Testos Four

The Wedding of Jark and Trong


By Aaron Strong

I took a sip of drink from my cup and looked across the table. Pexton sat on the left and his son Jark, sat on the right. On my side of the table, Steed sat on my right side.

"Well, son," Pexton said as he finished his dinner, "Tomorrow is the big day."

Jark tried to stifle his grin, but was unable to contain his pleasure. He finished the testosterone in his cup, his overgrown biceps bulging as he chugged. Jark had been wearing a genital cuff for a week now. It was part of the Testone ritual of marriage. The cuff prevented Jark from engaging in any kind of sexual activity, as preparation for the wedding ceremony. The cuff consisted of a leather pouch, reinforced with steel straps. It was very effective in containing the man's organs. A small tube could be inserted to allow for urination.

"Who have you chosen as your Neusex Partner?" Steed asked.

"Commander Mitchell," Jark answered.

Pexton cast a fleeting glance at me, and then a stern stare at Jark. "Do you think that's wise? What if Trong issues a Neusex Challenge?" Pexton asked.

"Like THAT'S ever going to happen, dad," Steed chimed in. "Trong would have to be either incredibly stupid or incredibly huge. And I can't imaging anyone being bigger or stronger than Jark," Steed quipped as he chewed his food.

"Steed, have you met Trong?" Pexton asked.

Steed didn't answer.

"Then maybe you should keep quiet," Pexton said.

"What's the Neusex Challenge?" I asked hesitantly.

"The wedding ceremony is designed to determine which marriage partner will be the Dominant and which will be the Submissive," Pexton began to explain. "One of the options in the ceremony is to call for the Neusex Challenge. If this happens, you, as Jark's Neusex Partner, will be required to engage Trong as he demonstrates his strength. The demonstration is designed solely to intimidate and arouse the mate, and force him to have an involuntary orgasm."

"What do you mean 'engage'?" I queried.

"It means," Steed said, "That you have to have sex with Trong while he does some incredible demonstration of strength, and Jark watches. If Trong gets Jark to ejaculate, Trong becomes the Dominant."

"If EITHER mate gets the other to ejaculate at ANY TIME during the ceremony, then the Dominant is thereby established," Pexton clarified.

"What kind of strength demonstration?" I probed further.

"Usually its a bench-press, or some other weightlifting feat," Jark smiled. But I doubt Trong will issue a Neusex challenge. It's only issued if one mate, upon checking out the other, believes that he is obviously more powerful than his betrothed." Jark put his hands behind his head and his huge body rippled with muscles. "I doubt anyone is going to do that," he smiled.

"Oh, and there's one other thing," Pexton said. "If, during a Neusex Challenge, you cum while your penis is inside Trong, then Trong becomes your dominant as well, and consequently Jark is required to insert his penis inside Trong while he continues to exercise. So it's a definite disadvantage to Jark if you are weak and uncontrolled. You must exercise self-discipline and strength, to hold back. Try your hardest not to cum, because if you do, Jark will have to exercise the ultimate strength to hold back."

"That's why my dad is concerned," Steed said. "He knows you Terrans aren't known for your sexual control."

I had to agree with Steed, but I also was confident that Jark had taught me a few skills.

"You guys are just blowing air," Jark said confidently. "This wedding ceremony will be fought in the traditional way, through one-on-one strength and power contests. I'm sure Trong won't issue the Neusex Challenge. If anything, I'll be the one to issue the challenge, and you'll be seeing ME having sex with Trong's Neusex Partner!" Jark laughed and brought both arms up and peaked his biceps into rock-hard balls of steel.

Chills ran down my spine as I looked at Jark. I couldn't imaging ANY Testone being more powerful than he was. My cock stirred as I watched Jark hit a few more poses.

As Jark's Neusex partner, it was my job to spend the last night with him. Since he had been wearing the genital cuff for a week, it was my job to make sure he didn't have an orgasm before the ceremony the next day.

The night was basically uneventful. But that's not to say that it was easy. Jark's leather and steel cuff was sopping with precum he had been oozing all week. His huge cock and balls bulged against the wet restraining cuff. I tried to keep Jark distracted, massaging him, reading to him, feeding him. He kept touching himself (or rather the bulging cuff), but he exercised an amazing amount of restraint. For a Testone, not having an ejaculation for a week was tantamount to torture.

The next morning, I awoke in my usual position: On top of Jark. His huge body swelled beneath me, with every breath. A few minutes after I awoke, the sleeping giant under me began to stir. He opened his eyes and grinned.

"Today's the day," he half whispered, half spoke.

We showered, drenching his musty cuff in a soapy concoction, and then left for the arena.

