Testos Four

Jark Meets Sturdis


By Aaron Strong

First Officer's Log. Supplemental

It had been a very long day. It was my first day on Testos Four, a planet inhabited by super-human, muscular, powerful he-men. The Testones are an all-male race, and they really are ALL MALE, if you get what I mean!

The average Testone is almost seven feet tall and has a grossly (or beautifully, depending on how you look at it) overdeveloped musculature. They have no bodyfat. The Testone's main source of recreation is erotic sex sessions with one another. They usually wear very little, if any, clothing.

Their bodies are all muscle. Compared to the human male, well, there is no comparison to the Testone man. Testones have 30+ inch arms and smaller than 30 inch waists. Their gentials are much larger than humans'. They are power and strength personified, and they don't mind showing off a little.

I had been introduced to the Pexton family. Pexton is the governor of one of the Testone continents. He is indescribably handsome, powerful and sexy. He has two sons. His youngest, Steed, is about 13 earth years old, and looks similar in size and development to a very well-built human adult man. Pexton's oldest son, Jark, is 18 earth years old, and has the reputation of being one of the most powerful and desirable Testones on the continent. His muscular body is one of the largest, most powerful Testone specimines I have seen. I don't know if Jark will have the same effect on other human men, but it is extremely difficult for me not to have an involuntary orgasm just by looking at him. He is very desirable, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Jark invited me into his bedroom. We were to sleep there together. The room had a high-ceiling. It was lavishly decorated. The bed was in the middle of the room. Mirrors were tiled on the ceiling. Encircling the bed was a metal framework that had curtains hanging from it. Jark walked over to the bed frame and pushed the curtains open.

"Mind if I stretch out a little before we hit the sack?" he smiled.

"Go right ahead," I answered.

Jark reached up and grabbed the bar that ran above the bed. His back was to me. He gripped the bar with a wide grip, and began doing slow, but seemingly effortless, pull-ups. His nude, muscular body rose up and down. His glutes were two globes of firm muscle. I would have given anything to insert my member between those two globes. The thought of fucking that ass nearly sent me into an ejaculatory coma.

Jark's arms bulged with power. My penis began to stiffen as I watched his back flare with huge ripples of muscle. Ten reps, then twenty. Effortless. Jark pumped his huge body up and down as my boner rose to a stiff, throbbing erection. I had no clothes on. He stopped, and let go of the bar.

"Do you think you could help me get a better pump?" he grinned. His dimples and dark eyes almost killed me. He was too good-looking to describe. That face, coupled with his inhuman muscles and unreal definition, made him a fantasy to end all fantasies.

"Uh, sure," I swallowed hard.

"Here," he said. "Just grab on to me and I'll do pull-ups with your weight added to my own."

Jark grabbed the bar again, this time facing me. He motioned for me to put my arms around his back and grab onto his shoulders. I moved close and placed my hands on Jark's huge lats. Then I slowly moved them back, and over mountains of rippling muscle, up to his mammoth shoulders. I grapped his rock-hard delts and hung on. My penis dribbled precum onto his eight-pack as my body pressed against his lean torso. Jark's huge Testone penis was limp, and it hung below my own. My legs pressed against his own powerful quads.

Jark inhaled a deep breath. His body swelled under my own. With very little effort, he tightened his arms and his lats. We both began to rise. As we reached the top of his rep, the bar moved between our faces and met Jark's protruding chest. Jark held us there. He smiled as he suspended us both at the top of his rep. His face showed no strain. Blood pulsed through his body as I felt his strength. I could feel the blood feeding his huge muscles as he held us there. His grip was wide -- his arms outstretched. Jark moved his head forward a little and kissed me. The bar was below our chins. He snaked his tongue into my mouth and passionately explored every inch of my oral cavity.

Globs of white, milky cum began to squirt from my penis, onto Jark's torso. My grip on Jark's shoulders tightened. My biceps tensed as I held on for what promised to be a great ride. Jark smiled as he tongued me. Then he pulled his tongue out and grinned "You're even faster than Steed. It usually takes him two or three reps and kisses to cum." (THAT's something I would have loved to witness.) I continued ejaculating my jizz onto Jark's torso, wetting his abs and his thick, protruding chest. "I can get my dad to go in about ten reps," he bragged.

