Brothers, The


By FanTCMan

By the time the four guys had received their treatments and talked about setting up a stay at the campus starting Tuesday, which would give them Monday to check out of school, by the time they'd stood and talked with a couple of the directors about all that and trying to stay cool about standing there outrageously, completely boned in their Lycra shorts after their shots chatting with two men who looked like the gods they would soon become, muscular beyond comprehension, swollen with thick, hard, masculine body mass that forced them to stand and walk like a whole new breed of man proudly displaying hypermasculinity with deeply erotic and casual pride, by the time they left the center and were walking back to the car, they were all so intensely buzzed from their treatments they could barely talk beyond an occasional "Jesus," or "fuck," or "holy shit," as rush after rush would overtake one of them or another blasting them into a whole new level of psychophysical arousal that coursed through their brains, their blood, their muscle, their bones, their skin, their cells, and every thought and sensation. Evolution at warp speed.

When they reached the Explorer, Cory threw Jace the keys. "You gotta drive back, man." Already a dark stain was growing where the head of his cock was testing the stretch limit of his Lycra shorts, angling across his groin over to his left hip where the low-slung waistband was lifted sharply by his tent-pole, the material straining over it, the peak reaching over his hip, higher than his navel, about to hit the point where his lats began their corbra-hood spread. Cory's eyes shone with glazed intensity as he swung one massive trunk of thigh around the other and reached for the car door, his massive arm forcing his thick, wide pectoral to jump and bunch into a cabled mound of banded steel across his chest, the veins and deep striations clearly visible under the silken sheen of black Irish hair that climbed to his throat and shoulder.

Jace didn't need to ask why Cory wanted him to drive. All three of the younger brothers could see that Cory was in a new orbit that would take a while to adjust to. Jace looked at Jackie and the two exchanged a knowing smile, but it was Toby who voiced it.

"I don't know how you're not cumming right here in the parking lot, Cory," he said like the kid he was, bursting with youthful enthusiasm. "If it feels like this after the third shot, it must be unbelievable after four. I'm horned up outta my head. Aren't you guys?"

"Big time," Jackie said, as they all climbed in for the ride home.

Cory didn't even answer. He just leaned back in his seat, completely unconcerned about what anyone might see or think, and released his cock from its confines, letting the Lycra snap back and hold the throbbing log firmly against his abs and in the crevice between his pecs where it drooled precum from its fist-sized head that lay against the upper part of his sternum where his chest hair divided to swirl together and up toward his throat and down toward his stomach. He lay his head back against the headrest, his eyes rolling up toward the ceiling, but their focus entirely within his body, as wave after wave of erotic stimulation swept over him, strengthening the depth and intensity of the masculinity he felt with each wave. He felt surges of amplified hormonal production working on him at levels he hadn't known existed. He didn't even need to use his hands to feel the size of his muscle because this masculinity was all about the size he was gaining, and his growing size was all about masculinity taken to a whole new platform. He was past anything that even the most rabid roidhead could have imagined in the old way, the old order of things, and he still had two more treatments to go.

He couldn't tell his brothers about this. Oh, he could use words to try, but they'd have to feel it themselves. He knew that the week before, when he'd received the third treatment that his brothers had just got, he'd soon begun quickly to feel a significant difference, to realize that this was something beyond just looking like a juiced up bodybuilder with massive meat on obvious display. He'd felt a change that was a deeper transformation taking place, something so erotic as to be physically, emotionally, psychically overtaking him, changing him into a creature of pure male sexuality, a sexuality so strong that it had to recreate his whole body to reflect its intensity. He felt the transformation coming upon him the way a pubescent boy becomes aware of his first whiskers and pubic hairs, as inevitable, unstoppable, and utterly exciting and desirable.

Now he was in the throes of transformation, full-force. This shot had been lift-off. He knew why he had to take his brothers and go to the campus. They would be gaining that same awareness over the next day or so, more and more each day, and he had to be where he could just let it happen, go with it completely. He didn't want to have to focus on anything else. He would take them there, get them out of school before they couldn't concentrate on school or anything but their own transforming sexualities.

