Temptation and the Offer, The


By Bruce

Andy was smiling and very please to hear those words come out of Bruce's mouth. Though he had never voiced it out loud, he wondered how Bruce could really be going out with Troy. Andy knew that Troy was not the faithful type. He knew that Troy also had a side that he was guessing Bruce had never seen. Somehow and for some reason Troy wasn't showing that side of himself to Bruce. He didn't reveal the more kinkier and sometimes dominating sexual urges that bordered on masochistic. Andy guessed that he didn't show Bruce nor tell him that while he was in Miami that he fucked 12 guys on the two days off they had and that even one of them he did so hard that the poor guy was torn. So it puzzled him immensely that Bruce was one clueless and two that Troy demonstrate nothing of his true nature to Bruce. Andy also knew one thing though and he could possible relate to why Bruce had gained so much muscle mass and that was because he too while he had been with Troy had gained a huge amount of mass. To Andy that coincidence just couldn't really go un-noticed.

Andy genuinely liked Bruce and often thought about it, but in the short time that he had known Bruce. He also knew that if he mentioned anything about it that Bruce would write them both off. Andy did not wish to lose the friendship and secretly hoped that Bruce would come to his senses about Troy sooner than later and all this had been going though his mind as Bruce carried him off.

Bruce finally put Andy down. Rip instructed them his vision for the layout of the film he wanted. They really didn't have any lines to say that much, just that they would read a letter or they would look like they were reading a letter. Then they would meet after the other one got back from a trip overseas. Andy would be the one coming back from being stationed on the USS Enterprise. Andy would then meet Bruce at the farm. The scene was to be that Bruce would be working stacking the hay bails into the bar all by himself wearing nothing but socks, workboots, a colt baseball cap, and some very shortly and very revealing denim shorts a la commando. "Ok so everyone is clear?"

"Yes Rip I think both Bruce and I are. Bruce do you have a moment before we start?"

"Sure Andy. What's up now?"

"Well Bruce, part of me would be less than honest if I didn't say that I am not going to enjoy this in the least. I had hoped that we could have done this in an entirely different manner. Part of me also doesn't quite understand why you are still going out with Troy but that's not really my place to say and nor will I go there. I like you and I think you are a great guy. I hope that this doesn't change anything between us."

"Andy my minds set I am ok. I can do this. No this I am afraid is going to change a lot of things for me. I can live with that. I don't know you well enough Andy to really say that you aren't a nice guy and that we couldn't be great friends. I really don't know and I am not going to speculate. You are right though on one thing. In regards to you I don't have any ill feelings and though we have known each other relatively shortly I think that you are a nice guy. I live on the other coast so I don't know how the friendship might be but I will say that I can be a very friendly acquaintance for the time being. Righ now I don't think I could offer anything else."

"That's fair Bruce." "Well gents I think we are ready for you both."

The scene started to play out as it was planned and things we going well. Rip at the last moment decided that Andy would be the top. The action in Rip's eyes almost brought tears to his eyes he was so happy. Andy and Bruce were performing perfectly but he had no idea that an unseen presence was having its effect on the two of them. The sex had become pure lust, and their hormones were in overload. Both of them knew something was up but they were powerless. Things were just happening in overdrive for them both. Bruce was trying to imagine having sex with his partner to imagine and let himself be able to do this but the images weren't coming to mind. All he could see in his mind was the betrayal and the fact that Troy had decided that it was best for both of them. Normally controlled, Bruce's anger poured into the sex. It became carnal and animalistic. Though unplanned by Rip Bruce had taken control of Andy. Andy no longer was the one in control and in the driver's seat.

Bruce who had been on top and had been literally riding Andy into the ground suddenly stopped, got off Andy and dismounted, picked Andy up and turned him unto his stomach fluidly but rather forcefully. Bruce grabbed the hidden condom and lubed but not before pinning Andy onto his stomach by sitting on Andy's lower back. Though the editing wouldn't voice the words later, Bruce had told Andy in no uncertain terms that he was going to show Andy what a true fucking top was like. He was going to plow him hard and Andy was going to moan like the bitch in heat that he was and that he was going to be for it harder. The onlookers were stunned but said nothing as the camera kept rolling.

