Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

Frequently reporters would show up at school an home to interview the 6'8" 375lb., 12 year old, 6th grader. They would ask the usual questions about height, weight and shoe size. Steven would accommodate them with some pictures of him lifting some people or heavy objects over his head like desks and other furniture often with 1 hand. He would have loved to show them how he could lift a car, but he didn't want to get in trouble at home. Steven liked to lift people in particular but most people only weighing less than 200 lbs. did not present a challenge, but it gave him a real feeling of power. It really gave him a feeling of power to lift somebody up with one hand! The interviews got to be kind of repetitious.

Somehow, somebody from the Tonight Show saw one of the newspaper articles about Steven. They called and offered to fly the family to California to be on the show. Mr. Andrews didn't want to go, but Steven really wanted to go. There would be a cash payment of several hundred dollars for appearing too. After hearing that, Mr. Andrews started packing. Since Andrew was the star and in consideration of his size, the show bought him a first class ticket and the rest of the family coach seats. On the airplane, Mr. Andrews tried to take the seat in First Class. Steven lifted him out of his seat with one hand and said "Off to coach with you little man." Steven didn't really have any nice clothes to wear. The show offered to have Johnny Carson's tailor whip up a custom suit for Steven if they would give them Steven's measurements..

At the appointed time in the show, he walked out on the stage. Since he had a suit on, and was standing in front of the curtain, you really couldn't tell how big he was until he got over by Johnny and Ed. Steven dwarfed the hefty Ed McMahon! Johnny asked the same questions about age, height, shoe size etc. Steven had to do an on the air compare his size 24 shoes with Johnny's puny size 9 and Ed's size 12's. Johnny then asked if they could see Steven's muscles. Steven was kind of shocked since he was wearing a nice new suit. He stood up and took off his coat. Johnny said that they couldn't really see too well, could he take off his shirt too. Steven wasn't wearing an undershirt but he complied. Who argues with Mr. Carson! He took off his shirt and gave the audience a look at his 44" biceps and 95" chest. All Johnny could do was give a low whistle. Then Steven flexed one arm. Johnny reached up and touched it. He told Ed to feel it too. It was like touching a boulder! He then did a double bicep pose and flexed his massive chest. Johnny didn't believe that Steven's biceps were really 44". He had a staff member get a tape measure form wardrobe. Sure enough, they weren't 44", they were 45" now! Johnny commented that a family of 4 could eat for a week off of one of Steven's arms!

Then Johnny asked Steven to show them how strong he was. With his shirt still off, he reached down and picked up the couch that Ed McMahon was sitting on. Considering the weight of the couch and Ed McMahon, it was about 325-350lbs. Steven then lifted the whole thing over his head with one hand. The crowd roared. Ed said "you can put me down anytime SIR". Steven then gently nudged Johnny into his swivel chair behind the desk, still keeping Ed overhead and squatted and picked up the chair that Johnny was in with one hand too. As he came up with the weight, he heard a sickening rip. His massive thigh muscles had ripped out the pants! Johnny Carson's tailor hadn't left extra room like Mrs. Pierce did. However as they say, `the show must go on.' He stood there on nationwide TV with shredded pants and no shirt. His "Pierce of the Looms' as he liked to call the custom made underwear by Mrs. Pierce were showing not leaving a whole lot to the imagination. His massive package was clearly visible to the audience! The camera focused on mostly his upper body, but the studio audience got quite a show. He then proceeded to lift them up and down repeatedly. Doc Severinsen had the band play a the Gillette Shaver song which frequently accompanies strippers! Steven lifted them up and down in rhythm to the music. Steven brought Johnny down to eye level and said "Seen enough Mr. Carson?" For the first time in his long career, Johnny Carson was speechless! Johnny mumbled out something like "Damn, he strong!" They quickly went to commercial. After they were into the commercial, Johnny said "Steven, you didn't have to show us ALL of your muscles!" Steven didn't mind. He was really proud of his physique! Since he had shredded his pants, he didn't have to sit on the couch for the other guests. His parents made a quick trip back to the hotel in an NBC Limo to get a spare pair of pants.

After the show, Steven wanted to make a side trip to Muscle Beach but Mr. Andrews nixed that.

