Rick's Visit

By T.W. Vogel

I had not seen Rick in about three or four years. The last time I saw him he was a cute, slim, sexy young gay man, and was getting ready to move to LA..

I was at home on a Saturday night when the phone rang: "Hello." "Is Tim there? This is Rick." "Yea. I'm Tim. Is this Rick who moved to LA. ?" "You remember me." "Of course I do. How are you. Did you move back?" "No I still live in West Hollywood. I'm just here visiting. As a matter of fact I was hoping we could get together tonight and party ... maybe even more." "Sure thing, I'm bored crazy." "Cool ... I'll be over in about thirty minutes. You still draw those pictures of bodybuilders?" "Once and a while ... not too much any more." "Weeeeeelllllll...... I've got something that will inspirer you. " "What? Is it a video? You always seem to find the most erotic videos." "No ... It's not a video. You'll just have to wait until I get there." "Okay ... I'll wait see you when you get here." "I've got some party favors, do you have any?" "I think with what I've got we're pretty well set." "Then I'll head out and see you soon." "Okay. Bye." "Bye."

For the next thirty minutes I tried to keep myself busy around the house so I wouldn't go crazy. By the time the doorbell rang I was so anxious that I almost jumped out of my skin.. I went to the door expecting to find the tall slim hot young man that I had know a few years earlier. When I opened the door I was in for one of the biggest, (and I do mean biggest) supprizes of my life. Standing there was Rick, but not the Rick I once new. His body bulged with the most massive muscles I think I would ever see. He was wearing a white tee-shirt that stretched tightly over his huge pecs and biceps and 501's that fit him so snug that I could actually see the head of his big dick. His hair was almost shoulder length and almost a platinum blond. His eyes shown bright, like no other eyes I had seen before. He smiled as he saw the astonishment in my face. He was carrying a small metal ice chest and a black leather bag that I assumed contained toys.

"Oh, my god! What happened to you. Your huge." "I told you I had a supprize for you. May I come it?" "Sure." I stepped back and let him enter. Rick had always been a hot guy, but now he was incredible. He was six feet tall and I guess must have weighed about 200 and 210 pounds, about 50 pounds heavier that the last time I saw him.

Rick set his stuff down on the floor and turned towards me. "Don't I get a hug?" "Sure," I said, shaking off my the dumb fondness that had come over me. I closed the door and met him half way. He wrapped his long muscular arms around me and squeezed me tight. I placed my arms around him and felt my cock start to rise from the sensation of having his hard rippling muscles against me. Then he did something that I did not except, Rick placed his hand on the back of my head, gently grabbed my hair and pulled back so I was looking up at his beautiful face. Then said," Ever since I got like this I've been thinking of you.". Then he kissed me. Not just a friendly kiss, but a long, hot sensuous kiss that made my already hard cock throb and my heart pound so hard that I thought I was going to have a coronary right then and there. I wasn't the only one with a raging hardon, Rick's monster had also come to life and I felt it as he ground it against me. We continued to kiss while I ran my hands over Rick's muscular back and rock hard round ass. This was incredible, never in my life had I imagined that I would have a big muscled stud like Rick coming on to me like this.

After a few minutes he released me and took a step back. Smiling he looked down at the big hard cock that was causing the buttons on his 501's to strain. "Look what you've done. You're going to have to take care of this."

"Gladly.", I said as I placed my hand on the long mound that was starting to move down his leg. Rick's cock was not even hard yet and must have measured almost nine inches.

Rick grabbed my hand and pulled it away. "...But first we have some business to attend to. Let's get high. Then we'll do it all."

"Okay," I said," would you like a beer and maybe a shot of tequila or two?" "That sounds great." Rick said as he sat on the couch and moved the stuff to the floor next to him. "While you get that I'll roll us up a couple of fat joints of this killer greenbud I just got." I went to the kitchen and stood there for a minute leaning on the counter in disbelief. "This is too much," I said to myself. I got two beers out of the fridge and the bottle of tequila from the cabinet along with the shot glasses and the salt and returned to the living room. Rick was busy at his task of rolling up the weed.

