By KettleCharlie

This happened about five years ago, when Rob and I shared rooms at the University. So many things that happened then are hazy and almost forgotten, while other things are still crystal clear.

Rob was taking one course and I was studying a different subject but we arranged to meet at the local gym for working out together. One morning, after a pretty good chest session, while showering, I noticed Rob was looking at me with particular interest. Not that I was anything special to see--- just 5’10”, about 185 and 21 years old. I considered myself rather dull, but when I saw Rob’s cock rising, I wasn’t surprised when mine responded. But there was no magic in out relationship; we played around without affection. It was convenient and conventional, that’s all.

Towards the end of the second year, my tutor announced there was to be a series of lectures on my main subject given by visiting professors. He especially recommended an American (from some college on the East Coast). I’d never heard of him, so it was with a lack of enthusiasm that I took a seat in the Lecture Hall with Rob beside me. I had persuaded him to accompany me and he had done so, reluctantly. “Don’t worry”, I said, “If it’s no good we can slip away and go to the sauna”.

Someone introduced the visitor who strode confidently from the side of the auditorium to stand behind the lectern. He looked at the fifty people in front of him, smiled and introduced himself.

His voice was a butterscotch smooth baritone that made me sit up and lean forward. The movement caught his attention and, momentarily, he turned to look straight at me. His eyes seemed to click as he recorded my face as though he was taking a photograph.

I can’t remember much about the lecture. I’m not even sure about what happened when it finished and the speaker acknowledges the applause, but I do remember him saying to me that he was delighted to see one person who was interested in French painters. He grinned as he said this and casually opened his top shirt button, a simple gesture that was a great turn on.

Somehow Rob and I ended up showing Jeff the city. Of course, there was plenty to show him---the castle, the cathedral and the peculiar narrow streets of the old town. And Jeff WAS as interested in the tour as I had been in the lecture. He listened to the explanations, he laughed at some of the attempts at humour and it was obvious that he was genuinely enjoying himself.

When we took Jeff back to his hotel later in the day, I mentioned that we hadn’t shown him as much as we would have liked. He grinned and said that he hadn’t seen as much as he would have liked. “Let’s meet here tomorrow morning”, he added, “Ten o’clock OK with you?”

Rob dragged his eyes away from Jeff’s crotch while I hastily threw all thoughts about a new essay out of my mind and said that we would be delighted to continue the tour. Jeff raised a cynical eyebrow.

Next morning we collected Jeff from his hotel. He was wearing gym sweats and trainers and mentioned that he had just finished a workout. “Damn,” I thought, then realised I must have said it out loud. Jeff’s eyebrows asked a question, so I stammered that I would have liked to have been his training partner. Back came that devilish I-know-what-you-are-thinking grin and immediately I felt my cock harden.

Jeff continued to talk about training and bodybuilding as we showed him around the main commercial part of the city. He bought a souvenir and after that, it seemed as though he took charge, heading in a particular direction. Outside our favourite gay sauna, he looked at us both. “Well, boys, I’m going in here. You coming in, too?”

I looked at Rob and he looked at me. “Right”, I said to Jeff “Right”, he said to us, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

When we were undressing, I was sitting with my back to Jeff and Rob was standing in front of me. I could sense what Jeff was doing and as he turned, naked, to face Rob, I saw Rob’s eyes drop to scan Jeff’s cock. Those eyes lit up, his cock rose and Rob, slightly embarrassed, swept up his towel, pulled it around his body and hurried along the passage towards the jacuzzi

I stood and slowly turned to face Jeff. What would I see? What did I expect? Certainly no muscleman monstrosity with a 70” chest and a 14” cock.

But I was astonished with what I did see. Jeff was, maybe, a couple of inches taller than me and probably 210 lbs. A little wider here, a little extra there---a beautiful tan all over, erect nipples, a smaller waist than mine. Everything looked out of this world because of his proportion and definition. He had delts with small canyons between each head. His triceps were clear and corded, the split in his biceps equally so. His pecs were slabbed, upper upon lower, the nipples almost pointing downwards. His serratus and obliques looked as though they were individually sculpted in stone and his abs---oh, God, how could anyone have abs like those? Each section of his quads was separated from the next by mini-chasms and his defined calves and hamstrings were the strong pedestals for this magnificent body.

