Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

Steven continued to excel on the gridiron. Thanks to Steven, the football team was undefeated for 4 years. Steven loved football because it gave him an excuse to throw people around and not get in trouble for it!

Steven also wrestled (Super Heavyweight class of course-Back then, there was no upper weight limit for wrestlers.). He was also undefeated in 4 years and was the State Champion 4 years in row. Sometimes he would walk out and do his trademark pin right away. He would grab his opponents arms and pin them behind their back, grab them by the ankles, lift them over his head a swing them around a few times and pin them to the floor. It was a sight to behold a 250-300lb guy floating around almost 10' above the ring. If he didn't like the guy, he'd put a knee in his back as he held him on the floor. Sometimes his matches were over in less than 30 seconds. Other times, he would play with the other guy, letting him try a to make a move on Steven. It was literally futile! Steven would stand there with his arms crossed as his opponent tried to knock him off his feet. Steven would take it for a while then give the other wrestler a push he would go flying out of the ring and almost into the stands. No matter what he did during the match, Steven always ended the match with his trademark pin. One wrestler actually caught Steven off guard and knocked him off his feet. Big mistake! That wrestler never wrestled again or walked normally either.

Steven also did the Shot-Put one year. He set a record, which hasn't been broken to this day. After that, he gave it up. He didn't get to rough people up in the Shot-Put so it was kind of boring.

Being over 7' tall, the basketball coach thought Steven would be a good player. Steven went out for the team as a freshmen and played a few games, but kept fouling out. Since he really didn't like basketball, he dropped off the team after a few games (which the team one by big scores by the way).

One day, Steven was on the way home in a car with some friends. Right in front of them, a car swerved to avoid another car and rolled over completely ending up right side up. The car then began to smoke. Steven and his friends saw the whole thing. Steven jumped out of the car and ran to the accident. Several people were trying to open the doors but the were jammed. Steven said, "let me try" but the other people in the excitement ignored him. So Steven gently grabs several guys by the waists and lifts them aside. Steven grasps both the door handle and the door itself, knowing that if it's jammed, the door handle may come off. It's so jammed that the car begins to slide across the street but the door doesn't open. Steven lifts one leg and puts a size 30 sneaker against the car. He then pulls again. He applies steadily increasing pressure so door just rips off slowly and does not fly off. This does the trick and the door pops off completely in his hands. The driver still can't get out however. The steering wheel is bent and part of the dash is in the way. Steven grabs the wheel and bends it back out of the way. He pushes on the dash and it moves free of the driver. Steven then lifts the driver out of the car and carries him several feet away and lays him on the pavement. He then goes back to the passenger side. Those doors are stuck too from the car rolling over. He does the same with the other doors and got the passengers out. One of the victims comments, "Damn he's strong!" Just about then a fire truck pulls up. The Captain rushes to the car and sees all of the doors removed and the dash pulled back. He grabs his radio and tells dispatch to "Disregard the Rescue Squad. We don't need the Jaws of Life on this one!" Steven just stands there with a grin on his face!

Being over 7' tall, Steven frequently got asked the famous question "How's the weather up there?" Frequently he ignored this question or just gave them a withering glance. One scrawny kid at school started asking him the same question several times EVERY day. "How's the weather up there Stretch?" After a couple of weeks, Steven got really tired. Just ignoring the kid didn't seem to do any good nor did dirty looks. One day, the kid asked the same question. Steven unzipped his pants, whipped out his huge 16" penis right in the hall at school and gave the guy a squirt. He could have soaked him like he was using a fire hose, but he didn't do that. "It sunny up here, but I see it's raining down there" Steven replied. The kid never talked about the weather again to anybody!

Steven and Bobby decided to enter the Science Fair. Their exhibit was to be titled `Size Doesn't Matter' but the teacher made them change it to `Muscle Size doesn't Matter'. The premise was it the size of a muscle did not determine it's strength. Bobby and Steven would be the test subjects. Bobby could curl about 25 lbs with one arm. His scrawny bicep measured about 8". Using their theory, then Steven with his 60" biceps should be able to curl 197 lbs. because his bicep was 7.9 times the size of Bobby's.. In reality, Steven could one arm curl about 800 lbs.! Since it was difficult to move around an 800 lb. barbell, it was decided to stick with one of Steven's 500lbs barbell from home. Of course the flaw in their theory is that at 7'5", Steven's arm is much longer than Bobby's so the muscle is longer as well as wider.

They did have another exhibition too. Bobby would dead lift as heavy a weight as he could, about 75 lbs. Steven would then place his arms on a table with his palms up. He would then lift the same weight, using one finger. It should be noted that Steven's fingers were about 5" in diameter, not really much smaller than Bobby's arms! Steven thought it would have been neat if he could have done it with his little finger, but it wasn't strong enough. He had to use his index finger to lift 75 lbs.! Steven said, "We're going to have to start building the muscles on that pinky!"

The science fair was held downtown at the Convention Center. The fair opened at 10:00 AM and ran until 8:00 PM. Steven and Bobby arrived early and set up their exhibit. They then changed into their shorts. Steven wore a tight pair of posing trunks. People would wander by and they would give their 2 demos. Bobby did most of the explaining. Bobby would explain how his bicep was 8". Steven had a pointer and would point at Bobby's bicep. Then they would explain how Steven's bicep was 60". Bobby would then point at it with a pointer. Bobby would demonstrate how he could curl 25 lbs. and then Steven would demonstrate with the 500 lb. barbell. Steven set up a can that said "Feel a muscle for $.25". He had made about $10.00 before they made him take it down. Then he gave them away for free.

Steven & Bobby gave their demo for the judges and were awarded 1st place. Bobby got tired after a couple of hours. Then Steven would do the demo and Bobby did the talking and pointing. Most of the onlookers were more interested in seeing 600lb Steven with his 60" biceps do his demo than 110 lb. Bobby anyway. By the end of the night, Bobby was just exhausted. Steven had to carry him out of the hall along with the 500lb barbell.

