Testos Four

Meeting Pexton's Family


By Aaron Strong

First Officer's Log. Supplemental:

It had been a long day, and I was looking forward to a resting and relaxing evening at Pexton's home. I was also looking forward to meeting Pexton's son, Jark. From what I heard from the other Testone men, he was one HOT Testone muscleteen!

Pexton and I arrived at the Governor's Mansion in the late afternoon. It was in the heart of the city. It was very big, with Roman-like columns in the front. A large set of steps ran the length of the front of the house. I felt like we were entering the old Supreme Court building in Washington, Earth.

Inside, a few muscular servants greeted us. They handed us some drinks. Pexton had a short, private conversation with them, and then they left.

The entryway was austere and very majestic-looking. Grand staircases came down on both sides. The rotunda had paintings on the ceiling, depicting Musclesex. Statues of flexing Musclegods were placed tastefully throughout the mansion. My dick stiffened as I gazed upon their virile beauty.

Pexton led me through the house toward the rear area. It was a smaller room (but huge by Terran standards), and it was very nicely furnished with couches, chairs, tables, beds and other amenities. The ceiling was probably 20 feet high. Skylights illuminated the room with warm, golden light. Bowls of fruit and other eats were placed on various occasional tables. Glass, wood, gold and marble were used throughout. The colors were light tan and brown with gold accents. A few blue and green pictures accented the walls. It was VERY comfortable, very beautiful.

"This is our family living area," Pexton said. "Please make yourself comfortable." He walked behind a large kitchen island and began preparing something to eat. "Later, I'll show you to your room. I originally planned on giving you our Guest Suite, but then I thought you might enjoy sleeping in Jark's room. Would that be all right?" Pexton asked. I answered in the affirmative, not having the nerve to ask if Jark would be staying there with me.

A doorway electronically swooshed open and in walked a nude blonde man. Actually, he was about the same size as me, maybe a little bigger. But for a Testone, he was small. And yet, his arms were probably about 20 inches. He was all muscle. His legs were powerfully developed. His abs were cut with deep muscular valleys. He was absolutely gorgeous. He was probably about six-feet two-inches tall. His genitals were about the same size of mine. In every way, he looked like a human man, a extremely well- developed human man!

"Oh, Steed," Pexton said. "Come on in." The hunk entered, his long blonde hair brushing his bulging traps as he walked. "Steed, this is the Terran I told you about. His name is Raexis Mitchell, and he is from the planet Earth. Commander Mitchell, this is my youngest son, Steed."

"Glad to meet you," I said to the hunk. He smiled at me. My heart melted.

"Steed is about equal to 13 of your earth years in age," Pexton told me.

"I thought you said he was 18," I said.

"That is my older son, Jark," Pexton said. "He will be getting home shortly. He's down at the gym, working out. He should have a pretty good pump when he gets back."

I checked out Steed a little more. Pexton could tell I was interested. "As you can see, children of our species look very similar to your adults. Steed reached the age of sexual activity a few months ago. He is just learning about masturbation and gratification now. I have been working hard to teach him well," Pexton smiled. "In a few months, Steed's genitals will begin to grow again. He should reach full Testone size and maturity in about five or six years. The doctors say he will ultimately be bigger than both myself and his older brother, Jark."

"And to be bigger than Jark will be something indeed," Steed said. He smiled a seductive grin as he pondered his older brother.

"How was your day, Steed?" Pexton asked.

Steed walked toward his father as he talked. "Well, it was good enough, I guess." His muscles rippled as he made his way across the room. "Except that after you left this morning, Jark raped me again."

Pexton looked up from his food preparation and gave Steed a concerned look. "Did he hurt you?" he asked.

"No," Steed grinned.

"Did you enjoy it?" Pexton asked.

"Yeah, I guess I did," Steed admitted slowly.

"Well, just remember," Pexton offered, "In a few years, if the doctors are right, you'll have Jark begging you for mercy."

"I look forward to that," Steed grinned.

"As do I," Pexton said as he brushed Steed's protruding left nipple. "It will be quite an exciting match to watch you two musclehunk brothers go at it." Pexton moved his hand to fully feel Steed's left pec. He squeezed it gently. His hand dwarfed Steed's chest. Steed's penis began to grow slightly as his father fondled his rippling chest muscles.

