Jekyll and Hyde Redux

The Giant Awakes


By Shade

Toby didn’t just feel like another person. He was another person.

He knew he had to be. Everything before fifteen minutes ago seemed like a distance dream. This body made him feel so huge, confident and cocky. He could have or be whatever he wanted. He was sure of it. But right now all he wanted…no, a voice inside his head corrected…all he needed was a tight piece of ass.

The walk to the gym had been fairly quick, since Toby’s apartment was located so close to the college itself. The small college town was dead for a Sunday night in late summer. He strolled into the unguarded complex and walked towards the locker rooms.

Someone here had to have clothes that would he could use.

He came upon a door that was padlocked. The sign on the door read: private. Might be something in there worth checking out, he thought, as he brushed aside any doubt in his mind.

Instinctively, he grabbed the lock in his meaty hand and he crushed it with increasing effort. He felt his muscles strain with the exertion and his mighty bicep flexed and bunched. In his fist the metal slowly, then more rapidly, began to give way until with a metallic groan the lock snapped and came off in his hand.

He threw open the door and looked inside. All around him was a football player’s fantasy of uniforms and equipment. He smiled to himself when he saw shorts on a shelf near the uniforms. Must be workout clothes, he thought. He grabbed the biggest pair he could find, taking off the sweatpants and replacing them with these elastic lycra shorts. They were very snug and his package was displayed prominently in the front. Something in the back of his mind seemed concerned about this: breaking and entering, stealing. But he quickly brushed aside those thoughts as he caught his reflection in a nearby mirror. One flex of his mighty guns in an awe inspiring double biceps pose was all it took to convince him that his might made right.

A few minutes later, suitably clad, he strolled into the weight room of the athletic complex like he owned it.

It was dead since only came on a Sunday at this time of night, but somehow Toby had known that he wouldn’t be disappointed. The only other person to be found there was a bodybuilder finishing a late evening workout. No one to spot him. So intent was he on his workout that he hadn’t even noticed Toby stroll into the room.

The new Toby took to him instantly. There was something cocky about this guy lying on the bench with his heavy weights. Toby stood there for a minute staring at him. Admiring the way the bodybuilder’s chest flexed every time he benched the massive weight over his head. The bodybuilder’s pecs were full and thick, and they jutted up like mountains almost hiding his square jawed face from view. Handsome, Toby noted. As he moved the bar he continually flexed and unflexed his massive arms, with their biceps like small cannonballs, his enormous triceps straining.

It was obvious he had a widespread back as he lay there. Toby nodded approvingly, observing that like his own chiseled abdominal muscles, there was hardly any fat on this man either. His sculpted stomach swept down to his workout shorts, which being tight against his skin, showed a robust bulge at the crotch. The legs were large with his thick striated thighs and immense calves. But the crotch was what kept Toby’s attention though, so obvious to whomever might be looking at this guy. So powerful, this alpha male on display.

This guy would have outclassed many a professional bodybuilder, but for all his size and strength he was no match for the six-foot four-inch Toby.

“Dude, give me a spot,” said Toby imperiously.

The young bodybuilder put the weight bar back on the rack with a powerful clang of the metal. Heaved a sigh and sat up, ready to tell off this new upstart on his turf. But he was not prepared for the man who moved to stand in front of him. The annoyed look that was on the bodybuilder’s face disappeared as he drank in the eclipsing sight of the colossal behemoth standing before him.

Toby’s erection that had subsided on the way from the apartment began to come back with an initial quiver of his dick. He watched this little guy trying to comprehend the size and power before him. The young bodybuilder inadvertently gasped in wonderment.

There was simply no contest between them.

“What’s your name, little man?” he asked the young bodybuilder. For emphasis Toby flexed his pecs, making the gigantic mounds bunch and jump.

“Uh…Shane,” the other bodybuilder said haltingly. Shane didn’t know what to take in first: this new guy’s face, his arms or his crotch. He inadvertently opened his mouth when he saw the giant rod reaching along Toby’s shorts on a path down to his hips.

