Reversal of Fortune

The gym was almost deserted by the time I got there for my workout. Hardly surprising, I guess, considering it was almost midnight. As I changed into my gym gear in the locker room, I noticed a young kid I'd seen around the gym before. Cute boyish face, nice smile, friendly enough - but scrawny as hell. He would've stood no more than 5'5", weighed no more than 110 pounds. He was lean and cut, and had a small but perfectly formed dick. He started changing into gym clothes himself, and I nodded to him silently. He smiled back, and asked my what I was working on. I stood up straight, and looked down at him, noting that he was staring straight at my pert nipples. At 6'4" and 295 pounds I totally dwarfed him. As I covered half his chest with one hand, and circled his skinny bicep with my fingers, I replied, "Chest and arms". His cock thickened appreciatively, as did mine, and we finished changing in silence.

Now, I've always been a big husky guy, who has enjoyed physical contact with beefy strong men. But I've also had a thing for really puny guys, the kind that a guy my size can totally - and I mean totally - dominate. It's strange, but some of the hottest sex I've had has been with guys whose waists have been smaller than my 33" thighs, and whose legs are like sticks compared with my 23" arms. And for some reason, this little guy was beginning to press my buttons.

Throughout my workout, I noticed this guy staring at me often. I'd give him a few choice poses every few minutes, and even took my shirt off to flex my engorged pecs and arms just a few feet away from him. The weights he used were less than I lifted when I was 10 years old.. 5 pounds for bicep curls, 50 pounds for bench press. When I spotted him I made sure I stood right over him, to make sure he got the full impact of my size.

We ended up showering at the same time, and when I saw which shower he was at, I stood right next to him, even though the place was empty. He seemed even scrawnier in the showers, like an elementary school boy next to a man. I circled his arm with my fingers again (his bicep couldn't have been more than 11") and asked him how his work-out went.

"Great", he replied, then, "Fuck I'd love to be your size. I'd give anything to be as big as you". I grabbed his hands, putting one on my melon-sized bicep, and one on my heaving pecs: "Feel away, little man. Feel what a real man feels like". Now for a little guy touching a muscleman twice his size, he was pretty forward. He felt my arms, my tits; he wrapped his arms around my tree-like thighs, and tried unsuccessfully to lift me up. He squealed with delight when I put one massive hand between his legs and just lifted him up in the air.

After toweling off, I asked him home, and there we had some of the best sex I'd had in years. Despite his tiny size, he took my hard 9 inch cock, and rode it for all it was worth. The kid loved being squeezed, sat on and totally dominated, and had an appetite to match my own. I could completely take his cock and balls in my mouth with little effort, which sent him into a frenzy. I fucked him in every way I could think of, and finally had him squatting down on my cock while I lay on my back. Every so often I'd grab his scrawny legs and mash him down onto my pole. His thighs were skinnier than my 20 inch forearms. After several hours, we collapsed into deep slumber. As we drifted off, he said once more, "I wish I was as big as you... I'd do anything for it". I woke up fairly early the next morning, having had some pretty weird dreams. It was not quite light, and I felt physically drained and tired. After a couple of seconds, I noticed someone else was in my bed, a huge snoring hulk. At first I couldn't work out who it was, as the last thing I recalled was going to sleep with the pencil-neck kid from the gym. At least, I couldn't remember going out again, and I would've remembered picking up a guy this massive!

I looked at his face, and to my shock realised it was the skinny guy I'd picked up the night before, but he had more than tripled in size. He now dwarfed me!! I stood up out of the bed in shock, and noticed it seemed higher off the ground than before. I stood in front of the mirror and almost fainted when I realised that everything in the room seemed bigger. The slow realisation that I had shrunk started to hit in. My arms were now stick-like, and my legs were so skinny my knees appeared knobbly. My Chest was so thin that my ribs were visible through my once bulky pecs. My cock had shrunk and I seemed to have lost more than a foot in height. I pulled on my Calvin's, which fell off immediately. They seemed unhumanly enormous, and when I put both legs into one leg hole I realised my waist must have been much smaller than my once-massive thighs. Practically running to the bathroom, I jumped onto my scales - 95 pounds! I was now a third of my former size.

I quietly re-entered the bedroom, not wanting to wake the behemoth that now occupied my bed, and who seemed overwhelmingly huge. As I passed him, I noticed a long fat cock that was at least a foot long. I put my wrist next to it, and shivered as I realised they were the same size.

Before I could make my escape, the giant woke up, and slowly looked around. His movements were awkward, as if he wasn't used to his size. After a few seconds, however, he was awake, and staring at me. "What happened to you?" he said, then a moment later, he was standing in front of the mirror, admiring his new body. At this moment, I tried to leave, but a massive arm dragged me to his side, and I stood side-by-side with him, looking at our changed reflections in the mirror. His cock hardened as he tried flexing his new muscles, which seemed bigger than mine were last night. He lifted me over his shoulder and carried me effortlessly into the bathroom, where he mounted the scales. He had to duck slightly to get in the bathroom door, which meant he was taller than 6'6". I gasped when I saw his weight - 350 pounds! He carried me back into the bedroom, then threw me onto the bed.