"You can do this? With your father hanging on?" I said between jerks, knowing that Testone adults weigh 400 to 500 pounds.

"Sure," Jark gave me a peck.

I continued my orgasm for a few seconds, then Jark said "Are all human men as weak as you are?"

"I'm probably one of the stronger ones," I said.

Jark grinned. "I can't wait to meet more of your species."

Jark moved his head back and lowered us. The bar moved between our faces as we moved downward. As we decended to the bottom of Jark's rep, I felt his stiffening penis move between my legs. He was getting an erection, and it was sticking up behind me! "Why don't you relax and have a seat?" Jark smiled. I let go of his shoulders and sat down on his stiff cock. It pressed my crotch apart as my ass lowered onto it. His penis head stuck out into the room behind me. Jark tensed his muscles a little and began another slow, powerful rep. My ejaculations continued to explode onto Jark, myself and into the air as he demonstrated his unreal strength. Jark did over twenty reps as I sat on his stiff dick and ran my hands over his upper body, fondling his muscles as they bulged for me. I found my hands gravitating to his bulging pecs the most. His nipples seemed to drip with seductive eroticism. He rippled his pecs into waves of flexing muscles as he continued his pull-ups. My hands enjoyed every waving ripple of his chest.

At about the 25th rep, Jark's penis began to pulse under my crotch. I could hear his jizz plop onto the floor. He continued exercising and ejaculating. Jark's face showed no expression. (Well, every once in a while his face winced as he forced out an extra big shot of cum.)

I brought my right hand down behind my butt and began to touch Jark's steel rod as he shot. He closed his eyes and stopped pulling up as I began to massage his dick. It was absolutely huge, absolutely hard. I stared into Jark's face as my right hand moved backwards, and out onto Jark's penis head. It was swollen and firm. It pulsed profusely as his jizz squirted forth. I caught some of Jark's milk and began to rub his cock with it. Jark moaned. He hung on the bar for a few more seconds, then gently let go. We dropped a few inches to the floor. Jark stood still as I sat on his outstretched dick and continued to masturbate him. I could hear his cum splash as a pool of the milky stuff was formed on the floor, about five or ten feet behind me. Jark's massive arms hung at his side. I squeezed his tricep muscles with my left hand as my right hand continued to pleasure the massive musclegod. He tipped his head back and closed his eyes as I squeezed his throbbing dick. His neck grew even thicker than it already was. His traps bulged with hard, powerful muscle. His dick pulsed between my legs. It felt soooooooo good.

Finally, Jark finished. I hopped off the ride and sat down on the bed. Jark moved over to the pool of jizz and cupped a little in his hands and drank it up. His massive biceps bulged as he did so. Then he moved over to the bed and laid his upper body onto it, facing down. His lower body was drapped over the side of the bed, so his legs hung down. His gorgeous, fuckin' indescribably beautiful glutes protruded up into the air, seemingly inviting me to cum in.

I couldn't help myself. I got up and moved to Jark's ass. It was like a flower. No, it was like a pair of cannon balls. No. Aw fuck, it was so totally hot and muscular I can't describe it!

"Mind if I try this on?" I asked as my erect penis laid between his cracks.

"Not at all," Jark grinned. I bent over and tenderly kissed his mountainous left ass cheek. It was hard and warm. The muscles of his ass rippled under his skin and caressed my lips. I kissed it again. Then I licked it, and kissed his right ass cheek. I slipped my tongue between his glutes and searched for his hole. I found it. It was warm. I edged my tongue in slightly. He contracted his ass muscles and wrapped his hole around my tongue and squeezed slightly. I almost gagged it felt so HOT!

I stood up. My shaking hands moved over his hard globes. They were very warm. His skin was soft, yet strong. The muscles of his ass were firm and so HOT! His glutes flexed a little as my fingers ran over them. My penis head stuck up into the air as the base of my shaft was enveloped in his crack. His ass seemed to almost swallow the base of my dick. My balls pressed hard against his butt. I ran my hands down to his fucking huge quads. They were solid trunks of steel. I could feel the individual fibers of muscles as my fingers caressed his legs.