"Yeah, I guess," Steed said. "I guess I really do like to watch you and Jark have sex. He's getting so strong now that even you are having a tough time holding your own against him," Steed said somewhat shyly.

"Well, Jark has gotten stronger than his old man," Pexton said, returning to his kitchen tasks. "He's irresistible, to be sure. And the doctors say he's still got more strength and muscles to come. But just you wait. You'll have Testones lined up below your bedroom window in a few years. You'll see." Pexton moved his hand down Steed's torso, gently caressing his abs as his fingers made their way lower. He stopped his hand on Steed's genitals and touched them for a few seconds. They grew in Pexton's huge hands. Within a few seconds, Steed was fully erect. His manhood was about 12 inches of thick, throbbing meat. Pexton pushed down on it slightly. It stiffened. Pexton removed his hand and turned back to his work. Steed just stood there.

"Steed," Pexton said. "When I am done here, I need to take a shower. Would you be able to help me wash down?"

Steed smiled slightly at the prospect of spending some quality time in the shower with his mega-muscular father. "Sure," he said. His boner remained at strict attention.

We spent a little while eating a light snack, then Pexton and Steed excused themselves. "We'll be a few minutes," Pexton said. "Please relax and make yourself comfortable." Pexton and Steed left the room, Steed's boner bouncing in the air as he walked.

I reclined on a couch and closed my eyes. In a few minutes I could hear water running in the next room. After a few more minutes I could hear moaning and groaning coming from there. It sounded pretty hot. My dick stiffened as I listened to the passionate sounds emanating from the bathroom.

I began touching myself. My penis was fully erect under my pants. But a few minutes later, my penis would become so hard it would be screaming in pain. As I laid there, Pexton's son Jark was arriving home. He was making his way through the mansion, to the rear family room. Little did I know what was about to greet me. My encounter with Jark was about to begin.

The door swooshed open. I sat up and turned to look at the figure standing in the doorway. It was Jark. He was huge. Bigger than Pexton. Taller by about half a foot. I'd say about seven feet tall. He was wearing clothes! He had a tight T-shirt on. It was white. I didn't know there was that much fabric in the galaxy! The T-shirt hugged every inch of Jark's massive, muscular upper body. His development was astounding! I don't know if it was the fact that he was clothed, or what, but he was the HOTTEST Testone I had seen yet!

He had black hair that was shaved close on the sides and about an inch or two long on top. His neck was thick and powerful. His traps rivaled anything I had yet seen on Testone. His deltoids were absolutely huge! They filled the doorway! His arms had to be 35 inches or better. They stretched the short sleeves of his T-shirt with erotic power. His massive chest seductively pushed itself into the room. His abs were clearly visible through the fabric. He had an eight-pack. His narrow waist was long and sleek. His powerful legs were astoundingly thick and muscular. He was wearing boxer-like shorts that were stretched to the limit with muscular slabs of beef. His genitals created a mammoth bulge in his shorts. They just had to be the biggest!

Jark stood there for a second, and then moved into the room. His whole body exuded power and grace. He was the most handsome piece of work I had ever seen. His whole body reminded me of that mega-man, Sturdis, that Pexton had had sex with earlier. Jark walked right toward me.

"Hi. I'm Jark," he said in a rich, masculine voice. My heart raced. It literally raced! Jark smiled at me. His cheeks dimpled. His face was painfully handsome. I'd say DROP-DEAD handsome. His dark eyes penetrated me. "You must be the Terran dad mentioned," he grinned.

I choked as I stood up. "My name is Raexis Mitchell. I am from Earth," I half stammered. Jark towered over me. I nearly had an involuntary orgasm right then as I experienced his presence. His lean, huge musculature was overwhelming. I could hear my heart pounding. I swear Jark could probably hear it as well.

"I am very glad to meet you," Jark said. He turned and walked toward the kitchen area. And it's a good thing he did, because I was just seconds from creaming my pants. If he had stood close to me for one more second, it would have been milk city in my shorts. "Sorry I wasn't here when you arrived," Jark said. "I was just down at the gym working out."

"Did you--you have a good time?" I studdered as the words came out.