Since they one 1st place in the city, they went to the state capital and won first place there too. Then they got to go to the National Science Fair in Washington. They repeated their demos, but didn't win first place. Some kid with a working Nuclear Reactor won.

Bobby & Steven did get to meet the President of the United States while there. The President came by to see the Science Fair. This was supposed to show his Administration's support for education. He stopped at Bobby & Steven's booth. They gave him their demo. He talked to Bobby & Steven for a few minutes. During the conversation, he asked Steven if he thought he could lift him up? Steven thought "DUH! How'd this guy ever get to the White House." Steven said, "Well, Mr. President, as you saw demonstrated a minute ago, I can lift a 500 lb. barbell with one hand, therefore I shouldn't have a problem with a 200 lb. president!" With that he grabbed the President under the arms (because he didn't want to rumple his suit) and lifted him high in the air. The Secret Service Agents started to move in, but the President waved them off. Steven then set the President on one bicep and supported him with his free arm. Then he flexed his bicep a few times and gave the President a ride like a bucking bronco. Since the President is always accompanied by news media, the picture in the paper the next day was of him sitting on Steven's arm. The headline read `President gets lift from High School Student at Science Fair'. As he lowered the President to the ground, Steven whispered in his ear "So now who's the most powerful man in the free world Mr. President?" The President laughed and said "You `da Man Steven, you `da Man!" As the President walked away with his entourage, one of the Secret Service Agents said, "Damn, that kid's strong!"

After the President left, Steven told Bobby that it was exciting to have the President of the United States riding on your bicep. He had even started to get an erection! Steven said "The President doesn't know how close he came to getting a 25" salute! I wonder if the Secret Service would have returned fire?"

Steven was lying on the floor of the living room watching TV. He was in a bad mood anyway. Most of the furniture was off limits to him anyway due to his tremendous weight. His father came in from work and noticed the overflowing trash can. It has always been one of Steven's chores to take out the trash. His father came into the living room and said "Steven the trash needs to be taken out". Steven replied "Not now, I'm watching TV!" Steven's father said, "Now!" Steven up looked at his father from the floor. He flexed his huge biceps, growled and slowly stood up. His father just stood there. Steven towered over him by almost 2'. He places grabs the front of his father's shirt and lifted him up to eye level with one hand. and positions him just inches from his own face. "What's wrong with this picture?" Steven asked. "Isn't it kind of presumptuous for a scrawny, puny, 160lb. runt like yourself trying to tell a 7'6" 625lb. giant of a man with 60" biceps what to do? Somebody who's bicep is literally bigger than your whole body? I don't think so, little man! I could crush you like a grape with just one of my big hands! I don't want to take out the trash any more, in fact, I think it would be big of you to take over all of my chores. What do you think about that, little man?" His father just hung there in mid air with his feet dangling. There was no way he could make Steven do anything. In fact, it would probably take half a dozen or more strong men to make Steven do something! Steven outweighed his father by 465 pounds. He was almost 4 times the size of 160 lb. Father. Then Mrs. Andrews came down the stairs. "Steven, put your father down and take out the trash." she said. "Yes Mom!" Steven said while setting Mr. Andrews down and made a beeline for the kitchen. As he grabbed the trash can, he shot his father a wicked grin!

Steven turned 16. He was somewhat amazed when he got his annual height measurement. He was only 7'7" tall. Most years, he grew 3 inches, but in the past year he had only grown 2". He really didn't want to go over 8 feet! He had continued to pack on the pounds however. He was now up to a massive 650 lbs. His biceps measured 65". His chest was a massive 138".

For a long time, Steven had problems with public accommodations. Doorways were of course about 1 foot too low and with his massive chest and shoulders, very narrow to him as well. It was almost like watching a ballet dancer to see him go through a door, ducking & twisting. He even had problems with things as simple as tables. Steven had massive 75" thighs. It sort of looked like his upper body was mounted on 2 tree trunks! It was hard to get his legs under a normal size table without lifting it off the floor. This somewhat curtailed going out to eat unless he was able to sit in the aisle. This was in the time before full handicap accessibility. Even though Steven was not handicapped, he certainly took advantage of the extra room provided for wheelchairs in restrooms. When out in public, even using the bathroom could be a challenge. Imagine you're standing at a urinal. In comes this huge 7'7" 650lb. man. He is so wide that he can't get his massive body between the privacy partitions of the urinal so he has to stand back about a foot. Fortunately, his cock is now 17" long so it's no problem standing way back from the urinal!. As he stands there, his cock is about at your shoulder level. He is so wide, he takes up the width of 2 urinals. Many a man zipped up quickly when the saw Steven coming. Or consider the poor guy in the next stall one-day when Steven needed to take a dump. Steven towers almost 2 feet over the top partition as he backs him self into the stall. He looks down at his neighbor and says "HI!" He backs into the stall. Then he twists and turns and somehow gets his massively broad shoulders into the narrow stall. After completing his business Steven tries to stand up but going up isn't as easy as coming down for some reason. Steven has a mild case of claustrophobia and when he gets trapped, his body tenses up, which causes his muscles to expand. The flimsy walls of the stall buckle under the pressure. Steven looks over the top of the now broken partition to his neighbor and says "Sorry". Being the good citizen he is he stacks the broken partitions against the wall. Now Steven's neighbor is sitting on the toilet with his newspaper with out any partition! Furniture also was a problem for Steven. Since he was growing rapidly, a chair that held 600 lbs. 6 months ago gave way to 625 lbs. a few months later. He had to be careful where he sat.

For his 16th birthday party, Steven and some friends and cousins went to a bowling alley. Of course they didn't have a size 32 shoe for Steven, but the rule was if they couldn't fit you, you could bowl in your socks. They offered 2 pairs of size 16 but Steven just laughed! Steven took off his shoes and left them on the floor behind the bench. Steven's big fingers wouldn't fit into the holes in the balls, but with his huge paws, he simply palmed the ball. They had to change lanes twice. Steven kept rolling the ball too hard and breaking the pin setting machine. The manager threatened that if happened again, they'd have to leave. Steven stood up slowly letting the manager drink in his massive size and said `Who's gonna make me?' Steven liked to do that to people. He would stand up in front of someone and their eyes would just keep going up and up and up and their mouth would usually fall open! Steven reached over to the ball rack and palmed a ball in each hand. He began squeezing and the balls crumbled like they were made of paper. Then he picked up 2 more balls, he put one in each arm, between his forearm and bicep. Of course Steven's 66" biceps dwarfed the bowling balls! He then flexed and crushed those balls into small pieces. The manager just shook his head. He walked away without a word. Steven wanted to keep crushing balls, but his friends and cousins talked him out of it.