Oh, Christ, it felt so unbelievably good. He loved this size, this mass, this hard, thick, heavy density. He loved the hair. And he loved, completely, the new kind of genitalia that he was being given. His cock felt electrified.

No one had said anything since getting in the car. They'd all watched Cory--watched him and felt their own bodies surge with new power. The only sounds were the occasional moan or soft exclamation of sexual pleasure mounting steadily and powerfully.

Cory heard them, and knowing that they were about to embark on the realization of the true depth and nature of this transformation made him more excited. Seeing them change, watching their reactions to themselves and each other was so hot.

He lifted his head. Precum was slithering down his huge shaft, wetting his hair. He took his T-shirt off the floor where he'd dropped it, and wiped down the hair, but that huge cockhead looked so hot to him, right there on his enormous, bulging pecs, that he lifted it up with both hands and just stared at it. He could feel an ejaculation building. The dam was about to break. He saw Jace looking over at him, huge, musclebound Jace with that incredible monster meat. He smiled, knowing Jace thought that his big brother Cory's cock and muscle were the hottest thing in the world right now, that seeing him holding this giant meat was driving him crazy. He leaned his head down slightly and ran his tongue teasingly around the flaring rim, watching Jace watch him, teasing. Oh yeah, teasing, turning him on. He knew he was turning the other two on, too, but he didn't turn around. He just let them watch him tease Jace. He kissed the leaking tip and sucked in some precum, wet his lips with it, took some more onto the tip of his tongue and ran it around his lips, watching Jace's gaze swivel from the road to his beautiful, huge cock. He took its head into his mouth, opening wide, his jaws stretching from their hinge-points like a snake's jaws, a phenomenon of this amazing transforming formula, like the ability to open the asshole to allow penetration by something this huge and more. He knew that watching him getting off on himself was as strong an arousal to his brothers as if he were literally jacking them off. And it turned him on just as powerfully to do it. He slid his mouth down until the back of his throat had to open to take himself in.

"Mmmmmfff." He let go of the shaft and just sucked on the bulbous head. His hands found the mass of his pecs, the heels of his palms under his pits, his fingers pinching his big, hard nipples as he pushed his pecs together, making their mass form a trough that he could use his mouth to rub his cock against, the hair teasing its thin, hypersensitive skin.

As though hit by lightning, his body went stiff, and the ejaculation came, suddenly and more powerfully than he'd expected. His back arched, his glutes clenched, and his body involuntarily thrust his cock hard into his throat so that he scraped himself with his teeth, but even that felt somehow so hot, rough. As he began to spurt, he swallowed the sweet-bitter-salty fluid that came and came and came. God he loved it. He loved taking in his own masculinity like that. He loved doing it while his brothers watched. He felt almost as though, if he kept on milking himself, he would keep cumming as long as he wanted, and he'd love to just keep doing it, and cumming, and cumming, and cumming. Oh, God!

And then he heard, from the depths of his ecstasy, his brothers letting go, too.




There was a moment of silence when all of them were finally, if only momentarily, spent, followed by sniggers, and laughs, and guffaws.

"Whoa, dude," Jace said, "Fucking intense."

"You have no idea," Cory said, and he knew they really didn't.

They stripped off all their clothes the minute they got home. The living room looked like the pump room before a bodybuilding contest, without the weights, just the flexing, and preening, and oiling. But these bodybuilders were a step beyond in musculature and many steps beyond in the endowments they proudly paraded for each other. Each of them could feel the pressure inside that was forcing their muscles and genitals to grow, and the feeling was pure erotic ecstasy.