"So how long have you been working out?", I asked as I set my load on the coffee table. "Not long," Rick replied as he licked the rolling paper in his hand, "not long at all." "Opps, I forgot the lime," I said as I headed back to the kitchen.

When I returned to the living room Rick had already sparked up the joint and was kicked back on the couch taking a long drag. I sat sown next to him and popped open the beers and handed him one. In turn he handed me the joint. We sat there and talked about old times, what I had been up to, what he had been doing in LA. All the while smoking the joints Rick had rolled and taking shots of tequila. After about an hour we were both pretty buzzed from all the libations we had taken in. Rick reached over and picked up the metal container he brought and set it on the table.

"You know a while ago when you asked me how long I had been working out," Rick said placing his hand on the container. "Yeah," I replied questionably. "Well ... I really haven't been working out." "What do you mean you haven't been working out. How else could you have gotten so big?" "I met this guy about who works at some sort of lab in LA. He's some kind of bio-engineer of something. We were in the Spike in West Hollywood talking about all the hot muscle studs that were in there. "You would look really hot with muscles like these guys.", He said. I told him I thought it would be cool being built like this huge bodybuilder that was standing across the bar from us and that I could never be able to get big. I had tried for years to put on weight but could not. "What if I told you I have something that would not only help put weight on you, but could make you grow into one of these mountains of muscle?". I was all fuckered up and said sure. Well, ... it was getting late. He asked if I would like to come over to his place and see what he had to offer. I told him okay and we left the bar and ended up at his house. He gave me this stuff and it worked. It fucking worked good." Rick said holding up his arm and flexing, causing his bicep to form a hard round peak. "Feel that." I placed my hand on the bulging mound of flesh and squeezed. "I'm solid as a rock without having to work out."

"That's amazing," I said. Rick opened up the metal container. Inside were three bottles that were encased in foam rubber to protect them. All that was visible were the wide caps. Slowly Rick pulled out of the containers. As he did I could see that the greenish liquid inside was faintly glowing. He set the bottle on the table then sat back on the couch. I stared closely and asked," This stuff really works?" "You bet your life it works ... just look at me," he said as he sat up a little and flexed his chest causing the round pectorals under his shirt to bounce up and down, "this stuff is the bomb." "How long does it take to before you see results?" I asked. "Not long ... would you like to see what happens when I drink some of the shit?" "Sure," I could hardly answer him because I was so nervous with anticipation.

Rick opened one of the bottles and poured himself a shot glass full, drank it, then repeated his actions. "FUCK... that shit tastes nasty. Here roll us another joint while I go to the can." , He said pushing the bag of weed and the papers towards me. I did as he had instructed. Soon Rick returned from the bathroom and took his place on the couch next to me. "Fire that thing up," he said, "it'll be a short wait until this stuff takes hold." I light the joint and passed it to Rick, who took the longest, deepest drag I think I had ever witnessed. We sat pretty much in silence passing the joint back and forth between us. There was a nervous tension in the room as we waited. Then after we had finished smoking the joint Rick stood up and walked around the room like a panther in a cage waiting for something to happen. "Is this it?", I asked. "Just about," Rick said stretching his arms up over his head. He had his back to me. "I'm starting to feel the first effects.". Rick turned towards me, "This is the first sign." He reached down and grabbed his cock. "My dick is always the first to grow." He was right. I could see the bulge is his pants getting bigger and bigger, straining the buttons of his fly until I thought they were going to pop. "Now the real show begins..." Rick said taking several deep breaths, "I can feel myself starting to grow."

Sure enough I could see Rick's body start to expand. His chest was becoming stretching his tee- shirt thinner and tighter across his pecs. His shoulders became wider and his arms filled his selves until they could take no more and began to rip. His worn Levi's were becoming increasingly tighter and soon began to make faint tearing noises. Larger and larger Rick's body grew. Soon His cloths could take no more and started to split at the seams. "I lose more clothes this way." , He said with a chuckle, "Have you got a large mirror near by?" "Turn around, there's one behind you in the dinning room." Rick turned and spotted himself in the mirror, while I viewed his widening back rippling with muscles. Rick reached up and torn the over loaded shirt from his body. "Shit ... look at me. I'm fuckin' huge." Again he was right. He had also stopped growing.