A couple of older guys kept walking by where Steven was. They would make comments to themselves that Steven would overhear. Like "look at that guy, he should be in a cage at the zoo" or "hey look, King Kong escaped" or commenting on the size of the `Sasquatch' shoes sitting there. On their last trip, they didn't say anything but reached down and grabbed one of Steven's size 32 sneakers. One of Steven's friends saw them and hollered. They started running. Steven began running after them yelling `"Give me my shoe!" They got outside to the parking lot. They ran over to their car, which was by the sewer. They held Steven's shoe over the sewer and said "come any close and the shoe goes into the sewer". Steven said, "Do it and you'll be sorry!" They replied "You and what army?" Steven raised his arms, looked at his right arm, flexed his right bicep and then looked left and flexed his left bicep said "Me and my 2 friends here, Thunder and Lightening!" These were fairly big guys but they were no match for a 7'7" 650 lb. behemoth with 66" biceps! They jumped in the car and started the motor, shifted it into gear and hit the gas. However they weren't going anyplace. They checked to see if the car was in gear and hit the gas again. The engine revved, and the wheels spun, but the car still didn't move. They felt the back of the car going up and down. They looked in the rearview mirror and all they saw was a massive heaving and throbbing chest. Steven was holding the wheels of the car off the ground. Steven bellowed again, "Give me my shoe." While holding the car in the air with only one hand, Steven began banging on the trunk with the other. The lid buckled like a piece of cardboard. With that he put two arms under the car flipped the car over on its side. The 2 guys lay in a jumbled heap on against the driver's door. Steven's shoe fell out the window. He came around picked up his shoe and said, "That'll teach to to fuck with Thunder & Lightening!" and walked away. The 2 guys had some explaining to do when the police arrived and tried to figure out how their car got turned on it's side in a parking spot.

The summer Steven was 16, he decided to get a part-time job to earn some extra money. Mr. Andrews was always after him to "Put those muscles to work and get a job!" The football coach was able to get the local Molasses Factory to hire his kids to work on the loading dock during the summer and got Steven on. This place was built during the industrial revolution and just about everything was done by hand. Steven would work on the loading dock loading drums of molasses onto trucks. They usually had 2 men on the loading dock but during the summer they moved into the factory to cover for vacationing workers in there, so they hired high school or college students for the dock. Since these were just kids, they hired 3 to take the place of 2 men who normally worked on the Dock. The job was fairly simple, load the drums on a dolly and wheel them onto the truck. The drums were 55 gallon and weighed about 500 lbs. The workers would wrestle the drum onto the dolly and roll it down a ramp onto the truck and then load it. The boss came out to help the boys get started. He started to explain about how to use the dolly and to be careful because the drums were very heavy. He then wrestled the first drum onto the dolly and rolled it down the ramp and onto the truck. He then wrestled the drum off. He turned around and gasped when he saw Steven standing there with a drum on his shoulder. "Do we have to use the dolly?" said Steven "I guess not." said the boss.

Steven began carrying drums out onto the trucks and stacking them very rapidly. The other 2 guys used the dolly. Steven filled a trailer in about 1 hour. The 2 guys using the dolly took about 4 hours! It got warm on the dock so Steven took off his shirt. Pretty soon, the guys with the dolly were just slowing Steven down. He'd have to walk slowly behind them while they slowly wheeled the dolly. He talked the guys into letting him carry all the drums. They could sit in the truck with a drum on the dolly and read comics. If the boss came, they'd jump up and pretend like they just loaded a drum. Soon, there were no more drums to load. Steven was able to keep up al by himself. When there wasn't any drums to load, Steven would take a drum and use them like weights and get in a mini-workout. He could curl 1 drum with each arm! If Steven even got a little behind, he'd carry 2 drums at once, one on each shoulder. The boss said he'd never seen anything like that! Soon, the girls from the office (and a few guys too) began standing around to see Steven load drums. Whenever he knew he had an audience, he`d be sure and do 2 drums at a time. The girls used to bring him sodas and treats. He'd let them feel his biceps. He'd say, that he had a cramp. They'd help out by helping rub it. Steven and the girls favorite cramping spot was a groin cramp! Sometimes he got 3 or 4 a day! They'd ooh and ah over Steven.

One day, the boss called Steven into the office. He told Steven that "Steven was the best dock worker he'd ever had and damn strongest kid he'd ever seen and not to get mad and hurt him, but I'm going to have to let you go." The the office manager complained that his workers weren't getting their work done because they were too busy watching Steven. Steven offered to wear a baggy shirt, but the boss said that wouldn't help. He'd give Steven 2 weeks pay, but he couldn't work there anymore. Steven was somewhat hurt, but the drums were getting boring. On the plus side he added 1" inch to his biceps and 2" to his chest during the weeks he worked on the dock.

Oddly enough, when the office manager came out that night to drive home, his car was sitting on top of 4 molasses barrels, one under each wheel. Nobody knew how it got there! He had to call 2 tow trucks to get the car down.

Steven went down to the bank to cash his check from the molasses factory. As he approached the bank, a guy ran out of the bank with a stocking over his head. He jumped behind the wheel of a car that was sitting at the curb running. Just as Steven got up to the door, another guy came running out with a gun in his hand. He fired a shot into the air as he ran out the door. He wasn't looking where he was going and he ran right into Steven. He bounced off and dropped his moneybag. Steven reached down and grabbed put his massive hand over the man's hand and the gun. He grabbed the robber around the neck with his other hand and llifted the guy into the air and began squeezing his hand and arm. The robber's hand cracked as the bones broke. The robber screamed in pain. He let go of the gun. Steven threw him up against the wall of the bank about 20 feet away. He picked up the gun and put it between his hands and squeezed. When he got done, it was bent and misshapen, but not crushed like when Superman did it. Steven was disappointed.