"Yeah," he said. "I am starting this new routine with my workout partner. We did arms today. We do it tandem-orgasm. Basically, while I do my arm curls, my partner stands behind me and slips his penis inside my ass. He ejaculates while I pump the barbell." Jark made a slow, powerful arm curling motion, and his biceps bulged. I nearly fainted. "It really gives me quite a bit more strength, because his testosterone is absorbed by my muscles while I curl the bar. I can use a lot more weight and do a lot more reps that way." He lowered his arms and his triceps danced. "Then we trade positions and he goes for it while I jack off in him. It's pretty effective," Jark said matter-of-factly. Then he smiled "And it's a lot more fun."

I was speechless. I was wondering what I could do to become Jark's workout partner. I pondered the possibilities. Finally, I brought my mind back to the room. "You're the first Testone I have seen who has clothes on," I finally brought myself to say.

Jark grinned as he got himself a snack. "Oh. I wear clothes because I am engaged to be married. On Testos Four, when a young man is promised to be mated, he must wear clothes while he is in public, until the mating day. Otherwise, lots of other Testones get pretty horny. A guy my age puts out a lot of sex hormones. It's pretty hard for other men to keep their hands off. And in my case, I have been blessed with a little more than my share of muscle and hormones," he said coyly.

"So, you cannot have sex with others?" I asked.

Jark laughed, "Oh no. I can have sex with anyone I want. It's just that I need to keep some clothes on, or it would get to be a real bother. As it is, I have a hard time making my way through a busy public area. This way, though, at least I can get things done during the day. Otherwise I'd be having sex with just about every man I saw. Not that this would bother me," Jark grinned. "But my dad wants me to keep myself under wraps, at least until I am mated. Then, it's nude musclecity again."

"When is the mating?" I asked.

"I will be meeting my mate next week. His name is Trong," Jark said. "I have seen holograms of him. He's pretty hot."

I didn't respond. I really didn't know what to say. Jark was just beautiful. I moved to the kitchen island and sat down on a stool as Jark stood on the other side. Jark took a container from a cooler-unit in the kitchen. He poured himself a tall glass of a white milky substance. It had to be cum. I caught a glimpse of the handwritten label on the side of the container. It said "For Jark, from Trong... `till we meet."

Jark brought the glass to his mouth and began drinking. His neck muscles rippled as the jizz slid down his throat. Jark's mammoth arm bulged as he held up the glass. His bicep peaked to an unreal grapefruit-sized mountain of bulging muscle! Jark pulled the stretched T-shirt fabric back with his other hand, to expose more of his head-spinning gun. The corners of his mouth grinned as he drank. He could see my reaction, and he liked it. My dick just ached for release. Defined fibers of muscle bulged and pulsed on Jark's huge arm. The separation of his bicep peaks was absolutely beautiful. His tricep muscles were separated and striated. I could almost feel the power of his arm, even though I was four feet away.

Jark finished his drink and lowered his arm. He put the container back in the cooler-unit, then moved back to the island. "I was going to get these clothes off. Wanna watch?" he grinned.

I began to ejaculate in my pants. Jark saw me start to jerk. He smiled. "I'll take that as a yes," he said. He moved around the counter and picked me up. The power of his arms made me jerk harder as he carried me back to the couch. His arms bulged under my weight, but he didn't strain at all. He gently laid me down and stood up. I jizzed my pants for a few more seconds as Jark stood over me.

"All done?" Jark asked with all the cuteness of a fantasy teen musclesex toy. I just laid there, helpless to respond.

Jark unzipped my pants and pulled down the fabric of my shorts. Milky-white jizz was everywhere. "Lets just air this out a little," he said as his massive fingers pulled the wet fabric back. He briefly fondled my stiff rod, and I began to shoot more. "Whoah!" Jark laughed. "Looks like there was more water in that well!" I squirted about ten more times, as Jark masturbated the last cum from my dick. He had the most erotic touch I had ever experienced. He was Mr. SEX!

Finally I finished. Or so I thought. "I think maybe I should help you clean this up," Jark said. He bent over and began licking up my jizz from around my genitals. He slopped it into this mouth, teething the fabric in order to get as much as possible. Then his tongue met my cock. He slowly began licking and sucking. More cum burst forth and began to fill his muscular mouth. He slid his mouth all the way down my shaft and began to manipulate my balls with his lips. I somehow manufactured more jizz and shot it hard down his throat.

