Young Tony

The Substitute


By Deadliftr

The contents of this story, all of the characters, locations, names and actions mentioned and described in this story are 100% fictional. No aspect of the story represents any true and/or actual facts. Any resemblance of actual characters to any persons living or dead, and the resemblance of any locations, names and/or actions is accidental, unintended, and purely coincidental.

One of Tony’s most memorable weeks of his first year at college began when the good-looking, young, gay substitute showed up. He was a replacement, really; the history teacher would be out for the rest of the spring semester as the result of a car accident. No one had heard anything about the new teacher, but no matter who it was, Tony decided that this was not an opportunity to be missed: he would take the lead regarding introductions -- it was best that this new guy learn who’s in control right from the outset. So on that bright Monday morning, Tony took a seat front and center, went into his best slouch, his tightly-stretched, cut-off tee covering his chest only from the nips up. The eyes of any onlooker would have been instantly drawn to the amazingly huge, hard, perfectly defined and fat-free abs muscles, except that Tony’s widely spread legs put his equally huge crotch assembly on proud and prominent display, his left nut dangling low – his ball sack mostly in plain sight, free of the yellow posers he habitually wore – posers stressed to the limit by his other ball sack and his thick, semi-relaxed yet nearly full length, healthy pink teen meat.

The teacher, Rick Jenkins, was a few minutes late, getting his last-minute warnings from the Dean about Tony. The bright “Good Morning” smile on his face disappeared as he froze three steps into the room upon getting his first view of Tony. Everyone in class read the expression in his face as fear and surprise at the sight of the heavily muscled, near-naked teen hulk in the front row, but Tony recognized the truth (“Hot Damn! – He wants my cock!”). On top of that he was young, handsome, and obviously very fit. “This could get very interesting,” thought Tony as he immediately went into his act. He started by slowly raising his right arm as if to scratch behind his head, carefully flexing his huge gun to the max as he reached overhead. He looked down at his chest and treated his new pal to a sensuous pec dance, sending rolling waves of flexed muscle left and right as he slowly drew his index finger from his breastbone, down across his navel, and finally down the length of his long, thick, prominently outlined pleasure tool as it rose toward the vertical, his eyes also tracing the route. As he suggestively lifted his gaze he saw – as did most of the class -- what was happening in the teacher’s crotch. So he stretched himself out fully and luxuriously, his dick now straining to reach his abs, held upright by the posers not stretched so thin as to appear almost transparent where they hooked over and covered, without hiding, Tony’s thick, strongly helmeted cock. Then, with one needlessly loud “Unh!”, he flexed himself hard, causing the elastic waist band to slip over and off of his fully hard cock, which slapped loudly and victoriously against Tony’s firm wall of abs muscle. He smiled arrogantly at the teacher as he lightly fingered his fully erect cock, groaning softly as a continuous stream of precum slid down the front of his rigid pole onto his nutsack. The teacher finally managed to draw his eyes away from Tony, walk to his desk, and begin class.

Tony kept himself on display for the remainder of the class but at least sat quietly, letting his presence alone provide a distraction -- and it did. Rick had never been so thoroughly aroused just by the sight of another man’s body; shortly after starting the class, he sat down at his desk to hide his hard-on and never again stood up -- though his cock did -- for the whole period. But even as he lusted for that hard, bulging, and (Ohmigod, so fucking) huge body, he felt fear. He’d seen himself as an alpha in the sexual arena and so always insisted on being the top, but he knew instantly that to be with this hyper-virile ass of muscle was to be the bottom -- in all ways, and so he rejected the possibility. Yet, he could not deny the attraction, the lure---, and (Oh, God!) the scent. (Maybe he’ll sit in back next time, he hoped). . But this was just the first day of along week, and in coming days, he teased the poor substitute mercilessly during class, but then pointedly ignored him as soon as the bell rang. The confused young instructor couldn’t decide if that was good or bad.

The third day was the worst. About two thirds of the way through class, Tony stroked himself to a very thick, very hard, and very exposed erection from which pre-cum surged generously every minute or so. The poor teacher was much too close to Tony to avoid seeing him and was rendered more or less incoherent by the hypnotically arousing aroma spreading outward from Tony in waves. He stumbled along in an erotic fog for about ten minutes and then dismissed class early.

On day number four of Tony’s XXXX-act, the Dean walked by and saw the huge, all but naked muscle-teen blatantly displaying his attributes, in this case with his posers pulled completely off to one side, allowing his overly ample endowments to hang down in full view, a puddle of precum growing on the floor beneath. Somehow, word of Tony’s outrageous sexual classroom activities had been kept hidden from the Dean, and this little display caught him totally off guard. Giving no heed to his own warnings to the staff to ignore Tony and just leave him be, no matter what, he strode quickly into the room and fairly well yelled, “This is an OUTRAGE! Get OUT!” Tony didn’t move. “Into my office. NOW!” – with the volume up to screaming. Tony slowly got up, gave his sex-parts a quick adjustment as he walked up to the Dean’s side, reached around behind his back and grabbed him firmly around the opposite shoulder. At 6’2” & 220 sloppy pounds, the Dean was not a small man, but with that maneuver, Tony’s huge mass seemed to engulf the smaller man making him look, and feel, almost dwarf-like by comparison. He led the Dean out of the room, smiling and saying loudly, “Just the two of us, Doc? Alone?”