Then the robber in the car saw what had happened to his partner and decided to make his getaway. He started to pull out of his parking spot. Steven applied a well-aimed kick to the rear of the car. This caused it to slide several feet in the opposite direction that the car was turning. This caused it careen out of control and run into a streetlight on the sidewalk. Steven ran around to the driver's door, and tried to open the door but it was locked. Steven broke the window with his fist, grabbed on the door and began pulling. The lock broke and the door opened. He pulled the driver out of the car and turned him upside down with one hand and began shaking him to see if he had a gun too. He ran over to the guy who had been thrown up against the wall and picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. The robber struggled a little and Steven gave him a squeeze with his bicep and said "Do you want some more broken bones?" The robber stopped struggling. A crowd of bank employees and by-standers began to gather. It was a sight to see one robber over his shoulder and the other being held upside down with one hand.


The crowd broke into a loud cheer. When the police arrived, they told Steven he shouldn't have tried to crush the gun. It could have gone off. Unlike Superman, bullets could hurt Steven Andrews. The bank had video cameras covering the outside of the bank as well as the inside so Steven's show was captured on videotape. It was shown on the local news and even made the national news one night. It was the last story on the CBS Evening News. As the story ended, Walter Cronkite said, "Damn, he's strong!¼And That's the way it is¼¼"

Steven celebrated his 17th Birthday. He really wanted a Car for his birthday. They went to the used car lot but Steven could not fit in any of the cars and safely drive at the same time! In fact, he'd never been able to take drivers ED. On his 17th Birthday, Steven was 7'8" tall and weighed a little over 700 lbs. His growth rate had slowed. He only grew 1" that year. He had added about another 50 lbs. of muscle to his already massive frame.

Usually when he rode in a car, he took up the whole back seat and just kind of scrunched down and got in the best he could. One time, he got stuck getting out of the back of a friend's car. He was starting to panic. Steven took a deep breath and expanded his chest and then contracted it. The metal of the car screeched as it was stretched. Steven was able to get out of the car, but he had bent the frame of the car and the door never closed properly again!

One day, Bobby called and said he had free tickets for the county fair. Steven really didn't want to go since he didn't have a lot of cash to spend. They wouldn't let him ride any of the rides due to his weight, but since it was free¼

They got to the fair. One of the first booths they came to was the `Ring the bell with the sledge hammer' booths. "This ought to be good" Steven said. As they approached the booth, they carneys caught sight of Steven. They quickly hung out a metal `CLOSED' sign. Steven walked up and said "I don't think so boys". He grabbed the sign in one hand and crumpled it like a piece of paper and threw it on the ground. It was $1.00 per try. Steven threw down a $10.00 bill and walked over to the sledge hammers. There were about 6 hammers of different weights, ranging from `WIMP' to `HE-MAN'. Of course Steven picked up the HE-MAN Hammer with one hand. It wasn't that heavy, about 75 lbs. He swings and twirls it around with one hand, almost like a drum majorette would a baton. Steven hits the plate and the ball flies up and rings the bell so loudly it's heard all over the fair. He does it again, and again. As fast as it came down, it went back up. He only paid for 10 tries but he keeps going. After about the 50th hit, the bell breaks off the pole. Steven walks over to collect his prizes. The guy says, "You broke my bell-no prizes!" Steven looked him in the eye and said, "Give me my prizes!" Steven still has the sledgehammer in his hand. He raises it up. They guy ducks. Steven grabs the big end in his other hand and starts applying pressure. Steven's muscles bulge. The sledgehammer handle begins to bend. Steven bends the sledgehammer into a circular shape. "Which prizes do you want, Sir?" the wide-eyed carney says. "Just a few for me and my friends" he says. They loaded up several boxes of prizes, mostly stuffed animals, but also a boom box, camera, watches, a vase for Mrs. Andrews, some XXL T-shirts. "I could use these for sweat rags." Steven said. And lots of stuffed animals. Of course since the booth was rigged, they seldom gave out prizes so they had some nice ones to draw the suckers in. Of course, Steven was no sucker!

They walked through the fairgrounds handing out the stuffed animals to little kids. Then they came to the Carnival SideShow. It was $5.00 to get in, but the sign said "Satisfaction Guaranteed or double your money back". Steven and his friend paid their $5.00 and went in. Some of the sideshows were free, but others you had to pay extra to get into. Steven really didn't think that was fair. One of the `Extra' shows was `The World's Strongest Man." Of course, Steven had to see this! They paid their extra $1.00 and entered the tent. There on stage was a fairly large guy, about 6'5" and 350 lbs. but most of it was in his stomach. Steven quickly sat down so as not to draw attention to himself. There were probably 15 other people in the tent. The `Worlds Strongest Man' started his show. He began by bending some iron bars. These were actually thinner than the sledgehammer bar Steven had just bent! Then he went over and very slowly lifted a bar over his head. 500 was painted on the bars. Steven jumped up, and ran up on the stage. He grabbed the strong man around the waist and lifted him up while he had the barbell over his head. Steven then said , "I'm not satisfied that this guy is the 'World's Strongest Man.' I want double my money back. The big guy stopped the show and a manager came out. Since Steven had lifted both the StrongMan AND his weight he was lifting, it kind of looked like Steven might be stronger. So the Manager gave Steven $12.00. Steven said, my friend here's not satisfied either and the manager handed him $12.00. Then Steven said, "I wonder if the other people in the audience are satisfied? Should I ask them?" "NO!" said the manager. "If you give me $50 I won't ask them." said Steven. "You win!" said the manager and handed Steven a $50. "Hey!" said Steven, "Now we've got enough money to come to the fair everyday!" The manager just glared. "I won't come back if you'll change the sign to "2nd world's strongest man". The manager just nodded. As he was leaving the stage, he grabbed the barbell labeled 500. He twirled it around like a baton And lifted it over his head and twirled it. "While you've got the paint out, you need to change that to 200" Steven said.