I brought my hands back up and began to spread his ass cheeks apart. I HAD TO GET IN! I pulled my dick back as I began to open him up. My fingers met with solid resistance. I forced them between his glutes, bulging my arms in the struggle. Jark moaned, and slowly relaxed his ass. His glutes spread apart like bread being separated. His glory hole was round and dark red. Now THERE was a flower! It seemed to pulse, growing and shrinking. It was calling me to enter. The dark red membrane of his hole was moist and warm to my finger. I inserted my forefinger down into his hole, and he moaned. His hole closed firmly around my finger as I slipped it in. Jark began to massage my finger with rippling waves of contracting rectal muscles. My penis, sticking alone into the air, began to produce copious amounts of clear, warm precum as I finger fucked Jark. He moaned. His glutes moved slowly, in erotic waves of powerful muscle.

I pulled my finger out. Jark's hole seemed to beckon it to return. I obliged. The moist membrane warmly greeted my finger once again with firm contractions. My middle finger tugged slightly at Jark's hole, and slowly forced it's way in, joining Mr. Pointer. Then a third finger. Jark's moans told me he was truly enjoying this. Within a few minutes, my whole hand was inside Jark's inner ass. He groaned with pleasure. Since Testone penises are about the same diameter as a human wrist, this was not a new sensation for Jark. But it sure was for me. I had never inserted my whole hand into someone's ass before. My fingers explored Jark's rectum. My hand was in well above my wrist. It was warm and wet inside. I made a fist, then relaxed my fingers. Jark liked this. "Again," he begged. I made another fist. Jark moaned. I pulled out just a little, keeping my hand in a fist. "Oh, please don't stop," he said. I moved my hand slowly, back and forth, alternately making a fist, then relaxing. Occasionally I ran my fingers around the lining of his rectum, tickling him from within.

Jark seemed to be at my mercy. He begged me to continue fisting him. At times his whole body tensed. His face tightened and he breathed very hard. He moaned and groaned. I pleasured his ass with my hand and arm and held this giant he-man in my spell. It was so good.

I looked down at my precum-dripping dick. It seemed to be looking back at me with sad eyes, saying "Don't I get to go in too?"

I immediately, but slowly, pulled my hand out of Jark's ass. My arm was wet up to the middle of my forearm

My penis, almost out of control, moved over Jark's warm, hard glutes. I slowly placed my penis head on top of Jark's red hole. His hole opened and closed as it began to pull at the head of my penis! It began to swallow my mushrooming head. I slowly slipped my erect cock in between the muscular glutes of my host. Slowly. Erotically. I moved in at an even pace, not jerking or pulling out at all. Just slow, even insertion. Jark's ass seemed to move my penis in for me. It pulled and tugged, begging me to come in farther. I got in as far as I could go, then I pressed. Firmly. I didn't hump or move out at all. I just froze myself to his ass and pressed. I could feel the semen fill my engorged penis inside Jark. It was almost full. The tingling was growing. Jark held still as we both anticipated my eruption.

My extremely stiff cock pressed firmly inside Jark's ass. My face tensed. Jark slightly and slowly flexed his glutes. His back muscles were huge! They bulged and rippled as he allowed me to penetrate his incomparable body. I remained frozen for what seemed like years. Pressure. Tingling. Dick filling with semen. Waiting. More filling. The thick sex milk welled into my screaming cock. The pressure inside my dick was enormous. I was just seconds from orgasm, and I wanted to stretch it out as long as possible. I tensed my body as I tried to fight back the climax. My penis ached. I resisted with all my might. I wanted to live in this moment forever. I looked up and down Jark's rippling body. I wanted to memorize every muscle, every bulge, every powerful ripple of sensual skin. I pressed my penis harder inside Jark's muscular ass. I .. was .. cumming .. any .. second.

Then, my dick began to pulse with the most glorious climax I had ever experienced. Tingling, throbbing bursts of jizz began to erupt inside of Jark. My whole body remained frozen as my dick began to empty its contents. It was like a sprinkler. Almost mechanical. My valve was opened, and I began to pump Jark with firm shots of human man-juice. I held onto Jark's glutes as my penis spewed forth its milk.

