Testos Four

The Honeymoon Night


By Aaron Strong

It had been a month since the wedding, and Jark & Trong had just returned from their honeymoon. I hadn't realized how much I missed Jark. But now that he was back, I was flooded with lust.

Jark sat down on the couch next to me. His warm musculature smelled of semen and sweat, even though he was clean. He handed me a small disc.

"I wanted to give this to you as a present for being my Neusex Partner," he said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well, lets just say I wanted to let you enjoy my wedding night. I recorded this at the hotel. There's more where that came from if you like the first night," he grinned. "You can watch it either in holodeck mode, or on a screen."

He slid the disc between my muscular legs and it lodged just below my balls. His hand slowly moved up onto my genitals. It was a huge, muscular hand, connected to a mammoth, striated forearm. My rod, already erect, bristled at his seductive touch. I froze. Jark leaned to me and began to kiss me. His steady hand tickled my swollen meat. I moaned. Jark slowly began to masturbate me.

Within a minute, my penis was squirting. Jark smiled. "Glad to see I haven't lost my touch with you," he said.

"Oh, I've missed you," I said as I splashed milk onto my abs. Jark pushed his strong hand down and my cock spurted more juice up onto my chest. He kissed me more and I kept cumming...

"But Jark," I protested devilishly, "Aren't you and Trong supposed to be monogamous for the first year? Isn't that the Testone tradition?

"Yes Raexis," he answered. "But I don't think anyone will care, as long as you don't tell anyone that I masturbated you." He gave my cock one last squeeze and I pushed out another teaspoonful of cum. I grinned at him.

Later that evening, I locked myself in my room. I took the disc and inserted it into the computer. For some unknown reason, I decided to watch it on the screen, rather than in holodeck mode. It felt a little more nasty this way.

The screen lit up and the program began:

Trong opened the door, then bent over and lifted Jark up and carried him across the threshold into the completely dark room.

"Computer. Lights." Trong commanded.

Instantly the lights came on, and Jark's eyes were treated to a scene that immediately got his thick cock stirring. In the middle of the luxuriously appointed room was a bed, completely decked out in leather and chains. There were mirrors everywhere, including on the ceiling.

"I thought you might like to do a little bondage with your giant husband," Trong smiled. He gently set Jark's feet on the floor and stood him up. The two checked out the equipment.

"You mean, I get to put you in this stuff?" Jark asked, grinning from ear to ear. He had always fantasized about overpowering some huge muscleTestone and raping the shit out of him. His fantasies frequently involved binding a powerful opponent and muscling him into submission.

Trong just grinned at his new husband. Jark's boner grew quickly. "I want to please you, Jark," Trong said. "I want our marriage to be full of love and sex and erotic pleasures. You are the love of my life, my little stud. I want you to enjoy every possible aspect of my muscular body. If you want to torture me, then I'm game," Trong smiled.

"Oh Trong, you are so much more than I ever dreamed of!" Jark almost began to cry. The two huge Testones embraced, Trong's giant body enveloping Jark in a passionate hug. They slowly kissed. Jark looked up at Trong's strong face and then kissed him again. Their muscles intertwined into a sensual display of brute power and lust. They french kissed. They moaned. Jark moved his hands up onto Trong's gargantuan arms and held them there. Trong rubbed his hands across Jark's bowling-ball glutes. As I watched the screen, my cock stiffened, my heart raced.

After about five minutes of HOT kissing and hugging, the two muscleteens broke their embrace. Without speaking, Trong sat down on the bed. Jark took the wrist cuffs and strapped them onto Trong. The thick, heavy chains were connected to posts at the top corners of the bed. They wrapped around motorized winches. Jark strapped the ankle shackles onto Trong's feet. Those chains were connected to winches at the bottom corners of the bed. Trong laid back.

"Put your hands together," Jark said. "I want to see you struggle against the chains." Trong obliged. Jark turned on the motors and they began to hum. The chains began to shorten, rattling and clanging as they were pulled into the winch. Trong laid there, waiting for the chains to begin pulling on his wrists. His hands were folded and lying on his granite abs, his fingers intertwined. Jark had not yet turned on the ankle chains.