They left the tent and walked out. They watched as they changed the sign by spray painting the word 2nd on it. Around the other side of the tent was another tent with the sign "See the Worlds Largest Bicep" "Does it get any better than this?" Steve said. They paid their money and went in. There on the stage was the big guy from the `Worlds Strongest Man' tent flexing his bicep. The 2 tents were connected and he did one show in one tent and the other in the other tent. The big guy's bicep looked to be about 20-22 inches. Steven already knew that his 70" guns were the worlds' largest. The manager came out. It was obvious just looking at them that Steven's unflexed biceps were at more than 3 times the size of the big guy's. Steven looked over the crowd and counted. "For another $50 I won't flex these big guns on your stage". The manger sighed and handed over another $50.00

The next tent they went into was `The World's Tallest Man'. The guy was up on the stage just standing there. Steven jumped up on the stage. Steven stood next to the man. He came up to about Steven's mouth. Steven was 7'8" and this guy appeared to be about 7'. The crowd began to yell, "This is a gyp!" The manager came out and handed Steven a $50.

The next booth was the `Worlds Biggest Feet". A big fat guy was sitting on the stage wearing a large pair of shoes. Steven walked up on the stage and grabbed one of the guys shoes. The foot that came out of the shoe didn't appear to be nearly as big as the shoe was. Steven looked inside the shoe. "Size 20-I wore that size when I was 10 years old" said Steven. He then compared it to his Size 34 shoe. Steven's shoe was 4 or 5" longer than the man's shoe. The manager came out again. "Kid, I'm broke!" Steven said "OK, how about a free dinner?" "You got it!" says the manager.

They walked out to the rear of the sideshow. Back there were some of the more risqué tents. Like the "Woman with World's Largest Breasts" and the "Tattooed Lady" as well as a Peep Show. One of the tents was 'The World's Largest Pecker'. "This should REALLY be good!" Steven said. It was $5 to get in. Steven slapped a $5 on the counter. "There better not be any birds in there!" he said. "Oh no!" the carney said, "it's the real thing." Steven walked into a dimly lit room. Up on the stage was a guy with no shirt and was wearing some sort of nylon stocking. His package was clearly visible. It looked to be about 12" long. Steven went up to him. He was half-asleep. "Who do I see about a refund?" he asked. The guy jumped up. Nobody had ever asked that question. A different manager comes out from back. "What's the problem?" the manager asked. "That's not the worlds largest pecker and I want double my money back!" said Steven. The manager said, "well you're going to have to prove it." "OK" said Steven and began to unzip his jeans. "Not out here" the manager said, "We'll do it in back." "Who's going to be an impartial judge?" Steven asked. "I will!" a voice from the audience said. "I'm the judge of the tomato contest!" "OK. Let's go!' said Steven.

They all went backstage. The stage guy took off his nylon. Steven said, "how do you want this, soft or hard?" "Soft's ok with me said the stage guy. The tomato judge got out his 24" measuring tape. "13 inches." said the tomato judge. Just then the stage guy started an erection, "No make that 14", no make that 15", no make that 16!" said the tomato judge after it stabilized for a minute. Steven unzipped his pants and pulled out his 17 1/2" pecker. Everyone gasped. The tomato judge started to measure. "17 1/2" we have winner!" he said. "Not so fast" said Steven. You measured him hard." "That's not hard?" the stage guy said. `You ain't seen nothing yet" said Steven. Steven could give himself an erection on command, almost like flexing a bicep!

A couple of well placed strokes and it was off to the races! "18...19...20.¼21.¼22.¼23.¼24... " said the tomato guy. At that point Steven passed up the end 24" tomato guy's tape. Everyone stood around in amazement. "Here`s your $10" said the manager. "Well let's see" said Steven, I wonder how many unsatisfied customers there'd be out front if they saw this¼.I think $50 would get me to zip up!" "Ok. OK!" said the manager. "And change the sign too." said Steven.

The boys stopped by the dining hall on their way out for their free meal. Steven was really hungry since he hadn't spent anything on food. They went through 24 hamburgers, 12 hotdogs, 6 orders of fries, and 12 Cokes. Bobby ate 1 hamburger, 1 hotdog, 1 order of fries and drank 1 Coke. Steven ate the rest.

So Steven went home with a full tummy and a lot richer that day! The next day, there was a sign at the carnival gate that said "You cannot be over this height to enter." The top of the sign was 7' off the ground. At the side show, you could still see `The 2nd Tallest Man', 'The World's 2nd Largest Feet', `The Worlds 2nd Largest Bicep' and "'he World's 2nd Strongest Man'. The `Worlds 2nd Largest Pecker' was closed. The star of the show was humiliated and left the show!

Steven started his senior year that fall. Steven worked out all summer but some of the boys didn't hit the weight room until school began. One of Steven's fellow lifters fancied himself an amateur Harry Houdini. He took some magic classes over the summer. He brought his stuff to the weight room one night. He was going to try to duplicate Harry's famous stunt of hanging upside down and getting out of a straight jacket and while chained and handcuffed. He was going to try to hang from a hook in the weight room ceiling. He had them put the straight jacket, handcuffs and a car tow chain on. The question was how to get him hanging upside down from the ceiling. "No problem" said Steven. Steven grabbed the 200lb kid by the ankles and turned him upside down. Steven stood there holding him with one hand. Steven then reached up and attached him to the hook in the ceiling. The guy struggled there for about ½ hour and never did get out.