Then, after I got going, my orgasm intensified. It was no longer mechanical. Now it was overpowering. My whole body jerked HARD as I lost myself in Jark's muscular ass. This guy's butt was the most beautiful slab of muscle I had ever imagined, and MY dick was inside it! My semen exploded into Jark. I let out a low, painful yell.

I almost hurt myself, my body jerked so hard. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" I yelled. "Mother fuckin muscle ... shiiiiiiiiit!" My expletives came out in jerking chops. Every muscle in my body tightened. I pressed as hard as I could, ramming my dick farther inside with every jerk. My biceps bulged as I pulled myself hard again's Jark's ass. "Jaaaaaaark! I can't stop! I can't stop!" I hollered. I forced myself in harder. My pelvis began to ache. I experienced a total-body orgasm at the ass of Jark. His musclebody was the hottest turn-on any man has ever had. If he had been a human man, his ass would have been pulverized. But of course, his Testone ass was unscathed by my ejaculatory antics.

I came in Jark for probably 20 uncontrolable minutes. It was 20 minutes of exhausting bliss.

Finally, I was done. I slowly pulled out of Jark. He rolled over, displaying the front of his muscular body grinning his drop-dead gorgeous grin. I jerked a few more squirts into the air, my cum landing on his muscles. He smiled and fingered my cum into his mouth.

"Thank you so much," I said.

Jark grinned, "My pleasure." He flexed his pecs a little. I nearly swooned. I draped myself onto his huge body and laid there. Jark tenderly kissed me. I kissed him back as his huge, muscular body supported my own. Within a few minutes I was asleep on top of Jark.

* * * *

I awoke in the middle of the night. Jark was asleep under me. At least he had been asleep. He was woken up by the same sound that brought me out of my wet dream. It was the sound of Jark's bedroom door opening.

Jark reached his huge arm over and turned on the light. Standing in the doorway was the figure of an extremely muscular Testone.

"Pexton is asleep," the huge musclefreak said. "I would like more sex."

It was Sturdis.

With one strong, yet gentle, motion Jark pushed me off his body and stood up. "What is this," he demanded.

"I am Sturdis. Your father invited me to spend the night here. But it seems that he does not have the strength to pleasure me as I would like," Sturdis said. "So I want to meet you, his famous son, Jark. I hear you are extremely powerful. Please, allow me to bring you to climax. That would give me great pleasure."

Jark took a few steps forward and said. "I have a guest. You would do well to return to my father's chamber. I will not be your sex toy this night." Jark's huge muscles danced as he asserted himself to Sturdis.

Sturdis just stood there and began to check out Jark's muscular body. Jark's penis was fuckin' huge. It protruded into the room, almost inviting Sturdis to touch it. Sturdis couldn't get his eyes off it.

Sturdis' own penis was as big as, if not bigger than, Jark's. Sturdis looked to be about the same size as Jark, and it was difficult to determine who was the stronger. They both had extremely powerful-looking overdeveloped bodies. Jark was younger, but I couldn't tell if that would be an advantage or disadvantage in any kind of a confrontation. All I knew was that this looked like it was going to be an interesting night.

"I am not accustomed to meeting someone who is as big as me," Sturdis smiled. His voice was more calm now. He seemed to be trying a little diplomacy.

It didn't work on Jark. "Well, get used to it," Jark snapped. "But you had probably better enjoy looking while you can, because it's not yours tonight."

Sturdis moved closer to Jark. "Oh really?" he smiled.

Jark took another assertive step forward. He was clearly on the offensive against this intruder. He didn't seem to like being woken up when he had a human sleeping on him.

The two mega-men were now standing next to each other. Their penis' almost touched. Their bulging chests were just inches apart. Sturdis had maybe an inch on Jark. He might have been a little heavier, too. They were two images of supreme muscle. Their bulging shoulders and arms were quite overpowering. I know I wouldn't have liked to be between them.

