Visit, The

By Musclebuff

This story is another paean of praise to Master N, the Master of Muscle Creation, and the magnificent supermuscle godsknown to his fan as the N-men.

The telephone rang at about two in the morning.

A dark make voice that set my guts throbbing said "This is your Master N. Within the hour you will have a visit from two guests. You should be ready to receive them."

"Wha -- ?"

"By 'ready' I mean cleansed inside and out - and naked."

"But wha -- ?"

"You've waited for this a long time, so don't fuck up. Warn the security guys downstairs to let them up. Do NOT fuck this up."


I'd spent the evening in the gym getting really pumped up on a massive chest/bi workout. I'd fed myself on some porno wrestling tapes and fallen into bed, mentally and physically exhausted.

Now this.

My nuts were throbbing and my dick had climbed half-way to my pumped-up pecs. The throbbing had something to do with that commanding voice on the telephone. So I turned on the shower, called the guys at the security desk to let two visitors up if they arrived. If. Got into the shower and shoved the douche up my butt. I'd hardly had time to dry off when the doorbell rang.

Jeez! Within the hour!

The spy hole only showed me a piece of paper: "A present from N." I whipped open the door and was confronted by an immensely tall dark, curly-headed guy whose dark blue velour tracksuit was unable to hide his gigantic girth. I knew from N's picture that this seven foot hunk was Nightgym. He grinned and pushed past me, revealing the equally gigantic bike-leather clad, slicked-back black hair, booted, 2-day bearded, horse-dicked hero I knew as ForemaN.

As he sauntered past me into the bedroom I could see his big striated butt was to all intents bare in his tight leather chaps.

"Want to unzip me and see what Master N has sent you?" said Night's deep voice behind me. He took my hand and guided it to the zip at the top of his tracksuit. Man, I could anticipate what he'd look like when unzipped - I'd jacked off to his picture often enough - but the sight of those muscles completely unconcealed by the velour, in fact enhanced by it, was more than I could have expected. Pictures have nothing on real life, as well know from seeing hero-guys like Gunther Schlierkamp and co. on stage.

I drew the zip slowly down. The velour parted and fell away from the mighty thick pecs whose man-nips I had so often sucked on in my imagination. I put my other hand inside the jumpsuit to feel the amazing thickness of those pecs and drew it slowly down across the mountainous ridges of his abs and the grand canyon between them.

Before I could go any further: "Now get on your knees and get the pants off, dude?" When the carved marble of his quads was exposed to my willing and sensitive palms he stepped out of the suit and I was confronted at close quarters with the monstrous thickness of his semi-tumescent, invitingly dripping boner.

"You may clean that up - but no more for now, OK?"

I willingly ran my tongue round his bulbous mushroom corona and sucked a good gob of pre-cum that slid, icy-hot, across my tongue and down my throat. He pulled me by the elbows, feet off the ground, thrust his tongue down my throat and frenched me out of my soul.

Put me down, turned me round, and there was ForemaN coming out of the bedroom, muscle-tight jacket pushed open by his jutting pecs - pecs I was now seeing in all their glory for the first time: in his N picture he has his arms folded over them. Chaps gone, only a big, and of course bulging studded codpiece into which was crammed what I knew to be a fabled eighteen inches of thick dick.

"Get to know this guy, Fore, while I get ready."

Night lifted me up and shoved me at ForemaN once he'd slid out of the jacket. Our two pairs of stiffly erect man-nips connected like electrical plugs and sockets as his pecs ground into mine. The me-muscle sandwich was completed as Night rammed his now-fully erect dick between my legs to bang into Fore's. My feet were still of the ground as the two giants, arms around me, squeezed me between them. The feel of those pecs in my back and bruising my chest was too much as they deliberately flexed and gyrated them against me: as ForemaN stuck his tongue down my throat, I erupted all over his abs.

"Good," said Fore as he squeezed my spooge in his fist, "now we've softened you up we can really get to work on you. Want to go first, Night?"

"Sure --", as Fore fed me with my own cum from his open palm, "but first we should tell this little dude why we're paying him this visit."

Little? Shit! ForemaN lifted my 200 pounds into the bedroom and sat me down between the two of them. They used both pairs of hands to stroke, squeeze, caress every available inch of my body, ensuring that my spent dick remained fully erect and hard.

"Since you started to correspond with Master N on the web we've all been watching you -- feeding you with more N-pics and feeling the vibes you send us as your jerked off all over them."

