Testos Four

Armstrong's First Contact on T4


By Aaron Strong

Ensign's Log, Stardate 35732.7.

Something happened during the beamdown to Testos Four. I didn't materialize in the Governor's Courtyard, as we had planned. Instead, I materialized in a dimly lit room. I assumed that my transport beam was intercepted by an unfriendly; an assumption that proved to be correct.

My body was suspended in midair. I am not familiar with the technology, but I felt weightless. My back was somehow attached to a leather covered metal plate that was perfectly molded to the muscles of my back. But the plate isn't what held me in the air. I felt no strain on my back. It was as if I had no weight.

On my wrists and ankles were metal cuffs. They were about six inches wide, so they covered a good portion of my forearms and calves. They fit tightly. Although they were attached to nothing, I immediately found that I was unable to move them. Some kind of tractor device. And yet, it wasn't the devices that held me in air, either. I felt no weight on my wrists or ankles. Yet the bands held my arms and legs still. My arms were held down at my sides, but my legs were spread wide and forward. I was leaning back at a 45 degree angle, and my legs were raised, so that my knees were about level with my abs. My feet were spread wider than shoulder width; a very vulnerable-feeling position.

No matter how much force I exerted as I attempted to move, I couldn't. I strained, believing my 30 inch arms, capable of bending the hardest metals, could move these devices. I looked down to see my arms grow as they strained. But it was to no avail.

I couldn't move.

During the transport, they altered my clothing. Instead of wearing my uniform, which is what I was wearing when I stepped onto the transporter platform, I was wearing only a set of briefs. They were silk posing trunks, and they didn't do a very good job of covering my genitals. As I was to learn later, it would take only a few tugs of a few fingers to uncover me completely. I felt very exposed.

On the walls of the small room were many devices, none of which I was familiar with. My imagination ran wild as I examined the metal and leather tools, hung neatly in their places. A small fire burned in an urn- like container to my left. Large candles burned on the walls, giving the chamber an eerie, unsettling feel.

A small table sat to my right. On it were various smaller tools and devices. The only one I recognized was something that resembled a syringe.

Suddenly, a door opened behind me. I couldn't turn my head far enough to see, but I could hear someone enter the room. The door banged closed behind whoever it was. I heard him move closer. He moved slowly; but soon enough, I saw him moving around me on my right side. He kept his eyes glued to my body as he moved in front of me and stopped. He was fucking huge! He stood at least seven feet tall. I estimated his arms to be as big as mine, and they were laced with pulsing blood vessels. The muscle fibers of his arms expanded and contracted, bulging every time he took a step or shifted his weight, offering a concert of rippling beef. His shoulders were mammoth- possibly the biggest pair of deltoids I had ever seen. His traps bulged from his thick neck like two large rocks. His chest was a huge slab of muscle, accentuated by two large, dark nipples which pointed downward. He seemed to have no bodyfat, a Testone reality that I had read about, but didn't fully appreciate until now.

He was muscular beyond belief. And his waist had to be no more than 28, maybe even 27 inches! His symmetry and muscularity were like the consummation of all poetry, the totality manifested in one perfectly developed body. His virility seemed to fill the room. He had a powerful smile that penetrated my soul, and, combined with his inhuman physical presence, was very intimidating.

As soon as my eyes began to take in his manliness- his overwhelming muscularity, my gut began to tighten with an uncontrollable gnawing of unfulfillment. It was a longing like I had never before felt; partial envy and jealousy at his muscular development, and partial lust at his unspeakable sensuality and power. Under my silk posing trunks, my cock began to lengthen and thicken, aroused by the presence of more virility and strength than I had ever experienced before.

His powerful legs rippled with unreal muscle. He was naked. My eyes froze on his limp genitals. He had the thickest, longest organ I had ever seen! Probably 20 inches long, and thicker than five inches in diameter! I shuddered to imagine that tool at work. Who could survive its penetration? The thought of receiving this tool seemed at the same time horrifying and fantastic. His balls were larger than any testicles a human man could ever hope to have. They were oblong, like two huge eggs, and they weighed down his sacs like two boulders.

He had short, jet-black hair that was very, very thick, and cut very short- almost matted to the sides of his head. It was a look that I enjoyed greatly. Aside from the hair on his head, his body was without hair.

"I am Captain Cutter," he said. His voice was deep and resonant. "And you are Armstrong, Earth's most powerful man." His eyes ran up and down my body as he spoke, lustily penetrating my every muscle with his gaze. "I am sorry that you will be unable to attend the planned reception in the Governor's Courtyard. But we- I- have some other plans for you."

He stepped over to one wall and activated a small console. "This is Captain Cutter. I am not to be disturbed until further notice."

"Yes sir," came the answer through the console.

Captain Cutter moved back toward me and stood between my outstretched legs. My feet stuck up just barely outside his shoulders. He stood looking up my legs, with a perfect view of my covered, yet open crotch. He touched a control on the table that was next to us, and my body tipped forward slightly, giving us both a better view of each other. My feet were now nearly touching his bulging triceps which stuck out from his body, forced outward by his enormous lats.

"My, you are a supremely developed man," he said. He licked his lips as he spoke, and I didn't like what I thought he was thinking.

He grinned and drew in a large breath as he stared at me. He flexed some of the muscles in his relaxed body, especially dancing his mammoth pecs. Immediately, I felt an overwhelming sensation race through my body. It was painful, yet it's climax was extremely pleasant.

"Ah," the captain smiled. "You like what you see, ensign."

I drew in a deep breath and tried to fight the feeling his flexing had caused, yet it was difficult to flush it out.

"I think you'll find that if you don't resist, you will enjoy, and endure, this experience much more successfully," the captain said.