Sturdis reached out and moved his hand toward Jark's thick penis head. It was met by Jark's powerful hand. Jark grabbed Sturdis' wrist and brought it to a halt just inches from his dick. Sturdis' arm muscles grew and bulged as he forced his hand closer. Jark's eyes widened as Sturdis' fuckin powerful arm began to move again. Sturdis' fingertips reached the tip of Jark's penis head as Jark struggled in vain to stop Sturdis from fondling his meat.

Jark's face grew incredulus. "What the..." he whispered as Sturdis began to caress his mushroom. Sturdis smiled. Jark fought back harder, but Sturdis' hand stayed right where he wanted it. Jark scrunched his face and tightened every muscle in his body as he tried to push Sturdis' hand off his penis head.

Sturdis grinned as he continued to fondle Jark. "You have a nice piece of meat here, boy," Sturdis smiled as his fingers tickled Jark's head. "I bet it wouldn't take much to get it up."

Jark continued to push against Sturdis' arm. He breathed heavily. His bicep bulged to its full size and the definition in his muscles intensified. His arm looked freaky as his bicep muscles separated into bulging heads of power. Sturdis liked the bulging muscles of Jark's arm. He brought his free hand up and began to feel Jark's bicep as it fought Sturdis' other hand. "Oh man," Sturdis said. "This thing is huge!" He felt Jark's bicep peak as it bulged beneath his fingers. "But evidently it's not quite huge enough," Sturdis smiled. His dimples were intoxicating under his day- old wiskers. Sturdis pushed his own bulging arm farther toward Jark, and crept his fingers up Jark's meaty dick.

Sturdis opened his mouth slightly and gave the most seductive expression as his fingers moved over Jark's penis. Sturdis squeezed Jark's meat. Jark continued in vain to fight off Sturdis' advances.

"I would just love to have this thing explode inside me," Sturdis teased. "You're the hottest stud I've met in a long time."

"Don't hold your breath, Sturdis," Jark said. "It's going to take more than your fuckin arm to get me to cum inside you," he breathed heavily. He pushed again. No change. Sturdis was definitely winning.

"O.K.," Sturdis said. "Then let's try this." Sturdis grabbed Jark's free hand. He moved Jark's hand onto his fully-developed chest. Jark's fingers began to move under the rippling waves of Sturdis' pec muscles,

Jark's eyes opened wide again. "Holy, fuckin papa," Jark said. "These pecs are--" he trailed his sentence off as he began to grasp Sturdis' mammoth, dancing chest. It was truly erotic. Jark relaxed his fighting hand and brought it up to join his other one. Both of his hands seemingly involuntarily began to feel out Sturdis. Sturdis smiled as Jark was mesmerized by his rippling pecs. Jark fingered Sturdis' nipples. They were firm and erect.

Sturdis gently brought Jark's penis to a throbbing, stiff erection. Jark tried to resist a few times, but it was apparent to everyone in the room that Sturdis was going to have his way with Jark.

The two men began to kiss. Their cocks rose in between them. Their mighty swords crossed and rubbed against each other as they explored their mouths with their tongues. Their arms bulged as they hugged each other. Sturdis brought Jark into worshipful submission, flexing for him and caressing him. Kissing and fondling him. Jark was weak against Sturdis. This turned Sturdis on to no end. To have this power over the superstud teenage Jark was the biggest turn-on for Sturdis.

The two Testones moved over to the bed. They laid down as I moved out of the way. They laid on their sides and kissed. After a while Sturdis turned his body, and moved his head down and they 69'd. Their mouths kissed and sucked each other's cocks. They both moaned in pleasure as they pleasured each other.

After an hour or so of foreplay, it was time for Sturdis to bring Jark to climax. The first one to ejaculate is the weakest, in Testone culture. So it is the ultimate victory for Sturdis to force Jark to orgasm.

But it was Jark who made the first challenge. "I'll bet you can't go inside of me without cumming," he whispered to Sturdis as he kissed him tenderly. Sturdis, obviously turned on by Jark, decided to take this little challenge.

"You're on," he grinned.

Jark decided to give Sturdis the same treatment he had given me earlier in the evening. He laid face-down on the bed and hung his legs over the edge. His powerful, muscle ass pointed up at Sturdis, beckoning him entry.