I felt like doing that right now, but Fore was busy tying a tight leather thing around the root of my dick and nuts to prevent any unscheduled emission. It was tight but, shit, that inflated purple dick felt real good!

"N has always chosen suitable candidates like you in this way - guys he felt deserved to be morphed into our stable. That's why we're here - to start the morphing effect that will change you for ever."

With a final jerk, ForemaN finished his cock-and-ball bondage on me and took over the story.

"This has to be with your consent, natch, 'cos your life will be changed as well as your big bod. How about it, dude? Live with us, work out with us, get fucked by us -- all of us! -- and fuck with us, and fuck with us, and fuck with us --"

"In fact give yourself over to an eternity of sex-crazed muscle lust - like the rest of us!"

ForemaN leaned over me and pushed me flat on the bed, his two-day growth hardly an inch from mine. "Sexy and huge and fuck-meat for all - want this or not?"

By now I was in a complete lather as, with his ultra-hot visage thrust into mine, I considered the implications of what they were telling me -- and what they were doing to me as their hands were groping me in every expected, and unexpected, direction. ForemaN's close-up face was impossible to deny.

"Fuck, yeah, guys! All that and more! Just give me that friggin' muscle and your dicks and you get me where you want me for good! Just bring it on!"

Night stood me up, towering over me. Both our bodies were slick with sweat and cum, pre- and otherwise. The room reeked of testosterone. He flexed his left arm and the skin of his swollen, melon-sized bicep all but vanished as the huge muscle covered itself with thick, snake-like vascularity.

"Lick it! Love it!"

How could I refuse? The taste was spectacular - the feel against my face and tongue as I nuzzled and licked was aphrodisiacal. I inhaled his essence on his pits and my head swam. Tongue traveled to the corded striations of his pecs and I felt my own respond as I started to bite the over-sized nips. And on to other side and a flexed right arm.

All this time ForemaN was matching my heavy breathing with his own as he squeezed and slapped my hard glutes and fingered, double and triple fingered my muscle-cunt.

If your arms are wrapped around the huge bulk of Night's lats, squeezing their mammoth thickness, or clinging to his triple-melon delts, and if you can feel the boa of his dick slowly climbing up your abs to the height of your chest - an insistent steel-hard, velvet-covered power-pipe that is never going to take NO as an answer, it's not surprising if your dick wants to gush forth as never known before -- but ForemaN's efficient leather-thong restriction, tied even tighter since my first explosion, saw to it that it didn't happen -- until they wanted it to happen.

Even as I had the thought I was lifted up into the air again. Night yelled at me to lift my legs into the air. As I face ForemaN with my legs in the air and open wide, he rips off his codpiece and his mammoth fuck-pole rears up into the air, the heavy, pre-cum shining corona weighing it down so that it points straight at me. With a roar Night charges me at ForemaN who impales me in one mighty thrust to the root.

At once ForemaN grabs me by the lats and fucks me hard and deep as he walks me to the end of the bed and drops me on my back, still rapturously impaled on his ever-thrusting dick. He pulls my legs up and wide and rams into me, deep and insistent and fucking perfect. As the power fuck continues, Night kneels astride my head and, with his muscle butt practically suffocating me, pulls my legs up and back while Fore continues to plunge his road-rammer fuckpole deeper and deeper, harder and harder. He fucks me like a madman and, with my face pinioned between Night's huge quads and my tongue up his butt-hole, I react like a maniac too. I squeeze my butt-muscles around every thrust and feel him twisting my pierced nips unmercifully.

Just as I feel ForemaN spasm, and in spite of my thong, I do too, he pulls out of my ass, pulls me to my feet and thrusts me at Night.

"Your turn! Give it to him real hard -- the little fucker really seems to enjoy it!"

Now Night picks "the little guy" up and I feel his demanding mushroom being positioned against the muscle-cunt ForemaN has been softening up, then - -

Suddenly I'm dropped - - all 220 pounds of me dropped on to that muscle fuck-pole. I descend in one to its root and feel the massive prong invade undiscovered depths in my guts. Then the two of them lever me up and down so that the giant thickness punishes my frustrated prostate over and over again as they bounce me high and low between them.

After about five minutes of this Night sits us both on the bed, sticks his tongue down my throat and lies back with me on top of him. He releases my face just long enough to yell at ForemaN to "get going!"

Then, unbelievably, I feel a second dick pushing at my butt-hole right above Night's. Equally unbelievably my muscle-cunt stretches to let the second thick pole in.