There was no foreplay involved. After Bruce had lube up and put the condom on, he penetrated Andy's near virgin ass with all his 10" x 11" manhood all in one hard stroke. Andy tried yelled and arched his back like he was a striking cobra but Bruce grabbed him by the neck and put pressure on his sciatic nerve and kept Andy from bucking him off. For the next twenty five minutes Bruce used Andy's tight ass like he had never before done to anyone. Though he could see what he was doing and feel what he no doubt was doing to Andy, he was rather disgusted but couldn't stop. It was as if something had taken over. Andy at his turn wanted nothing more than to pound the living daylights out of Bruce but he too could not do anything but continue with this. It continued until finally Bruce pulled Andy to his knees as he sensed the vice grip of Andy's inner muscles grab him tighter, and he knew that Andy was about to ejaculate. Bruce knew that those huge low handing balls had rise to the point that they needed release. Andy's thick and all 9 inches of his manhood was standing straight up and rockhard.

Holding onto Andy to prevent him from falling over, Bruce grabbed around Andy massive 68" chest as much as he could, while pinch his erect and protruding nipples as he bit his left earlobe. For the next minute Andy ejaculated and ejaculated in a long far arching stream. The load was rather copious and its milky white substance was very well caught in the lenses of Rip's camera. Not to be outdone, Bruce pushed Andy onto his stomach and load after load after load come forth in very thick amounts onto Andy heavily muscled body. It made a trail from his massive plated shoulders all the way to the Christmas tree of his lower back just above his well rounded and prominent glutes. Though it lasted for only 60 seconds the amount of sperm on Andy's back was no less astounding. Bruce then collapsed into Andy's back. Just then and almost indistinguishable to both Andy and Bruce was Rip calling cut and the filming ended.

Both Andy and Bruce were rather stilled dazed and confused and rather still puzzled as to what happened. Both were being congratulated by the onlookers and the film crew. Both of them felt somehow violated and very cheap. Both Andy and Bruce could not look at each other and they averted their eyes from one another once they both got up. Bruce took off ashamed and felt he needed to shower for days and Andy didn't look like he felt any different. Rip decided that he wouldn't wait and pulled Bruce to take the photo shoot with Franco almost immediately both Bruce could even try and apologize to Andy. The photo shoot went quickly and Bruce couldn't even remember doing any of it. He was rather still in shock and when it was all done with had a rather blank look on his face. He could not even hear Troy congratulating him, praising him, kissing him, and telling him how proud he was of him. All he could hear was muffled sounds that were completely undecipherable to him. At one point he pushed Troy off of him. He called a cab after not being able to find Andy anywhere and headed back the hotel room. He left quickly or was trying to.

"Bruce what the hell is wrong with you?" Bruce pushed Troy hard away from his as Troy flew through that air a good 15 feet and landed on the other side of the bed hard.

"Troy, I don't know why I did this. I can't take it back now. Tony was right about you. I should have listened. I should have also questioned Andy when he said he knew stuff and asked why I even went out with you. You were so willing to have me do this and you knew how much I care and couldn't really do this. I let you make me angry, I let you violate me in a way I never thought I would ever let myself get violated again. I was raped earlier in my life but what I did with Andy was worse and what I let you do to me I can't forgive. I can't take that back. I have to live with it now. OH NO YOU DON'T! DON'T EVEN COME NEAR ME! I swear I will hurt you Troy and we will fight it out bloodily. Though I am not a fighter per say and I know you have been in your past, one thing is for sure, both of us are going to be hurting and I promise you I am not the one that is going to end up in the emergency ward."

"Bruce babe, come on. Don't do this. I knew you could do it. I though it was best that you did. I thought it could only make us stronger after wards."

"You really don't have a fucking clue. Why am I even debating this with you and wasting my breath. Forget it Troy. We are through. No more going back. I am not going to be exploited by you again." Troy came near Bruce and was trying to stop him from leaving the bedroom of the hotel suite when Bruce turned around with his free left hand and squarely hit Troy on the jaw dislocating it. "Troy stay down and don't ever think of touching me again. Don't call, don't write, just cease to exist." Bruce rushed out the hotel door and never looked back. Too bad he didn't. Troy's features changed and returned to his true nature. The jaw returned instantaneously back and the bleeding vanished. The hair shortened and became blue-black in a very short buzz cut, the goatee re-appeared, the tan deepened, the muscles became broader and thicker and those eyes once again returned to their nature shade of deep emerald. "Now the fun begins dear Bruce. You are nearly mine and you don't even know it. Things have worked out better than I planned. You have turned out even better than I had first planned out. I am going to enjoy you very much. Even more so after I am finished molding you. You will become the best incubus ever."