A few weeks after the trip, a box arrived from Johnny Carson's tailor with a new suit. Steven tried it on and noticed that they had noticeably enlarged the thighs and the crotch. Unfortunately, by the time another event came for Steven to wear the suit, he had outgrown it.

Soon Steven celebrated his 13th Birthday. The big question on everybody's mind that night was whether or not Steven had passed the 7' mark yet. Unfortunately he was only 6'11". Kind of disappointing, but he was only 13 and still had some growing to do. Everybody kept saying he would grow into his feet, which were now size 26. Oddly enough, his feet kept growing too and he never seemed to catch them. Steven made the comment, "Hey I'm a teenager now, I wonder when I'll get my growth spurt?" Everyone groaned.

Steven had also kept up the chart that Thomas had started for him. His current stats in addition to his 6'11 height, weight was 453 lbs, neck 40", chest 101", waist 54" and biceps 49 1/2", thighs 60". It was a running joke that Steven's arms were bigger than most men's chests! It actually seemed that most of Steven was basically twice the size of a normal person. A normal size person might have a 16" or 17" neck and Steven was 34". A normal size person's chest would be about 42", Steven's was 101". A person with very large biceps might be 20" and Steven was 49 1/2".

One day during the year, Mrs. Andrews received a call from a friend of hers who was a nurse at the hospital. There was a little 12 year old boy named Timmy who was dying. Timmy loved body builders and weight lifters. He had a bulletin board with pictures. One of those pictures was from a newspaper article about Steven. She thought maybe Steven could pay the kid a visit. Steven was happy to oblige. He gathered up a few souvenirs to take along, like one of his XXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Shirts and a pair of outgrown size 25 shoes.

He got to the hospital and went up to the room. Timmy was lying there hooked to some machines. His parents were in the room. Timmy's eyes brightened when he saw the hulking man in his door. Steven of course had to duck down to get in the door. Timmy was very happy to meet Steven in person. Steven sat down next to the bed. Timmy had been sick for a long time and was very frail. Steven couldn't believe that he was just one year older than Timmy! Steven flexed his biceps for Timmy and let him feel his 50" monsters. Steven took his shirt off and showed Timmy his other muscles. Timmy was very impressed. By now crowds of nurses and other patients had begun to gather. He cracked some walnuts with his biceps, always a crowd pleaser. Steven had brought along some steel bars, like the kind used to reinforce concrete. He bent these into shapes like a clown would make animals out of balloons. He gave Timmy the shirt and shoes. He told Timmy that he could use the shoes for a doorstop or paperweight! Timmy didn't put the shirt on as much as he crawled up in it. It really became a wrap around blanket for his bed. Since the room was very small, there wasn't a lot that Steven could do. He did lift the empty hospital bed next to Timmy's. He crushed a full can of soda with his hand. Timmy greatly enjoyed this strength show. Steven told Timmy some stories. He told him about the Tonight Show (which Timmy had gotten to watch!) and his adventures with the football players and beating his brothers at Arm Wrestling when he was 4 years old. As he got ready to leave, he noticed that Timmy's room overlooked the parking lot and that Timmy could see the lot from his bed. He told Timmy to watch him as he went to the parking lot. When he got out there, he looked up and saw Timmy in the window. He found 2 cars parked trunk to trunk. Steven was going to try something he had never done before and since the back end of car is the lightest, he wanted to be sure it would work. He then lifted one car into the air. Then he held that car with one hand and picked up the other car with one hand. It was an amazing site to see, 2 cars held in the air at one time by one man! Then he began moving other cars on the lot. He would pick up one end of the car and swing it around, then do the other end. By doing this, he moved several cars out into the aisle and moved them at odd angles. Eventually he arranged them so they spelled out TIM. Timmy really enjoyed seeing this. One can only wonder what the car owner's thought when they came out that night!

Steven continued to visit Tommy several times per week for the next couple of months. One time, Steven snuck a barbell with 500 lbs. of weights on it into the room and gave Timmy a real weightlifting show! Timmy would always want to know if Steven's Biceps had grown any! Steven would say he' wasn't sure and let Timmy measure them each time. Several times there was a ¼ inch growth from visit to visit.

The day after one of Steven's visits, the call came. Timmy had passed away. He was tucked into Steven's shirt and died very peacefully. Steven was a pallbearer at the funeral. There were 3 on one side of the casket and just Steven on the other side. Steven broke down and sobbed during the funeral. He had really become attached to Timmy. Timmy was buried in Steven's shirt. He had a shirt and tie on, but Steven's Shirt was over that like a gown.