I was pinned to the bed by this giant, whose cock stiffening quickly. The giant brought his light-bulb sized head up to my mouth, and I gasped in amazement. It seemed unbelievable that only last night I could swallow his cock and balls effortlessly. "Suck it, little man", he ordered, thrusting his head into my mouth. I could barely get his head into my mouth without gagging. When I failed to swallow more than a few inches, he took my tiny head in his gigantic hands, and forced me down onto his hard column. I managed a few more inches, but at least half a foot remained outside my reach.

After several minutes of this he tired, and pulled me over to the mirror, smiling down at me. He started flexing his muscles next to mine, demonstrating how big he was compared to me. The ooze of pre-cum coming from his still hard cock indicated how turned on he was, and surprisingly, I was turned on by the fact that for the first time in my life, I was being dominated by a muscle-hunk. He held his thighs next to mine, totally blowing my puny legs away. He then flexed his monstrous arm next to my leg, which can't have been more than 16 inches. His arm totally overshadowed my leg at 25 inches. We continued this for almost an hour, the huge man establishing his dominance over my now-puny frame.

After a while he dragged me into the lounge, and with a massive hand, threw me down to the ground. "I've always wanted to be able to do that", he said as he repeated it a few times. "How does it feel to be at the mercy of a muscleman?", he asked me. Oddly, I felt really turned on, and started to wrestle him back. He then lifted me up so that we faced each other, then rammed his enormous tongue down my throat. I felt myself being lowered down onto his massive cock, which seemed as thick as a baseball bat. I sat on it like I would've sat on a thick pole, and he bounced me gently up and down on it, as though I was some kind of doll or toy. "You know what's coming up soon, don't you, little runt", he said.

I shut my eyes tightly, anticipating the worst, when he put me down on the ground. He went back into my bedroom, and found a whole heap of my clothes, which he threw at me. He sat down on the lounge, and began stroking his hard cock. "Puny man, I want you to put on these clothes", he ordered, as he jerked. I pulled on an enormous pair of posing briefs that used to barely contain my massive equipment. By now of course, they hung loosely on me, and the pouch was so loose it flapped almost to my knees. The only way they stayed up was if I held them, but the giant ordered me to hit a double biceps pose, and they fell straight off. He made me do this a few more times, getting more excited each time I demonstrated how much size I had lost. He stood up, reached down and picked up the first pair of briefs I tried on, and pulled them on. His tennis-ball sized balls were barely contained by them, and when he turned around his butt cheeks pushed the straining material deep into his crack.

He reached over to me, and wrapped a massive hand easily around my scrawny thigh, yanking me upside down in the air. He threw me down onto the bed, and lay down on top of me, completely crushing any wind out of me. I tried to turn over, but he stopped me with a casual shove. He spread my legs apart, and I felt him massage my hole. He found the lube we used the night before, and the next thing I know, he put the tip of his finger in my end. It felt like the handle of a screwdriver, it was that thick.

He turned me over onto my back, and greased up my stiff cock. He then stood over me, on the bed, leaning forward so he didn't hit the ceiling. I looked up at his massive frame, practically creaming myself at the sight of his heavy thick pecs looming over me. He started to hunker down on me, his giant thighs dwarfing my puny torso, his giant fat cock just lying there on my stomach. He reached behind him, grabbed my cock, and put in his hole, then eased himself down on me. His knees reached my head, and he squeezed my entire body as he sat down on my cock. The most amazing pressure came over me as his 350 pound bulk rested on my fragile pelvis. "What's the matter, muscleman?", he said, "You seemed to enjoy this position last night!". He then began riding up and down, each time coming down on my wilting frame. His butt cheeks were so hard and round, and spread way out past my waist. It was if if was just big enough to fill his awesome crack.

Just then, the doorbell rang. The giant lumbered to the front door, opened it, and dragged in Bill, my training partner. Bill and I had been training together for couple of years, and had sex every so often. He was a big brute of a man, popular with the boys, and weighed in at around 250 pounds. Bill made no secret of the fact that he wanted to be bigger than me one day, and our wrestling matches, whilst friendly, had an obvious competitive streak. Bill was certainly not used to being picked up and manhandled by total strangers, let alone hoisted up like a rag doll. Bill's jaw dropped when I walked out into the lounge.

"What the fuck?" he said. His disbelief was only exceeded when he began to recognise who the gigantic bodybuilder was. The giant picked him up again, and planted a deep kiss on Bill's lips, before picking him up in a massive bear hug. Winded, Bill collapsed to the floor. "What do you think of your training partner now?", boomed the giant, who leaned over and ripped off Bill's shorts.

Bill picked me up, and ran his hands over my chest and arms, his cock hardening as he did so. He puffed out his chest and rammed my face down onto his nipples, then pushed me to the floor. "How the mightly have shrunken!", he said, adding, "We were going to do squats today, but I guess I'll have to do them alone.". He too hunkered down on me, but hits time, he lowered his massive butt cheeks onto my face. I put my arms up to stop the two great mounds of muscle bearing down on me, but my stick-like limbs were weak and useless. After an eternity, Bill let up, and grabbed me by my waist. The giant wrapped a giant hand easily around each of my thighs, and started massaging my hole. Bill started ramming his monster cock down my throat. I caught sight of myself briefly in the mirror, a pathetic scrawny body being rammed from either end, between two enormous thick legs. I felt like I was being split in two by the two giant rods that impaled me. •

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