When Toby realized what Shane was looking at, he flexed his growing cock and was rewarded with an appreciative murmur from his new admirer. He put a big hand on Shane’s shoulder and pulled him closer, knowing that he could probably demand whatever he wanted of him at this point.

“Spot me,” said Toby again.

Shane got up chastened and moved out of Toby’s way. Toby had never worked out with weights a day in his life, but some part of him seemed to take to it instantly. Like it was natural.

“Go ahead and put some weight on this thing,” he told Shane after he lifted the bar with the weights still on it from Shane’s workout, hoisting it and doing an experimental rep, “It too light, little man.”

Shane obediently approached the bar. He glanced at the two hundred seventy pounds that he’d been using, stacked equally on either side of the bar and went to grab more.

“More!” cried out Toby in a deep voice.

Shane kept grabbing all the plates he could find and piled them on, at Toby’s continued commands, not understanding the strength of the muscle god before him.

Finally Toby seemed satisfied with the last of the new weights in place. He hefted the bar.

He felt the increased strength course through his increased muscles. Even though it was a huge weight he barely felt it at first. Pumping out reps as he pressed over one thousand pounds above his mountainous chest. Maybe he’d never worked out before, but he felt like he knew what he was doing.

His enormous cannonball biceps bunched up into huge masses as he benched, surprising even him with their size. With every rep they became even larger as blood rushed to the muscles and caused them to expand. His chest swelled beyond belief. He slammed out ten, twenty, fifty reps with this weight without feeling a thing, but by the time he reached eighty, strong as he was – these muscles were burning. With a shout, having nonchalantly broken every record in the book, he finished his set and dropped the bar onto the rack with a crash far larger then Shane had earlier.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” said Shane in awe.

He could not comprehend what he had just witnessed, was in fact blown away by the present size of Toby’s arms and legs which were now bigger even than before. Satisfied with the performance of his new body, Toby brought both his arms up and flexed them forcing Shane to look from one to the other in complete wonder. Shane licked his lips unconsciously.

Toby watched Shane lick his lips as he watched his titanic guns flexing. The idea that this guy was getting turned on by him made his dick become iron in his shorts. He was aware that it might indeed rip through the fabric. But the persistent voice inside him said: Of course Shane would. A powerful new impulse was taking him over. He was a muscle god after all – let this guy worship him.

“What do you think,” growled Toby, “Do you like these big fuckers?”

“Oh, yeah,” breathed Shane slowly.

With all the power of his hulking new body, Toby suddenly stood up with a roar. Grinding his muscles into the biggest, hardest, most magnificent most muscular pose ever seen in that hemisphere. Shane was now clearly open mouthed with desire, and there was an obvious bulge in his own tight shorts. Toby’s pecs were so huge and pumped they seemed to stick straight out from his torso; the space between them was a valley cavernous enough to hide a man’s hand in up to the wrist.

Unable to wait anymore, Toby pushed down his shorts and pulled out his mighty manhood. The huge muscles in his arms flexed as he worked on his dick, pulling it and stroking it until it wasn’t merely hard, it was like a steel rod, a jackhammer: ready to pulverize concrete or iron. He stood before Shane, almost naked, except for the tightly stretched shorts around his thighs.

“Look at me little man! You love my body don’t you?”

Shane could only nod in his agreement.

“Get down and worship me then,” he commanded, “Kneel before my jock and prepare to get your face fucked by a real man.”

Shane crawled over and began to lick and kiss Toby’s big feet. Toby could smell the scent of hot sweat coming from his body, mingling with the scent of sex. He knew he was a real man, he knew he was more man than Michael even. Then he felt Shane’s tongue begin to work his legs. Then past the iron hard calves that were the size of most men’s thighs, then to the trunk-like thighs as Shane pressed his tongue eagerly over the flexing muscles.