Trong looked so incredibly huge and strong.

My cock stiffened.

Soon, the chains were taut. Trong's arms began to flex as he started to struggle to keep his hands together. The humming of the motors lowered in pitch as Trong's powerful arms slowed their progress. Slowly, powerfully, the machines began to pry Trong's thick fingers apart. Trong grimaced and squeezed his arms. His hands kept moving apart. Soon, his grip was broken. He strained, tightening his face, bulging his neck. He dropped his head back and roared. "GRRRRRRRRR!" The room seemed to shake. The chains strained. Trong's gigantic arms trembled as he called upon every bit of strength to stop the outward movement of his hands. His mountainous, bulbous chest muscles bulged. But alas, the motors kept pulling, albeit slower, against the powerful Testone.

Trong brought his head forward again and watched his steel-filled arms spread apart. He fought harder and the motor lugged down slightly. His tight abs looked like a brick wall. Jark's huge erection was pointing straight up, precum oozing.

Trong panted loudly, struggling. Muscles against machine. Brawn against steel. Trong began to hiss, his breathing punctuated with percussive bursts. Still, the chains kept pulling his mighty arms apart. He laid on the bed, his massive body helplessly fighting. The powerful machine was winning. Within a few minutes, Trong's brawny upper body was stretched wide, his arms impotent to stop the pulling of the chains.

The motor stopped, and Trong's long, thick arms were stretched to their limit.

The giant, muscular Testone looked straight up and saw his reflection in the mirror on the ceiling. As his eyes were filled with the image of his own striated, bulging body, his erection began to grow. Jark pressed a button and Trong's legs began to pull apart. The chains on his shackles began to tighten. Trong fought hard, his ripped quads, hamstrings and calves struggling against every inch as they widened and were pulled toward the corners of the bed. Within minutes, all four limbs of Trong's unbelievable body were pulled tight. The mighty Testone giant was helpless.

Trong kept looking at his muscular body in the mirror, and his cock continued to fill with blood, stiffening and swelling it.

Jark moved to his husband and slipped a leather strap around Trong's nearly erect penis. He slid it down the shaft, till it was all the way down. The strap was tight against the pulled skin of Trong's erect cock. The strap was connected to a cable, which was connected to a small winch at the foot of the bed. Jark pushed a button and the winch powered up, tightening the cable. The strap at the base of Trong's huge cock began to pull. It used the base of the dick as a fulcrum, causing the head to rise off Trong's abs, and into the air. Trong winced and moaned as the strap tightened. His body fought. Soon, Trong's huge penis was nearly perpendicular with his body, sticking almost straight up. Trong writhed as his cock turned deep red and blue, the blood struggling to circulate throughout the massive organ. Blood vessels that any human bodybuilder would die to have on his arms wrapped their way around Trong's tight dick. It was totally striated, totally lean, totally muscular.

Hot squirts of my cum began to hit the viewer monitor. I came involuntarily as I gazed upon the extremely sensual, muscular picture on the screen.

Trong watched in the mirror as his body was pulled and tortured. His erection began to excrete precum. Clearly, he was turned on by the vision of his own captivity, his own muscles straining against the mighty machines. His muscular cock throbbed. His oversized muscles bulged. Soon, as Trong looked at himself, he began to cum. His first blast landed on his face. The hot, milky cum splashed onto his cheeks, nearly causing steam to rise from his sweaty face. Trong moaned. His second squirt hit the mirror on the ceiling, sticking there only momentarily, then falling onto his left pectoral muscle. His third blast hit the ceiling again, as did the three or four subsequent bursts. Each glob lingered on the mirror before falling slowly onto Trong's rippling muscles. Trong grimaced and shot again. And again. His jizz started to squirt faster now. Within minutes, Trong was drenched in white, his dark penis forcing more and more cum up through the shaft, out the hole, pushing it into the air. His mushroom head seemed to slowly grow and contract with each ejaculation. Open and closed. Open and closed. Milk burst after milk burst. When Trong wasn't groaning, one could hear the penis blast the milk out. It squirted loudly, like a spigot.