I looked deep into those fun-filled eyes, then deliberately Not looking at his cock, I placed one solitary finger in the deep cleft between those pecs. Equally deliberately, he slowly flexed his chest so that the finger was trapped there.

He grinned. It was his moustache, not pencil thin, not bear bushy, but just right, that made the grin seem so devil-may-care. “Let’s find the shower, the jacuzzi and Rob”, he said.

Later, with all three of us being warmed and relaxed by the babbling water, Jeff looked at us both and said, “Right! I’m going to be serious for a moment. You two fellas have been so hospitable and kind. It’s going to be my pleasure to reward you. Please, don’t say No. I think you’ll enjoy what I’m able to do for each of you”.

I looked at Rob and he looked at me.

Jeff looked at us both, smiled and seemed to make up his mind. “Rob first”, he announced and they both left the jacuzzi. “Let’s find a room where we won’t be interrupted”.

As they left me, I wondered what Jeff was able to do for us both


It was 50 minutes before Jeff returned, alone. I raised a questioning eye-brow as he sat beside me in the jacuzzi. He flashed a smile, which reassured me that all was well. “Rob’s fine”, he chuckled, “But perhaps a little exhausted.”

“Were you able to do something for him” I asked.

“I did what he wanted me to do. I noticed while we were changing that he was interested in my cock. So I gave him the fuck of his life. Right now, he’s walking back to your rooms. He’ll be sore for the next week, I know, but he knows he’ll remember that fuck for sure.” Jeff grinned. ”But that suits me fine, as I want to spend more time with you, trying to satisfy your want.”

Intrigued, hardly daring to breathe, I asked him why.

Gently, he took my hand, selected a finger and placed it in that beautiful space between his pecs. Flexing, he kept it there. “You may want my cock”, he said, “But you want muscle and definition---

(And more than that, I said to myself)

---so, let’s see what I can do about that. This place is filling up, so let’s have some coffee while I tell you a story. I need a good half-hour to recuperate. That Rob!,” he laughed.

While we sat, knee touching knee, sipping coffee, Jeff told me;-

“When I was 18 or so, I was quite well-built. I had muscle but there was no shape, no definition, no proportion. I was a bit naïve, I suppose. I tried all sorts of “miracle” drinks and powders because they all promised the earth. For me, they didn’t deliver, even though I spent a sensible amount of time in the gym. I lifted heavier and heavier weights. I tried everything without the sort of result I wanted.

“Then one morning, half jokingly, I told myself to drink my own cum. I don’t know where the idea came from. It just popped into my head. A tumbler, a hand-job and I gulped it down---

I opened my mouth to ask, but he was there before me.

“---and no, it wasn’t what I expected. It didn’t taste as I thought it would.

“For some reason, even though I felt as horny as hell, I told myself to ‘give it a chance’ and not cum for a week or so. I knew for certain; well almost; that this time something would happen. And it did. I would work out like a fury every day and I could feel some change, some slight but real change. Something noticeable.

“The I thought—if one load of cum could help me the way it was, then two would help even more. Oh, I know, that’s the novice body-builder’s reasoning. But, even though I was stumped at first, I thought about it, experimented carefully and eventually, using a thong and some stroking, I was able to beat off until I reached breaking point---and stop, just in time. You could call it storing my cum. I couldn’t store it for long when I first started doing this. A couple of minutes after storage, I would beat off until I came. But this time with twice the amount.”

“Wow”, I breathed.

“And drinking it was like a dream”, Jeff whispered, remembering, “You can see the result.”

“I sure can”, I told him, looking into his eyes. “You look so hot.”

“I can manage to store two now, and that makes three with the last one. I’d like to give it all to you. Want to try it?”

“You bet,” I answered

“It might not work, “he added, “I tried it with a friend in Colorado last year. Nothing, Zilch.”

“I’ll never know, if I don’t accept the challenge.”

His hands were all over me.

“Doing anything tomorrow morning?” Jeff asked. “How about taking a workout with me?”

“Sure”, I said and we arranged where and when.

“You better come prepared for a workout with a capital W. Bring Rob---you are both going to learn what a good workout is all about.”

I thought--- only one workout? I’d happily do ten.

Jeff explained his plans for the following weekend lectures at a city only 50 miles away.

“I think we could meet there for another ‘reward’ session. Could you be there?”

“Of course”, I said, and that was arranged too.

“Ready”, he asked.

We went into a private room and I looked at that naked body.