Again, he tightened his muscular body, this time rippling and rolling his ab muscles- a feast that my eyes could barely handle. My body was racked with a charge-like sensation. The pain was more intense this time, and I grimaced as the feeling moved from the very depths of my soul, into every fiber of muscle and eventually out to tingle my skin with chilling heat.

I held my breath this time, trying to cope with the enormous pain. And then, just when I thought it couldn't get any more intense, the pain gradually turned to pleasure, overwhelming my body with such stimulation that I thought I would convulse. The air burst out of my lips, and I shook with a climax that penetrated my whole body. As soon as the sensation finished, I craved it again.

The captain smiled. "Well. It seems you humans have an appreciation for the finer things in life." He paused and looked at me for a moment, then said, "I guess I should give you some kind of introduction. I am the captain of this unit. We are Ramonians, a small tribe, exiled by the Testos government. We... uh... Let's just say... well, we don't fit in to normal Testos society."

He pulled his huge cock to one side and with his other hand began to fondle one of his oblong nuts. "You see, ensign, Ramonians have a genetic defect among Testones." He continued rolling his ball in his fingers, squeezing it occasionally and enjoying the sensation. "The testicles of Ramonians produce more than simple testosterone." He looked up at my face and continued talking. His forearms and upper arms danced with muscle fibers as his fingers moved. "We produce a substance that mixes in with our testosterone. This substance, Dectol, has a powerfully addicting effect on those who ingest it. Dectol gives us amazing strength as well. But in fact, you don't really have to ingest it to begin to appreciate its effects. Ramonians excrete Dectol through our sweat glands as well, so as soon as I entered this room, you began to experience it. But to fully appreciate Dectol, you have to have it pumped directly into your body." He smiled and examined my musculature some more. He seemed distracted by my physique.

"Shit, you are the most powerful looking being," He said. His cock began to grow as he lusted after my body.

"The reason I intercepted your transporter beam was because I need a new slave," he smiled. "Granted, I have more than enough. But when I heard that a new, extremely muscular being was arriving on Testos Four, I said to myself, 'I just HAVE to have this one as a plaything.'" He laughed, and his eyes twinkled with an evil glare. "And I am SO glad you're mine now."

His cock continued its filling, growing to full erection as he grinned at me. The thing was laced with veins bulging all over his shaft. From the top of his helmet, a large slit hole spewed a steady stream of clear, glistening precum, which cascaded down the thick log and dripped onto the floor. Some of the precum lingered on his ball sacs before reluctantly falling in a long, stringy lob to the floor. I couldn't believe the amount of slimy, wet nectar that seemed to cover his genitals.

He noticed my fixation with his huge weapon. "Contemplate it, ensign. It's more than you have ever had, and more than you will ever get anywhere else. It's going to be painful, for sure. But I think these muscles of yours will be able to bear up under the torture." He stiffened it slightly, and it grew and bobbed, causing globs of his precum to plop onto the floor. He grinned, totally pleased with his overflowing manliness. "And if you do survive, I promise you more pleasure than you have ever thought possible. Your whole body will ache for mine- even more than it is right now. And I will fulfill that longing. Together you will service me. And in return for this privilege, you will experience sexual nirvana at my hand."

He placed his left hand on my right knee. Immediate pangs of heat and pain ran up my leg and shocked my crotch. My whole body tensed. My cock felt like it would burst with a million volts of power. Then, the pain turned to pleasure, and my cock quickly grew to full erection. I expected to begin uncontrollably ejaculating in any second, but the climax would not come. I winced, trying to empty my cock of the tingling semen which filled it. But no release came.

The captain smiled. "Not yet, my little muscle man. No release until I say so."

LITTLE muscle man? I thought. I was easily as big as he was. And I knew my muscle strength was more powerful than the average Testone. He knew it too. Why else would he need to restrain me?

Captain Cutter began to move his hand up my leg. Slowly. Immediately the bitter thoughts left my mind. My body tightened again. Pain and pleasure seemed to seep into my skin as his muscular hand moved higher and higher on the inside of my quad. As his hand moved, I found myself tightening and flexing my leg. I enjoyed the sensation of his huge hand so much that I wanted to please his fingers with as much rock-hard muscle as possible. I wanted to give his hand as much pleasure as it gave my leg. His grin, along with the tightening of his fingers against my hardening muscle, confirmed that he was indeed enjoying his hand's journey. We both anticipated its arrival at its destination.

His grin was intoxicating. Our eyes seemed to lock in a battle of wills: He, wanting to hypnotize me with his overwhelming virility; me, wanting to resist, and yet NOT wanting to resist. My brain told me to fight the pleasure with everything I had. And yet my gonads were convincing me that resistance was indeed futile. "Just let go and endure the pain. The pleasure will be more than worth it," I told myself. The battle raged within me. And the entranced stare between the captain and myself magnified the struggle. He was the most incredible being I had ever encountered. My mind raced with fantasies of the two of us- embraced in passion, lips locked on cocks, hands tightening on granite muscles, me lapping up that profuse amount of precum with my tongue, fingers tickling erections, me fucking his hard ass and feeling his pouting chest as I empty my cum into his body, he filling my mouth with his jizz as it squirts out that enormous hose.

I broke the stare-down. I closed my eyes and sighed loudly. His hand was almost there, within inches of my crotch, feeling the inside of my leg. He stopped its progress for a second. It was torture. I opened my eyes. He was smiling. He moved it a bit more. I held my breath. Slowly, the tip of his finger moved under the fabric of the crotch of the trunks. My cock was drenched in precum, covered only by the skinny, inch-thick leg of the fabric. I tried to move my arms again, and my muscles bulged. Yet I couldn't move them. The captain's eyes locked on my huge biceps, and his cock stiffened. He liked what he saw.