I now have two monster dicks up my ass and I am filled almost beyond bearing. The two mushroom heads press so hard against my joy-button I feel I must explode. Then they start, at first slowly and in unison, to thrust in and out. My slick velvet channel expands to receive them as welcome guests and, when they start to feel me contract around them, they pick up speed.

Both of them start to grunt as each feels the passion of the other's dick;

"Fuck! Shit! Dude! Let's fuck him real good!"

And they start in opposite directions. As one dick jerks against the other --

"Shit, man! It feels like you're jacking me off inside him!"

Then they go crazy - so in love with the way they feel against each other, each dick straining to pleasure itself against the other, that the double piston action up my muscle-cunt, goes into high speed as they yell encouragement to each other. And I yell back..

"Fuck me! Aawww, FU-U-U-UCK me, Guys! Give me your fuckin' muscle! Harder! Gimme all you got!"

"You ready, Night?"

"Yeah, man! Wanna cum! Wanna cum good!


ForemaN is groping at my gut to release the thong. I can feel the two of them spasming in my gut and this is the signal for my joy-button to activate my freed nuts and now a torrent of cum is released into the merciless grip of Foreman's fist, endless spasms and jerks and groans, and jerks and spasms from all three of us.

"Eat this, boy, pass it to Night's mouth and he'll give it to me and it'll all begin!"

I lick half a pint of my own spooge from Fore's calloused hand and eject it into Night's mouth. He rolls it around a while and passes it to ForemaN. When he feels he's had enough it comes back to me.

"Now swallow!"

Night grabs hold of my pecs and shoves me upright, still impaled on both their dicks -- which don't seem to have contracted at all after their torrential delivery up my gut.

"Jeez, guys! Don't you ever get soft?"

"You'll find that we have an inexhaustible supply! We're about to give you a second dose and, when we do, your conversion to N-dom will begin. Ready?"

Was I ever!

Night pulled me up off Foreman's dick, pivoted me around so that I had my back to him. Foreman got off the bed. Night put his hands in push-up position of each side of my head, so that his tongue could lick my lips.

"Look into my eyes as long as you can, boy!"

And he started a slow fuck with both tongue and dick. I glued my innards to both and grabbed his pecs. To my amazement I saw ForemaN enter him from behind and lie on top of him. His huge dick was now encased in a condom and I now had fourteen feet of mammoth muscle lying on top of me. This just got my dick going at full tilt, ramming itself up and down Night's well-lubricated ab cleavage in time to Foreman's thrusts.

"OK, Fore, I think he's ready for you."

ForemaN pulled out of Night and ripped off the condom. He moved to my head and thrust his dick into my mouth and began to fuck my throat. Even my throat stretched willingly to receive his girth. The three of us were now thrusting in time with each other.

After about half an hour of this wonderful dual fuck: "Nnnggggg!" I groaned around Night's cock. "Gnnngggg t'cmmmmmm!"

"We're ready for you!" A Night fist gripped itself round my nutsack and a ForemaN fist around my slickly spasming dick. It only took a few of his strokes to release a torrent of spooge which fountained up into the air and covered all three of us. At the same time I received a spurt from each of them. The copious, icy hot content of their nutsacks jetted so hard into me that the two streams met somewhere in the middle and kind of exploded inside me.

"Hold him now, Night!"

Night pulled my torso up and wrapped his arms around me; ForemaN grabbed me from behind so that I was locked between their cream-covered muscles. Then I felt it.

The electric sparks between Night's nips and mine set off a throbbing that invaded my entire body. With each throb I could feel my frame expand -- so painfully that I cried out. At my yells they just pressed into me closer and this seemed to reduce the agony. My neck stretched up so that my head met the level of theirs, then my shoulders started to tear me apart as their bone structure widened. At the same time my leg bones started to quiver and shake and ache like hell.

After a few minutes of this the pain subsided, but then I started to feel the stretch of the muscles. They were already tortured by the growth of the bone tissue and now they grew hot as they started to swell. First I felt it in my pecs as they inflated and pushed Night's chest away from me. The nip-sparks grew stronger and the throbbing picked up speed. I looked down as much as I could, squeezed between these mammoth muscle gods as I was, and I could see the striations of my pecs actually swelling and hardening. Then it was my delts and my biceps. I couldn't really see the delts, hidden as they were by the two giants' own, but I was able to raise my arms andf watch the biceps swell, split, and vasculate as rope-like serpents swelled to outline the muscles.