Since this was the wedding of the governor's son, it was THE social event of the year. EVERYONE was there. The arena seated over 100,000 Testones, and it was packed. It reminded me of an ancient Roman coliseum. The floor of the arena was small. They didn't have football games on Testone, so the stage area of their arenas covered only enough area for their sex contests.

Huge colorful banners hung from the opened-beamed venue. It was almost completely open to the sky, so the whole place was drenched in bright sunlight. Roman-style columns lined the walls. It was festive and loud. Testones filled the seats and the skyboxes, many engaging in various levels of sex as they waited for the ceremony to begin. Around the arena, many large holodeck-like projection areas replicated the stage floor. There wasn't a bad seat in the house. Each spectator could see, as if they were ten feet from the main floor.

I took my place, as Jark's Neusex Partner, on the stage, next to Pexton. We were on stage left. On stage right stood Trong's Neusex Partner, a strapping, young hunk who looked like he could take on just about any Testone at the drop of a hat. Next to him was Trong's father, Kunga.

A fanfare of trumpets played, and the prime minister was seated in his box. The wedding umpire took his place at center stage and began to introduce the marriage partners. Jark was introduced first, as a courtesy to let the visiting mate be introduced last.

The introduction began, and the crowd started to stir. As the list of Jark's accomplishments were read, the noise level increased. Finally, his name was announced: "I give you JARK, son of PEXTON!" The crowd exploded. A pedestal beneath the stage began to rise. Out from an orchestra pit-type area, Jark rose, standing with this legs spread, arms crossed. His overly-muscular teenage body looked amazing, and the crowd liked what they saw.

Then, the crowd finally quieted down. It was time for Trong's entrance. No one from this continent, including Jark, had ever seen Trong. Rumors had been circulating as to his proportions and strength, but there are always rumors, and they are usually exaggerated.

The umpire began to introduce Trong. The crowd silenced. As his long introduction droned on, the crowd grew louder. Finally the ump said "I give you TRONG, son of KUNGA!" The arena erupted again, and Trong's pedestal began to rise next to Jark's. Jark looked down to catch his first glimpse of his new mate as the pedestal rose. As the pedestal lifted higher, Jark uncrossed his arms. His eyes widened, and his mouth began to open slightly. Within seconds, standing next to Jark was the hugest Testone I had ever seen. The crowd went wild.

Even though the two men were the same age, Trong towered over Jark's 6'5" frame by at least a foot. His shoulders were easily half-again as wide as Jark's, and insanely more muscled. His chest and abs rippled with striated muscle. Those pecs bulged out with huge, round globes of muscle! His arms put Jark's huge guns to shame. His waist was just as narrow as Jark's, but his huge quads flared out to massive columns of beef, each one thicker than his abdomen. He stood motionless, with his enormous arms resting at his side. His skin was very dark and lean, his hair a deep brown. There wasn't a blemish on his muscular skin. His face was expressionless, perhaps stern. He was the most formidable Testone I had seen yet.

The crowd was going berserk. They screamed and yelled. Some men began to have involuntary orgasms, just by looking at the giant Trong as he stood next to Jark. A small smirk appeared on Trong's mouth as he looked down onto Jark.

The umpire stepped forward and unfastened Jark's genital cuff. His huge cock sprang forward as the cuff clanked onto the floor. His penis was semi-limp. His moist, hairless balls swelled as the fresh air caressed his sacs for the first time in a week. The umpire moved to Trong and released his cuff. The crowd gasped as Trong's genitals were exposed. They were massive, striated members, filled with muscle and steel. His cock was probably four or five inches longer than Jark's, and noticeably more thick and muscular. His testicles were heavy, hanging balls. His scrotum stretched long under their weight. Trong's dick was also semi- limp. It was important for both marriage contestants to not become sexually excited. Obviously sexual stimulation was the first step down the path toward orgasm, and the less one traveled down that path, the better.

Suddenly, the crowd fell silent as a deafening, thunderous voice spoke: "I call for the Neusex Challenge," Trong bellowed. Once again, the arena went wild.

"Well, that didn't take long," I muttered to Pexton.

The umpire stepped between Trong and Jark. He spoke to Jark privately for a few seconds. The umpire looked up from the huddle and his eyes landed on me. Instinctively, I stepped forward. The crowd cheered as I made my way to Jark's side.

The giant Trong took a look at me and said "A child? You chose a CHILD as your Neusex Partner?" He smiled broadly. "You are going to be one helluva mate Jark!" The crowd laughed raucously. Their howls instantly turned to a deafening roar.