“You can do anything you like, but when you see my cock grow and start to curve slightly, or if I manage to say, ‘Stop’, you stop immediately. Understood?”


For a moment I wasn’t sure where to start. Then my hands, almost automatically, went to those beautiful pecs. I held them. I weighed them. I touched the nipples and as I did so, the muscle became even harder. The nipples moved slightly and were now erect, but pointing down towards my risen cock. My fingers gently felt for the right one and stroked around the golden aureole. The pliant nipple moved forward, backward ---and as it came forward again, I caught it between my lips. “Oh, yes,” breathed Jeff, “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” and he smiled as I took the other pec and felt it harden also. I squeezed them towards each other and the cleft between them became two cliffs facing each other. I ran my tongue around each nipple as I sensed Jeff’s cock hardening. I could feel that his breathing was changing. I touched the nipples with my teeth, gently biting each one. Jeff pulled in breath and moaned slightly. His breathing was becoming laboured. I glanced down and there was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Not too long, not too thick, I had only time to think how well it would fit into me when I noticed that the ram-rod erection was striving to curve slightly. I jumped back as Jeff grabbed it’s root within the tightest grasp imaginable and, writhing a little, an expression on his face of both pain and pleasure, he stroked his cock down towards his balls.

After a minute of concentration, no sound between us, he relaxed, smiled and murmured, “Everything comes to he who waits”. My unasked question was quickly answered; “Oh, I got it. Look at my balls.”

I looked and yes, they hung lower; they were that much bigger. “Give me a moment”, Jeff said and I took him into my arms. He gave a contented sigh and gently kissed a nipple. Then he looked up at me and asked, “Ready?” In answer, I kissed him, at first gently. Then my tongue pushed, almost apologetically through his lips as I explored, twisted, fought and finally joined with his tongue. I held his arms and could feel the blood in the biceps veins standing out like strong rope. His gasps became rougher and louder until he finally hissed, “Stop”. Again he clung to the root of that great cock which large enough to explode. The plum-coloured head practically glowed and Jeff shivered as he made it subside, by sheer will power, it seemed. And for a second time, he relaxed, grinning at me and saying, “Don’t try this at home, kiddies.”

Then he sat next to me and said, “Let’s go for it.” I slid to my knees. He added, “I hope you’re prepared to swallow. I’ll try to control it. You try to get everything.”

I rolled my tongue around his straining cock and his now enlarged balls, flicking them as my fingertips whispered across his inner thighs. He whimpered, writhing, and I clung to him. His cock grew and curved. His whole body jerked forward and he caught hold of my hair. His body jerked again but this time his cock was caught by my mouth. He went so far down my throat that for a moment I wondered if it would ever return. He jerked again and my mouth was filled as his cock erupted cum. I swallowed and swallowed and still he came. There were three huge jolts and some smaller fountains. I managed to swallow most and I remember thinking, “Now what made me think his cum would be tart and metallic. This is like drinking liquid flowers.”

Jeff smiled. “That was so good,” he whispered. “And for me, too,” I replied. He lay there in my arms, spent and dozing and I couldn’t have wished him anywhere else.

We did have a workout the next morning. Jeff made sure we knew what to do (the basics) and the best way to do the exercises. I can picture him now, lying on an incline bench, pumping out dumbell presses that made his pecs harden and grow, the troughs and muscle mountains glowing with sweat that I longed to lick.

He told me, after the workout, that he hadn’t had sex after drinking his cum---not for a week--- he’d had no inclination---and the results had been improved. He suggested I did the same.

The following week I went to visit him in the hotel of the town 50 miles away. He stripped me and commented, “Yes, Baby, you are changing”. I was surprised, as I couldn’t feel anything, so he made me look in the full-length bathroom mirror. He pointed out the subtle, small but definite increases. I was just noticeably bigger, just noticeably harder and just noticeably more defined. “Looking good,” Jeff said as I wrapped myself around him. He stored two and I took all three as before. The feeling of satisfaction was even greater and this time I retained a mouthful, transferring it to my partner as we kissed deeply.

“I want you, so much,” I said. “Next week” he replied and told me that he intended touring the countryside but that he would be in the city where we first met for one day before flying back to the USA. Would I like to meet him at the sauna?

“Try and stop me”, I told him.