I felt my lats stretch and thicken; my waist seemed to clamp down as my abs flexed hard. If they hadn't been supporting me I would have been forced to double over, but the power of their squeeze and the flex of their muscles against me ensured that the abs grew and grew without being crunched by me folding up. The the lats seemed to grow forward as the serratus muscles grew. Two hot rods seemed to slide down my back as the traps widened and thickened and the erectors grew like tree trunks at the base of the spine.

My glutes pushed me up off the bed as they swelled and finally it was the turn of the quads, hams and calves to push against Night's and ForemaN's own muscles. I desperately wanted to stand up and stretch this new girth but the guys had other ideas.

"Give him the massage, Fore, while I lubricate his ass."

I was pulled flat on the bed by ForemaN who then proceeded to kneel astride my head, facing my feet, and placed his hands on my pecs. Strangely enough he now seemed smaller..

"Yeah, guy! Look smaller, don't I, now that you're as huge as we are? Just lie there and let me educate these nice new muscles for a bit. You can suck my ass while I do it if you want."

And he did. Deep tissue massage, as painful as being rolfed.

"Yeah, I know it hurts a bit, but these fucking huge muscles of yourself be glad I did it. Night'll help you too."

Night had lubed both his hands and was now rolling my still erect, now monstrous dick between their deliciously calloused palms. With my face imprisoned between Night's glutes, I groaned with pain and pleasure. After a few minutes, one of his hands started to finger my muscle-cunt and soon had all five fingers inside.

"Shit, man! What're you doin' now?" I groaned into his rear cleavage. My delts and bis were being pummeled by ForemaN as Night's fist was gradually finding its way up my ass.

"I'm going nice and deep to educate your joy button, dude. It's got a lot more work to do now that you're N-size." And he started to palpate his fist round my prostate in time with Fore's hefty strokes of massage. I thought I was taking off for the moon as my huge new back arched up off the bed. Fore put his hands flat on my abs and pressed me down.

Night was now punch fucking my ass with all five fingers flat, alternating his hands with each mighty stroke.

"You've got a lot of pretty big dudes with pretty huge dicks to satisfy where you're going after tonight - we're just helping you to be ready for them."

Without his hands leaving my ass, they flipped me over to lie on my face. My throbbing dick was now pressed hard into the mattress as Fore continued his punishing deep-tissue massage on the length and considerable breadth of my back. Night pulled the lips of my ass-hole open with his thumbs and stuck his tongue up there. That long muscle teased my fuck-tube till I was screaming into the mattress. Fore's fists reached my butt and started to slap hard on my glutes.

I felt the sharp end of some massive butt-plug forcing its way into my ass: with one mighty thud from ForemaN it popped its way into my butt, taking my breath away. After a moment it felt great.

"Ready to stand him up, Fore?"


They picked me up, steadied me, and shoved me between them at the long mirror. Jeez, I was huge! Standing there between those two muscle hunks, I saw I was almost their height and size. My paper-thin skin now covered swollen, pumped-up muscles of an unbelievable size -- that is, unbelievable if I'd never seen an N-pic. As I flexed them, they seemed to double in size, splitting into vein-covered strata as the blood pumped through them. My delts were wider than either of theirs and my pecs were now so deep and thick I couldn't see my abs except in the mirror where they cascaded down from my ribcage to my genitals in a generous eight-pack. My quads arched out from my legs, the massive tear-drops balancing the magnificent sweep of the outer quads and the thickness of the calf muscles. As I pulled my back open in a huge batwing lat-spread my dick suddenly whanged up to smack my navel with renewed thickness and throbbingly fat mushroom head. Man, I was an N-man!

And I saw they were almost as excited as I was. My new thick dick rose well above my navel and theirs were right up to their pecs. I wanted mine to get as big and long and hard, so I could squeeze the head in the cleavage between my pecs.

As one we started to pose - most muscular, double bicep, lat spread -- when we turned to start out on Side chest or triceps our bodies started to jostle each other for space. It seemed to be a signal for electrical interaction, for we began to grab at each others' swollen muscle meat, bashing our pecs against each other or ramming our monstrous dicks into each others' butt clefts.

Suddenly Night reached forward and shocked my system deliciously as he popped the buttplug out of my ass. He immediately replaced it with his pre-cum-lubed muscle-prod and jammed it to the hilt in one gasping thrust (the gasp was mine, the grunt was his). To my delighted surprise, ForemaN leaned over the desk in front of the mirror and presented his butt-hole to my questing dick. I emulated Night by jamming mine into that hard set of glutes, equally deep and insistent.