Finally Steven got tired of watching him struggle and took him down. Steven said, "let me try this". Well, the straight jacket fitted up to a 60" chest and wouldn't even fit over Steven's bicep. The handcuffs couldn't reach around Steven's massive 18" wrist. Steven said, "Hey does this mean I can't be arrested?" Somebody said "If the Cops tried to arrest Steven, finding handcuffs to fit would be the least of their problems!" So the only thing left from the trick was the chain. These appeared to be plenty long to at least go around Steven several times. They wrapped Steven in the chains, both his arms and his chest and locked it securely. Steven never planned on a Harry Houdini style escape. He was going to do the `Steven Escape'. Once the lock was secure, he took a deep breath and began to expand his chest. The chain grew tight and you could see the links beginning to strain. One more deep breath and a big pump of his massive pecs and several links gave away simultaneously and the chains flew off. Then Steven turned the attention to the chains binding his arms. He first flexed the right bicep. As it began to grow it too strained at the chain. One good pump and links started breaking. Steven did the same with the left one. As his bicep strained to its 70" peak, the chains just could not resist the force and broke like the others. Steven picked up the pieces of the chain and handled them to the Harry Houdini impersonator. "I'm sorry about your chain but I don't really think you'll be needing it anyway!" Steven said.

Soon it was time for Steven's 18th Birthday. Did Steven's brothers have a surprise for him!. They had found a car that they hoped could accommodate Steven's massive body. They bought an old New York City Yellow Taxi Cab and removed the front seat. Steven would drive from the back seat. They had a single door installed so that he had plenty of room to get in and out. There was room for one passenger in what had been the front seat next to Steven`s leg.

Steven was very pleased that he hadn't topped 8' yet. He only grew 2 inches from his 17th birthday to his 18th to 7'10". Shoe size was 36, chest measured 151" chiseled and cut ", biceps were 76, waist was 61" his neck was an even 50". His weight was a tremendous 753 lbs. Since the average US Male weighs about 170, Steven was not quite 5 times the weight of the average US Male. Most of his body parts were 3 times the size of a larger size normal person! Since the average cock is about 6" long, Steven was a well-proportioned 18" flaccid and 28" hard.. Mrs. Pierce continued to accommodate Steven when she made him pants. Every year or so he'd tell her to "bump it up an inch or 2." After about 6 months after his 18th birthday he was still in the same size shoe. His height was the same and his weight had stopped growing.

It sounds from the measurements that Steven was freakishly huge, which he was, but he was really well proportioned since he was 7'10" tall. If you saw him standing in front of a plain background, you would imagine him to be a big guy maybe around 6'3 and 300lbs. It's only when you have a point of reference like a normal size object or person that you would realize how huge Steven is.

Bobby called one day. He had gotten tickets for the Wrestling Matches at the Arena. Andre the Giant was going to be there. Steven said, "Why do you need to go see Andre the Giant? You know I'm way bigger than he is. You can see 'Steven the Giant' anytime for free!" But Bobby really wanted to go so Steven agreed. They got there early and waited outside the side door where the wrestlers went in. Soon a van pulled up and Andre the Giant got out of the back. Bobby called to him and he came over. He noticed Steven his massive chest and shoulders were way above the rest of the crowd. Andre looked up at Steven and asked "Are you standing on a box, Boss?" (Andre called everybody 'Boss') Andre was only about 7'4" tall about 500 lbs. Steven had a good 6" and 250lbs on him. Bobby answered, "He's not on a box Andre, he's bigger than you! Andre the Giant, meet Steven the Giant!" Andre told them to come out front of the crowd. He was really impressed with Steven. Andre said, "Finally, a man I can look up to!"

He invited them to come back stage. The other wrestlers were impressed with Steven too. Steven picked up a forklift that was sitting backstage to show off how strong he was and picked up 3 of the other wrestlers at once in a big bear hug. Andre was known for his enormous strength. He and Steven had an Arm Wrestling contest. Steven won easily.

They got some pictures taken with Andre. They even took some funny pictures of Steven holding Andre in his arms. Another picture has Andre holding Bobby, and Steven holding Andre. Another funny picture has Bobby standing between Andre and Steven looking up. Another funny one has Steven holding Andre over his head in a military press. Andre said he usually did that to other wrestlers. Nobody had been able to do it to him since he was about 14 years old! Andre invited them to sit ringside for the matches. Afterwards, Andre invited Steven & Bobby to go out to dinner at Denny's. They ordered the entire menu to be brought one dish at a time! Bobby ate the hamburger & fries, and Steven & Andre ate the rest.

All of the Andrews boys came home for Christmas. Thomas brought his fiancé Jennifer home to meet the family. They sat around the tree opening their presents. Mrs. Andrews always tried to gift the boys evenly. If one boy got a shirt, each one did. Of course Steven's was custom made by Mrs. Pierce. Ryan opened his shirt box. He pulled out a shirt that would only fit a big man, a really, really big man. Steven opened his box and there was a normal size shirt. "Uh-Oh!" said Mrs. Andrews, "I must have gotten the tags switched!"

Steven was sitting on the floor next to Ryan. "Oh no-You know the rule, if you get a gift of clothes you have to try it on!" Steven took off his shirt. He made a show of trying to see if his shirt would fit, looking at the size label and then trying it on. He held it up to one bicep. The shirt would barely cover 1/3 of the arm. He then put held it up to his chest. If he held it to one side, the shirt covered about ¼ of his the front of his chest. Then Ryan stood up and put on Steven`s shirt. The neck opening was 50" and the shirt fell completely to the floor around Ryan`s feet. He pulled it up again. The shirt hung down to his knees. Ryan said "There's room in here for somebody else, so Mark jumped up and got in the shirt. "There`s still room" Mark said, so Thomas jumped up. Now the shirt was pretty well filled out with 3 full size men in there! Steven just roared with laughter. Somebody got the camera. Steven knelt there with his little shirt covering about ¼ the front of his massive chest. The other 3 men looked hilarious. It almost looks like they were in a tent. Three head coming out of 1 neck hole. The title in the photo album would be 'Andrews men try on Christmas Shirts'.

Then Steven said, "Give me my shirt!" With that he grabbed all 3 brothers still in the shirt and threw them over his shoulder. "This must be one of those heavyweight shirts." he said. A voice from the shirt said "About a 500lb shirt I'd say! Thomas & Ryan were laying face down across Steven's massive shoulder and Ryan was on top of them. Steven's shoulders were so wide that 2 full grown men could lie on them side by side! He bounced them around a little on his shoulder, squeezed them with his bicep a little and set them back down gently. Jennifer said, "Damn he's strong!"