"Computer, allow the captive to do biceps curls. Adjust weight to 100 pounds each arm," the captain said. The computer beeped, and suddenly my wrist cuffs became heavy. I was able to twist my arms. My muscles bulged at their newfound freedom. I tensed my arms a bit, and they were able to raise in the path of a biceps curl. The weight was heavy, but 100 pounds was not a problem for me.

At the top of the curl, my biceps bulged into two huge balls of rock- hard muscle. The captain's mouth opened slightly, and his face seemed to glaze over as he enjoyed the demonstration. I slowly lowered the weights, accentuating the negative, giving the captain a good show.

"Two hundred pounds each," the captain said licking his lips. The weight cuffs became heavier. I tightened my arms and they began to lift the weight. The weight was substantial now, and the top of the rep tightened my biceps even more. Slowly, I lowered the weight again.

"Now, ensign. If you want this hand to move to its destination," he paused and tightened his grip on the inside of my quad, "then you need to give me more reps. The more reps you do, the more my hand will move. And you DO want my hand to move, don't you?" Suddenly, I felt a sharp tinge of pain coming from his hand, quickly changing into unbearable pleasure. I couldn't imaging what that hand would feel like on my genitals.

"Three hundred pounds each," he ordered the computer.

My heart sank. He wasn't going to make it easy. But as soon as the weight adjusted, I began another rep. I expelled the air from my lungs slowly as I raised my arms upward, controlling my movement with power. As I reached the peak of the contraction, I felt Cutter's hand inch farther into my crotch. The tip of his finger was under the fabric and he moved it onto my sphincter. My glory hole convulsed with pleasure. I lowered the weight and quickly began another rep, anticipating the reward of his hand.

I lifted four or five reps before I began to feel any sense of fatigue in my arms. But the rewards of each rep were worth it. His hand teased my crotch with each rep, not yet moving up onto my dripping, throbbing genitals.

My arms were getting a good pump. The blood-filled muscles had grown to their fullest size, and my huge guns rippled with strength, giving my captain a very pleasurable eyeful. His inhuman erection bobbed, and his foreskin swelled, releasing a fresh dollop of honey. It slowly dribbled down his muscular cock, joining the stream.

My next rep was pretty hard. I was getting tired, and I didn't know how many more I could do.

The captain was enjoying the show very much. His glistening cock was as hard as steel. "You are indeed a most powerful man," the captain said. "I don't know too many Testones who could match your strength."

I contracted my biceps again and forced my arms up. I squinted and strained hard, but finally got it up. My arms were on fire. I knew I would fail on the next rep. I lowered the weight, controlling it as best as I could. I burst out a loud breath and panted.

The captain's hand moved inside my trunks more, slithering forward and upward. The tip of his fingers touched my right ball. Uncontrollable pain zapped me, then unbridled pleasure shot through my body. I tightened my arms and tried to do another rep. About half way up, my steel arms stopped. I could move them no farther. I froze, panting hard, trying to force my exploding muscle fibers to contract more. Slowly, Cutter moved his fingers onto my right ball and began to caress it and gently squeeze it, rolling it around in its sac. I could feel my nut tighten, and it seemed to fill with a warm substance. It became solid and hard. Immediately, my arms began to move the weight more. I couldn't believe the strength in my biceps! I forced the weight all the way up and contracted tightly at the peak. My red biceps were larger than I had ever seen them. The skin was painfully tight.

"You will find that there are residual effects of Dectol," the captain grinned. "Our combined strength will astound even you."

Whatever that Dectol stuff was, I wanted more of it. As soon as he lifted his finger from my nut, I felt a deep sense of emptiness, of fatigue and despair.

He began to fondle both of my balls. I felt more strength enter my body through my nuts. I lifted the cuffs again, panting heavily. I forced out two more reps, in order to get him to keep his hand on my testicles. On the third rep, I failed. My arms fell downward in defeat. The captain frowned and took his hand off my crotch.

I felt totally drained and depressed. I felt weak and empty.

"Oh, ensign," he said. "That's too bad. If you could only keep lifting those weights, I would give you what you want."

I closed my eyes and tightened my arms. With every bit of strength left in my body, I began to contract my biceps. The cuffs moved a few inches, then stopped. I continued struggling, moving nothing. I felt as if my guns would explode, but I couldn't stop! I panicked. My arms were burning, but not moving the weights. I kept trying to force my arms higher. But they didn't move. I kept trying for nearly a full minute. Then, in total defeat, I stopped, nearing breaking down in tears.

My head was spinning. I couldn't ever remember exerting that much energy. I felt lightheaded. My arms felt like they would fall off.

"Ensign, ensign," the captain smiled. "I admire your perseverance. Perhaps later on, when you get stronger, I'll be able to help you." He moved away, as if he were preparing to leave.

"No!" It was the first word I had uttered in his presence.

Cutter stopped. His glare told me that I had crossed the line. For a moment I thought he was going to go off in a wild rage. He moved his right hand to his left shoulder, then leaned forward and struck my face with the back of his hand. For a moment, I thought he broke a cheek bone. His force was amazing. He drew back and struck me again. My face burned. My eyes watered. The stinging was intense. Then, perhaps because of his extreme lust for me, he collected his thoughts and decided to take another approach.

He calmly said, "Ensign, you will address me only when asked. And when you are asked, you will address me as Master." He paused and said, "Is that understood, boy?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Yes, WHAT?"

"Yes, Master," I said.