"WOW!", I exclaimed," That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen." How do you feel?" "Awesome ... wonder how much weight I've gained." "I've got a scale in the bath room. I'll go and get it." I rushed down the hall to the bathroom and grabbed the scale. When I returned I found that Rick had removed his shoes and was starting to reach for the buttons on his pants. "Here let me do that." I said, setting the scale at his feet. I placed my hands on reach side of the top button," I feel like a kid opening a giant Christmas present." I gave the pants a tug and they burst open. Not only the fly, but the entire crotch split all the way under his legs and up his ass. I helped pull the shredded denim down to his ankles and over his feet. Leaving him standing there in just his socks and a pair of Jockeys that were having a hard time restraining his massive man meat. His endowment was so big that the waist band of his underwear gabbed open away from his pelvis.

"Here step on the scale." I said moving back a bit. "Hope it goes up high enough." "I haven't gained that much yet," He said stepping on the scale. "At least I don't think I have."

We both looked down and watched as the numbers scrambled into position finally stopping on 253lbs.. "Looks like I've gained about 40lbs." He said with a smirk and raised one eyebrow, "What do think? Do I look like one of those muscle giants you use to draw?" "Almost ... but your pretty damn close," I said placing my hand on one of his hard round pecs. "Man ..."rubbing my hand over his chest," You feel absolutely pumped. I just want to lick you all over." "Go ahead ... "Rick said as he placed his hand on the back of my head. "I want you to spend all night worshipping ever bulge on my body ... especially this." He cupped his hand under the huge mound of flesh that was starting to come to life between his massive thighs. "My cock gets so big ... and I get so horny ... I really want you to get me off right now."

Rick was serious! His cock had expanded pass the limit of the briefs he was wearing and was causing them yield to the pressure put to them. I got down on my knees in front of the muscled stud and started to kiss massive bulge. Rick moaned with pleasure as I pulled his overloaded underwear down and freed the monster trapped inside. His cock was almost hard and was the biggest I had ever seen. I took the head of it in my mouth and began to suck. Soon his cock was full hard and stood straight out from his body.

"Man, you are really big," I said before returning to my duties. It must have been almost 12 inches long and nearly as think as my wrist. Rick placed his hand on the back of my head and tried to shove the monster down my throat, but it was too large and could not clear my back teeth.

"Damn," He complained," I really wanted you to deep throat me." I continued to stroke and lick his cock. "I guess I'll just have to settle for you beating me off." "Well, you could always fuck me," I offered, "but you might rip my asshole with that monster. You would have to let me go in the bathroom and prepare myself, and that could take some time." "If I wait that long my balls will explode," He said taking hold of his cock, "stand up and suck on my nipples while I beat off." I did as he requested, I stood up and worked back and forth between the two mountains of muscle while he beat his cock. It didn't take too long before Rick was shooting huge loads of hot cum all over me.

When he was finished we both got in the shower to clean ourselves off. While we were in there I took the opportunity to also beat my cock and relieve some of the pressure in my balls. After we got out of the shower I dried Rick off head to toe and he did the same for me. Naked we returned to the living room and sat talking about what we had just done.