Jark finally brought his mouth off of my dick. "You remind me of Steed, only a little smaller," Jark grinned. He ran his lips and tongue over my jerking penis.

He stood up tall. I remained reclined on the couch. Jark grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and lifted it up slowly, exposing first his muscle-filled abs. They were mountains of muscle on muscle. Jark exhaled slightly and the skin receded into his ab muscles even more. The ridges of his abs grew! Thick mounds of muscle protruded higher and higher between the valleys of his abs! Jark grinned. He lifted his shirt out and over his massive chest. Finally, he pulled his arms all the way up, lifting the shirt over his head and dropping it on the floor.

My penis began shooting anew as I beheld Jark's bare upper body. It was hairless. It was all Testone overdeveloped muscle. His big nipples dominated his thick chest. His pecs had an unreal overhang, that just dominated his narrow waistline. His delts were much larger than cannonballs, and the separation between them and his triceps was absolutely beautiful. He was muscle personified.

Jark began to tug at his shorts. Within a few seconds his inhuman genitals sprang up from under the fabric as he pulled his shorts to the floor. His boxers didn't pass over his massive quads without a fight, though. The fabric stretched to its limit as Jark forced it down over his thick leg muscles.

Jark's Testone penis had to be at least 23 inches long (a good three inches longer than his father's member). It grew. The thick muscle of his meat was wrapped in massive, defined blood vessels. His mushroom head was wide, round and muscular. His tennis-ball sized hairless testes were encased in moist, hairless sacs. Jark turned to the side slightly, and his massive, rock-hard glutes became visible. They were the most beautiful globes of ass muscle in the galaxy. Muscular mounds of beef rippled across his ass.

Precum began to drip from Jark's hole as his gargantuan penis achieved full erection. He began to touch himself. He obviously liked what he felt. He closed his eyes slightly as he enjoyed himself. His fingertip began to stir his precum as it ran down his cock. He squeezed his meat, and it stiffened. His arms bulged as he enjoyed himself.

I laid there, with parched mouth, heart racing, penis aching and crying to squirt out more. Unfortunately, there was no more to squirt, for now.

Just then the door opened. In walked Pexton and Steed. They were showered and refreshed.

"Ah, Jark. You're home," Pexton said. Jark's father walked over and eyed his son lustily. "And I see you are looking quite handsome today," Pexton grinned as he looked at his son's throbbing, dripping erection.

"Hi dad," Jark said. He looked only slightly embarrassed.

"Give your old man a welcome home kiss," Pexton said as he moved closer and kissed Jark's lips. The two men embraced. Jark towered over his dad by about six inches. He was heavier and more muscular than Pexton.

Their tongues slipped into each other's mouths. Pexton's penis began to stiffen as he kissed his superteen son. Jark moved his hands to Pexton's big arms and squeezed them a little. The two men groaned as they greeted each other. Jark's huge dick rested against Pexton's abs and chest. His precum began to moisten his father's torso. Pexton's dick continued to grow. They continued to kiss, passionately. It was the best father/son relationship I had ever witnessed.

Within seconds, Pexton's cock was at full attention, resting against his son's abs and chest. The two men dribbled their precum down the other's torso as they mouthed each other in absolute lust.

They withdrew their tongues. Pexton said "Jark, Steed tells me you raped him again this morning." Pexton moved one hand up to Jark's long member and began stroking it softly. Jark looked a little embarrassed, or ashamed as Pexton confronted him with this assault on his baby brother. "Is that true?" Pexton asked quietly as he stroked his son's cock.

"Yes, father," Jark said. "It's true."

Pexton kissed Jark's lips gently, then said softly "That's my boy." Pexton smiled, then gave Jark a few more pecks on the lips. I looked over at Steed and saw him smile slightly.

Jark grinned. His dick stiffened under his father's touch.

Then, Jark took his father's hands in his own. They clasped and squeezed each other's hands. I couldn't quite tell what they were doing, but in seconds I would find out.

Their hands moved down, their arms now fully straight and pointing to the floor. They interlocked their fingers with the other's fingers. Their palms faced each other's. It looked like some sort of strength test. Jark and Pexton tightened their bodies. Muscles grew and their muscular definition became more pronounced. Their arms bulged as they began to struggle.