My heart skipped a beat. I had this feeling that Jark knew his ass was irresistable, even to Sturdis. Sturdis' eyes widened as his dick stiffened in anticipation. He gently began to pry apart Jark's ass muscles. Sturdis became entranced by Jark's moist, red, glory hole. He touched his own penis as he prepared to insert it into Jark's muscular ass.

Slowly, tenderly, Sturdis forced Jark's hole open with the mushroom head of his mammoth penis. Jark moaned. Sturdis moved in a little farther. The lip of his cut slipped into Jark's cave, and Jark's hole wrapped around it firmly, yet tenderly. Sturdis stopped, his penis head just inside of Jark. Sturdis' thick, long shaft paused as his penis head began to experience Jark's cave. It was warm inside. Sturdis winced as he experienced pleasure like he had never felt.

Jark began to tenderly massage his butt muscles to pull Sturdis in farther. It almost looked as if Jark was sucking Sturdis' cock in! Sturdis tried to take it slow, but in a way, he seemed helpless to stop. He pushed himself in farther. Farther. Sturdis' eyes rolled back into his head as he became lost in erotic pleasure. Jark's ass was irrestible!

Finally, Sturdis was all the way in. Jark's face was toward me. He winked at me. Sturdis flexed his muscles as he tried to pull out. He couldn't. Or he wouldn't. (Who would want to?) Sturdis began to moan as Jark massaged his dick with the galaxy's most seductive ass muscles. Pulsing, moaning, throbbing. The marriage of Sturdis' dick to Jark's ass was intoxicating.

I bagan to cum as I realized that Sturdis was being held helpless in Jark's ass embrace. Sturdis was powerless to pull out. He had no will to pull out. Jark's ass was the most sensual, pleasurable fuck he had ever known. He didn't ever want to fuck anyone else again. Jark was all he needed.

Sturdis' eyes grew wide as he realized what was happening! Suddenly, with powerful bursts of milk, Sturdis began to ejaculate inside Jark. Sturdis yelled "Fuuuuuuukin Noooooooo!" as he lost all controll. His muscles bulged with unreal size and definition as he reached orgasm. His traps grew as he did a kind of most muscular pose as he emptied himself into Jark. Then, the most amazing thing I have ever seen happened. As Sturdis, in all his muscular, powerful glory, began to ejaculate, his fucking steel- strong penis actually lifted Jark up off the bed! Jark arched his back and yelled as Sturdis' dick flexed and raised him into the air a few inches. Sturdis yelled again as he exerted every ounce of strength. Then Jark flopped back down onto the bed and Sturdis continued filling him with cum. Sturdis rammed his dick hard into Jark. Jark groaned as the pain increased. Sturdis jerked uncontrollably.

Jark had won.

Sturdis continued to cum inside Jark's beautiful ass for about an hour. As soon as he came out, exhausted, Jark muscled him down onto the bed.

Sturdis laid face up, with his ass near the edge of the bed. Jark's mammoth arms bulged with power as he lifted Sturdis' gargantuan legs into the air and pushed his dick up Sturdis' ass. Sturdis laid there, almost limp, as Jark penetrated him. Jark pushed all the way in, and then began to ejaculate. He held Sturdis' legs up high with his powerful arms as he deposited his jizz into the huge Testone. Jark jerked as he was overcome with lust for Sturdis' powerful musclebody.

Jark jizzed into Sturdis for about an hour himself. He took turns cumming into Sturdis' ass and then his mouth. He posed and flexed his massive muscles as he ejaculated. He really got off on his own muscles. Sturdis just laid there, enjoying the show, jerking out a few squirts every once in a while, especially when Jark did a side biceps pose. Sturdis really liked Jark's arms.

The two mega-men fucked and kissed and fondled until the morning light. I masturbated myself as I watched, occasioinally stealing a kiss or a lick from one of them here or there.

All three of us missed breakfast. We slept on top of each other until about noon.

As the sun streamed in the window, I dressed into my uniform. Jark and Sturdis woke and started kissing. I prepared myself to return to my ship. I would have to give a detailed report of my first encounter with the Testones.

I wondered how my captain would respond to all of this. •

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