The umpire explained to Trong that I was a Terran, from the planet Earth, and that I was an adult. Trong smiled and muttered something I couldn't hear totally, but I did make out a few words: "easy... fun... kid..."

The umpire announced the Neusex Challenge, introducing me and declaring the rules: "Trong will demonstrate his strength at the bench press, while Jark's Neusex Partner, Raexis Mitchell of Earth, engages him. If Mitchell ejaculates, then Jark will be required to engage Trong. If, during Jark's engagement, the Neusex Challenge is not successful, then the traditional Strength Challenge will ensue. The last man to reach orgasm will be declared the Dominant in the marriage. The first to ejaculate will be the Submissive."

As soon as the umpire stopped speaking, a platform rolled out onto the stage, powered by a silent motor. On top of the platform was a huge set of bench press equipment. The bar was bowed as its ends were loaded with tons of weight. I had never seen Jark bench press that much weight. The umpire, Jark, Trong and I moved toward the bench. When we were about ten feet from the bench, Trong reached down and picked me up. His powerful arms moved smoothly and swiftly. Within seconds, my body was facing his, held against his massive chest by his huge, solid arms. My cock pressed against his tiny waist, rubbing up and down on the deep, deep ridges of his abs. Trong moved me up and down his body very slowly. I put my hands on his biceps to steady myself. My fingers found their way around the huge balls of molten steel. His arms were impenetrable, hot mounds of muscle fibers. Their shape was perfect. His biceps peaked as he held me. My cock stiffened as he forced his mammoth body on mine. The audience roared. Jark watched silently, helplessly.

Trong moved his head forward and parted my lips with his tongue. His wet tongue was hot. My mouth was filled with steaming, moving flesh. Trong moaned as he frenched me. My cock stiffened more. My heart beat wildly.

Finally, Trong sat me down. He looked down at me and smiled. His face, though stern, was an irresistible hunk of handsomeness. His neck and jaw were extremely powerful looking. Trong placed his huge hand on my bare butt and prodded me toward the bench. He moved around and sat on the end of the bench. I stood right in front of him. The umpire and Jark moved to the side to watch.

Trong reached out and pulled me close again. I was eye-to-eye with him as he sat on the end of the bench and I stood, THAT's how huge this guy was! My cock was getting harder and harder. Trong began to flex his mighty muscles for me. He lifted his arms and hit a double biceps pose. The crowd screamed as my trembling hands moved over and under the 38 inch balls of perfectly shaped steel. His arms were SO MUCH bigger than Jarks! The striations rippled under my fingers. Trong moved into a most muscular pose as he sat there, and my hands found their way over every square inch of granite. My cock was now totally erect, pointing straight up at the object of my desire. Trong looked down at it and moved his fingers to touch it. His muscular fingers gently stroked me, pulling drop after drop of precum out of my head, dribbling down my shaft.

"Foul!" the umpire yelled. I opened my eyes with a start. "You can't masturbate him, you must let him insert!" the umpire continued. The crowd hissed and booed. They obviously were enjoying the effect Trong's fingers were having on me as much as I was.

Trong smiled that smirky smile of his and lowered his hands. He wrapped his fingers around my wrists and moved my hands to his thighs. I couldn't believe that it was possible for a being to have such well-defined, muscular legs. I moved my fingers over the rippling masses of muscle, making a path toward Trong's crotch. My fingers began to fondle Trong's steel balls, manipulating the folds of warm, moist skin surrounding them. Trong's cock stirred and began to stiffen as I played with his balls. The audience began to yell again. Trong closed his eyes and concentrated, and his cock began to relax. I moved my hands onto it and started to touch it. I kneaded the thick meat, but it wouldn't give. My fingers met hard, yet limp, muscle. Even limp, this thing was as solid as a pipe.

I looked over at Jark, who was standing at my side. He almost seemed to lick his lips.

Trong smiled. Then he laid back onto the bench. I let go of his genitals. Trong reached up and grabbed the bar. His forearms rippled as his powerful fingers wrapped around the shaft. Then, slowly, Trong lifted his gargantuan legs and splayed them wide. His abs crunched into ridges of rock as he raised his legs. I nearly fainted. The mammoth mounds of beef which comprised his legs were unbelievable! And at their terminus was a set of muscular, round glutes that were unmatched in all of Testos Four! At the center of it all, Trong's red, pulsing glory hole beckoned.

Trong fiddled with the bar, adjusting his grip, while I gazed, dumbfounded, at his body. The amount of muscle that lay in front of my trembling body was dizzying. My cock was so tight that it hurt. Trong's limp dick lay across his deeply cut abs.