"Hey, how about showing me some of your drawings. I always thought they were pretty cool." "Okay," I said as I got up and went to the closet. Meanwhile Rick rolled us another joint and poured two more shots of tequila. "You're going to get me really messed up," I said as I placed my portfolio on the table. "I don't have as much body mass as you do to soak up everything." "Your right," Rick agreed. So he picked up one shot and drank it then did the same to the next one. "I'm starting to feel really good." He lights the joint and smoked almost the whole thing by himself. He offered it to me, but I had enough for the time being. We went through the portfolio, looking at all the drawings I had done since Rick had moved to LA. "You've gotten really good at this," He said. "Look at this one ... this is totally cool." He held up a drawing I had done a couple of years earlier of this huge muscle stud that was so tall his head was almost to the ceiling. "Now that's one big mother fucker," Rick said admiring the piece of paper. "It would be really something to get that big." "Have you ever tried using that stuff that guy gave you to make yourself really huge?" "The biggest I've ever gotten is just over 270lbs.. I've always wanted to, but was afraid of the out come." "I don't blame you for that. I'd be afraid too. Curious, but afraid not knowing what the results would be." "Usually I just take enough to keep me a certain size, however once and a while I do things like tonight and I always end up returning to my normal size after a day or two. I'm sure the same would be true if I were to get super huge." "There is only one way to find out. But it's your decision" "I'm going to do it. That is if you don't mind me staying here for a few days while things wear off" "Not at all. Besides I can get out my drawing supplies and use you for a model. It's a once in a lifetime chance for me to draw one of my giant muscle studs from real life." "I'm going to do it," Rick said reaching for the metal box. He placed it on the table a removed one of the bottles, removed the cap and raised it to his lips. Before he took a drink he looked at me and said, "Whatever happens tonight is my responsibility. Just wanted to let you know that just encase something goes wrong." Then he opened his mouth and started drinking. Rick put the bottle down with still about a quarter of the stuff still there. "It's to late to turn back now."

It wasn't long before Rick's body started reacting the large dose he had downed. Just like before his cock was the first thing to show signs of growth, only this time it was getting really huge. After a couple of minutes it was hanging almost to his knees. "If this is any indication of things to come, I'm going to be huge." Then just as he finished that statement he started to change. First was his muscles. They grew bigger and bigger. Larger than any bodybuilder that ever was. His biceps looked like over inflated basket balls. His chest look as it was three feet wide. His legs were like the pilings on a peer, thick and strong. Within about ten minutes Rick must have gained about 150 pounds and was still getting bigger. Then when his muscles could grow no more on his six foot frame he started to grow taller. Inch by inch he rose above me. "Now this is what I call getting big." Taller and taller he grew .... 6'6" ...... 6'8" ...... passing the door frames ..... 6'10" ....... 7 feet tall and still growing. 7'2" ...... 7'4" .... now he was starting to slow down ...... 7'5" ....... 7'6" ...... 7'7"............. 7'8".................. stopping at 7'91/4" tall and weighing somewhere around 1 ton I guessed.

Rick stood there and gazed down at his new body and then at me. "I have fantasized about this for years, but never ever thought in my wildest dreams it would come true." I moved towards Rick totally drawn to his mammoth size. As I stood before him his huge pecs hung over my head, nipples pointing straight down at me. His tree trunk size arms stuck out from his body so far they looked as if he would never be able to touch his hands together. Abdominal muscles formed a bulging brick work from his pecs to his waist. Below that hung his monster cock, flaccid it hung at least 15 inches and was as thick as my arm. Massive legs supported his huge upper body.

"Look at me," Rick said in a booming voice. "I'm gigantic." "That you are," I said as I reached up and pinched one of his huge nipples. "I'm totally blown away." Rick raised his arms and flexed causing his biceps to form peaks as bigger than my head. "I'm so turned on right now I don't think I can stand it." Indeed he was, for the monster between his legs was slowly filling with blood and becoming larger by the minute. Rick reached down with both hands and picked me up as if I were a small child. Then held me up to his face and started kissing me passionately shoving his giant tongue into my mouth and down my throat. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on, our lips locked together. With my feet I could feel his cock was full hard now. I turned my head to look down and saw that it stood out from his hips about two feet and was as big around as a two liter bottle. "Put me down and let me massage your giant cock." I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large bottle of vegetable oil. Then I returned to the living room and poured it over Rick's elephant size dick. I massaged with all my might and soon he was shaking the whole house as quarts of hot man juices shot across the room.

Rick hung around for almost a week while he returned to his normal size. It was a week I know I will never forget. •

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