I was in the jacuzzi when he appeared. I saw that wonderful grin as he stopped and gave me a perfect double front biceps. I saw the grin turn to interest as he looked at me, inspecting my body as I rose from the water. “Baby,” he said, “You’ve been working. You have grown. Your muscles are harder. And they’re more defined. Now, that’s what I call progress. Go to the top of my cock.”

Together, alone, he asked me whether I had come in the past two weeks and when I said, “Not once”, he murmured, “I was sure you wouldn’t.” Then he put his arms about me, drawing me to his chest and whispered, “Reward time, leave everything to me; this is celebration day.”

He grinned and I knew he was thinking of the best way for us to enjoy ourselves. He bent and kissed along one trap and then the other. I could feel his tongue feeling every part of the muscle. “Needs some improvement,” he told me, “But they are there.” He slid his arms under mine and tongue-tested my shoulders. “Oh, nice, very nice,” he whispered as his tongue delved every part of every delt. I could feel my cock rising. I didn’t want to come, no, not until he wanted it to happen. I squirmed with apprehension. “Control, Baby, control,” Jeff crooned as his tongue sought my pecs and nipples. As his mouth enveloped a tit, I thought ---If I could give him milk, I would. His hands felt their way down my lats until they were kneading my ass, finding their way to that gateway. He was knocking gently, gently at my door. Our mouths met and his hands moved to the front of my body. “Oh brother,” he said,” You are going to have a Great set of abs” His fingers moved southerly, setting my balls on fire, moving over my hamstrings (“Good man”) and my ass and now around to where my cock stood straining. I wanted to come so much.

“I bet you want to come,” Jeff laughed. “Not long now, just let me bring you to the boil.” He took my cock, which sailed into his mouth like a ship finding it’s home port. His wet tongue cooled my cock and ---just in time. I could feel that well-known pressure in my balls and had time only to say, “I’m----“. His tongue lashed my balls and spasms drained me completely. Not a huge amount of cum, but a cataclysmic orgasm. It felt as though I had transferred a part of me into him as he expertly swallowed everything I could give him.

I fell, exhausted, into his arms and we kissed. Jeff looked at me and smiled without mischief. “I suppose you know that we must meet again,” he said. “When I first saw you a couple of weeks ago,” I answered,” I put my finger just there.” I put my finger between his pecs. “I didn’t mean I wanted just your cock, or your muscle. I wanted you….”

Jeff flexed his pecs, trapping my finger as he had done before. “You’ve got me, Baby,” he murmured. I ducked down between his legs and used my tongue on that sweet ass. I could see his cock rising as I rimmed that hole. I stopped when it started to curve. Jeff looked at me, grinned and stored one. The action, which had been frenetic while I came, but had subsided a little, was once more become frenzied. Jeff leant over my willing body to finger-fuck me. He held me and our sweaty bodies slid one on the other. Our cocks met and fought, fenced, lay beside one another. I could feel the muscles in his arms as he clasped me to him. He threw me from him in order to store a second time. When he started to breathe again and smiled at me, I climbed him. I hung on his traps as we kissed as deeply as we could, our tongues trying to fuse together. His hands grasped my ass and he lowered me onto his cock, which went inside me so easily. Almost immediately, Jeff ejaculated in great spasms, not once but three fabulous times.

With the first, he filled me, filled me with liquid warmth and my body slipped from his cock as I fell back onto the bed.

With the second, he filled the air between us as though he had turned into a cum fountain near some old French chateau.

As his cock sprang back towards his body, the curve became even more pronounced and cum rained down upon him

There was a wonderful silence. We looked at each other and then around the room. I had never seen anything like it. There was cum everywhere, or so it seemed; on the mirror, on the walls, on the door. There was cum over my body as well as in it and Jeff was like a Christmas tree with cum in ropes and strands around him from head to feet.

We looked around in wonder and awe, but Jeff’s face soon broke into a mischievous grin. The grin turned to a chuckle and the chuckle to laughter. I couldn’t help but join the merriment and we lay there, hugging each other, our relationship cemented by cum and laughter.

That was some five years ago. I finished my studies, between visits to the USA, and, with Jeff’s help, secured a teaching position in the same college in which he taught. I’m bigger, more muscled, more defined than ever before. Jeff can store four now and you should see his cock and balls when he does. I’ve even managed to store one. We live a good life, sex is fun and recently I entered my first bodybuilding competition, but that, as they say, is another story •

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