Journal of a Scientist


By Shawn Stewart

I have just completed my research into Nanotechnology and Advanced Muscle Growth and I'd like to share the results with you. First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Mike Hays, and I hold a Ph.D in Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Computer and Mechanical Engineering. I'm 27 years old and am now 6'2" tall and about 350lbs of solid muscle and I'm gay. I started this project because I wanted to get BIGGER and STRONGER. Yesterday I was 6'0" and about 240 lbs.

Where shall I begin. I researching to find a way to use nanobots to reorganize and strengthen muscle tissue while simultaneously converting the body's fat reserves into new muscle tissue. I made my breakthrough yesterday. My new body is the result. I was even able to key the nanobots instructions to the brain's neurons, so I can control them with a mere thought. As you could probably tell I have already tested this on myself, but now I need another test subject to verify the results before I can publish them. So, I decided to put up an announcement in a few of the local gyms:

Wanted: Research subject to test new muscle growth project in the Seattle area. If interested please call 555-2441 and ask for Dr. Hays.

After about a week I received a call from a guy named Clint. He agreed to meet me at my lab. When he walked in, my heart must have skipped a beat. I was staring at one of the biggest men on the face of the planet. He was wearing a lose fitting sleeve less shirt and lose sweats. His chest looked to be about two feet wide, and his arms were truly massive, his upper arms looked bigger then most men's upper legs and his forearms we covered in dark hair and looked to be about 19" around if not more. Here was the supreme model of manhood standing in my lab. My cock started to rise. As I struggled to regain self control, he walked up to were I was sitting down. I eventually stood up and took his offered his hand. His grip was powerful to say the least, he could have probably crushed every bone in my hand. " Doctor Hays? I'm Clint Morris. I'm here for the muscle enhancements."

"Yes, Mr. Morris. It is a pleasure to meet you. Are you sure the enhancements are necessary, you look pretty big now?" "I'm sure, Doctor. I want to get huge, not just big, HUGE."

He looked totally sincere, but I needed to check his resolve. "Very well, there are a few risks to warn you about. This is product has never been tested before and could be quite dangerous."

"That's okay, doc. I do what ever it takes to get bigger. I've taken Steroids, HGH and other things to make me grow. I'll do anything, regardless of the risks."

This settled my doubts. "We can proceed then. It is a very simple process. All you have to do I allow me to inject you with some nanites and give them time to familiarize themselves into your cellular structure. Then we can start the growth program."

"Okay, Doc. Whatever you say."

"You'll then have to learn how to communicate with the nanites. That will take some time."

"What do you mean by 'communicate'?"

"Well, the nanites are essentially molecular sized robots that can enter cells and modify them. They have been programmed with the ability to interpret simple commands from your brain and respond to them."

"Okay. Your going to teach me how to talk to them?", he said with a puzzled look on his face.

"Yes. Shall we begin?"

"Your show Doc. What ever you say." I motioned him over to the sensor pad to get his measurements.

"Now Clint, I'm going to take some mass and size readings with the computer so we can have a record of where we started from. okay?" He nodded. "Okay, please take off your clothes till you get down to your Jock." He complied and I was stunned. I could feel my cock hardening as here removed his shirt revealing a very well muscled and furry chest. Next his sweats pants came off next. His legs were as even more amazing then I thought and his jock was straining with the weight of his basket. I licked my lips out of lust before I realized what I was doing. Fortunately for me, he didn't notice.

"When ever your ready Doc." He said.

"Okay. Just stand there for about 10 seconds." I clicked on the run command and the machine started to buzz. One my screen scrolled his massive measurements:

Weight - 320 lbs, Height 6'8", Chest - 58", Arms - 26", Forearms - 19", Thighs - 39", Calves - 23", Waist - 35", body fat - 2.1%.

He didn't know this but I got a scan of his dick too. It measured 14" flaccid.

Amazing. I whistled as the results came up. I looked at Clint and he had this broad smile on his face. "That's very impressive. You're huge. What is you max bench?"

He smiled again and said, "650 lbs. I regularly do 3 sets of 20 at 500 though." I about fell out of my chair. I couldn't believe that we was that strong and we hadn't even begin the experiment yet.

"Okay. Well...Lets give you that injection." I pulled out a new hypospray.

He looked at the hypospray. "What is that thing? Where is the needle?"

"Oh, I don't use them. This uses a pressurized chamber to push the contents directly into the blood stream. We don't have to break the skin anymore. These are still experimental too, but I managed to get a few from a friend at Johns Hopkins." I walked over to him and gave him the injection. He rubbed his arm where the serum was forced into his body. "That will be sore for a couple of minutes."