Trong looked down between his outstretched legs and his eyes met mine. He smiled broadly and said "I can't start, till you do, little Earthling." Again, the crowd gawfawed and hollered.

My dick throbbed with my every heartbeat as I moved toward Trong. I placed my hands on his warm legs. The shaft of my cock touched Trong's glory hole, and instinctively I pulled back just a bit so that my swollen head could nuzzle its way in. Trong's hole opened up and seemed to call my cock inside. As my precum-drenched head pushed in, Trong's arms tightened. His wide grip began to press upward. The bar began to move. Trong's muscles rippled as he effortlessly moved the bar off the supporting strut while I fucked him. My stiff dick pushed in farther. My hands pressed against the inside of Trong's legs, and I could feel his hamstrings tighten.

Trong lowered the bar until it hit the high side of his bulging chest. His pecs grew as they fought against the tons of weight. They became massive balls of muscle, expanding their proportions to meet the challenge. Slowly, Trong pushed the bar up, expelling a breath. The crowd cheered. A crushing bolt of pain raced through my body as Trong reached the top of his rep, because his rectum tightened and began to crush my penis, which by now was fully inserted. I wailed. Trong, without breaking his concentration, began to lower the bar in another rep. His rectum relaxed as he did so. The bar hit his chest slowly, and his arms tightened, raising it once again. Again, at the top of the rep, Trong's rectum tightened, constricting my penis.

After a few more reps, my cock adapted to the pressure. It began to feel good. Really good. After the tenth rep, my cock cried in anticipation of the top of each rep, reveling in each powerful squeeze. Trong was showing no signs of fatigue, even though it was obvious this weight was a maximum for even him. He pushed hard, that was obvious. But he didn't get tired with each subsequent rep, like a human would.

I resisted as best as I could, closing my eyes and straining to hold back my orgasm. This was unbearably difficult, as the muscular physique before me was the HOTTEST mass of strength and power I could ever imagine. His vascularity rippled with every movement of his muscles. He groaned occasionally, which drove me nuts! He was so powerful, so strong, so sexy!

When Trong got to about the 50th rep, he began to show some signs of wear. His breaths became louder. It was extremely HOT to me. My dick was lost in ecstasy, being squeezed with every rep. His rectum massaged me, tingling with every motion. As Trong got more tired, I got more aroused. This huge muscleman, with whom I was having sex, was reaching his muscle limit. And I was reaching mine. I closed my eyes and tried to hold back, but I knew that within seconds the inevitable would happen.

Trong began to hiss with each repetition now. He started to moan louder. I began to groan. Trong flexed his abs, and they moved in rippling waves of muscle. I began to lose it. At the top of the next rep, Trong's rectum tightened hard and he held it there. His massive arms trembled as he held the bar up high. Sweat poured off his face. His hamstrings began to tremble under my fingers. My cock was tightening, semen filling it full. His ass tightened harder, intensifying the long, drawn-out grip on my dick. Trong moaned as he held the bar up, squeezing my penis.

I began to shoot. My body jerked. The umpire called it. "Orgasm! The human has reached Orgasm!" The crowd went wild. I spewed my seed into Trong and he held the bar still as I filled him. He trembled, and his mighty muscles wiggled as I ejaculated. It was the most intense orgasm I had even had. Seconds turned into minutes, and Trong kept holding the bar, quivering under its weight, as I convulsed in orgasmic bliss.

Trong placed the bar on the struts and relaxed. He breathed heavily. He kept his legs up as I slowly pulled my reluctant cock out of the hole. It didn't really want to come out.

As I finished, I looked over at Jark, to see him at full erection. Precum dripped from Jark's huge member. He couldn't help but get aroused. And now, he had to do the same thing that I just did, without cumming. I didn't see how any person could do that.

I cleaned myself up, and Trong sat up to help. He kissed me passionately, bulging his huge arm as his hand held my cheek. His kiss was long and drawn-out. Jark watched, as I came again in Trong's embrace. Testones all over the arena went nuts, jerking off onto each other, cheering wildly. Trong held me as I squirted my jizz all over his huge body. It splashed up onto his face, his mammoth shoulders, arms and chest. It drenched his abs and dribbled down his legs. He continued to kiss me with the most passionate, erotic kiss I had ever experienced. I continued spraying him as his fingers gently pressed down on my throbbing dick. When I was finished, he let me go, smiling his big, sexy grin. His muscles were tired, but they were extremely taut and hard.

I apologized to Jark for my lack of self control, and took my place next to Pexton and tried to compose myself. Trong was allowed a five minute rest period before it was to be Jark's turn for musclesex.