Cutter smiled. He looked at the table at our sides and said, "Perhaps you just need a little more Ramonian testosterone." I was overwhelmed at his massive triceps as he moved his hand across the table. His arm development was incredible! His evil grin broke out into a full smile as he found the tool he was looking for. A very long syringe. It looked to have a needle at least 10 inches long, attached to a large holding cylinder. He held it in his muscular hand and squeezed the plunger all the way to the end, readying it to fill with fluid.

Captain cutter faced me. He took the needle and moved it to his right testicle. Without showing any pain whatsoever, he stuck the needle into his nut. He moved his hands very slowly. The needle remained locked in his testicle and he grasped the handle with one hand. He still showed no pain. Slowly, very slowly, he began to pull the handle. His muscular hand and arm rippled. Gradually, the cylinder on the end of the needle began to fill with fluid that he gently pulled out of his ball. His face showed no discomfort. He watched his work carefully. The fluid was a mixture of white, dark green and dark red or brown. It looked thick.

He kept pulling on the syringe, slowly filling it with many ounces of his Ramonian semen. Finally, he was done. He gently pulled the needle out of the sac and looked up at my astonished face. He grinned and stepped closer to me. With his free hand, he gently pulled the fabric of my posing strap to the side. My hard, wet dong flopped up through the leg hole of my trunks and stuck up into the air. It was an impressive tool, for a human; over one foot long of thick, muscled cock. And it was stiffer than I had ever gotten it.

Cutter smiled, "Why... you earthlings certainly are strange creatures!" He began to laugh. "You have unbelievable muscular development, a physique that rivals even the best Testone's. But your genitals are the size of a boys!" He ripped my trunks off with his fingers and dropped them on the floor. I was nude.

He took my cock in his fingertips and pulled it away from my cobblestone abdominals. Precum oozed down its length as I experienced a rapid progression of the pain/pleasure routine. My penis ached as he touched it. He ran his hand up and down it, finally stopping his spread fingers on my sopping helmet. Then he really began to pull. My penis tightened in response to the resistance his fingers gave it. He pulled hard, moving my stiff cock out and down farther than comfortable. He stared into my eyes, gauging my pain threshold. He pushed it down harder. I fixed my eyes back on his, determined to last as long as I could, even though I knew my cock stood no ultimate chance against his 30 inch arm.

He pushed harder. I let out a small moan, almost a yip. Still, he pushed harder. I bucked my hips to alleviate the pressure, but he pushed harder. The base of my cock felt like it was going to snap. I held on, staring him down. His hand tightened around my dick and he squeezed it hard while he forced it lower. I stared at him. Tears welled up in my eyes. Yet I didn't flinch. You Bastard. One day I'll repay you for this torture. You won't find this so enjoyable when you're on the receiving end. A single tear fell down my cheek. The pain was unbearable. I breathed heavily. His triceps bulged as he pushed down on my dying dick.

Eventually, I lost it. I closed my eyes and hollered. The captain enjoyed it very much. He let up on the pushing, but he continued to squeeze my cock. My helmet turned blue. His grip intensified. He moved the angle of my penis back up so that it was nearly parallel with my abs, but still his grip tightened. I feared that my helmet might fall right off, for lack of oxygen! The pain was beyond unbearable. His muscular grip was killing me. I started to toss my head back and forth as I panted and yelled. Every fiber in my body tightened, forcing my muscles to ripple in waves of agony.

"Shit, ensign," he said. "You're going to give me an orgasm, just watching your huge body writhe!" He smiled and squeezed harder. I came close to fainting. Finally he let go. My cock didn't lose any of it's stiffness. It throbbed and tingled as it recovered.

The captain grabbed my left nut with his fingertips. He used a hard grip. I grimaced, the muscular grip of his fingers quickly became unbearable on my ball. The captain smiled.

"It will hurt less this way," he said. With that, he squeezed my ball even harder. I cried out in agony.

"Little boy got an owie?" he teased. He grabbed the syringe and moved the tip of the needle to the nut. He dented the sac with the tip. He moved slowly now. With an excruciating lack of speed, he moved the needle into my testicle. He was so slow! My nut was rock hard. He pushed harder and began to force the needle in.

Unbelievable pain gripped my testicle as the needle violated it. A sharp shock wave vibrated it. The Master moved the needle in farther, until the tip was centered in the steel sphere. Slowly, he began to push on the syringe handle. My ball began to fill with juice that felt like it was boiling. I screamed a deathly, guttural scream as my nut slowly filled with the captain's acid. My body jerked violently as I fought the pain. The Master just smiled and slowly continued to empty the syringe into my gonad. Quickly, the pain became less localized, and my whole body began to convulse with undreampt-of pain. I nearly bit off my tongue between horrified screams.

And then, almost as quickly as the pain started, it turned to an orgasmic climax like I had never experienced. My whole body, my very soul, began to shake with a fantastic tingling. It was a release like ten orgasms. And yet, when it was over, I felt like I had never quite reached the climax. I was unable to ejaculate, even though my genitals were cocked and ready. I ached for another dose. My body was sopping with sweat.

In horror, and in utter bliss, I watched the captain reinsert the needle into his other ball. He was going to give me more.

Again, his steel nerves and iron muscles allowed him to unflinchingly inject the needle into himself. I watched in awe. His strength was intoxicating.

The second dose, in my right nut, hurt ten times more than the first shot. I nearly lost consciousness twice; once from the pain, and seconds later, from the pleasure.

* * * * *

"Commander, please understand. We are doing EVERYTHING we can." The Governor's voice sounded tired.

"Yes, Pexton," Commander Mitchell answered. "And I appreciate that. But as you can see, we have been looking for the ensign for over two hours, and we still have no idea where he is! Your efforts are not producing results!" The commander was getting edgy. Losing Armstrong would be much worse than losing just ANY crew member. Commander Mitchell now realized that he was in love with Armstrong. The pain of being apart from Eric was intensifying. Mitchell was nearing despair.