They had been home only an hour or so, long enough to have enjoyed several ejaculations together and to be heading for another over the pure sexual excitement of their bodies. Jace was about to cum again over finally getting hair sprouting all over him like his brothers, Jackie was enthralled with how heavy and thick his cock seemed to already be getting, Toby was just generally giddy over being a hairy, musclebound, horse hung stud kid with a five o'clock shadow filling in as fast as all his big brothers, already having full beard stubble by late afternoon and growing muscle that would already make a true bodybuilder weep. And Cory was mostly silent, looking at himself, feeling his sexuality grow with his mass and size, focusing inward on the deep intensity of the transformation that was occurring. Each was in his own world and, at the same time, a show and a source of total arousal for the others.

The first to arrive unexpectedly was Mac Hennessey.

"Saw you all come back," he said, "figured I'd wait for a while, but I just had to come and see how it went."

"Come on in," Cory said. "It went great. It still is. So you're starting, too, huh. That's great. Jackie tells us you're already into what it does to you. Get ready, man. You ready for this?" he said as he flexed a mammoth biceps for him to feel.

"Oh, yeah, I'm so ready for that." He took hold of the arm with both hands to encompass its girth and couldn't come close. "Fucking beautiful," he said.

"Let's see you," Cory said.

"Yeah," Jace came over. "Come on, Mr. Hennessey. Let's have some of what you were sharing with Jackie before." He tugged at Mac's Levis.

Mac let himself be pulled toward the seventeen year old muscle stud.

"Yeah, show 'em, Mr. Hennessey. Show 'em how you're already getting big. You want to play, Mr. Hennessey?"

They formed a ring around Mac, all flexing, their cocks all jutting out, hitting against him. His Levis revealed the extent of his excitement. He reached to feel Jackie's pecs, Jace's shoulders, Cory's pecs. And then Cory reached over and, with two hands, tore the T-shirt off Mac's body with a jerk while Jace ripped open the fly of his Levis and pulled them down. Mac stepped out of them, and as the brothers were starting to pleasure his body while he engorged himself with theirs, another knock came at the door.

Toby went to look through the peep hole.

"It's Robby and Mr. Mills," he said. "God, look at Robby!"

Cory laughed. "Well, don't be rude, little dude. Open the door."

"We knew you guys would be home by now," Sandy Mills said as he and his son stepped into the room and Toby closed the door. Sandy wore sweats that could barely contain his mammoth legs and butt and even the jock, which showed at his waistband, couldn't rein in the raging boner that led before him into the room. "How'd this one go. Robby and I go in about an hour."

"It's amazing, man," Jace said, turning to face them, hitting a double bi and impressing even himself with the size of his guns. He had to be at twenty-two, twenty-three maybe. And the only thing hotter than feeling that when he flexed was showing it to his buddy, Robby and seeing Robby's reaction, knowing he'd be there soon himself.

Robby was wearing some board shorts that were the last of his regular clothes he'd be able to get into, and they were bursting at the seam with the young hunk's muscle and meat. He grabbed his bulging cock.

"Holy shit, man. Look at you. Oh, man, I'm gonna blow just looking at those guns."

"Well, don't just look, buddy. Come on."

Jace reached for Robby's head with one hand while offering a flexed arm for his buddy to feel. As Robby grabbed the arm, Jace planted his mouth on his old weight lifting bud's mouth and fucked him with his tongue.

Meanwhile, Cory had just looked Sandy up and down, no words needed, lust on both of their faces, and then reached for his cock and his pecs at the same time, merely copping a feel, winking at him, and then taking his arm, feeling Sandy's bulging upper arm muscles as he led him into the circle of muscle guys.

"But where are my manners? I don't think you know our neighbor, Mac Hennessey. He just started the treatment a few days ago. But you remember how fast it starts working. You guys don't have much time, I know." He reached into Sandy's sweats. "Why don't you lose the clothes. Let us send you off for that shot the right way. Fuck you're lookin' good, man."

"Thanks." Sandy was already stripping.

In that brief minute, Jace had already turned Robby around and Robby had greedily taken Jace into him, but Jace walked into the group with Robby impaled on him, slamming him at the same time, Robby moaning with pleasure. Mac Hennessey went down on all fours with Jackie's cock in his mouth and Toby poised to join the party right behind him, and cried out, "Yeah! Party!"


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