Trong walked over to his Neusex Partner and his father. He drank some testosterone from a large jug, and his Neusex Partner, already at full erection, began to service Trong's ass, filling him with strength-replenishing testosterone. His partner jerked hard while Trong talked with his father, almost oblivious to the semen pouring into his ass. I estimated his partner to be nearly as big as Jark, though not as strong looking, and not nearly as sexy looking.

Trong's partner ran his hands up and down Trong's huge triceps as he pumped. Between dialog with his father, Trong leaned back and the two Testones nuzzled each other, his partner trying to lick Trong's ear. Then Trong resumed his discussion with his father as his partner finished replenishing him.

Soon the break was over. Trong walked back to the bench, where Jark stood waiting. Trong stopped and stood directly in front of Jark. He towered above Jark, his proportions dwarfing the son of the governor. The two stood frozen for a few seconds, and the audience grew louder.

Trong sat down and asked that the weight be increased. Jark's face grew incredulous. Two strong Testones came out and added more discs to the bar, and it bent farther. The crowd cheered.

Jark's huge erection rose into the air, precum dribbling down the outer edge. Trong laid back and lifted his legs once again. He smiled down at Jark and said "I don't know which of us is going to enjoy this more." Trong's face grew into a huge, devious looking grin. Jark didn't respond. He moved slowly closer to the colossal mass of muscle before him. Finally, his hands moved up and onto Trong's huge hamstrings. Trong gripped the bar wide, his lats flaring at the bench, his chest bulging. His thick arms pulsed with striated muscles.

Jark's huge dripping cock finally met Trong's ass, and he slowly began to force it inside. Jark's member was substantially thicker and longer than mine, so the mix of cock and ass was going to be a little more interesting this time. The crowd screamed as Jark closed his eyes and pushed. Every muscle on his huge Testone teenage body bulged as he pushed his cock inside Trong's tight ass, at the same time resisting with every fiber in his body the overwhelming urge to ejaculate. Jark moaned, gritted his teeth and pushed his thick rod in farther. Trong's lower torso was so narrow that you could see it expand as Jark's thick cock weaseled its way inside. Jark's cock bloated the giant's lower ab area. Trong winced as the penis creamed its way in, lubricated by massive amounts of precum. Trong had never met with a cock this thick. It was obvious that Jark was presenting a formidable instrument here. The crowd loved it. It was a true struggle. Jark pushed harder. Trong's ass gripped the meat and squeezed tightly.

Trong grasped the bar and lifted it easily. The added weight didn't seem to effect him. Jark pushed more, and within seconds was all the way in, up to his bulging balls. Trong looked down at his new mate and smiled. "I think I am going to like being married to you very much," he grinned. He slowly lowered the bar to his chest, his muscles rippling. Then, he slowly lifted it back to the top, stopping at the top of the rep to squeeze Jark's huge meat. Jark tipped his head back and expelled a loud hiss of hot air. His face winced as his dick was strangled by his new husband. The arena exploded. Jark's whole body tightened, his traps growing into huge mountains. He hissed again and then moaned a deep, loud moan. Trong lowered the bar again and then raised it again. It had the same effect on Jark. He looked like he was going to lose it. Trong smiled, seemingly unaffected by the enormous weight he was hefting up and down. His entire muscular body rippled and sent Jark deeper and deeper toward an involuntary orgasm. Squeezing his hard rod with each and every repetition.

But Jark held on. He strained. He resisted with all his muscular might. His hands trembled as they held onto Trong's muscular legs, but he held back.

Trong kept lifting. Twenty reps. Then Thirty. Forty. At fifty he again started to show fatigue. Trong slowed his lifting. He began to strain against the bending bar's weight. His huge muscles began to feel like they were turning into jelly. They began to quiver.

Jark was near the end. Trong was too. It was truly going to be a fight to the finish. More reps. Slower. Trong panted loudly. The crowd screamed. Jark moaned, the contractions on his dick sending him into near convulsions. Trong lowered the bar one last time. He strained with all his might to lift it. His whole body writhed as he pushed and strained to get the bar back up. This would be his final rep. Slowly, painfully, Trong reached the top. Then he held it. His ass rippled with squeeze after erotic squeeze, trying desperately to bring Jark to orgasm. Jark held his breath. Trong held the bar and massaged Jark's dick with his ass. The arena was going wild.

Then... finally... Trong could hold the bar no longer. He moved it back and released it onto the struts. It pounded loud as it came to rest. Immediately Jark pulled out. He had not cum. He jerked his cock out of Trong's ass so fast that it made a sucking, popping sound. The crowd went nuts. Trong's arms flailed out to his sides and his feet hit the floor as he collapsed in exhaustion. Jark's sopping wet dick stuck straight up into the air as he panted hard. He walked around the stage, trying to shake off the arousal. His muscles bulged as he paced back and forth, trying to regain some composure. Trong's body rose and fell as he breathed heavily. He rubbed his hands on his arms, trying to recover from the stress on his immense body. Jark walked in circles.