Toby then grabbed Shane by his hair and held him at arms length from his crotch. With his other hand he held the twelve thick inches of his mighty steel rod and stuck it straight out. The purple head was enormous and Toby realized that even he hadn’t taken the time to properly admire himself since his earlier transformation. His cock had more than doubled in length and tripled in girth. Shane licked his lips as they both watched the steady stream of clear pre-cum juice leak out of the throbbing cock head and drip off the end like a leaky faucet, while some ran down the underside.

Toby let me go for a moment as he ripped off his shorts, finally standing totally exposed in a magnificent and glorious display of his full naked glory. With one hand behind his head, his arm and shoulder muscles flexing in sharp relief as he posed for Shane’s benefit. His other hand was down at his huge cock slowly, playfully, stroking it. Shane watched the hand run down all the way down to the thick base by the balls bigger than those of an ox. After squeezing them carefully in his mighty fist, Toby then ever so slowly pulled his fist upwards along the thick, hot shaft of manhood.

Shane thought it would take him forever to get to the top. His cock was, like the rest of this man, perfect in shape and detail. An almost purple mushroom shaped head capped the baseball bat shaft. So wide was it that Shane thought he wouldn’t be able to put his fingers around it.

Toby’s hips began to pump the air somewhat as he continued jerking himself off. Every part of his essence enjoyed watching Shane drool over his body. His pre-cum was by now rubbed all over his cock, making it wet and shiny in the phosphorescent gym light.

“I’m gonna give you what you’ve been waiting for. Get down on your knees, and open wide!”

Shane obeyed the command from that deep sexy voice like an robot. He crawled on his knees, mouth open wide and ready to be impaled upon the super thick tool. As he reached out with his pair of hands to guide the cock into his eager mouth, something deep in Toby stirred.

“No hands little man. Just put all of that hot little mouth of yours into sucking my monster. Leave the rest to me and let me feed you.”

Toby took one hand to grab the top of Shane’s head in a grip like a vise and with the other he fisted his twelve inches towards Shane’s face. Every so slowly, enjoying the agony and the ecstasy it caused. Shane stretched his tongue out as far as I could; struggling for a taste of the pre-cum. Finally Toby let him have it.

“Lick me. Yeah that’s it little man, run your fucking tongue over my cock. Better get ready for just how big this thing is.

Toby grunted in pleasure as Shane’s tongue did its job, savoring the taste of the sweet salty juice. He was lapping the fat mushroom cap of his dick, bathing his cock with my hot tongue as it poked and prodded my mouth. Toby began to slap his hard dick against Shane’s face, spraying it with his leaking pre-cum and spit. It was like someone was hitting Shane with a brick, that dick was so big and hard. There were red marks on his checks and Toby brandished it like a weapon.

The shaft made hot smacking sounds as it was repeatedly slapped against Shane’s cheeks, as he ran it over Shane’s forehead

Toby was so hot, so muscular and so horny. God, he’d never felt such pleasure as making this bodybuilder his slave.

“Now start sucking!” Toby boomed, no longer in control of his actions.

He grabbed Shane’s head with both hands, on either side, and fed him his dick. All this massive young bodybuilder was was a tight hot wet hole. Nothing more. The cock stuffed into Shane’s mouth, was slowly being pushed in and out. Toby was totally in control as he held Shane’s head, the smaller man knowing the strength of Toby’s hands was so powerful he couldn’t free himself. He was completely at the Toby’s mercy.

Shane ran his hands up and over the back of Toby’s legs, as far as he could reach, feeling the large thick muscles, up the iron thighs, to finally rest on his perfectly muscled ass. It was the classic jock’s ass, but magnified. Built of steel, smooth and round and pure muscle. Shane could feel the glutes clench and unclench as this man used his mighty hips to power drive his dick into Shane’s mouth.

But then the beast in Toby let loose and he began the serious face fucking. He pushed with his hips, forcing more and more of his cock into Shane’s mouth, past his tongue and down his throat. First he pushed in about an inch, and then pulled almost all the way out – so that just his humongous head was in Shane’s mouth. Slowly though he would push it all back in, going deeper and deeper each time. As he got deeper and deeper his speed started to pick up. Shane felt like he was going to pass out. His own dick was leaking like a faucet, soiling his clothes. But he had to ignore it, he had no other choice.