Pexton's face tensed as his son began to muscle him. Jark's face grew determined. Pexton's wrists began to bend back slightly as his son's arms grew. Pexton fought back. Jark's face tensed more as his father's strength began to prevail.

Steed moved over to the couch and sat next to me. "They do this all the time," he whispered to me. "It's a test of strength. Dad always has won in the past, but lately Jark has been giving him a real challenge. Any day now and Jark will come out on top," Steed grinned. His cock grew and he began to fondle himself as he watched the muscle show.

The two men's arms began to raise in the air. Now their hands were high above them. Jark, being taller than his dad, seemed to have a definite advantage in this position. Pexton's legs began to buckle as the two men breathed hard in their muscle struggle. Jark towered over his father. Their muscles rippled with power. Jark forced Pexton down farther. Pexton struggled. His leg muscles bulged with increased size and definition. Jark's mammoth arms grew to new proportions as he asserted his strength. Pexton's incredibly muscular body seemed helpless under his son's muscle force. He sank farther down as Jark forced him lower.

Pexton managed to move their hands back down to the lower position again. This seemed better for him, but it would prove to be his undoing. Jark continued to bend his father's wrists back. Pexton's triceps bulged as he strained to assert any strength he had left.

Then, I witnessed the most amazing show of strength I had ever seen. Jark's biceps and triceps bulged to new size as he actually began to lift his father off the ground! Pexton's feet raised a few inches off the floor. His eyes grew as Jark suspended him helplessly in the air. Jark strained. His whole body tensed and bulged with massive, rippling muscles. Pexton moved higher. Jark began to exhale his breaths very loudly. What an incredible workout!

Jark raised his flailing father higher into the air. His biceps curled his father so that Pexton's ass hole hovered just a few inches above Jark's erect, throbbing penis. Jark's strength was totally amazing.

"Jark, no!" Pexton begged. The two men's muscles pulsed with power and eroticism.

But Jark ignored his father's cry. He slowly began to lower Pexton down onto his waiting cock. Jark breathed very heavily as he strained to control his father's descent. Slowly, erotically, Jark lowered Pexton. Pexton's ass was forced open by Jark's stiff, thick dick. Pexton moaned loudly as he slid down onto his super muscular son.

Jark bared his teeth and growled as his 23 inch cock forced its way up Pexton's ass. He immediately began to cum. His arms bulged and rippled as he forced his father down farther. Pexton yelled. Jark yelled and began to jerk. His jizz streamed into his dad. Pexton's 20 inch dick was engorged and pointing into Jark's face. Jark began to suck on it. Pexton started to ejaculate into Jark's mouth. The two men made the hottest musclesex!

They filled each other with their milk for almost an hour, moaning, groaning, biting each other, muscling each other into more erotic positions than I can remember. Steed and I burst forth cum quite a few times as we watched. We kissed and touched each other as we enjoyed the show.

Jark was indeed a force to be reckoned with. I pondered the sexual possibilities. I wondered what would happen when Sturdis arrived at the tenth hour tonight. I wondered what it would look like if Sturdis and Jark got together. Just the concept made me shoot a new load.

Finally, things began to settle down. Jark had his father in a full- nelson and was pumping him with more jizz. (This position was one of my favorite to watch, because it acentuated Jark's massive arms.) Then he was finished. Pexton, exhausted, laid down on a couch. Jark laid down on top of him and kissed him sweetly. "I love you, man," Jark told his father.

They rested together.

We all reclined and regained our strength. After a while, a signal sounded. Must be some kind of a doorbell.

"Oh Jark," Pexton lifted his head as his son nuzzled his neck, "I let all the servants go home for the afternoon. Could you get the door please?"

"Sure," Jark answered as his massive arms pushed him up. "Commander Mitchell, would you like to come?" Well, of course I would. In more ways than one, even though I was tired from watching.

I got up and followed Jark's beautiful, muscular, naked body through the large house and into the towering entryway. His dick had returned to its relaxed state. Jark opened the door, his huge muscles flexing as he did so.

"Oh, it's the You Pee-Ess man," he said as he greeted the hunk outside the door.