Meanwhile, the house was rocking. The crowd was really getting their money's worth. It was indeed the wedding of the decade!

The umpire announced the call: "Trong has not succeeded in the Neusex Challenge." More deafening thunder from the spectators. "There will be a ten minute break. Then the traditional Strength Challenge will begin."

"What does that entail?" I asked Pexton.

"It is where Trong and Jark will compete to see who is the strongest, in hand to hand competition. Whoever cums first will be the submissive."

I looked down and saw Pexton had a full erection. Jark walked over to the two of us. Pexton said to me "I know you are Jark's Neusex Partner, and this responsibility normally comes to you... but since Jark needs Testone testosterone right now... may I?" Of course I deferred to the governor. Pexton moved to Jark's back side and slid his wet cock up into the ass of his son. The audience loved it. Pexton jerked hard, filling his son with energizing testosterone. Jark seemed to grow in strength.

After the break was over, the Jark and Trong began to walk to center stage again. Both were revitalized and strong. Jark still sported a fully erect cock, while Trong's meat swung from side to side as he approached. When they met, Trong leaned over and began to lightly stroke Jark's stiff penis with his open fingers. He grinned and said "Guess you're liking what you're seeing, huh." Jark closed his eyes and tried to fight off the erotic pleasure Trong was giving him.

"FOUL!" the umpire whistled. "No masturbating!" The crowd booed. It was obvious they didn't think it was a fair call. "Five minute penalty on Trong!" the umpire yelled.

"Five minutes of WHAT?" I asked Pexton.

"Jark now gets five minutes to touch Trong any way he wants," the governor smiled. "And Trong has to stand there and try to resist cumming."

The umpire started the clock and Jark began to touch Trong's huge genitals. Trong grinned just a bit as Jark's huge fingers began to fondle his balls. Jark leaned over and began to lick Trong's dick. It began to grow. The audience obviously liked what they were seeing. Jark enveloped Trong's cut head in his mouth and began creeping his pouty lips up the shaft. Trong closed his eyes and clenched his fist as his cock stiffened. Jark's sensual tongue massaged the cock as it grew. Within a half minute, Jark was facing down, his mouth sucking passionately on the fully erect rod. Trong tipped his head back and flexed his body as he tried to resist Jark's irresistible blow job.

Jark fondled Trong's sac with his fingertips as he sucked his cock. Trong was weakening. His mighty legs began to bend slightly. Jark moved his mouth off the tip of Trong's penis and began to lick up and down the pole, bringing his hands up to help massage it. His thumb pressed against the huge ridge that ran down the outside of Trong's massive meat. The ridge was filled with hot, pulsing semen. Jark knew Trong was nearing orgasm, and he put his mouth over the head again and resumed sucking.

"TIME!" the umpire yelled as he reached forward and forced Jark's mouth off Trong. Trong half stumbled backwards. Jark looked up to see if Trong might still cum. Trong's cock was the biggest, most muscular, striated piece of meat Jark had ever seen. His own cock stiffened as his eyes gazed upon Trong's unbelievable body. Trong froze, his body tight. He kept his fists clenched, eyes closed. It was obvious that if had Jark sucked for even a few more seconds, their marriage might have had a totally different twist on it. But alas, Trong regained control. He didn't cum.

The two men were instructed to take their places at the arm wrestling table. The table was tall, so each man nearly stood upright as they competed.

They grasped hands and stood at the ready. Their erect dicks pointed at each other under the table. The umpire blew his whistle and the battle ensued. Trong's huge arm dwarfed Jark's, and the bigger man immediately took the advantage. Jark strained as his arm was bent backward. He yelled. His bicep bulged and hardened. But the larger, harder arm of Trong was unstoppable.

As the two men struggled, their erect dicks brushed against each other under the table. Jark bristled as he felt the stiff meat of his partner rub his own. Trong began to prod and poke at Jark's dick. Jark was distracted. Within a few seconds, Jark's arm was lying against the table and the umpire was giving this event to Trong. The crowd loved it.

Immediately, while Jark was rubbing his arm, Trong moved around the table and grabbed Jark. The next, and final, event was a wrestling match, and Trong wasted no time in surprising his opponent.