Since Steven would be starting high school in a year, the high school football coach paid the Andrew's a visit. He had never met Steven in person and was very impressed by his size. He had never met anybody quite as big in all his year's of coaching. He invited Steven to come up to the school and use the weight room anytime he wanted. He also suggested that Steven could practice with the high school teams. He couldn't play in a game since he wasn't in school but he would be far ahead by the time enrolled in a year.

The next day Steven showed up at the high school after 7th grade let out. The coach took him around for a tour. When the entered the weight room, Steven's eyes lit up! He had never seen such beautiful equipment! Much better than the raggedy stuff he had at home in the basement! There were lots of guys working out but nobody was anywhere near as big as Steven. The coach took him to the locker room and assigned him a locker. Steven changed into an old T-shirt and shorts.

Steven went back to the weight room. The coach was straightening up some of the weights. One of the bigger lifters had left a barbell on the floor. This was a continuing problem. They liked to leave heavy weights lying around and then laugh when it took several people to put it away. The coach explained that one of his rules was that all weights were supposed to be re-racked when you were done. Steven bent over and picked up the bar with one hand. "Where does this one go coach?" Steven asked. The coach gasped! Steven was holding a 400lb barbell with one hand. The coach said "Can you lift that over your head?" Steven shrugged and hoisted the bar over his head with one hand. He did it several times. "How much weight is on here Coach?" Steven asked. "400 pounds!" yelled the coach. These were heavy-duty weights that were much smaller and more dense than the cheap ones Steven had at home.

"Just how strong are you?" asked the coach. "I wish I knew!" said Steven. I've got 1000 lbs. of weight at home, but I can't get more than 500 lbs. on the bar at one time. I've lifted the front end and back end of cars before, but I don't know how much they weigh." "Lay down here on the bench press" the coach said. He set the machine for 500 lbs. Steven easily benched that weight several times. The coach then set the machine for 600. Again no strain on Steven.. 700 benched easily.. 750 was the highest that the machine went. Again Steven did raised the bar easily. The coach had one of his biggest lifters climb onto the weights. This would make the weight over 1000 lbs. Steven struggled but eventually got did several reps of over 1000 lbs. It was probably the heaviest weight he had ever lifted. His shirt strained under the bulges from his massive muscles. On about the 3rd rep, the shirt split open on both the chest and the arms. "Uh-oh" said Steven. "Mrs. Pierce isn't going to like what I did to her shirt." By now, everyone in the gym had stopped what they were doing and were watching Steven, his massive upper body now exposed by the shredded shirt. He did several more reps with the lineman on the weights, until the lineman complained that he was getting dizzy from riding the weights up and down. The lineman said "Damn, he's strong!"

The coach immediately started making calls. Even though they had the best-equipped weight room in the city, they were going to need some special equipment to accommodate Steven's incredible strength. They set up special heavy duty weight equipment in one corner with 2000 lbs. of weights, which was about the most the floor could support. Steven made a little sign for his area called `Steven's Muscle World' since he was the only one who could use it. The coach also made arrangements to get Steven some custom made weightlifting shoes and workout clothes that would fit. After shredding one of his handmade shirts. Steven began working out with no shirt. Some of the other guys considered this to be showing off, but Steven was really just trying to save his clothes.

When the weight room closed that evening, Steven and the other lifters hit the showers. Steven had never had to shower in a group setting before. In grade school, they didn't shower after PE. Steven stripped down and entered the shower. Several of the lifters noticed and were impressed by Steven's physique. Steven noticed their admiring glances and just grinned. He said "You can look but don't touch the merchandise!" He flexed one of his 50" guns for them. He was about as proud of his now 14" cock as he was the 50" biceps. He had a T-shirt custom made that said, "It's true what they say about men with big feet-ask me-I`ll show you", but his mother wouldn't allow him to wear it!

