Dying Man's Wish, A

By toddmen8302

DISCLAIMER 1: This story is intended as an erotic frictional piece and holds all the elements of such. However, there is a lot of material that may be unpleasant to many readers. If you are sensitive to realistic, graphic material, or are offended by homosexual nature, or are under leagal age to view such material, it is advised you look elsewhere for your recreational pleasure. Also, seasoned readers, please forgive my extremely poor character descriptions and over all terible writing skill, as this is my first time at this.

DISCLAIMER 2: With my days becoming more numbered I realize that my dreams of muscle growth are now nothing more than a fantasy. It is for that reason that I now write this story based on my greatest wish. It is my hope, that those who are of the proper status that read this, take from this story one main thing. If you have what others dream of, use it to it's full potential. I don't mean just keep building, although that does apply. Find others not so fortunate. Find those that dream and desire the life you also desire and are fortunate enough to posses. Find the unfortunate and help them to realize their dream. You never know. You could be doing a lot more than just helping someone bulk up. You could be saving their life.

I knelt down beside my window in my bedroom, lit only now by the moonlight and a small lamp beside my bed. Hands folded I began to state futily, or so I thought, my last wish; sending it into the universe with all my hopes. At a mere 20 years of age I was a total wreck, and unfortunately, my days were starting to number. I probably had a good amount of time left. But when you know your end draws near, faster than normal, and you can feel death all around you you begin to wonder just exactly when your last moment will be. Aside from mental, emotional, and social problems there were still the physical ones to account for. My hands; the fingers bitten up and the nails over grown. Acne scars on my face and body from rosacia and constant picking. A stature of 5'8" which I feel makes me below average. Obesity; even though I was only 180# the stature counteracted. Hairy. Stretch marked. Hemeroids. Skin that was so sensitive it burned just from taking a hot shower. The cause of all of this? Diabetis. Nothing would heal because of it. The worst part about it though was that people could only look, point, and blame me for it. As a type 2 diabetic I had to inject myself with insulin. But I hated needles with a passion. I'd rather run myself through then give myself the shots. After I was first diagnosed I tried to be good about it and take the shots but it all fell apart. So now with no insulin and most of my intake being sugar and a major case of depression, to say the least, I found myself simply waiting for the days to pass until that last day.

I began stating my wish. My voice low and sensitive; mustering all I had into stating the words as if my wish could actually come true, no matter how much I felt reality was against it. "Please. If there is anyone in heaven who can grant my wish; please do so! Save me from this horrid fate. Give me my new body that I've always wanted so I can turn my life around. I don't want to die like this." In an instant I could feel what seemed like my body slipping away and then I was somewhere else. Everything was dark and shadowy, too dark to make anything in particular out. Though I could tell there where objects around me. Oddly enough, I could still make myself out perfectly as if there was a light on me and I could see that I was now naked. The next thing I knew, a pillar of light rose up around me. As the light faded, I could see an extremely muscular man standing in front of me. He must have been atleast 6'4" at 400# He was blonde haired and blue eyed. His face was too beautiful to describe. My first instinct was to lower my head and not look upon his beauty, almost as if doing so would be a sin. He spoke to me in a deep soothing voice. "Do not look away. It is alright to gaze upon me." His tone was reasuring, but I still stayed bowed. "What's going on? Where are we? Who are you?" I asked all of the usual questions. "You are in the astral realm, the only place we could meet between both worlds. I am the archangel Michaelangelo. "I have come to grant your wish because your suffering is so great."

My head was still bowed and I didn't say anything. He came up to me and wrapped his huge arms around me. The feel of his huge hard muscles against my flab felt wonderful. Gently lifting me up onto my feet like a child. Once on my feet, I could feel a warmth fill me and spread throughout my body. Then my body tensed; though not unpleasantly. It felt as if my entire body was in a blood pressure monitor. My body began to transform, and my wish granted. The hair on my body fell away and the blemishes disappeared as I grew taller until I was six foot. The muscle that formed on my body must have put me at 350#, making me look like a slightly smaller version of one of him. When the transformation was complete, he spoke again. "This is how you should be, for you cannot be as great as I. But for the purpose of this task, you will be granted the extra stature." Instantly I grew again, gaining the 4 inches that put me at eye level with him. Then Michaelangelo continued. "It is also your greatest desire that you should give yourself away. This favor you will also be granted." "Wait." I interrupted. "Isn't that sort of...against the rules?" "Normally, yes. But your circumstance is exceptional. So it is allowed." With that, he wrapped his arms around me again and then all I knew was him. The lean in of his kiss. His tongue as it slowly played with mine. His scent was gentle, but pure man. His skin was as soft as the clouds of heaven, yet textured. My eyes were half closed as I reveled inside at the pure ecstasy overload. I would have been overjoyed just to be able to hold a man like that. But to have him make love to me too? I didn't know how much I could handle and everything was an awesome dream. I had broken away from the kiss now to wander along his neck with my lips. It felt so good. So comforting; just to be held in his strong arms and be nuzzeled in his neck. I never imagined I'd be able to feel that.

Next I wandered down his body as I worshiped his pecs, nipples, abs, and then obviously his genitals. His balls were nice and large. His cock, 6 inches semihard and 4 inches around. I spent my time licking and sucking on his balls, tasting him as much as I could before I started on his cock. When I took his cock into my mouth I took all of it and it was wonderful. When he finally came, I took all of his generous load and was content just to stay that way forever. But now I had a need to fill with my cock erect and desire stiring in my loins. I slowly laid him down and moved up his body until my cock was at his mouth. I inserted it and he began to pleasure me. Everyhting was so simple, and yet so passionate. I never knew sex could be so slow and intense while being so incredibly simple. When I finally came, I was able to give as much as Michaelangelo, which was surprising, though not unpleasant. Then it was time for the second half. Michaelangelo slowly lowered me down his body and I could feel my ass spreading wider, opening up for him. His cock was still wet from my earlier servicing. An angelic ability no doubt. It felt so wonderful having him inside me. A simple pleasure I never could have known before with the hemeroids. We kissed as he slowly slippped in and out of me. I kissed his neck and pecs and sucked his nipples. When he came, it was as if he had yet to do so. Puling out of me, I slid back down to his groin. This time, however, my tongue went straight for his hole. A moment later it was my turn to enter him and my desire was just as great as before. More body tasting, kissing, and a final cumming inside the angel's ass. I laid myself down ontop of Michaelangelo's body and just relaxed. It's only moments like that that a person can say they're experiencing heaven on earth, angel or no.

After I regained myself Michelangelo and I stood back up. He looked and me and said, "It is time for me to go now. But when you awaken, all we be as it should. Rest my child, and awaken to the beauty of a new day." With that, he leaned in and began kissing my pecs, down my abs and found his way to my cock which he started sucking. With every action I could feel my body relax more and more unti I slipped away in to the realm of sleep with the feeling of his warm mouth around my cock. I awoke the next morning in my bed. My first thought was that everythig had been a dream that had only manifested to torture me. But as I began to become more conscious, I noticed a wet feeling and a limp cock on my abs. Then I noticed I had abs. Finally I realized that I was still naked. I got up and went over to the mirror. It wasn't a dream. I was back to 6 foot, but that was ok. I looked down and placed my hand on my cum splatterd abs; then rubbed it into my body. For the first time in a long time I could feel happiness. I smiled to myself, looked out the window to the bright sunny day, and said gently to myself, "Thank you Michaelangelo." •

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