But Jark was waiting. Trong thought his element of surprise would catch Jark off guard, but Jark was expecting something like this. Quickly, Jark bent over and flipped the tonnage of the giant Trong over his back and onto the stage floor. Immediately Jark pounced on Trong and wrapped his mighty legs around his torso. He locked his legs together, with his heels digging into Trong's granite abdominal muscles. Then Jark wrapped his right arm around Trong's neck. Jark's bicep grew huge and hard as it squeezed Trong's windpipe. Jark locked his right arm in place by grabbing his right wrist with his left hand and squeezing tighter. His vise grip intensified. Jark felt a sense of strength and power as his bicep dug into Trong's neck.

The two huge teenagers lay on the floor, their muscular bodies intertwined in battle. Their dicks quickly went limp as they fought each other.

Jark tightened his body, then relaxed it slightly. Then he tightened it again. His powerful legs crushed against Trong's massive lats, his heels attempting to penetrate Trong's cobblestone abs. Jark kept ratcheting up the pressure on Trong. Soon, Jark's back began to ache as he kept squeezing against the rock-hard mass beneath him. Strangely, Trong didn't seem to be offering much in the way of resistance. His big arms just laid at his side.

Jark winced his face and squeezed harder. His huge bicep pushed against Trong's thick neck. Bolts of pain now were shooting up Jark's whole body. The steel physique he was trying to overpower just wouldn't budge.

Finally, Trong began to move. He chuckled a bit. Jark held tight. Then, Trong began to STAND UP! Trong's huge legs bulged as he stood, bringing Jark up with him. In seconds, Trong stood tall, with Jark wrapped around his neck and back! Jark yelled, squeezing Trong with rippling legs and bulging arms. Trong stood still. The audience roared.

Then, Trong brought his hands up and slowly began to wrap his fingers around Jark's wrists. Trong began to pull Jark's mighty arms apart. Jark trembled, calling upon every bit of strength he could muster, but Trong's steel girders kept moving Jark's arms wider. Trong pulled hard, his face showing his effort. Jark's arms, the arms that had crushed rocks, moved wider and wider. Jark's whole body shook, almost violently. Trong's back muscles rippled against Jark's chest as the giant man spread their arms wide. Soon they were both completely outstretched. The crowd exploded at this display of brute strength! Trong's mighty pecs rippled in waves as he fought against Jark.

Jark tried to keep his legs tight around Trong's torso. But in a flash, Trong let go of Jark's wrists and reached down, grabbing Jark's calves. Trong dug his powerful fingers into Jark's thick calves, crushing and grinding the muscles. Jark hands had grabbed onto Trong's huge traps to steady himself. In an instant, Jark's legs spread wide and he lost his grip of Trong's shoulders. Jark fell to the floor. Trong quickly turned around and grabbed Jark, twisting the smaller man around, so that they were now nearly in the same hold as a minute ago, only this time it was Trong who had Jark in his grip.

Trong's 38 inch arms wrapped around Jark's neck, the steel bicep digging into the windpipe. Trong stood tall, not wrapping his legs around Jark's torso, but instead holding Jark about 12 inches off the floor! Jark remained motionless as he was held in check by his huge mate. Trong began to nuzzle Jark's ear, whispering some soft words to his mate. He gently tightened his grip. His powerful arms reminding Jark to remain still. Trong stuck his tongue into Jark's ear and drenched it with his saliva. He kissed it. Then he douched it again. The arena was screaming.

Jark's legs flailed. Trong squeezed Jark's neck, and the smaller man became still again.

Trong's huge cock grew quickly as it pressed against Jark's back side. Within a minute, Trong began to probe Jark's ass with his fully erect meat. Jark squirmed. Trong held him tight, and slowly began to insert his cock up the muscular ass. Jark cried in pain. Trong smiled, kissed and licked.

Trong's huge penis moved up Jark's ass. To his amazement, Jark's own cock began to stir. The pain was excruciating (he had never experienced a dick this thick and long before), but his body was totally aroused by the penetration. Soon, Jark's meat was fully erect, with precum dribbling down.

Finally, Trong was all the way inside. He gently pumped his hips in very small movements. Jark moaned. Trong stood strong, holding back his orgasm, sending sensual waves of pleasure through Jark's body. Jark closed his eyes an tipped his head back, leaning into Trong's. He moaned as Trong just barely moved his cock inside. Back... and... forth. Back... and... forth. It was just millimeters of movement, but it sent Jark into ecstasy.

Back... and... forth, Trong gently, seductively, powerfully rocked. The arena began to quiet. Jark was lost in sexual stimulation. The pleasure was unreal. Trong continued the slow... erotic... rape...

The arena fell completely silent. Trong held Jark tightly, slowly raping him.