"I am returning to my shuttle. I can do a more thorough search from there," Mitchell said.

"But Commander, we CAN"T ensure that these people won't intercept YOUR transporter signal when you beam up! Until we localize the source of their beam, NO ONE is safe!" Pexton said.

"It's not me that they're after," Mitchell insisted. "They have their booty. It's Earth's most muscular man they wanted. And I'm going to get him back."

With that, Commander Mitchell contacted the shuttle computer and had himself beamed back to the Aurora. As soon as he materialized on the ship's deck, he got to work scanning the planet, examining sensor logs and pouring over the transporter detail logs. He WOULD find Eric.

* * * * *

Ensign's log - supplemental.

Captain Cutter's second injection into my testicles infused me with new strength and a seeming endless stream of energy. Even though I still couldn't move the cuffs which restrained my hands and feet, I felt POWERFUL; ready to take on ANYTHING. I was experiencing a Dectol High!

The captain watched as I breathed hard, nearly hyperventilating. After a few minutes, I settled down.

The captain wasn't done.

In terror, I watched as Captain Cutter prepared to give me one more injection of his precious juices. He took the long needle, now dripping with his seminal fluid, and held it up above his huge, wet, erect penis. The syringe was empty, ready to fill again. He pointed the needle down, the tip of it directed right at his slit hole. I couldn't believe he was going to do this. Slowly, he moved the needle lower. It touched the stream of precum that was oozing out of his hole. He moved the tip of the needle inside his slit hole, against the stream of precum, and slowly began to insert it into his penis. His eyes moved from the slowly descending needle and fixed on my eyes. We locked in a stare of mutual lust. His eyes didn't flinch as he moved the long needle farther inside his erect dick. He curled his lips just a bit, and I saw him clench his teeth slightly. His face grew stern and powerful-looking. His eyes didn't move off mine. He wanted me to watch how strong he was. He was enjoying demonstrating his unbelievable willpower and strength. I watched in astonishment as the needle moved deeper down his shaft. It had to be sticking nearly halfway down his stiff cock now. The captain grinned slightly as he saw my bewilderment. He liked overwhelming this Earth strongman with his steel nerves.

I nearly came. The sight of this self-inflicted torture was unreal. It was scintillatingly sensual. Totally powerful.

The captain pushed the needle in as far as it would go. I estimated it to reach about halfway down his 20 inch rod. Slowly he began to pull on the handle, filling the syringe with more of his Testosterone and Dectol. I don't know what tube he hit inside his penis, but he must have hit a gusher. As soon as the fluid started entering the syringe, it began to force the handle upward, even without his fingers pulling on it! He let go, and allowed it to fill by itself. His cock throbbed with his every heartbeat. The syringe bounced on the end of his dick as it filled. He dropped his hands to his sides, enjoying my reaction.

When it was nearly full, Cutter put his thumb on the end of the syringe to prevent it from popping all the way off. He slowly began to pull the needle out. He was slow and methodical.

When it was all the way out, he sat the syringe down on the small table.

"You might need this," he said. He lifted an oblong ball to my mouth and forced it in. It felt like hard rubber. I was gagged.

My heart started racing as I anticipated the next step.

Captain Cutter took the needle in one hand and gently moved my erect dick into position with his other hand, pulling it out from my abs again. My eyes grew huge as the needle moved towards my slit hole. Without pausing, Cutter slowly moved the needle in.

"Now, you won't want to squirm too much, or this might get messy," he said.

My penis began to sting. The sharp needle pierced the center of my cock. I began to scream; the ball in my mouth only slightly muffling my outcry. He moved the needle in farther. I shook and fought, my muscles bouncing and pulling against the restraining cuffs.

When he got it about two inches in, he stopped. Without saying anything, he pulled it about halfway out. Then, he pushed it in farther. My body throbbed. Then, when he got it in about four inches, he pulled it back again. He kept moving it in and out, inflicting more and more pain on me with every move. He thoroughly enjoyed seeing this muscleman go through horrifying pain.

He finally got the entire ten inch length of needle in. The whole needle was inside, and the cylinder of the syringe rested on the tip of my penis. I could feel where the point of the needle was. It was about two inches up from the base of my rod.

The captain began to push down on the syringe. The pressure on my cock was unbelievable. Then came the electrifying pain. Excruciating volts of juice seemed to fill my dick. I bit down on my mouthpiece and screamed. The captain smiled. He kept pushing the juice into my cock. After a few torturous seconds, the pain turned again to the most gratifying sensation possible. Waves of pseudo-orgasm swept through my whole body. I felt sure that my penis would burst with the orgasm of my life. But there was no climax.

The captain finished emptying the entire contents into the base of my cock, then he unscrewed the syringe from the needle. He sat the syringe down. The base of the needle stuck out of my slit hole about a quarter of an inch.

Cutter grabbed a little steel ball off the table. It was about the size of a small olive. It had a threaded hole in it, and he slowly screwed the ball onto the exposed end of the needle. When the ball was tightly seated on the base of the needle he pushed it firmly against my slit hole, moving it as far in as it would go. The small silver ball would prevent the needle from getting pulled all the way inside.

He was going to leave it in me!

"Spit out the gag," he ordered. He knew he had dare not stick his fingers in my mouth, for fear I would retaliate. And yet, how could I? I was totally his prisoner. And I was totally controlled by his powerful presence. The sensation of pleasure that he gave would make me do just about anything for him.

I spit out the gag, as ordered.