After about a half an hour of idle chit chat, my Mac beeped that it was ready. The nanites were ready. "Okay, the bots are ready. I've already given them a starting program all you have to do is say the word."

"Lets do it!" He said with a big smile and a lot of enthusiam. I walked back over to the console and clicked begin. The diagram showed the nanites reworking his muscle tissue.

"This should take about 10 minutes. Then you can see the results." He looked at his muscles for a change but didn't see anything. After 10 minutes had passed still nothing happened. "Doc, it's not working. What's wrong?"

I checked my screen the bots had finished the first phase of the program. "Nothing is wrong. It worked fine. You just haven't noticed yet. Why don't you go over to that weight set in the corner of the lab and give it a shot."

"Okay, but I don't feel any different." He got under the bar that was already set at 1100 lbs. Although the weights looked like 45s. It should look exactly them same as his regular bench press weight only the plates and bar and 100lbs instead of 45. He got under it and pressed up the bar up and lowered it down to his chest. He pressed it up easily and continued for 10 reps before putting the weight on the bench again. He sighed and said "See, I'm still the same. Nothing has changed.

I smiled and said "Why don't you keep going and I'll show you something." He sighed again and got back under the bar. He grabbed the bar and continued pressing. After 20 reps he was going to put the bar back. "No. Keep going. Trust me, you can." I said. He kept going. Soon he came to 40 reps and then 60 reps. He started to smile and kept going. After 100 reps Clint still hadn't broken a sweat and was still going. It seemed to get even easier for him. He increased speed. He didn't know this yet, but he could even do this one handed. After 500 impossible reps he stopped. Clint wasn't even breathing hard. As I walked over to him he looked at me in amazement.

"How long could I keep doing that?"

"Don't worry about that yet. Why don't you try that one handed?" I sad with a smile. He gave me the brightest smile possible and leaned back down and pressed the bar with one arm. He stopped after 250 reps and changed arms for another 250. He sat back up and had the biggest smile on his face. "Now to answer your question. You could do that all day long and never break a sweat. This weight is actually very light for you. Do you know how much you were pressing?"

"Yup, 500 pounds right?"

"Why don't you look at those weights again." I smiled broadly.

"Oh my god. These weights are 100 lbs a piece. That means I was doing 1045 lbs with one arm. SHIT! That's incredible"

"Actually, you did 1100 with one arm. The bar is weighs 100lbs too. Not 45."

"I must be the strongest man alive. I can't believe this. But Doc, What about size? I'm still the same size."

"That is the next phase of the program. Right now for every inch of muscle you can move 50 pounds. That includes curls and bench presses. Overhead presses and anything else you can think of it makes no difference. Your arms can repeatedly move 2600 pounds withou stopping. The same rule applies to all your muscles. Your pecs, back, legs, forearms, you name it."

"You said every muscle?"

"Yes, every muscle." Becoming bold, He walked over to me and easily lifted me off the ground with one arm and kissed me. He forced his tongue into my mouth and wrestled with my own. As he held me up I heard a loud rip. I couldn't move to look around and I didn't want to. I was in ecstasy. Then he started to lower me only I was stopped by a steal rod between my legs. I looked down to realize that is was his cock and I was straddling it. It must be 17" long. I could believe it. Clint started flexing his massive dong with me on it. I was going up and down without stopping. My dick was becoming rock hard and started breaking through my pants. The shear power of this was amazing. I couldn't believe that I was ridding the huge man's hard prick! My own cock had now ripped through my jeans and was rock hard. I started stroking it in time with Clint's dick lifts. Clint notice this and increased the speed of his lifting. After about 300 dick lifts I finally came. I shot my huge creamy load all over Clint's think harry chest. Yet he kept going. I started to rub my body back and forth along his long prick while keeping my thighs flexed to get him even more excited. I was rubbing my load into his chest hair and sucked on his nipples while moving my body back and forth on his muscle cock. Not long after I started sucking his pecs and licking my own cum off of him, his huge manhood started throbbing and Clint's breathing increased in speed. He finally came in a massive orgasm. His thick juice shot clear across the lab, almost 300 feet from where we were standing. After that he finally took me off his rod and put me down. "Maybe we should go take a shower and get cleaned up?", I said. He just looked down at me and smiled. Then he grabbed me and lifted me up with his massive arm and carried me back to the bathroom area of the lab. I can see this is going to be an interesting relationship. Especially when we get to phase three. I smiled all the way to the shower. •

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