When Steven got to the shower, he noticed that the showerheads were all hung about 5' off the ground. Just about right for normal size people, but not for someone almost 7' tall. This would mean he wouldn't get water on the upper 2' of his body. He yelled 'Who installed these showerheads? Some midget?" There was somebody showering on either side of Steven. Steven looked down at his neighbors, grasped their showerheads and said, "Excuse me, I need to borrow these!" With that, he began bending the shower heads upward. His neighbors stared in disbelief at his huge 50" biceps flexed and throbbed right next to their heads! They slowly backed away. The pipes bent under the tremendous pressure Steven exerted on them. Soon he had a 3-head shower. 1 pointed up high, one mid level and the regular head. Now if he could figure a way to get the water from all 3 at the same temperature! One of his shower neighbors commented, "Damn, he's strong!"

The coach called him into the office after his shower. "Now Steven" he said, "please don't mutilate our equipment! If something's not right, let me know and I'll try to fix it to accommodate you. I've coached some pretty big guys before and I know what it's like for you to try to live in the normal size world." Steven apologized and said he wouldn't do it again. But he thought to himself "Coach, you have no idea!"

One of the lifters offered Steven a ride home. They got out to the parking lot to find his car blocked in by another car. "Oh great!" the lifter said. Steven said "No problem. Steven Andrews to the rescue!" Steven grabbed the back end of the offending car and lifted it up. He then swung it around so that the car was facing the other way. The car was still partially blocking the space. Steven lifted up the front end of the car and moved it out of the way. Needless to say everyone on the parking lot applauded! Steven took a bow. He said, "For all your really heavy lifting, call Steven at 555-1212 for 24 hour service!" Everyone broke up laughing. Somebody commented, `Damn, he's strong!"

Steven then began working out at the High School. His muscular development really increased with the use of the better, heavier weights at the high school. As he worked out with the other boys, he began to realize just how much bigger he really was. He always knew he was big and strong but he never had anything to really compare too. When the other guys were flexing for the mirrors, Steven loved to come up behind them and mimic what they were doing. The reflection really accentuated the size difference between Steven and any of the other kids. They'd be showing off a 16" bicep and Steven would stand behind them and flex his 50"+ bicep. His arm was over 3 times the size of their bicep! His bicep alone was bigger than their chest! His body would fill the whole mirror behind the other guy. Steven would smile and say "Please pardon my Gigantic Bicep" or "You've got a ways to go little fella" or "Hey, what's that little bump on your arm" and give it hard squeeze until they screamed in pain or "When that bump grows up, maybe it'll be like it's big brother that I've got!" Of course this caused some animosity in the weight room, but Steven enjoyed it.

Steven soon turned 14. Since it was very hard to weigh him now (he had to go to a butcher shop since the Dr's scale only went up to 500 lbs) he hadn't been weighed in while. One of the things Coach was able to obtain was an extra large capacity scale. The first customer was Steven. He tipped the scales at 523 pounds! The heavy weights he was able to use at the High School enabled him to pack on another 75lbs. of muscle in a year. He had passed up the 7' mark some months ago and was now 7'2". Now he was wondering if he would pass 8'!

Steven was seldom self-conscious about his enormous size around normal size people and in fact liked to show off around most people. He was kind of self-conscious around smaller guys however. If you were average size or larger, it never bothered Steven to show off in front of you or remind you how small you were compared to him, but if they guy was short and a light weight Steven always tried to spare their feelings. Even though he'd been big for several years, he still remembered how it felt to be little. He figured those little guys would probably kill just to have a few extra inches or pounds and here he was already about a foot taller and over 3 times weight of a regular guy.

It was time for Grade School Graduation. There was no cap and gown company anywhere that had a gown to fit his now 115" chest or his enormous head. So he graduated in a dress shirt made by Mrs. Pierce. They did a group graduation picture of the whole class. They lined everybody up on the bleachers with Steven in the center of the back row. Just when the photographer snapped his picture, Steven struck a double bicep pose! With so many kids in the picture, the photographer didn't notice until they got the prints back and it was too late to redo the picture! So there are all these kids in caps and gowns and in the back row, a giant towering over his classmates with bulging 54" biceps.