Then... finally... Jark came. He convulsed in one, overpowering jerk, nearly knocking Trong off his feet. A huge, powerful squirt of white milk streamed out of Jark's cock, bursting high above the stage. After a week of holding back, Jark began to blow seven day's worth of jizz into the air. He yelled a deep, moaning kind of yell as he came. His whole body tightened. The first long squirt was followed by an equally intense second burst. Then a third. Slow bursts. By the seventh or eighth burst, Jark's orgasm began to speed up. The subsequent blasts of cum started to squirt faster. The stage area became white with slimy juice. Both Jark and Trong became drenched.

Trong brought one hand down to Jark's erupting cock, still holding him with one arm wrapped around his neck. He began to tickle and stroke Jark's penis as it spurt into the air. Jark moaned loudly as Trong teased his cock into even more pleasure. Trong held Jark tightly, continuing his slow, small rocking, powerfully holding back his own orgasm.

The crowd went wild, erupting into a frenzy.

Trong began to walk around the stage, with Jark hanging on his rod like a rag doll. Jark squirted into the audience as Trong aimed him at various spectators. With each step he took, Trong's huge legs bulged under Jark's weight. It was one fucking powerful display of strength and dominance.

After about 15 minutes of ejaculating, Jark's orgasm was done. Trong kissed him, and slowly lifted him off his rod, standing him on the stage. The umpire made the declaration: "I hereby proclaim that Trong is the Dominant and Jark is the Submissive!" The spectators cheered and yelled. Then the umpire said "By the authority that is mine, I now declare you Man and Husband!" He turned to Jark and said, "You may now service your mate."

Jark, exhausted but happy that it was over, moved toward Trong and just stood there. He looked up at his new husband and didn't say a word. He smiled. Trong smiled. Trong looked down at his own huge erection as if to motion Jark to proceed. Jark took his cue and bent down on his knees and began to lick Trong's cock. The audience grew quiet again as they watched Jark give his new husband the blow job to end all blow jobs.

Trong closed his eyes and moaned. Now, not needing to hold back any longer, Trong allowed himself to fully enjoy Jark's advances. Jark licked and sucked. The hot meat pulsed under his tongue and fingers. Jark's lips caressed every centimeter of cock flesh. Trong's dick tingled. It was tight with pent-up semen. Jark continued to draw it to the surface.

Then, in an unbelievable show of power and dominance, Trong began to pose. With Jark's mouth locked on his massive cock, Trong slowly hit pose after powerful pose, flexing his gargantuan arms, his shoulders, his unreal pecs. He rippled his abs. He flexed his quads. Double biceps. Side biceps. Most muscular. Arms behind head Ab pose. The crowd remained silent, awestruck by the massive being before them.

Jark continued his blow job. Trong moved into a most muscular pose and held it as he neared orgasm. Then, finally... Trong jerked hard. His muscles rippled with dizzying vascularity and size. Jark's mouth filled with one burst of hot jizz. He swallowed hard. A second burst of cum filled his mouth to overflowing. Then a third. Trong yelled. Semen began to ooze out of the sides of Jark's mouth, his lips unable to contain the volume. Jark opened his throat wide, attempting to swallow as much as he could, but the cum began to push out of the corners of his mouth. Within seconds, cum was shooting so hard that it began to squirt out of Jark's nostrils. Trong shot violent bursts of cum. Jark held on as best he could, gagging as the cum filled his mouth, throat and sinuses. With each burst now, Jark's mouth burned. His nose spewed jizz, his lips oozed it. Trong's squirts came faster now, and Jark worked as hard as he could to contain what he could.

The crowd went wild. Trong hissed and moaned as he deposited his week's worth of milk into his new husband's mouth. Trong placed his hands on the back of Jark's head and pushed him on harder. Jark gasped for air, gagging.

Finally, as Trong momentarily relaxed his bulging arms, Jark pushed his head back. He took his mouth off Trong's cock and nearly collapsed. Trong now shot his hard bursts out into the audience. Testones clamored for a taste of his cum. His dick shot like a sprinkler.

Jark recovered his breath and resumed servicing his giant husband. Trong blew his load for nearly a half hour, alternating between having Jark do blow jobs and fucking Jark's ass. Jark came a few times again, during Trong's long orgasm.

The wedding was finally over. The two newlyweds stood on stage and kissed passionately, Trong holding Jark off the floor so their lips could meet. The spectators cheered.

As the crowd began to shuffle toward the exits, the umpire took a microphone: "Thanks for coming, everybody. Please drive safely on your way home tonight. And remember: Practice Safe Sex."

Almost in unison, all the spectators stopped and turned their heads toward the announcer and said "Huh?" •

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