"Now, ensign," he said. "I need to warn you about two things, concerning your cock needle. First, you don't want to lose your erection while it's in. That would be very painful." I was so comforted by his concern for my welfare. He looked at my stiff cock and said, "And yet, I don't think we really have to worry about that for the time being." He ran his fingers up my steel rod and smiled. "Second, whatever happens, you definitely don't want to have an orgasm while the needle is in. That would be very... well, lets just say it would be very... messy. Believe me, an orgasm while a cock needle is still in has actually killed some Testones." He grinned just a bit. We both knew that an orgasm was EXACTLY what he had in mind for me. "I hope you have a lot of self-control," he teased.

He moved back from me just a bit and smiled again. I was beginning to loathe that smile, even though it had the effect of turning me on whenever he flashed it.

"You know, I don't think you have actually had the opportunity to get to know me very well, have you," he said. With that he lifted up his left arm and brought his mighty biceps muscle to attention. It was time for the real torture to begin. It was a fucking huge and strapped arm, and he seemed to be able to capitalize on my fixation of his muscles. My cock bobbed twice, and I could feel the needle inside as my meat tightened and relaxed. The needle felt good now.

He brought his arm close to me and ordered the computer to give my arms free movement. My initial urge to twist his head off was immediately overcome by an urge to feel his arm. I brought both hands up and for the first time I was able to caress this superman's body. The lean hardness of his arm was amazing! And he was able to make the muscle flex and move so erotically! My hands trembled as they moved up, over, under and around his slowly flexing gun. He enjoyed my worship of his body. He tightened his biceps into a huge ball of granite. My heart nearly stopped. My fingers squeezed the rock. My cock ached.

My hands were lost in pleasure. An occasional wave of pain pulsed through my hands, down my huge arms and into my body, but the predominant addicting pleasure was far more compelling.

He allowed me to feel every one of his muscles. I don't think my fingers missed touching one inch of his intoxicating body: his massive shoulders, his thick chest, his mountainous abs, his colossal legs, I even got to run my hands over his fucking huge genitals for about five glorious minutes.

My cock throbbed with every rapid heartbeat. The needle hurt, and it felt so good.

The captain ended his posing session and stepped close. My legs were still splayed wide, and he stood at my crotch, his huge pole rising into the air, just inches from my asshole.

He adjusted my position, so that I sat nearly upright; maybe tipped back just a bit. My legs were spread, and they pointed forward. My quads were parallel with the floor. My ass hovered just above his huge nuts. He locked his eyes on mine. I could tell that he was extremely excited. My hand-worship of his body had excited him to his limit. Precum spewed out of his cock, gurgling up with each of his heartbeats. When he moved his feet, the floor sloshed from the accumulated slimy precum.

Then the captain placed his strong hands on top of my huge, muscular quads. He leaned slightly forward and bent his legs, supporting his weight only with his hands. My weightless quads didn't move. He slowly began to do dips! He exercised his triceps with slow dips, supporting his hands on my upper legs. With each rise and fall of his huge body, his mammoth cock rubbed against my crotch. When he fully extended his arms, at the top of each rep, his testicles met mine, rubbing our hot, sweaty sacs together. Our cocks stood together, touching. His was easily twice as big as mine, a huge monument to his virile superiority. He teased my cock with his, rubbing them together.

At the bottom of each rep, the top of his cock still extended well above my balls. He made every effort to rub me as he raised up, and as he lowered down. As his dick touched me, only then did I begin to comprehend how fucking wide this thing was. It felt like a suitcase moving between my legs. He said nothing, but slowly kept exercising. His arms pumped up with blood, and they grew.

Eventually, he stopped. He stood up again and looked me over. He took no deep breaths. It was as if he had exerted no effort at all, even though he had just completed at least 100 triceps dips.

He rested only for a moment, then he leaned back onto my quads and positioned his fuck pole between my legs. He straightened his arms just a bit, raising his mammoth body up slightly, and pressed his wet cock head against my ass hole. He was going to rape me while he did triceps dips. I sucked in some air and held it, involuntarily. His eyes locked once again on mine. He wanted to watch himself rape me. He was going to enjoy this immensely.

His dick was so lubed that it easily slimed my hole open. My sphincter welcomed its gooey guest, closing tightly, yet tenderly, around the hard, huge intruder. His helmet made its way completely in, and my hole closed in tightly around it, hugging the lip and encouraging it to move in farther. At the same time, my ass felt like it was ripping apart. The thickness of his penis was way more than my asshole was designed to handle. I cringed and whimpered as he held the tip of his cock inside me. My own cock, with the silver ball at the tip, was aroused harder than ever. It laid tightly against my abs, drenching itself with the clear honey that flowed out from around the ball. My body began to ache with unfulfilled pleasure. It was as if his cock was teasing me, and that I would never be happy again until his huge, painful member forced its way all the way inside my body. I longed to have it fill me. I continued to whimper uncontrollably.

But the captain stopped. He smiled his devilish grin, then slowly bent his arms and pulled back out as his body lowered. I felt totally empty. I exhaled, then inhaled a slow, loud, vibrating breath. My body shuddered as I breathed in.

"Ensign," he said as he totally removed his cock from my ass. "Tell me. What do you want me to do?"

"I want..." I was having trouble expressing my thoughts. "Master. I want... I want you..."

"Yes," he interrupted. "What is it that you want?" His cock rose in the air between my legs.

My breath quivered again as I inhaled.

"I want you to put it back in," I said as I nearly broke down. "Please."

"In a minute," he smiled. Then he straightened his arms full, raising his body up so that his cock head hovered right in front of my face. "Have a taste," he ordered.

