuff anyway.”


“Yea, he’s a pretty cool guy. He even gave me this piece of chocolate before I left class. It tasted kinda weird, but I guess it wasn’t that bad. Um… James, can I ask you something?”

“Uh… sure, I guess.”

“Do you think I’m… well hung?”


“Aww, c’mon James, you must’ve looked at my dong at least once in the locker room! We all do it at least once in a while.”

James remembered the showers the day before, and how he’d taken that moment to examine Steve’s uncut member. But he refused to admit to his friend that he’d looked at his dick… that was just too weird.

“Aww James, it’s not like I’m queer or something like that. I just wanted to know how I measure up against the rest of you guys. All guys our age are curious about stuff like that.”

James noticed that Steve’s voice was a little deeper than usual. “Well Steve, have you looked at my dick before?”

“To be honest with you, yea. It’s not like you turned me on or anything, I was just curious.”

“Well… how did I measure up?”

“Actually, you’d been pretty normal before, which wasn’t bad at all. But you must’ve gone through a growth spurt or somethin’ in the past few days, because yesterday it looked pretty big… for your height at least.”

James was a lot shorter than Steve, who happened to be one of the tallest guys in the freshman class, so he didn’t know whether to feel flattered or not.

“Well James, I gotta go. I think I’m gonna go to the gym with my dad in a few minutes. I’ll see ya tomorrow.”

“Yea… see you then Steve.” James hung up the phone. That had to be the weirdest conversation he’d ever had in his life.

The next day at school in Dave’s class was no different than the first two. Every day he gave the class an excuse for not teaching them. Either he’d forgotten the lesson plan at home or he wasn’t feeling well enough to teach – he even told them that his papers flew out the car window. This continued on for the rest of the week. Most of the class didn’t seem to mind at all, but James was starting to wonder if there was something sketchy going on.

That Friday, Dave was asked to leave the class for a few moments. Mr. Johnson, the school’s principal, wanted to have a talk with him.

“I’ll only be gone a few minutes class. Don’t get too rowdy while I’m away!” Dave smiled and walked out the door, heading for Mr. Johnson’s office.

Dave opened the door and saw Mr. Johnson sitting down in front of his desk, reading the paper. He looked about 55 years old.

“You wanted to talk with me, sir?”

Mr. Johnson looked up. “Ahh yes, Mr. Smith. Please sit down.”

Dave did as he was told. “Please sir, you can just call me Dave.”

Mr. Johnson smiled. “Very well then. Dave, I’ve heard many good things about you from the students. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of teenage boys so excited about going to biology class. But I just received a phone call from the parents of a student, complaining that you haven’t been teaching anything that is part of this school’s curriculum. Is this true?”

“Well, uh…” Dave then noticed that Mr. Johnson’s mug of coffee was empty. “Hey, would you like some more coffee sir?”

Mr. Johnson appeared confused, but then smiled. “Actually, I was just about to pour myself some more before you walked in the room. Thank you.”

Dave took the mug, got up, and walked towards the counter in Mr. Johnson’s office, where he kept a coffee machine handy. After he was done pouring the coffee, Dave took what looked like a small packet of sugar out of his pocket, tore it open, and emptied what looked like a powdery substance into the drink. Mr. Johnson didn’t notice.

Dave brought the coffee to Mr. Johnson’s desk.

“Thank you, Dave.” Mr. Johnson took a sip of the coffee. “Now where were we-”

Before the principal could say anything more, he belched.

“Excuse me!” Mr. Johnson started to hiccup. “I’m sorry Dave, I’m starting to feel rather funny….”

Dave grinned. “No problem Mr. Johnson. No problem at all.”

Meanwhile, back in the biology classroom, James was starting to wonder what was going on. Dave had been gone for at least 15 minutes. He got out of his chair and walked out the classroom door. None of the students noticed him leave; they were too busy talking.

James walked down the hallway, and saw Mr. Johnson’s office door open. Dave walked out into the hallway first, followed by another young man who looked not much older than 21. Both of them were laughing.

James noticed Dave giving the other young man a piece of paper. “Here’s his address,” he said. “I’m sure that you’ll enjoy spending time with him. He’s quite the stud.”

The other man chuckled as they walked around the hallway corner, out of James’ sight.

The bell rang. School was over for the day. James stood in the middle of the hallway as a herd of students rushed by him, heading for the main exit. Usually, Mr. Johnson would say goodbye to the students as they walked out the door, but he hadn’t left his office yet.

The office door was still open. James took a peek inside. Mr. Johnson was nowhere to be found. •

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