The day after Christmas, Steven was downstairs working out. The basement door opened and down came Jennifer. "Hi Jennifer!" Steven said. "Mind if I watch?" Jennifer said. "Be my guest." Steven replied. "That was really cool they way you picked up all 3 of your brothers at one time last night." Jennifer said. "Oh that was nothing." Steven said. "We'll have to make that a family tradition, at every get together. Big Steven shoulders his puny brothers."

Steven is sitting down doing one arm curls with a massive 1,000 lb barbell in each arm.. "How much does one of those weigh?" Jennifer asked. "That's an even 1,000 lbs." Steven replied. Jennifer stared at Steven`s huge, pumped and throbbing biceps and chest. "That's about the most weight you can get on a bar like that." Steven said. "I really dig big guys you know. My first boyfriend was a football player." Jennifer said. "Then what the hell are you doing with a runt like Thomas?" Steven asked. "Size isn't everything." Jennifer replied. "Yes it is!" said Steven, standing up and striking a double bicep pose.

"Would you like to touch?" Steven asked. "Sure!" Jennifer replied. Jennifer stepped up to Steven. She was about 5' tall and weighed about 90 lbs. She barely came up over Steven's abs. "I can't hardly reach it." Jennifer said. Steven kept on arm flexed, and reached with the other and scooped her up. Jennifer began rubbing both hands over Steven's massive 75" bicep. Then she turned her attention to his huge 150+" chest. Steven pumped it in and out for her. She pressed her face against the mountain of muscle. She said "Set me down a minute." Steven complied and she began removing her clothes. "Why don't you take yours off too" Jennifer said. Steven only had on a tight pair of shorts "They'll come off in due time." Steven said. Jennifer came back over to Steven. She began to climb him like a mountain climber would Pikes Peak. She scaled his massive thighs to get to his chest. "Welcome to Mount Muscle" Steven said when her head peaked over the top of his chest. When she got to the top, she gave began kissing him. She licked the glistening sweat off his chest. She had her legs around Steven's abdomen (or as much as her short legs would go). He was supporting her butt with his hand. "Why won't you take your shorts off?" Jennifer said. "I told you I really dig big guys and you look like you're big all over!" "Give me a minute." Steven said. Steven placed one massive hand over both of her breasts and squeezed gently.

With that his erection started. "The train's leaving the Station now!" Steven said. The shorts could contain 18" fairly well, but by the time Steven hit about 25", the shorts gave way with a rip. Steven had taken to wearing double jock straps for more control. They were still intact, but were stretched to their limits. "Holy Shit" said Jennifer. "What a pistol!" "Pleased to meet you `mam, Sheriff Steve at your Service. Fastest (and biggest) guns in the West-by the way `mam, that`s a double barrel shotgun, not a pistol!" Steven said. Steven picked up a small 100 lb. weight. He held it like anybody else would hold a 45 record. He twirled it on his finger. "This is from my first weight set." he said fondly. "I just don't have much use for just 100lbs anymore, but I can't bring my self to get rid of it. Look at this." With that he balanced the 100lb. weight his still expanding and throbbing cock. "Jennifer Smith!" said Steven, "COME ON DOWN!" Then Jennifer stepped off Mount Muscle and straddled Steven's cock. "Welcome to the Steven Spur." Steven said to Jennifer. "We hope you enjoy your ride today!" Her feet didn't even touch the floor. As Steven approached his full 28" erection, the double jock straps finally snapped and went flying across the room, and Steven's manhood came charging through like a locomotive. It was close to 10" in diameter! At the same when they looked to see where the jockstraps landed, the noticed a man standing at the door with 2 giant jock straps wrapped around his head. His face was totally concealed by the jocks. He pulled them from his face and threw them on the floor. "Uh Oh" said Steven and Jennifer simultaneously. It was Thomas! The only sound was the 100lb. weight crashing to the floor!

Thomas just turned around and went back up stair without a word. Steven and Jennifer quickly got dressed as quickly as Steven could get his shotgun back in the rack! Steven got up stairs as Thomas was going out the door with his suitcase. "We need to talk." Steven said. "Nothing happened, I was just showing her my muscles." Thomas yelled back "Do think you have to show every fucking person in this country your god damn muscles?" "Well, said Steven, "They'd probably enjoy it!" Thomas just glared at him and walked out the door. Steven followed him. "Don't even try to stop me!" said Thomas. Steven had never seen Thomas so mad before and it actually scared him a little (just a little it took a lot to scare Steven!).

Steven thought about picking him up and holding him so he could talk to him, but he didn't know if that might just make things worse. With Stevens's incredible size, he could certainly stop Thomas from leaving. Thomas got into his car and started the motor. Steven went around the front of the car. "Get out of my way" Thomas yelled. "We need to talk" Steven replied. Thomas began to ease the car down the driveway. Steven bent over and pushed the car back up the driveway. Lifting up the front end wouldn't do any good since it was a rear wheel drive car. Thomas began to accelerate. The rear wheels began to smoke. The car fishtailed in the driveway as Steven held on and Thomas accelerated. Thomas had the car floored but Steven held it in place. Actually as Steven pushed, the car began to move backwards all the time while Thomas accelerated forward. Steven thought about flipping it, but then Thomas would really be pissed if he wrecked his car!

Thomas got out the car. Steven repeated that "Nothing happened man." Thomas looked at Steven and said "If you don't get out of my way you fucking muscle bound goon, I will call the police and tell them I'm being held against my will, which is illegal. They will then throw your sorry ass in Jail. They have guns you know!" "So do I! " said Steven flexing his biceps". "They have guns that shoot bullets. You're not really Superman you know!" Thomas yelled. Yeah but I could crush their guns with my bare hands." Steven replied, his mind already relishing the thought about a fight with a bunch of burly cops. "You better tell them to send a whole squad over. I'm quite a handful you know!" Steven replied flexing his biceps. "Is your answer to everything to flex those GOD DAMN muscles?"