I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out. Its tip landed on the triangle just below Cutter's helmet. The golden juice was everywhere. It was sweet, yet again, the initial pain was extremely intense. Then, my body quivered as the pleasure overtook me. Immediately I leaned farther and unlocked my jaw to accept the huge, orange-sized head. The skin was taut, but it gave slightly under my sucking. Cutter groaned as my mouth massaged the head. I was overcome. My whole body shook uncontrollably as I pulled his precum out of his piss hole. It flowed very fast. It was thick and gooey.

I pulled my mouth off and gasped for air. I hadn't even realized that I wasn't breathing. Immediately I turned my head sideways and began to mouth his cock. I tightened my lips around his bulging shaft and moved my mouth downward, like I was eating corn on the cob. Occasionally I bit the gargantuan meat, but of course to Cutter, it was like a child toying with him. He grinned. I bit harder and the steel rod gave only slightly. My teeth left no impression in the warm meat. Cutter groaned. "More," he ordered. I bit again, then mouthed it, molding my lips to his lean skin.

I moved down farther, and Cutter straightened his arms even more, so I could have free access. My needle-pierced cock screamed for release as my semen engorged it. My mouth moved lower, finally landing on the Master's eggs. They were the size of a man's fist. The tangy sacs dripped with his honey. I licked up as much as possible. Inside the testicles, it was as if I could actually hear the semen being produced. A massive factory seemed to be churning out his cream. I could almost hear the jizz inside as it squirted out his nuts and into his cock, solidifying his rod, readying for the big explosion.

I mouthed his balls as best I could. The loose skin was warm. His testicles were as hard as steel shot. As I wrapped my lips around the side of one ball, his precum dribbled from his cock above, and onto my cheek. My tongue could feel the churning inside. The ball gave off a low humming sound, vibrating as it manufactured his manly cream. I bit it slightly, and Cutter cried out, not in pain but in ecstasy.

I moved my left hand onto his other ball and began squeezing it. It filled my hand, and I wrapped my fingers around it and tightened my grip. My muscular hand began to crush it, and the captain winced.

"Oohhhhhhh!" he cried. I tightened my grip, bring the strength of my 30 inch arm to bear on my master's gonad. He cried out again and his body began to quiver. Clearly, he was enjoying this. I continued biting and crushing his balls. Cutter began to mumble and cuss in his native Testone tongue. Even though I couldn't see, I could tell that his massive body was tightening and flexing in waves of indescribable muscle pleasure. Finally, I stopped my genital assault, and the captain relaxed. He looked down at me and said "Good slave. You make your master very happy."

Cutter bent his arms again. I could tell he was ready. His muscular body lowered, and he positioned his penis between my legs again. He took aim, his huge triceps bulging into mounds of rock as he adjusted his angle. I knew that he dared not pull out this time. He was going to cum any minute. His eyes showed it. They closed in sensual abandon as he slowly straightened his arms and reinserted himself back into my ass.

Again, the slimy precum made the trip much easier. But nevertheless, my ass muscles began to twitch as they were spread tighter than they had ever been stretched. I yelled in agony. My ass felt like it was being torn apart. He moved in farther. And farther. My rectum ached as his enormous cock violated the warm confines of my body, stretching me and filling me. I never knew a human body could take such a large instrument. Yet here I was. No matter how much I tightened my ass or tried to resist, he continued his insertion, totally overpowering me, totally oblivious to my attempts to stop him. Earth's most powerful man had been overcome, raped by a renegade Testone. His muscular cock was filling me. His face was stern. He bit his lower lip and then grinned as he forced it up farther. It was so thick that I could feel it rub against my glutes as it moved inside. He opened his mouth. He dropped his head back in obvious pleasure. Then he opened his eyes again and locked his powerful stare on my eyes, as if to punctuate his dominance. His gaze was too powerful for me.

Then, as if he could control himself no longer, the captain leaned forward and straightened his arms, forcing his meat up my ass as far as it would go. His balls locked onto my ass. There was no warning. But no warning would have helped. I cried out in excruciating pain. His penis was so big. It bloated my body. It stretched my ass.

My cock began to tickle. It was filling with semen. I could tell an orgasm was finally about to come.

The captain leaned forward. His breath quivered as his face met mine. He began kissing me. His tongue penetrated my mouth and filled it with his warm flesh. I nearly gagged at the overwhelming pleasure of having his muscular tongue dominate my mouth.

I brought my hands up and placed them on his bulging triceps. He was totally supporting himself with his triceps (his hands on my quads), so they were as hard as boulders as they held his cock tightly inside my ass. He breathed like a man in love as he kissed me. His panting was uncontrolled.

"Your muscles... your huge muscles..." he mumbled. He bucked his hips and shoved in farther.

His cock tightened inside my body, and he forced his tongue inside my mouth once again. He groaned. He sucked hard. My heart began to race with panic as his powerful sucking began to hurt. I nearly couldn't breathe. I tightened my grip on his triceps, yet he didn't budge.

Finally he withdrew his tongue. "Shit you are too powerful for me," he whispered as he repeatedly kissed my face. He dove back into my mouth, reinserting his tongue. Our breathing was uncontrollably heavy. It was almost like two Ortarian Grebba beasts in heat.

He said some unintelligible words, and the computer rotated me backwards. I was lying flat, parallel to the floor, as if on an invisible bed. The captain was on top of me, sucking every ounce of my virility into his own body.

His cock began to throb. He was cumming. His whole body jerked. His powerful muscles flexed with each ejaculation. He yelled.

I yelled, as his acidy semen began to squirt into my body. But within seconds, the acid turned into a river of pleasure. My body tightened. My rigid cock was about to blow. But not with the needle in it! NO!

Our mouths locked once again in lustful passion. We were each overcome by the other's powerful body.