"Now hold still and let us do the work!" said Night.

They began their tandem-fuck slowly at first, getting their thrusts in time with each other, one forward into me, the other, forward so that my swollen prong moved back to the tight entry-hole. Gradually they gained speed until I could no longer stand still, but bucked forward and backwards to give and receive at maximum strength and maximum penetration. We all started whooping and yelling with maximum decibels as climax approached.

Night grabbed my man-tits and started to twist and squeeze them unmercifully, I reached forward and grabbed FiremaN's huge pole in both fists (when I wasn't also grabbing at his giant nutsack). The triple, well-oiled (sweat and cum) sex-machine went into high gear as lats spread, biceps and triceps flexed and butts demanded as much as the fuck-poles, more and more as we got hotter and hotter. Three muscle monsters copulating in front of the huge mirror which revealed every thrust and flex and drop of sweat as we yelled obscene encouragement to each other.

Among the obscene yells were commands to make it last as long a possible: the effort not to cum only increased our feeling of power and determination to fuck or be fucked as deep and hard and as violently as possible. As we thrust and thrust we could see our muscles swelling and, in my case, growing. This evidence gave rise to louder encouragement and yelled promises of future nirvana from my fuck-friends and no one yelled louder than I did as I grew, finally, to their full, magnificent dimensions.

I removed my hands from Fore's genitalia for an instant to roar out a double split bicep and this caused me to cum: my butt squeezed Night's dick like a vice and set him off while my hugest, most frenzied thrust into ForemaN caused his massive eruption all over the mirror, coating it from top to bottom.

I could feel Night's muscle-juice bubbling out of my fuck-hole, even though he had erupted deep in my ass and kept his long, fat and swollen dick in there as deep as he could. Whiule he was collecting it in his hands, ForemaN leaned forward and licked up huge mouthfuls of his own cum from the mirror while I gathered fistfuls of my overflow from his glutes. He then pulled off me, turned and spewed it into my mouth in a deep soul kiss. Night put his hand between our mouths so we could lick his cum off the palm and back of his hand. Then we joined our three mouths and tongues and slurped out triple product from mouth to mouth until they made me swallow the lot.

A lot of it was still dripping over abs, dicks and glutes and we smeared it over each other's hard nips and faces. Our dicks were still all rock hard and we soon indulged in a triple jerk-off and yet another sharing of the product as we grabbed at each other's pumped-up muscles.

"Now you're completely one of us!" said Foreman.

Far from being exhausting, each eruption only seemed to increase the need for further activity.

"Let's have a final fuck before we leave, guys - OK?" I pleaded. They grinned and jammed their quads against each other so that their giant rods pointed to the ceiling as a double tree, joined at the root. They grabbed each others' delts and leaned back.

"Climb on, dude!" yelled ForemaN.

I clambered between their outstretched arms and lowered my now well-opened hole on to their double dick. It reminded me of one of Tom of Finland's most notorious and beloved drawings as I sunk my whole new weight (300 pounds?) onto the double-dick-tree. Once I reached bottom with a groan of sexual pleasure, they seized hold of me and started to jerk me up and down in a true piston-fuck. Night had me from behind, once again grabbing my man-tits, ForemaN held me by the waist. I could tell by their own groans of pleasure how much their dicks were enjoying fucking me as they rubbed against each other, AND against my joy-button.

This time I jetted directly into Fore's mouth and the greedy fucker swallowed the lot!

"Time to go home!" said Night as he lifted me off his still semi-tumescent dick. "Clean yourselves up and climb into your leather. You can say goodbye to all this." He waved an arm to embrace the apartment and, in fact, my whole previous life.

After a few wipe-downs we dressed. ForemaN put his low-cut leather tank back on but he flung his tight chaps to me. "Gotta pair of pants for me? You can have these. I guess they'll fit you now!"

And he threw his great jacket at me too. Generous guy, I thought. Only a pair of my old gym baggies would contain Fore's great thews. And even they were stretched. As I climbed eagerly into his snug, sweaty leathers which once would have swamped me I felt as if I was slipping into a new life with these guys - and their "brothers" - a life of muscle-love and muscle sex. Once I was dressed, Fore clamped his studded codpiece on me with needless and pleasurable ferocity as he tightened the straps to fit my new girth. He thwacked it on my genitals as Night, back in that sexy jumpsuit, said "Let's go!"

So we roared off into the dawN to a New N-life; I was so happy to be an N-guy at last that, with Fore's Ncouragement, I came three times before we got there. •

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