After some momentary sputtering, the Dean managed to assume his ‘in-control’ voice and instructed Tony to “Put that thing away,” nodding towards his slowly expanding man-thing. Tony stopped and seemingly tried to cover up as he allowed his erection to grow, making things more difficult. He tried pushing it down sideways into the posers, but as soon as he let go (and gave it a little flex…), it just popped right back out. “…damn thing won’t stay put. Hm-m-m, maybe I can…,” – he pulls his posers up as high as possible and stretches it up so it just barely makes it over the tip of his cock, but as soon as he let go, it slipped completely off, leaving him fully exposed. “…um-m-m nope! I guess not. …But hey!” he said congenially, as he threw his arm casually over the Dean’s shoulders and led him out the door, heading for his office, “While we’re talking, maybe you could help me solve my little problem here,” pointedly gazing down at and grabbing his very rigid penis that was pointing their way down the hall, and then squeezing the Dean’s shoulder hard with one hand to show that it was really more of a demand than a request and that he was willing to exert his superior strength to get his way. The Dean angered quickly, but just as quickly, his anger turned to worry, mixed with a little fear.

Making it look to all the world like they were best buddies enjoying each other’s company, Tony escorted the Dean into his office and locked the door. “Before we talk, I think we need to relax a little, don’t you?”

Relaxing, to Tony, meant first stripping, and then forcing the other man to his knees in front of the leather recliner now groaning under Tony’s considerable weight as he lounged sloppily back in the well-upholstered chair, with his legs outstretched, and his forcibly relaxed, still 8-inch cock pointing straight out in front, level with his thighs, thereby giving the Dean easy access. Slightly elevating his penis with one hand, he pulled the quivering, wide-eyed man’s face forward, saying, “I think you know what to do.”

Well, he had an idea, but he was damned if he was going to do it, and he tried as hard as he could to get away. Tony would have nothing to do with that and easily overcame the man’s useless struggles and was soon enjoying the pleasure of a warm mouth around the head of his very needy, thankful cock. Holding the frightened man’s head firmly in place, Tony relaxed fully into the chair as his unhappy helper dutifully began licking and sucking as directed. Quickly getting fully involved in pleasing himself, Tony became quite oblivious to all else, including the fact that the totally inexperienced Dean was having breathing problems. His first goal was to get his entire assembly within the Dean’s warm, wet interior, but he was willing to proceed slowly for the sake of the older, smaller man – a kind attitude that was soon to disappear from Tony’s personality. So he pushed in slowly, filling first his helper’s mouth, then proceeding downward into his throat until all eight inches had disappeared from sight, largely ignoring the fact that the large, flared head of his well-formed cock completely blocked the passage of air into the lungs of the now groaning, squirming little man. Once inside, he held the reluctant head quite firmly in place, unmoving, mashed into his pubes, while he allowed himself the truly sublime sensation of having his so very ready, so sensitive dick creep slowly down the slick throat passage as it grew to its full thirteen-inch length.

As Tony’s cock was hardening in his throat, the Dean was forced to stand up in order to handle the huge, increasingly rigid member in relative comfort. Then the air flow stopped. He tried to pull off of the giant dick. No progress. Not even a millimeter. He tried to get away by pushing against Tony’s knees. Nothing. He tried hammering on his thighs and abs; he tried to pull Tony’s hands off of his head – still nothing. By this time, Tony’s dick had grown to his full, firm size, and Tony was now rapturously pumping his dick up and down the gloriously wet, tight throat. Screaming as loudly as possible, given that his mouth was stretched beyond full by Tony’s oversized dick, the Dean began jerking and writhing about every which way he could in his panic to breathe. Finally he blacked out, whereupon his legs collapsed, and he dropped like a stone.

But not to the ground -- not with a thirteen-inch wooden log wedged inside of him. Tony’s then vertical and very strong, very muscular cock barely moved. Tony had been lying with his head hanging over the back of the Dean’s cushioned chair staring sightlessly at the ceiling, soaking in all of the wonderful feelings he was receiving from below, when he felt something pulling hard on his cock; so he looked down, only to find a dead weight being supported by his dick. He quickly recognized the problem and pulled the oxygen-starved man free of his cock, but only after taking an enjoyable moment to chuckle about what had happened. He let the Dean lie quietly until his breathing returned to normal, but not a moment longer – his cock was primed and ready to fire, and Tony didn’t want to keep it waiting. “Wake up, Doc. We’re not finished yet.”