Jark climbed up onto the bed and spread his legs. His muscular dick was fully erect. A drop of precum dribbled off his penis and onto Trong's neck. Jark hovered his hard, round ass muscles just inches above Trong's squirting cock, allowing Trong to lubricate his glory hole with hot shots of milk. "No Jark. Please. Not while it's pulled back like this!" Trong pleaded.

Jark ignored his husband's plea, and began to lower his butt onto the throbbing cock. Trong yelled in agony as Jark's tight ass enveloped his massive, dark blue penis. The rod moved in sharp, hard throbs as it slimed its way inside Jark. Jark winced as he slowly lowered his muscular body. His massive quads bulged as they strained to lower him very, very slowly. As soon as he was all the way down, Jark's huge cock began to spurt. His jizz also hit the mirror, then fell onto the two of them, much of it hitting Trong's face. Trong found the strength to stick out his tongue and capture some of the jizz.

After an indeterminate amount of time, the two men were done. Jark lifted himself off Trong's still stiff rod and reversed the motors. Within a few minutes, Trong was free of the chains and the two were embraced in a passionate hug.

Trong picked up Jark and laid him on the bed, face up. Trong moved on top of Jark, covering Jark's body with his huge musclebody. He frenched Jark passionately, exploring every inch of the smaller man's mouth. Jark began to cum again, his jizz blasting between them, wetting their abs and chests. While he kept his mouth locked to Jark's, Trong lifted his butt just a bit and inserted his cock between Jark's legs. Up, up and up it went, inside Jark's rectum. When it was about halfway in, Jark could feel Trong's huge body tighten. His already hard muscles turned to steel. His penis began to spurt cum again, and soon Jark's ass was dripping with the excess. Trong pushed all the way in. The two men's mouths were inseparably connected as they continued in passionate intercourse.

For the second time, my cock began to spurt. I touched myself in slow, sensual brushes. My fingertips gave immense pleasure to my ejaculating penis. This was so much better than any sex show I had ever watched.

Trong came for over a half hour, holding his husband helplessly immobile. Jark's heart raced the whole time. He wondered if it would ever end. Trong's semen bloated Jark's abdomen. The excess sopped the sheets under Jark's ass as it spilled out of his hole. Jark couldn't move. Trong's rock-hard muscles were impenetrable. His massive frame nearly crushed Jark, his powerful arms squeezed Jark hard. But Jark was strong and had incredible endurance.

Finally, Trong was done. He pulled himself out, and in the same motion, moved his face down to Jark's penis. Jark's body seemed to fill with air as soon as Trong moved off. The combination of being released from Trong's powerful embrace and the sensation of Trong's sensual tongue on his dick caused Jark to moan loudly. Trong began to give Jark the HOTTEST blow job he had ever had. He crept his muscular lips over Jark's cut head and moved them slowly down the hard shaft. His tongue massaged and tickled Jark's penis. He sucked. He kissed. He licked. He knew EXACTLY where to touch and tickle Jark's dick. Jark exploded with a shot of hot cum. Trong smiled. He bent over and picked jerking Jark up with his powerful, huge arms. Jark continued to ejaculate as Trong stood him up. Then Trong turned around, inviting Jark to fuck his muscular ass. Almost out of control, Jark grabbed Trong's hard triceps and shoved his cock inside Trong's warm, tight ass. Jark continued to ejaculate as he moved inside quickly. Soon he was in all the way. He grabbed Trong tightly and went for the ride of his life! His hands found their way around the muscular torso of Trong and moved onto Trong's still erect penis. As he continued to cum, me began to masturbate Trong, and soon both were cumming together: Jark into Trong, and Trong into the air.

The marriage of muscle and muscle had been consummated. And it was my pleasure to witness this wedding night. And I decided right then and there that I would have to play this disc many times in the future. •

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