Little Brother Muscle

By Shwae

Jack was riding home on the bus with his friend Jeff, checking him out as usual. Jeff was just so hot and always wore the best smelling cologne. A quick sniff that was not seen by Jeff, and an ever going try to get Jeff to flex. Jeff wasn’t extremely muscular, he just looked good and had that arrogant attitude that some people get.

Jack’s house came along so he got off and walked down the driveway, and into his house. Jack’s mom wasn’t home, good because he could enjoy his ritual in peace. Everyday Jack got home and ejaculated with a combination of Internet pics, and past yearbooks from his school. Jack always used his imagination to visualize his friends, muscular ppl at school, and even enemies growing muscular and overpowering everybody else.

The other method Jack used was to put on his older brother’s clothing. Jack was 16, and a sophomore in High School, his brother, Jason, was 18, and a senior in High School. Jason worked at the Y and was the town football jock. Jason wasn’t really muscular but he was definitely ripped. He was popular and always picked on his younger, overweight brother. Jack went into Jason’s room and put on his brother’s leather jacket. It felt so good rubbing over Jason’s skin and he was getting a hard on already. With help from pictures Jack climaxed easily, making sure to not get ejaculate on his brother’s jacket.

Jack had had a ridiculed childhood with Jason always making fun of him so Jack had a lot of resentment. He had always wanted revenge, beyond anything else and he was finally going to achieve it. He was surfing online for muscular teen pics and found a drug that would help him grow muscles and shed all his unsightly fat. Another thing also caught his eyes, a fat builder, a perfect way to extend his revenge by giving his brother’s ass when he makes him fat.

Jason pulled into the driveway, the loud engine of his car roaring. Their mom was going to be away for a few days and it was the perfect opportunity. Jason walked in and upstairs. As he topped the stairs he thought he saw his favorite leather jacket at the computer but thought that was impossible. Then he saw it, Jack, his fat and younger brother was naked, only wearing one of Jason’s wife beaters that looked horrendous. It was stretched over Jack’s fat and was topped off by the loose fittingjacket. It wasn’t too hard for Jason to figure out what was going on.

“Why the fuck are you wearing my jacket?!?!” yelled Jason. “Are you ejaculating to my body? That is fucking disgusting.”

“You’re an ass and will get what is coming to you” Jack replied. Jack ran past the stairs and to his room. Jason noticed how the blubber flew, and how the jacket was fairly loose on Jack, he would never be big like Jason. Deep down Jason also wished that he could fit into the jacket completely, there was always some space that he wished was filled with muscle. Jason walked over to Jack’s door.

“You have 10 seconds to give me back my jacket before I break down the door” Jason yelled. “One! Two! Ten!!”

Jason started ramming the door and didn’t know what was going on inside.

Jack was holding the muscle growing pills in his hand. He swallowed all his doubt and took the pills. This was it, either feel the pain from his brother, or grow muscle beyond his dreams and be overpowering. Jack could hear his brother ramming the door, he snatched 3 pills from the bottle and downed them. All of a sudden he could feel this intense pain, he screamed out AUUGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Jason heard the blood-curdling scream and thought it was his brother being scared. He continued to smash the door and could hear it starting to give way. Jack was inside enveloped in huge changes. His fat had boiled away and instead of having rolls of fat there were bulges of muscle, everywhere. Outside Jason heard this enormous rip, he thought his brother’s fat had broke one of his tank tops but it was the expanding muscle. Inside Jack felt the shirt fibers explode and he was filling out fast. The muscle was squeaking in the leather. He was slowing down. Just as he was about to burst the leather he stopped. Jake looked around his body and saw all the bulges. He knew his brother didn’t fit into the jacket totally, so he knew he was bigger. Jack flexed his pecs, checked out his thighs and flexed his 17-inch biceps. He was 245 pounds of enraged teen. He heard a huge crash as the door broke down. His formal “big brother” burst in.

“You are going to fucking get it now!” Jason screamed. He failed to notice the fat had turned into muscle through his rage.

“I think not” Jack said.

Suddenly Jason realized the voice he heard was deeper, he focused his eyes and saw his brother clutching a pill bottle and bulging the seams of a jacket he couldn’t fit into.

“What the hell did you do?” exclaimed Jason.

“I am now the authority in this house” Jack replied. “I’ve had enough of your bullshit and your pathetic 180 pounds of muscle is no longer a threat. I am going to spare you though. In fact I might share the wealth. Give me your car, for good, and I will let you have a pill.”

“I have never wanted anything but to be big like you are right now!” Jason said. “Here are the keys! Let me have a pill.”

“Go downstairs and I will bring one to you” Jack replied. “Oh, and by the way, I am keeping the jacket.”

Jason left the room and went downstairs. All he could think of was getting big and muscular than showing the football captain who was boss. He would need to get more than one pill. He would ambush his brother and take 3 pills to get the size he really wanted.

Jack laughed. He gave a bicep flex, he loved the sound of squeaking leather under his muscle. He went to his desk and grabbed the fat pill bottle. He didn’t want to be too cruel so he was only going to give his brother 1 pill. He didn’t know how greedy Jason was.

Jack rumbled down the stairs with the bottle in hand and game off the stairs into the kitchen. Jason had put water on the floor to make it slippery and as Jack came off the stairs he slipped and fell, hard. Jack was dazed and the bottle went rolling across the floor to Jason.

“I will never let you be bigger than me!” Jason yelled. He popped off the cap and grabbed 3 pills and a glass of water.

“No! Don’t!” Jack yelled.

“You just want the muscle for yourself, I will show you” Jason replied. Jason downed the pills and his body started to morph, he smiled but then realized what was happening. He was mortified as under his tight shirt his chiseled abs were turning to mush. He yelled in horror as he shirt burst under the gut that was expanding. Fat was everywhere and Jason was at the verge of crying. So much work down the drain, and now he would never be captain. Jack just sat there and laughed.

“I told you not to take 3, I told you” Jack said. •

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