As the Dean regained consciousness and his ability to breathe, and his wits, he assumed, naturally, that Tony was done with him. Not quite. The first thing he noticed as awareness returned was that his clothes were being removed, and then that he was being bent forward over a thickly cushioned arm of his office sofa, and finally that a hot, wet, hard yet smooth object was being forced between his ass cheeks. Just as he successfully put two and two together, but before he had time for even a simple, “No!”, Tony was inside and before you could say, “YEOWCH!” he had bottomed out, and miraculously, without serious trauma. It was lucky that the Dean was bigger than average, and that he wasn’t all that tight, even being a virgin in the gay sex arena. Even so, only Tony’s large hand, held forcefully against the raped man’s mouth kept his screams from penetrating through the hallways. But fortunately for the Dean, the pleasure points in his prostrate were in good working order, and his complaints soon stopped.

After several dozen strokes into his invasion, Tony announced that it was “time for our discussion – and here it is..,” and he punctuated every few words with a good strong thrust to emphasize his points. “You will never…” – thrust – “never!…” – thrust – “EVER!” – thrust – “…pull me out...” Thrust! “…of class..” - thrust – “ in order to reprimand me.” He gave one final, even stronger thrust and held himself there, flexing his cock even larger as he did, and while holding it there he said with a strained voice, “We’re through talking – a statement which he punctuated with a return to his thrusting and soon with his first, and very strong, orgasm…, “Unh…, unnh-h-h…, E-E-Y-A-A-A-A!” About half-way through, the Dean did likewise, in spite of himself. He had tried to hold back; he could not.

Once he was nearly finished, Tony slowed down, but did not stop plugging away. Holding the Dean’s ass firmly in place, he said, “Ya know, Doc, it looks to me like you really get off on all this muscle and dick, man, so I think I’ll just keep doin’ this for awhile.., if ya don’t mind, that is---heh, heh, heh; so the Dean got to “enjoy” Tony for another twenty minutes before Tony blew one final load before quitting. He left without a word, except to say, “By the way, if I ever find myself back here, in this office, well --, we’ll just have to do this again.”

And much to the Dean’s dismay, Tony did return once again. A couple months later, Tony was enjoying an especially fervent suck-job in Mrs. Wilson’s class from his small but very enthusiastic and able pupil, Johnny. They both got carried away and later, none of the students could say who yelled louder when Tony blasted an especially large load down Johnny’s now experienced throat. It was, of course, totally apparent to the whole class what had just happened, including the matronly Mrs. Wilson. Up to this moment, she had forced herself to ignore Tony’s totally unacceptable behavior so long as he was quiet about it, but this event pushed her patience past the breaking point. She’d read the Dean’s memo, too – the one that said, “DO NOT send Tony Mills to my office for ANY INFRACTION whatsoever!” – the memo he’d been sending out once a week for two months now. But her Puritanical sensibilities had been overloaded. “Surely this goes way-y-y beyond an “infraction,” she reasoned, and so she decided to speak her mind, memo be damned! The rather loud orgasmic event had quieted the class and severely rattled poor Mrs. Wilson, but she finally did compose herself enough to say her piece: “You filthy, disgusting, creature! You will go to the Dean’s office – Now!” she stated… - in a reasonably authoritative, though shaky voice that got louder as she spoke. She had intended to hurl several more virulent adjectives at the “beast,” (which nearby students heard her mumble under her breath) but Tony caught her with his gaze and she snapped her mouth shut. When he was finally ready, Tony picked up his posers from the floor, stood up and turned to face the still sputtering, purple-faced teacher and slowly walked up to her. She couldn’t help but follow his eyes downward to his still half-hard, glistening ten-inch rod that was only inches away from and pointing straight at her cunt, still producing small final surges of cum in the aftermath of his huge orgasm.

As her brain registered what her eyes were seeing, Tony flexed his cock gently, making her take a frightened step or two backwards. Tony slowly pulled on his posers and carefully adjusted them so that although he was willing his cock to relax, he also made sure that his package bulged out as prominently as possible. Smiling broadly at her, he said, “I’ll be sure to let him know you sent me,” and left.

Not even acknowledging the office assistants, Tony barged into the Dean’s office and announced, with a huge, overly happy smile, “Mrs. Wilson sent me.” The shocked Dean could only stare as Tony closed and locked the door behind him. “I’ve got a promise to keep, Doc --- and I always keep my promises.”

The Dean stood and backed up, with his arms outstretched, mumbling, “N-n-n-no…, p-, p-, p-, please! I c-, c-, can’t.”