The delivery guy's dark brown transport vehicle was parked at the curb. He was wearing dark brown posing trunks that barely covered half of his muscular, huge genitals (like all Testone's clothing). He was one of the larger Testones, although not nearly as big as Jark. His thick shoulders and arms looked very powerful -- probably from carrying heavy packages. His legs were fuckin' huge! Thick strips of lean beef ran up and down his legs. His waist was incredibly narrow and long. He had brown hair, cut very short. His jaw line was wide and extremely strong looking. He was very handsome and rugged. His eyes sparkled as he stood there. On the ground next to him sat a big, heavy-looking box.

"I have a delivery for Jark of Pexton," the You Pee-Ess guy said. I could see that he was checking out Jark very closely. He was clearly impressed with Jark's gargantuan size and indescribable definition. His cock began to grow slightly, under his briefs.

"I am Jark," the Governor's son answered.

"I'm going to need a semen-signature for this package," the guy said. Apparently, this was a normal procedure. Jark smiled and agreed. The delivery guy took his computer and opened a small compartment on it. He pulled out a plastic-looking condom-like device attached to a long tube. The tube fed back into the delivery computer. The condom thing was dripping with white milky stuff. Evidently this was not the first delivery of the day.

"I'll just need you to ejaculate into this, and your semen will be recorded as your signature," the muscular delivery guy said.

Jark stood there while the delivery guy got the semen collector ready. "What's your name?" Jark asked.

"I am Brink," the guy replied.

Jark moved his hand close to Brink's trunks, then began to run the tip of his forefinger and thumb along the edge of the fabric, making sure that his fingernail brushed up against the warm, lean skin of Brink's ever- growing dick. "I see they still make you guys wear these brown uniforms," Jark said as he slipped his fingers slightly inside the fabric. Brink's breathing became a little more measured. He stared at Jark's massive arms as the muscle fibers moved under the skin. Jark's guns bulged with sensual power as he gently brushed the back of his fingers against Brink's penis. Brink's dick stiffened. It was still pointing down, into the trunks.

"Yeah," Brink smiled shyly. "A lot of people kinda get off on it." His muscles bulged as he talked. Jark continued playing with the fabric for a second, making sure to touch Brink even more. Jark's own totally exposed penis was growing steadily as well.

"Well," Jark said, "I bet you look pretty fantastic even without it." He moved his hand out and tugged on the trunks, pulling them down and exposing the base of the shaft.

Brink blushed a little. He was pretty intimidated by Jark's overpowering teenage musclebody.

"Thank you, sir," Brink answered. "Not nearly as HOT as you do, though."

Jark smiled a victor's devilish smile. He pulled his hand back. Brink took the collector and placed it on Jark's now totally erect penis head. "Fuck, your meat is massive," Brink said. "I don't know if my collector will fit."

"Oh, I bet if you keep trying, you can get it all the way on," Jark grinned.

Brink pushed the slimy cup over Jark's massive penis head. Jark froze as Brink applied pressure. His two bulging arms hung relaxed at his sides. Brink slid the collector down farther. It was really tight. Jark's penis throbbed with each heartbeat. Brink's arm bulged as he strained slightly to get the thing down farther. Jark tipped his head back and closed his eyes as the collector slid on all the way, which still left about half of Jark's member exposed.

"I hope it doesn't hurt," Brink said. I don't think I've ever delivered to a man who is as HOT as you are... I mean who has such a large penis," Brink was a little flustered. A small tearing sound, and Brink's penis tore through his uniform and sprang to taut attention. "Are you ready, sir?" Brink asked, trying to regain his composure.

"Oh, yeah. I'm ready," Jark answered and smiled. Jark moved his hand to Brink's erect penis and began to touch it.

Brink hit a button on the computer, and immediately the collector began to moto-massage Jark's huge cock. Jark moaned with pleasure as the collector visibly contracted and expanded in slow ripples and waves, up and down his shaft.

"This should only take a second," Brink smiled. Jark continued touching, moving his fingertips over Brink's thick trunk.

Jark was obviously enjoying the moto-massage. He stood there for a minute with his eyes closed. His muscles bulged all over his body. The skin on his abs was extremely tight. He was one awesome looking Testone.