Shane was sucking with his whole being, sparing no effort.

“I’m gonna cum,” roared Toby, like it was a primal scream, “Keep sucking my dick. Yeah make it sooo good….so fucking hot….I can’t stand it…your sucking me so good. I’m so close…want to cum…need to cum…oh, shit. SUCK IT … HARDER … SUCK IT!”

Toby felt like a virgin, like he’d never cum before in his life. His huge bull balls boiling with gallons of cum. With one final thrust he let loose his first mountainous load in Shane’s mouth, holding Shane’s face tightly pressed against to his crotch.

Try as he might, there was no way Shane could cope with that volume so quickly. Cum spilled out everywhere: around Toby’s cock, on the floor and down Shane’s chest.

Toby pulled away out with a slurping noise. He stood before Shane as he stroked it with his fist aiming his dick at Shane’s face, so that he could get the benefit of the final shots on his face.

The big rod remained still fully hard, fully erect in front of Shane like a baseball bat. It was covered in its own juice and spit. From its end yet another drop of cum hit the floor.

Shane got to his feet unsure what was going to happen next. Toby stretched his arms, every muscle of the huge muscular stud primed and standing out. A contented smirk on his face.

“Where are you going?” he questioned warningly.

The cock that might or might not have been going soft was being fisted in Toby’s palm to maintain its full glory.

“I’m just getting warmed up, now I want some of the real thing. I’m gonna drive my power tool up your tight ass,” he stated matter of factly.

With his tremendous strength he quickly forced Shane around and over a nearby weight bench. Shane didn’t bother to put up much resistance. Couldn’t put up much resistance in fact. In a few seconds, those same powerful hands had ripped away the clothing separating Toby from his prize. He held Shane firmly in place.

Then with a deft motion he placed his giant cock head between Shane’s now exposed ass cheeks, and without much ado pressed on inside. Toby stopped only long enough to get a firm grip on Shane’s hips with his big hands. He really started to fuck him then. His powerful thighs pushed that monster cock of inside of Shane faster and faster.

Shane thought this wasn’t going to take long. Toby thrust like a man on the edge. Shane grabbed his own cock intent on cumming with his new master. He didn’t want this feeling to stop ever.

Toby felt possessed, out of control. He felt like he hadn’t cum before. Certainly not just a few minutes ago. His cock had a mind of its own.

It felt so good.

Just when he felt he was about to cum, Toby turned Shane over. On his knees, his big cock throbbed, aching to be back inside Shane’s ass. Shane just wanted to feel that big head pass through his lips and burst in his mouth again, but Toby just forced him onto his back and pulled up his legs.

With a devilish grin Toby pushed himself into position, Shane’s massive thighs and legs on top of his shoulders, his ass high up in the air ripe for plunder. Toby’s dick was now so fucking hard he could barely bend it down to the necessary position. It was then that Shane realized that during his doggy style session a few minutes ago, Toby had barely used one quarter of his long thick cock. He got a little scared and felt around Toby’s big arms and chest for a hold, the big muscles making him feel like a child.

Toby looked into his eyes when Shane caught hold of the back of his thickly muscled neck.

Shane’s face contorted in a mix of pain, fear and pleasure as Toby pushed down into him. Shane’s hands were on Toby’s chest, digging into the muscle. Every fiber of muscle was sharp and defined. Those two giant slabs of beef looked like they were carved from granite. Shane’s fingers felt for the two erect nipples capping his pecs. Beads of sweat rolled down his mountainous chest, dripping on Shane like rain. Shane’s eyes wandered down the rippling washboard abs and locked on the big cock using his tight little asshole.