Steven's first day of high school went about the same as his first day of grade school. He had been going to the high school in the afternoon and knew a lot of the lifters, but not to many of the other kids since they come from many grade schools. The school had upper and lower lockers. Of course Steven was assigned a lower locker. Steven told the teacher I'm a really, really big guy and I need an upper locker!" The teacher told him to try to trade with someone. Steven was going to have to bend down to get into a upper locker, he really didn't want to have to go all the way to the floor for a lower locker. He asked around in the hall if somebody wanted to trade. Of course the upper lockers were desirable and nobody wanted to trade. So Steven said Eeny Meeny Miny Moe and picked a kid about 5`9 and 160 lbs.. He went up and stood next to the kid. The kid was looking down and didn't notice Steve come up but did see Stevens' size 28 shoes dwarfing his size 10's. He then looked up to see the 55" biceps bulging out of Steven's shirt, stared straight ahead into the lower part of Steven's 105" chest. "I need that locker, You can use this one" Steven said. The smaller boy moved his stuff to his new low locker without a word. Lockers were a continuing source of contention for Steven. When he stood at his locker, his neighbors were unable to get to theirs! Steven's huge body blocked the doors on both sides as well as the ones below. They could ask him to move, but if he didn't want to¼.

There was one other incident on the first day of school some upper classman was walking through the freshman hall making comments about the incoming class of freshman. He would label each kid as Freak, Wimp, Wuss, Fag etc. Some of these comments Steven agreed with, particularly how scrawny the incoming class was. Of course Steven though just about everybody was scrawny compared to him! This upperclassman wasn't on the football team due to an injury, but he could have been. He was about 6'3" tall and weighed a muscular 235 lbs. He came by where Steven was and labeled Steven a Muscle-Bound Freak and Wuss. Now Steven would have just laughed off Wuss and probably swallowed and taken Freak, but he hated to be called muscle- bound.

Steven grabbed the upperclassman by his 18" neck with one hand and lifted him about 2' off the floor. He carried him over to the lockers. He didn't press him into the locker, just left him hanging with his fingers is vise grip around his neck. A guy who's 135 lbs. may have been picked up by a 235 lb guy once or twice, but a guy who is 235 lbs. isn't used to being manhandled like that and with one hand at that! In addition to being unable to breathe, he was in shock! Steven said to him "When you call somebody muscle-bound, the key word to remember is MUSCLE!" With that, Steven flexed his free arm and held it real close to the upper classman's face. The upper classman couldn't see anything but a 56" mound of muscle. The fabric of Steven's Shirt was at the straining point. Fortunately, Mr. Pierce put lots of elastic in Steven's sleeves to allow for Bicep Expansion. At this point traffic in the hall and come to a complete stop and you could hear a pin drop. Steven made a massive fist and held it up to the guy's face, like he was taking aim. He then punched but at the last minute moved his arm and hit the locker. The door immediately buckled like it was made of Aluminum foil instead of steel! The door popped open and the contents spilled out. The 2 adjoining lockers were also severely dented, but their doors stayed intact. Steven then released his grip and the upperclassman and fell to the floor in a heap. Almost immediately, the football Coach was standing at his side. "My office right now Mr. Andrews!" he said "Yes Sir." replied Steven. As he was walking by, Steven said to the owner of the locker he had just demolished , "If you need help getting another locker, let me know!" The locker owner said under his breath "Damn he's strong!"

Steven had little trouble with most of his high-school classes. Steven was very smart (maybe it had something to do with having a huge head?). The only class he had problems with was biology. The teacher was a scrawny, little guy about 5'3" and barely 130lbs. Mr. Barker was also the Soccer Coach (Steven referred to Soccer as the `Sport of Runts'). Mr. Barker was always giving Steven a hard time in class, asking him difficult questions, criticizing him and poor grades on tests. Steven blamed his problems on Mr. Barker being jealous of his size. One day, early in the year, Mr. Barker was changing his bulletin board and was having problems reaching stuff at the top. Steven, just trying to be helpful, grabbed Mr. Barker around the waist and lifted him up. The other kids in the class laughed! This did not sit well with the teacher. He told Steven, "Put me down immediately, Mr. Andrews." He gave Steven detention. Steven was really just trying to be helpful. Ever since that day, Mr. Barker gave Steven an even harder time!

One night after working out in the weight room after school, Steven hit the showers. He heard water running. When he got into the showers, who's in there but Mr. Barker. Apparently he had gotten muddy at soccer practice and needed to shower before he went home. Steven almost turned around and left, but Mr. Barker saw him. Steven said cheerfully, "Good Evening Mr. Barker." Mr. Barker just glared at Steven. Unfortunately, Mr. Barker was using the shower right next to the 3 head shower that Steven had `constructed' for himself. Steven turned on his showers. He was really self -conscious standing next to Mr. Barker. Their size difference was staggering. Steven was almost 2' taller than Mr. Barker at 7'2" and almost 400 lbs. heavier at 525lbs. It appeared that Mr. Barker was not much bigger than one of Steven's legs!