Feelings of anger slowly changed to feelings of loss and then ultimately hurt for Bruce during the cab ride to the airport. Bruce's mind couldn't stop dwelling on the negative aspects of the trip and it continued so all the way home during the flight. Bruce had called Tony and told him that they were going out and they were going to get blitzed. Tony worried didn't question anything at first. Tony hadn't seen Bruce in months was shocked at the size but more importantly that his best friend looked like a hallow shell of his prior self. Tony at 6'1" and now 215lbs of fit graceful muscle just held and hugged his friend as he cried. Bruce could not look into the light brown doe full eyes of his best friend. Tony didn't push but took him out of his apartment and they went out. He tried to keep Bruce distracted. For the next few weeks Bruce stayed at Tony's. Tony knew what he was going through but not the details. It took Tony a month to get Bruce to talk. Bruce had moved out of his condo after he sold it. He no longer cared to be in the place that had any sort of memories of Troy's passing there.

Bruce buried himself into his work, but that too changed. Bruce had almost completely forgotten about that fateful day and his mood had returned, but that again came to a screeching halt. One of the young but talented of the senior partners had asked Bruce to meet him at his luxury condo one night after work. Bruce thought that since he had been working on a couple of his cases that he couldn't get to, that Jonathan Fairbanks just wanted to touch base on how he had been handling them. So Bruce gladly accepted the invitation and met with Jonathan. Jonathan was a very charismatic and though young senior partner was very well known in the city and had an excellent reputation. He also had much influence. Bruce knocked on his door and Jonathan smiled. At 39 Jonathan was a still rather handsome man. Silver hair with deep blue eyes on a rather young looking face, yet still had a rather rugged yet handsome quality to his face. Jonathan stood approximately 6'2" and had an athletic build to him at 205 pounds. He had prided himself at not loosing the shape he had earned via college football and definitely had improved a little on it since. Bruce hadn't really noticed him in that way before but in the tight fitting designer green shirt and slacks it was a lot more apparent than the normal attire he wore to work.

"Come in Bruce. Welcome to my home." Bruce looked around and notice that it was spacious and the décor was very modern yet very classic and tasteful. Nothing wasn't at its finest here. Rich carpets, and expensive furnishings complemented the rest of the 8- room condominium. Bruce got a little tour and then Jonathan escorted Bruce to the parlor. Jonathan fixed Bruce a drink. Took his briefcase and set it down. His parlor was also Jonathan's study and also acted as his entertainment room where he had the latest equipment and technology in current home entertainment appliances. "Bruce glad you could come. Well I already know how of much an asset you are to our firm and I would very much like to continue that unique relationship. You are performing well and even your humanitarian cases are indeed helping further foster the positive image of the firm. The partners and I couldn't be more pleased. I am afraid though however talented you might be that full partnership depends on a few things and what you are determined to do." Jonathan smiled and handed Bruce the drink. Sat down next to him on the couch, crossed his legs and put placed his left arm fully stretched on the top of the couch only two feet away from Bruce's right shoulder.

"I am glad to hear that Mr. Fairbanks."

"Please call me Jonathan."

"Sure Jonathan. What did you have in mind and how can I help? I very much enjoy my work and right now its something I feel I need."

"Very happy to hear that. Do you mind if I turn on the television I have something I need to see before I continue."

"No please Jonathan go right ahead, this is of course your house."

"Thank you Bruce." Jonathan turned on the Big flat screen tv but unbeknownest to Bruce also turned on the DVD player. The scene that then commences made Bruce turn pale and almost made him lose his grip on his drink. There in plain sight was him and Andy going at it. Somehow Jonathan had bought this after it went into circulation. Bruce had completely forgot about it but could no longer deny it. "Well Bruce it does seem that you are indeed quite talented. You have impressed me immensely. I have had many hours of pleasure watching this and fantasizing about you. For the last week I could think nothing more than getting a moment to have you here. When we first hired you I liked you form the beginning but you have turned out even better than I expected. I must say that many times I have had to lock myself in my office after seeing your ass in the hallways of the firm and how much I wanted to fuck it."