Toby noticed where Shane’s was looking and grabbed him and pushed down hard. His eyes never left Shane’s face. He enjoyed the pain he was causing and the lust for more of his cock while he kept bearing down on him. Then he nearly broke Shane’s back as he let his weight push in his cock to the roots, his balls slapping against Shane’s ass.

Toby kept bearing down like that a couple of times, moving no more then an inch or so with his big cock, widening up the asshole for some real power drive fucking. Then he gave it to him, the hard way. He nearly pulled out his cock and in one fluid motion he pushed back in again. After a couple of times he increased momentum. His balls slapping on Shane’s ass, each groaning with lust. Shane’s stroking his own cock.

Toby kept this up for some time. Sweat poured down his huge muscles, his body worked like one big fucking machine. Then he bent his arms and placed them around Shane’s head, his elbows on the bench, all this without missing a beat.

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned. “That feels real good.”

Shane’s head was buried between Toby’s big upper arms and chest muscles. He was in heaven. His ass had finally relaxed enough for him to really enjoy the fucking it was receiving. With his free hand Shane squeezed and stroked Toby’s biceps, as Toby made them hard as granite. When Shane put his mouth and tongue on them he could fell them tightening. He knew he couldn’t have dented the flesh even if he’d used his teeth.

Shane suddenly felt himself cumming onto his stomach when he felt Toby’s hot semen splash inside his ass, sending wave after wave of hot spunk where no man had gone before. If possible it felt like it must have been even more than the last time.

Toby felt something give inside him as he came. Like some balloon had just popped inside him. He actually collapsed onto Shane, almost crushing him with his weight, Shane’s cum squishing between them. His face was close to the other man’s.

For the first time all evening Toby felt a moment of tenderness and really looked into Shane’s eyes. Having righted himself he leaned down to kiss the other man’s full lips and sighed.

Shane realized that something had changed in the man before him. The iron giant seemed to have lost something with that last fuck, but Shane was still in awe of the man on top of him.

“Flex for me,” begged Shane.

Toby smiled and stood up, his body as hard as the marble of a Greek statue of Hercules. He smiled down at Shane still lying dumbfounded on the floor and began to flex for him. Toby ran through a routine that would have made a Mr. Olympia proud. But the earlier sexual excitement was gone. His naked cock did not get stir at even the sight of Shane’s hardening cock. Even as he ran through some mind-blowing poses, he realized he felt spent: drained.

Just then in the middle of a massive pose it hit him. Right there in the pit of his stomach. He doubled over in pain. Shane’s look of ecstasy turned to one of concern as he saw his master bend over clutching his stomach.

Toby didn’t know what it was, but the idea of side effects came flashing into his mind. He’d only taken the formula an hour before; he couldn’t know what has happening. He had to get home! He suddenly felt weak and vulnerable, like the old Toby.

He felt all the earlier confidence drain from him, and all the old self-doubt came flooding back in. He didn’t wait to make sense of it. Realizing he was naked, he bolted from the gym and headed straight for the storage room where he’d left his sweatpants.

Shane stupidly called after him asking what was wrong, but Toby’s massive quads had propelled him from the room before he could even get up from where he was lying, cum-covered, on the gym floor.

Toby made it to the storage room and slipped into his old sweatpants. They felt baggier than they had earlier on the walk over. The pain in his stomach was getting worse too.

Shane had gotten up to follow him, but had run for the locker rooms instead; not knowing which way Toby had gone. Seeing his chance of escape, Toby bolted out the door as his strength continued to ebb. He covered the fifteen-minute walk in a few minutes as he bolted down the street and heaved a sigh of relief as he felt his apartment door shut behind him.

He knew he was shrinking. He knew he’d begun to loose his mass after that initial feeling of pain. It was getting worse than it had been before his initial transformation earlier. Hit with another terrible wave of pain, he tried to go for the phone thinking somewhat irrationally at this point that he could call for help.

No longer able to concentrate, he made it as far as the center of the room when he felt the blackness overtake him. The last thing he remembered was the pain of the floor against his face as his weight came crashing down on it. Then the darkness overtook him and he knew no more... •

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