Then, Jark opened his eyes. The machine continued to silently work on his cock. "Tell you what Brink," Jark said. "I'll give you my semen signature, if you give me yours." He grinned a wide smile at Brink.

"Oh, no, sir," Brink answered. We are on a pretty tight schedule. I really don't have time. They put us through some very rigorous training to resist any ejaculation. It's company policy," Brink insisted. He smiled a confident smile.

Jark loved a challenge.

"Hmmm. Too bad," Jark said as he moved his hand up Brink's penis. Precum was oozing out of Brink's mushroom-like penis head as Jark's forefinger slowly moved it's way up the thick, hard ridge on the outside of his dick. Jark stopped his fingertip as it met the downward streaming precum. Brink froze as Jark began to swirl and stir the precum into his penis skin. Then Jark moved his big hand down and began to tickle and fondle Brink's over developed testicles. He tugged gently on the scrotum, and tickled it with his fingertips, gently wrapping his hand around Brink's moist, warm, hairless balls. Brink froze in pleasure.

"This should be over very shortly, sir," Brink finally said, trying to divert attention back to the collector.

"I'm not cumming until you do," Jark whispered as he moved his face close to Brink's. Jark inserted his tongue into Brink's mouth and began to explore. Brink almost swooned. Jark was incredibly HOT! Jark moved his hands onto Brink's upper body and began to feel. Brink's penis expanded slightly as Jark felt him out.

After a few seconds, Jark removed Brink's computer from his hand and set it on the large package. The massager was still at work on Jark's tall rod. Jark grabbed Brink's hands and moved them upward. Brink's hands ended up on Jark's incredibly thick chest. Brink fingered Jark's enormous nipples. Jark began to dance his pec muscles for Brink's shaking hands. Brink moaned. He moved his hands over Jark's massive chest and closed his eyes.

"You are the HOTTEST man I have ever seen," Brink whispered. Jark smiled as he moved his hand onto Brink's throbbing shaft. Jark pushed down. Brink's dick stiffened in response. Jark's triceps bulged as he applied more pressure. Brink moaned. His penis head swelled as his semen rose to the top of his dick, poised to shoot any second. Jark moved his face to Brink's face once again and began mouth-fucking Brink with his tongue again. He flexed his pecs more, as Brink enjoyed his muscles. Jark groaned as he pressed hard, once again, on Brink's steel shaft.

Brink began to shoot. His milky substance burst up out of his cock like a geyser. The two mega-men continued kissing for a few minutes while Brink shot. Then, true to his word, Jark let go and began to pump his semen into the collector. He winced, and let out a low moan as he filled the bag. They continued to moan and kiss. Jizz began to bubble the top of the collector, ballooning it bigger and bigger. Within seconds, Jark's semen began to ooze out the bottom of the collector, getting the bottom of his cock wet, and drenching his hairless balls.

The two men embraced, wrapping their giant arms around each other.

Then, the delivery computer began a soft buzzing sound.

"I guess we have an adequate semen sample," Brink said as they separated. Brink gathered up his computer and the collector. He picked up his torn uniform.

"I get off in about an hour," Brink said. "Would you be interested in jacking off with me tonight," he propositioned.

"I'm sorry, Brink," Jark answered. "I have a guest. But perhaps tomorrow evening."

"That would be great. How about the eighth hour," Brink grinned. He turned to leave, and said "Thank you for using You Pee-Ess." He walked back to his transport vehicle and drove off.

Jark picked up the large package. It looked heavy. His muscles tightened as he lifted it. He moved it inside the door and set it aside. We made our way back to the family room. "Damn, those You Pee-Ess guys are so fuckin' HOT!" he said as we walked.

We arrived back in the empty family room. "I guess Dad and Steed have already gone to bed," Jark said. "You tired?" he asked.

"A little," I answered.

"Yeah. Dad said you get to sleep in my room," Jark said. "I hope you don't snore."

My heart raced as I realized what he meant. We were going to share his room! Jark took my ass in his massive, warm hand and led me out of the family room toward his bedroom. We entered his large suite. A big, lone bed sat in the middle of the room, flanked by drapes and rugs. Other beautiful furniture filled the spacious room. A ceiling of mirrors topped the suite.

It was going to be a great night. •

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