"So what is this all about Jonathan? You are gay and now you want the piece of meat that you see on the video for yourself is that right?" Bruce looked Jonathan squarely in the eye and all Jonathan could do was smile. Bruce noticed that his pants had a quite the thick and prominent bulge showing. "For a better word yes you are right. So Bruce your stay at our firm and in this town is now in your hands. You are going to do what I ask of you when I ask of you. Right now I want you take off those clothes and I want you to suck my dick. Think of leaving and that's the end of your career. You will come here when I call you or inform you no questions asked from now on otherwise the partners will indeed see this."

"So that's it Jonathan, I am your property? You are blackmailing me?" "Now, now, that is rather harsh despite it being appropriate. I think that eventually though I will forget this but for the time being I think you know the score. Now get up and take those clothes off. You have 5 seconds to comply Bruce." Bruce knew Jonathan well enough to know that he wasn't the bluffing type. He got up. Removed his clothes article by article at Jonathan's whim. All 270 muscle pounds of him was revealed to his employer. "I guess Bruce you are a grower because I know that the camera can only do so much to enlarge your dick so I want you to make it grow." Bruce complied and stroked himself to an erection. His face emotionless outside wasn't that way on the inside. Contempt and trapped was all he could feel. Now fully erect Jonathan bade him to come near and turn around. Jonathan proceeded to rim his ass while tugging on his balls and dick. Jonathan then turned him around and told Bruce to unzip his pants. Though only 7"inches long, Jonathan was just lightly less thick than Bruce at 9.5". Jonathan told him to suck him off. Bruce gave Jonathan his blow job and did as he was told.

Jonathan came loudly has he vulgarly spoke to Bruce. Not finished he fucked Bruce at least three times making sure to make Bruce feel like he was dominated all the while. This wasn't the first or last time Bruce had to make such a visit. Over the next month Bruce spent almost every night at Jonathan's and Jonathan made sure that the only other place Bruce would do was the gym, his place and then his condo. He had Bruce tailed. That 3 weeks, then it progressed to orgies and private parties where he was the center of attention and action. Bruce had told Tony and Tony felt helpless to help. Bruce's attitude changed. He no longer fought it. He tried to date once Jonathan had finished with him two months later after finding another toy. Bruce realized that people recognized him in clubs and were only going out with him for one reason only, his dick and for the pleasure of the conquest. The year agreement came to its close and the impending visit came as well. Lucipher came and talked to Bruce.

"Bruce you have one month, one month to demonstrate that there is one person you will meet over that course that can truly, honestly, and sincerely love you and wants you for more than just one thing. Should you not bring this person to me or should after I question this person fail to demonstrate such; then I am afraid your fate is sealed as per our agreement." Lucipher left as he came in, as if he had never been there.

Over the next month Bruce unfortunately and desperately went looking for love in all the wrong places. String after string of one night stands followed. Debauchery seemed to have no end. He managed to resign from the firm and slowly start his own firm but still couldn't find anyone to truly love him for who he truly was. The story he broke down one night and confessed everything over the phone to Tony since Tony was in London. They cried and cried. The month ended as it had begun in hopelessness. "Well Bruce time is up. Have you anyone to show that will testify their undying love to you? I don't see anyone here but us." Lucipher changed into Troy and then back. "That was you? You were Troy the whole time?"

"I'm afraid yes I was. Though I didn't interfere I just opened some horizons for you. You got what you wanted and might I add you are very handsome. You are even more handsome now than you were before when we struck this deal. Your baby faced looks have matured you have indeed quite the stud and specimen. You will be the best incubus I will have had to date. Had you not worked as hard as you did in the gym the results still impressive would not have gone beyond our agreement which I might have certainly resulted as such. Andy was right about me. You should have also listened to Tony. I used your best asset against you. I used your love. It was your love that you demonstrate to Troy that was main ingredient to your body's success. I believe your dick got even bigger than you thought possible didn't it. I am sure that you didn't imagine having a 10 inch long dick and now 11.5 inches in circumference did you? No you don't have to answer that I already know the answer. But now I am afraid time is up."

"No I am afraid Troy or Lucipher or whatever you call yourself it is not over. There is one person that loves him: Me." Bruce leaned to his right to see past Lucipher and who was standing behind him. Lucipher on the other hand didn't even turn around. He just smiled and made a motion with his left hand as Tony was propelled through the air to land forcefully on the couch next to Bruce. Bruce was unable to move and so was Tony and therefore neither of them could hug the other.

"Well, well, the savior friend to the rescue. Tony, Tony, confess you really aren't in love with him. Mmm or are you? Mmm well we shall see. Tony you are going to answer everything I ask you truthfully aren't you?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"How is he to answer you truthfully if you compel him so? You want the truth make sure you can handle it, abide by your standards Lucipher or in your own rights you forfeit the agreement."