Steven noticed that Mr. Barker had an erection. Steven said to him, "Do you like what you see?" He flexed one of his 54" biceps. Mr. Barker turned away. "You can touch it if you like." Steven said. Mr. Barker came over very timidly and reached up and put his hands on Steven's basketball size bicep. He then put his hands over the top and started to do pull-ups. He held on and Steven flexed his bicep. Mr. Barker went up and down. He then pulled himself up on Steven's arm and straddled it. He held on while Steven swung his arm around. Steven grabbed him and set him on his shoulder. "How's the view from way up there Mr. Barker?" Steven asked. Mr. Barker didn't say anything. Steven then grabbed him around the waist with one of his massive hands. He then proceeded to do all kinds of maneuvers with Mr.Barker. He held him over his head, upside down, sideways, twirled him around. By now Steven had started to become erect too. He was about 15" when soft and almost 22" when hard. Mr. Barker said, "Damn Steven, you`ve got be the biggest, strongest muscle-stud around! I don't think there's anybody else in the world as big as you!" Steven set him down gently. Mr. Barker said "I'll have to give you an `A+' in the manhood department Steven." Steven just grinned. "I bet I know how I can earn some extra credit!" Steven said. Mr. Barker said, "We better not go there since I'm your teacher and you're only 14! A very big 14, but still only 14!" Steven said "In reality, I could just about do anything I wanted with you and there wouldn't be anything you could do to stop me, you know. I am so fucking strong it's unbelievable!" Steven gave Mr. Barker a double bicep pose.

With that they finished their showers and went into the locker room. There were some pipes laying around from an ongoing plumbing project in the locker room. Steven said , "Hey Mr. Barker, look at this!" Steven grabbed one of the pipes and began bending it. Steven's biceps expanded to their maximum. He had to struggle but eventually the pipe bent. Mr. Barker said, "Damn, you're strong!"

After that day, Mr. Barker never gave Steven a difficult time in class again. For Steven's part, every time he passed Mr. Barker he would flex his bicep by tensing it up without actually bending his arm.

Of course Steven joined the football team. He was a natural! The coach got custom made helmets, shoes and uniforms as well as pads and jock straps for Steven. He would carry the ball down the field, swatting away opponents with his massive hands and arms. He could sack the quarterback at will. He would actually use the lineman to knock down the quarterback. He would send them flying into the quarterback and knock him down. Steven would play both offense and defense until the score was run up about 30-40 points. Then Steven would sit on the bench unless the game got close. One opponent compared taking a hit from Steven to getting hit with a telephone pole. Steven didn't even have to practice with the team. The coach let him spend his time in the weight room. The stronger Steven was, the better for the team! It paid just to get out of his way during a football game. On the first play of a game, three linemen teamed up and really, really tried to stop Steven. It didn't work of course and made him mad that they would gang up on him like that. During the next 3 plays, each of those linemen suffered injuries and was out for the rest of the season. After that, other players pretty much just tried to get out of his way. The quarterbacks would fall down rather than take a hit from Steven. When he was sitting on the bench, Steven loved to show off for the crowd. He would get 3 or 4 guys to sit on a bench. He would then lift the bench off the ground! Sometimes the weight was in excess of 1000 lbs. He would hoist them up on his shoulder and carry them around the sidelines. That really psyched out the opposing players!

Steven liked to show off in the weight room. He would see somebody struggling with a 200lb. barbell and he would come along and grab it with one hand and twirl it around like a baton and then hand it back. He also like to show off what he called "The Eclipse". If he saw somebody checking out their bicep, he'd ask them if they'd seen "The Eclipse". When they said no, he'd stick his arm next to their arm and flex his 54" bicep which would totally obscure the other person's bicep and most of the rest of the other person's body. This is what Steven referred to as "The Eclipse". His huge bicep would cast a large shadow on the other person!

Another of Steven's weight room hi-jinks involved lifting up the whole bench press machine with somebody on it! Steven had his own bench press machine that went up to 2,000 lbs., but the one that everybody else used had a maximum of 750 lbs. Somebody would be on the bench and Steven would come over and lift up the whole bench with the person on it. This would be well over 1,000 lbs. Of course this would aggravate the person on the bench at the time!