The captain continued his orgasm on top of me, panting, kissing, and jerking. His muscles tightened and relaxed as he deposited wad after wad of cream inside my body. I placed my hands on his lats. They were huge, rock-hard slabs of muscle. They expanded and contracted with his ejaculations. I squeezed them. My fingers locked onto the warm, hard meat. It gave me great pleasure. This guy's body was beyond incredible!

He laughed as he came to the end of his climax.

"The best explosion I have EVER had!" he exclaimed, hugging me tightly. "You are going to be my favorite slave, ensign." He ordered the computer to sit me up and he resumed supporting himself with his hands on my quads. His cock was still inside.

My cock stood, saluting him. He grinned as he eyed the silver ball on its tip. The needle was starting to hurt more now, as my cock tightened even harder, in anticipation of the hugest orgasm I could ever have.

Slowly, Captain Cutter began to lower himself, and his raging cock started to come out of me. But as he lowered himself, his mouth got closer and closer to my erection. The feeling of movement, HIS movement, inside me was extremely pleasant. And my penis seemed to lengthen in anticipation of his wet, muscular lips.

Finally, his cock popped out. And at the same time, his drenched lips met the tip of my cock. He tongued the silver ball, sending a pang of movement down my cock as the needle wiggled. I gasped. It felt SO good! He began sucking. I thought I would faint. My hands rested on his muscled arms as he supported his entire weight with those powerful guns. My cock pulsed as semen filled it, ready to blow.

Occasionally, Captain Cutter shot out a wad of semen and it hit my ass. He must have expelled five or six errant blasts onto my glutes and legs after he withdrew.

I knew that this current wave of pleasure that I was experiencing would not end with a false climax, like every one had before. THIS was going to be the real thing. But I couldn't let it happen! Not with the needle still in!

Cutter seemed to be enjoying this last, ultimate torture. He was trying his hardest to bring my cock to a climax. And I had to resist with all my might. And yet how could I? His tongue moved far down my shaft, gently massaging it with Testone sensuality. I gasped for air as I tried in vain to resist. My cock throbbed. Cutter could tell I was near the end. He sucked with every ounce of virile sensuality he had, rubbing my shaft with his muscular, but fantastically gentle tongue.

I tried to resist. I clenched my teeth. I closed up my sphincter, trying to force my muscles into compliance and stave off the inevitable. But Captain Cutter was simply too much of a man for me.

My penis could take no more. I began to scream. "NOOOOO!"

My body jerked violently, every muscle contracting at once, as I shot my first wad. The force nearly shot the needle out, or so I imagined. In reality, my cum just blasted past the silver ball, spraying wide and messy. The pain began immediately. My cock contracted hard as it shot, and that brought an unimaginable amount of sharp, cutting pain to it. The needle seemed to stab me a thousand times.

Then my second ejaculation. It was more painful than the first. I screamed in agony. Captain Cutter smiled and licked up my cum. He placed his tongue on the silver ball and moved it, making the needle shift around in my penis. His tongue kept teasing the ball, moving the whole needle inside me. I nearly blacked out. It felt like someone was cutting off my penis. My balls churned. It was time for my third ejaculation. My body tightened once again, and once again I nearly passed out from the overwhelming pain. I flopped my head back and forth as I screamed.

Cutter smiled and sucked more, swallowing my cum with giddy lust. He didn't miss any opportunity to wrench my cock by moving the needle with his tongue. He looked up. Our eyes met, and he smiled again.

My orgasm quickened, and my jerking came faster now. I was screaming continually. My throat was getting hoarse. Every muscle on my huge body was tight.

Then, with sweet relief, my pain turned to intoxicating, lustful, virile pleasure. My orgasm was turning into the most fulfilling moment of my life. I grabbed Cutter's huge shoulders and held on for dear life. My huge arms nearly crushed his gargantuan deltoids as I uncontrollably began to shoot the most powerful, pleasure-inducing blasts of cum I could produce. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the ecstasy.

Jerk after climactic jerk deposited more cum onto myself and the captain. He lifted his head and watched with a smirk. Finally, his muscular arm began to slowly pull on the silver ball. As I continued to ejaculate, the captain pulled the needle out. Then he pushed it back in again. Pain again. But my orgasmic bliss quickly overcame the pain. Then he pulled it out and forced it back in again. Now I was beginning to enjoy this. The resistance of the needle was adding a new, powerful dimension to my sexual climax.

He toyed with me for another few minutes, finally pulling it all the way out as I finished my orgasm.

Suddenly, the shackles dropped off my wrists and ankles. The captain looked shocked. "Computer, reinstall shackles." Nothing happened. The captain looked horrified.

Immediately I stood up, and I felt weight return to my body. The room crackled with the sound of a familiar voice.

"Commander Mitchell to Armstrong. Please Respond."

Cutter froze.

"Armstrong here," I answered.

"Are you all right Eric?" a relieved voice asked. I assured him that I was. The commander was not able to beam down, nor could he beam me out just yet. But he had been able to disable Cutter's computer system, so my shackles and the weightlessness were over. Mitchell would work on beaming me out as soon as possible.

"No hurry Commander," I said. "I have a little score to settle anyway. Take your time, sir."

I turned to the captain. He stood tall. He towered over me by a few inches, and his muscularity was astounding. And I hadn't really overcome the addictive effects of his Dectol. But just hearing Mitchell's voice gave me new strength and determination.

I moved closer to Cutter. I could easily handle myself, now that we had an even playing field. I was quite a bit heavier than he was, just because of my advanced muscle density. Cutter didn't begin to flinch until I began to press my body up against his. Then he blinked. I could tell he was afraid. And yet, he wasn't just going to lie down and surrender. No.

This was going to be fun. •

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