He could – just as he had once before. It was easier this time, mostly because Tony, recognizing that the Dean hadn’t brought him here, spent a minute or two getting fully imbedded, but once there was in no hurry to leave. After all, he’d had a huge orgasm hardly five minutes ago, so why rush? It was well into the next period before Tony was satisfied and once again coated the Dean’s innards with fresh teen muscle juice. He left right afterwards, saying, “You’d better tell your staff to pay better attention to your memos.”

Fucking 101

Tony was nowadays cumming frequently in class, albeit relatively discreetly – if noisily - into someone’s willing throat rather than on the walls. And in his mind, it was not a great leap to go from getting sucked off in class to downright fucking: cumming was cumming, no matter the orifice he used. He’d spent a good part of Saturday evening being well-entertained by a surprisingly experienced young coed named Cindy who, while at school, openly flirted with Tony at every opportunity, frequently finding excuses to rub against certain of his prominent body parts. Now, Monday morning, after three periods of commendable restraint on his part, Tony was in algebra class reliving that fine evening as he watched Cindy tease him mercilessly from three rows away. As per usual, Tony had started the class by tucking his posers underneath his balls, giving him easy access to his whole package which hung massively over the edge of his seat half way to the floor. Within a few minutes of watching Cindy, Tony was rapturously smearing gobs of freely-flowing precum all over his blatantly visible, vertical erection. Finally, he could take it no longer.

He stood up, crooked an inviting finger at her as he moved to the space behind the last row of chairs and sat on the floor. Without so much as a quick look towards the teacher, she got up and stood near Tony, who immediately reached up under her dress to pull down her panties, but there weren’t any. She smiled. He smiled. And in the flash of an eye, Cindy found herself flat on the floor breathlessly taking in the mountain of muscle hovering above her, being held up by a pair of twenty-eight-inch, bulging, steel-hard, vein-covered biceps muscle – a mountain that included two huge, striated mounds of pec muscle so big, and capped by nipples so large that Cindy worried that her own very ample woman’s endowment, most specifically her teats, were grossly undersized. The teacher, a middle-aged man, quickly figured out what was about to happen and was about to fly into a rage – when he remembered what Tony had done to that expensive car last year after a mild reprimand – and just as quickly changed his mind and tried manfully to divert the class’s attention back to the blackboard. For her part, Cindy had forgotten, momentarily, what she was here for, transfixed as she was by Tony’s manliness, until she felt the very large, warm, slick, blunt instrument that was Tony’s cock slide up the inside of one thigh and come to rest at the entrance to her womanhood.

She stared up at Tony with wide, expectant eyes, as Tony began to tease her, sliding his huge tool up and down her thighs, pressing suggestively, though briefly, at her opening, whispering pleasantries to her as he did. “So you think you want this huge fucking muscle-dick inside, do you?” or “All this huge fucking muscle and this huge fucking cock is makin’ you fucking horny. – Is that right? Makes you wanna cum –don’t it?”- as he smirks broadly and pulls away from her yet again. And finally, that was all that SHE could take. With both hands, she grabbed his cock and shoved in the tip as far as she could, then holding still as the size registered. It had only been two days and yet, “Oh! … OH! … Omigod, -- Tony! It’s so BIG! .. Oh, Tony….” “Awww, yeah – got a lot more for ya ..,” as he starts moving the head in and out. “Ohmigod – Tony! – I’m gonna cum already…, oh .., unh…, Un-n-h-h-h-h..” And she wasn’t quiet about it, either -- everyone was by now straining to watch. Tony noticed. “ALL EYES FRONT!”

He turned his attentions back to Cindy. “Time for a little more..,” as he starts pushing in further and Cindy reaches around his butt with both hands and PULLS as hard as she can. “Oh shit! It’s Huge!” (..snickering from the classroom…) Quieter now: “Oh fuck, Tony – I’m cumming again.., unh, un-n-h-h-h…” Tony picks up the pace of his pumping. ..”Still some more for ya, Babe…,” “Oh, gees, Tony.., no-o-o…,” “Awww, yeah, Babe, that’s it…, CUM with me Babe…” “Oh, Tony.., I can’t stop cumming..,” Tony just smirks arrogantly and joins in with his own massive splooge. “Unghhhh!” “…aw-w-w-w.., o-o-o-o-o….a-a-a-h-h-h-h….”

After lying there for several minutes, they realized that there wasn’t a sound in the classroom. Tony saw no reason to get up, so he just started moving inside of her again. Although relatively soft, his thick and still quite stiff eight or nine inches was still quite enough to keep both him and Cindy very happy until the bell rang and everyone left.

Well, word soon got out, and pretty soon the girls wouldn’t leave Tony alone in class. Suddenly, fucking in class was “IN!” and for a while became a daily affair in algebra class. Before long, new girls were even trying to “sit in” on Tony’s class. Of course, the teacher always said, “No,” but sometimes, Tony said, “Yes,” and of course, he prevailed. •

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