One night Steven walked into the shower. One of the little "100lb. He-Man wannabes" as Steven referred to some of the scrawnier guys who used the weight room said, "Look, here comes Elephant Man", referring to the massive appendage swinging between Steven's legs. Another one said, "No, I think it's a Fireman with his hose out!" He then proceeded to grab Steven's 15" `Fire Hose` with both hands and pretend like he was a fireman with a hose. Of course you should never touch another guys tool without permission! Especially if the other guy is 7'2" and 525lbs. like Steven. This caused Steven to become erect. The `He-Man Wannabe' then let go when he realized what was happening. He somehow got in front of Steven, between Steven and the wall of the shower. Steven's cock was at about upper chest level of the small boy due to their height differential. He got hit in the upper chest by Steven's expanding cock and got pushed up against the wall. Steven just stood there and laughed as the little guy hollered out in pain! When Steven got to 20" the little guy's feet actually came up off the floor as he slid up the wet wall. Finally Steven took a step backward, and the little guy fell to the floor in a heap. Steven reached down and picked him up with one hand by the neck and lifted him up to eye level. Steven said, "Don't ever do that again!" and dropped him on the floor in a heap.

Steven began hanging around the junkyard. He hungered for heavy weights to lift! The weights in the weight room just didn't seem heavy enough! He would move the junked cars around for the crew instead of them having to use their crane. He tried several times to hoist a small compact car over his head, but despite his mighty muscles he never could accomplish it. That became his goal! He would also exercise his muscles by bending scrap metal and iron that was lying around the yard. He would tear apart junked cars by hand.

Steven met a new best friend, shortly after school started. There were always a lot of new kids in the weight room right after school started. Most of them stopped coming after a few weeks. Many of these were really scrawny freshman. Steven used to call them the He- Man Wannabes! One of them was running into the toilet one night when Steven was coming out wearing nothing but his jock strap. The little guy (barely 5' tall and 95 lbs.-his head barely came up over Steven's waistline) ran into Steven's crotch while running full speed. He bounced off like a ball hitting a wall. His glasses broke and he was knocked unconscious. Steven picked up him and carried him to the coach's office. He told the coach he had run into the wall. He knew if he told what really happened, the kid would be called Crotch Breath for the rest of his school years! An ambulance was called and Bobby was taken to the hospital.

The next day, Steven went to visit Bobby in the hospital. He told him that he told everybody that he ran into the wall. They got to talk and found that they really did have a lot in common. They soon began hanging out together and eating lunch together. Bobby gave up on weightlifting but they did other things together. They would sometimes go to the movies. Steven would have Bobby wrap himself up in Steven's coat. Steven would carry his coat in over his arm with Bobby inside. When they got inside, they'd go into the bathroom and Steven would unwrap Bobby. Steven said this made up for when he had to pay full price when he was less than 12 years old. Interestingly enough, Bobby never got teased about anything by anybody the 4 years he was in high school.

One day at school, Steven asked one of his classmates for some notes from class. The other student said he would get the notes for Steven the next time he was by his locker. Steven wanted the notes now. He grabbed the student by the back of the neck and carried him with one hand across the quad, through the Science building and up a flight of stairs to his locker. "There!" Steven said setting him down gently, "You're now by your locker. Give me the damn notes!"

Steven celebrated his 15th birthday. Another milestone was passed when Steven passed the 600 lb. mark. He stood 7'5" tall. He wore a size 30 shoe. Somebody pointed out that the Robert Wadlow, the world's tallest man at 8'11" wore a size 38 shoe that wasn't too much bigger than Steven's current shoe size. Steven liked being big, but he didn't know if he wanted to be that tall. He began to pray that he wouldn't get a growth spurt! He hoped his feet would stop growing and he would too stop growing taller. Of course, he didn't mind his muscles getting bigger even though he was already humongous! He just hoped he wouldn't get too much taller. He continued to work out daily. His neck measured 44", which would be a large chest size for a normal size man. His chest was 130" around. He used to joke that he needed to be measured in feet not inches! He was already one of the biggest men in the world. There were obese men who weighed more and there were a few taller men, but nobody with Steven's incredible combination of height, incredibly large frame and gigantic muscles. •

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