Thomas yelled. "I'm getting the hell out of here one way or the other!" Steven did give up at that point and decided to let him go. He knew he could do anything he wanted with Thomas. If he wanted to stop him from leaving, he easily could , and he easily could and keep him from calling the cops, but this time, it seemed better to let Thomas have his way. This was one of the very few times Steven didn't get his way. It was an unusual experience for him. He even was a gentleman and opened the car door for Thomas, but in the process ripped it from its hinges. Thomas drove off without another word with his drivers' side door in the back seat.

The next day, the doorbell rang. Mr. Andrews answered. Standing there were 4 British Gentlemen. "We from the Guinness Book of World's Records." they said. "I guess you want my son Steven" she replied. She called him up from the basement where he was working out. "We're here to validate your claim." they said. "Validate Away!" Steven replied, flexing his biceps.

They descended on him like a locust swam with measuring tapes and cameras. Steven stood in the living room while they measured. He flexed upon request for them. Soon they were done. They consulted their notes then addressed Steven. "Well according to our records, you are the New World's record holder in Chest -151", Biceps 76", Thighs-85", Calves-60", Neck-50", and Head-44." "Cool!" said Steven. "What about weightlifting records?" he asked. "If you can show us, we can certify it." they replied. "Let me get some weights." Steven replied.

Steven went down stairs and came up with his 2 1,000 lb. barbells, one in each hand. These are about the biggest weights I've got." said Steven. They examined them and then examined their records. Most of the records in the book are in the 500lb range so "if you do something with just one of these barbells, you'll be OK." they said. "I'll use them both" Steven said. He lifted both bars over his head, one in each hand so they gave him credit for a 2,000lb. press. He also squatted and dead lifted them to establish new worlds records in those classes.

Just as they were getting ready to leave, Steven asked, "Do you have a world record class for cocks? "Not an official one that goes in the book." they replied, "but we do keep unofficial records that are not published. Steven whipped it out and asked, "Hard or Soft?". "Just to keep things even, we measure them soft" the official replied. "Darn" said Steven. Unfortunately, while 18" is very, very large, there are some freaky people out there that are longer. So Steven didn't get that category. They said if they had a thickest category, he would probably win that one. But they would definitely place him in the hall of fame. They snapped some pictures for the hall.

They never were able really get a good idea how much strength he really had. He had pressed 2000 lbs. with so much ease that everyone thought he was capable of more. He could bench press 1 ½ tons (Steven loved to talk about weights in tons instead of pounds!) without straining. This was accomplished on his 2000lb weights at work with 4 extra 250lb guys riding the weights up & down. The problem was coming up with large enough weights and bars that could hold the weight that Steven could handle! The coach had special bars made that were 4 times the size of standard bars. Steven could easily handle bars of this size due to his incredibly large hands. However, even these bent under the strain of 2000+ lbs. Steven would use them one time and then roll them the other way to bend them back, or he could bend them back into shape by hand if needed.

Steven enjoyed the freedom of having a car. Now that his family was a 3-car family they frequently had to shuffle cars in the driveway. One day, Mr. Andrews needed to take Mrs. Andrews's car to the shop. Steven had blocked him in with the `Yellow Muscle Monster' as he called it (he loved to drive around with his 76" arm hanging out the window-although it tended to cut off air circulation). Mr. Andrews was in Mrs. Andrew`s Toyota and was bellowing out the window for Steven to "move that Yellow piece of shit!" Steven didn't like anybody calling his pride and joy a piece of Shit. He stormed out to the car, folded himself into it and tried to start it. In his hurry, he flooded it! Mr. Andrews was in a hurry and continued to bellow and honk. Steven got out of the car and told Mr. Andrews that the car "wouldn't start." Mr. Andrews said, "put those muscle bound bulging muscles to work and push it." Steven doesn't like the term muscle-bound! Steven decided to use his muscles, but in another way!

Steven walked to the back of the Toyota and lifted it off the ground like he`d done with lots of cars. Mr. Andrews yelled, "What did I tell you about lifting up cars? Put this car down, you'll hurt yourself!" Steven raised the car high enough so that he could begin to squat walk under the car. When he was able to get about to the center of the car he gave a tremendous growl and stood up. Much the same as what happened on the Carson show, as he put the full weight of the car on his legs, his shorts shredded. He lifted the car over his head. As he did that, his shirt shredded.

The thought of standing there with a car in his hands over his head caused Steven to have an erection. This was the realization of dream that Steven had for several years, to be able to lift a car over his head! His underwear tented to the straining point. The erection forced at the seams of his underwear and soon 28" of throbbing manpower bursts the seams of his already tight underwear. Now he was standing there in the driveway naked with a car held over his head. It was quite a sight to see. Every muscle on his body stretched to its maximum size and were pulsating and throbbing. He was using virtually every muscle in his body and probably a few he didn't know he had!

The car was now over his head with his father in it. Mr. Andrews had his head hanging out the window watching the ground get farther away. All this time the car is still running. There are hot fluids over Steven's head and moving parts! Steven then carries the Toyota with his father in it out to the street. Mr. Andrews decides to climb down from the car, which is about 10 feet in the air, given Steven's almost 8' of height and long arms. Steven growls in a deep voice `"Stay in the car and don't move around!" Even though Mr. Andrews only weighs about 160 his moving in the car could upset Steven's delicate balance. Mr. Andrews complies without question. He's never heard Steven sound like that before!

Steven gets out to the street, squats down and lowers the front end of the car to the ground, only scraping it a little. Steven then squat walks his way to the rear of the car and sets it down. Mr. Andrews puts the car in drive and drives off with a little 3rd finger salute out the window at Steven. As he drives away, he looks in the rearview mirror and sees Steven standing naked in the street with at 28" hard-on! This sight causes Mr. Andrews to lose control and the car careens into the bushes of the house down the block, narrowly missing a US Postal Service vehicle occupied by a very large man.

Steven stands in middle of the street, looks down at his totally nude, pumped up body and says, "Damn you're strong!" •

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