"Ever the shrewd little lawyer aren't you Bruce. I have intention to oppress Tony. But Tony will have to answer truthfully. So Tony tell me are you truly in love with Bruce?"


"When did this happen tell me the depths of your love."

"Bruce I do love you. Throughout college I watched you. I became your friend. We were like brothers and for years and years we acted accordingly. WE treated each other with respect kindness, affection, assistance, succor, solace, all possible emotions but one. You never truly seen me did you and I guess I never truly seen you either. Part of me was jealous of Chad when you were dating even though I had many coming and going out of dorm when you were out I couldn't quite get over you. Time changed that and I slipped into complacency and routine. You were always there and that was all that mattered. Things changed slightly when you met Troy. I was a little jealous and part of me suppressed it because of how you felt for him which I saw was genuine. I should have pressed things and maybe not otherwise I might not be here and things would have just remained as they were. When you told me yester morning London time about the situation I understood every thing. I dropped everything. I took the Concord home. I came here right away. I couldn't lose you. I had to finally admit how I did feel about you. I could no longer deny it. I love you more than a brother possibly could. I want you here to be with me for as long as we have here. Since you sold your condo and started living here I realized it shortly thereafter. You are the right one for me. There isn't anyone I want more nor do I think there will ever be anyone that could possibly complete me. So please say you feel the same way about me Bruce and we win. We win in so many ways."

Lucipher looked calm despite the hatred he had for Tony at the moment. Lucipher knew and recognized true love when he saw it. Was part of him also jealous? It couldn't be or was it because he spent too much time as Troy with Bruce? He didn't want Tony to have him. Yet that feeling was very remote and not the truth. He only really lusted after Bruce for what he was and what he would become with him. The emotion wasn't real but he was brought to reality when four simple words came out of Bruce's mouth. "I truly do too."

An invisible yet firm hand had placed itself on Lucipher's shoulder. Words that only two people could understand its unique language. "Lucipher your power and your deal have ended. You chose something to test that you never will truly understand nor come to terms possibly ever again. You turned your back on it millennia ago and chose your path. Now you have heard that they have chosen theirs. Your will cannot effect something that isn't there to begin with. You have lost fallen brother. Love has won and its home is genuine and lasting in this case. Had it any doubt or any other outcome in its expression and I would not be here to see you depart, and nor would we have challenged your authority. The mortal of his own free will made his choice, and another mortal of free will professed what was at his core. Now I am afraid your time is up. Say the words that bind you to the agreement as you first made it and be off. His fate is no longer yours to try to dictate." Lucipher knew the person behind him to be the Angel Michael. No other being besides another really did he hate most yet he knew unfortunately that he was right. Despite it all this particular beings fate was now sealed off from him and Bruce's fate was his to chose yet should he fail he would make sure that it would become his to do with as he pleased.

"Well I cannot deny that this is real. Your deal Bruce has been fulfilled. The terms have been met and sealed. Though for now take you out of my reach be forewarned the next time will not result as kindly." Lucipher and Michael left as they came.

Bruce had no words for Tony nor were they needed. Clothes came off quicker than a 5 grade tornado ripping through a house. Love suppressed came to the surface. Love they had was fully demonstrated for this power really knows no gender but recognizes itself in Tony's heart and Bruce's and it truly felt that it indeed had.

Well as you can see things turned out ok. Lucipher didn't win. I ended up with a person that truly I had love more than anyone, yet don't be fooled it isn't all rosy. What it is though is something that we are discovering and wow for far it is quite the journey. I think that 10 years of friendship is making the process far easier than most in my opinion. Tony and I are living together and that hasn't changed.

My practice though small is mine but now most of my contracts and clients maintain me close to home. I no longer dance, well not in public that is for sure, but Tony sure gets his private lap dances often enough. I haven't done another video. Andy and I are talking again and he has found someone for himself, I think his name is Franco Corelli, but that's not his real name though he is half Italian all right but his real name is Vincent O'Connor, and their anniversary is only 2 months apart from ours. Who would have guessed that all four of us would celebrate our now fifth anniversary together. Andy has stayed in the business and I every once and a while still do a photo shoot with Rip Colt but Andy is the only cameraman I will trust. So things have come out ok. Well so far this is the end for now. •

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