Young Tony

“If it’s OK in Class - Why Not in the Hallways?”


By Deadliftr

The contents of this story, all its characters, locations,names and performances mentioned and described in this story are 100% fictional creations by the original author only. No aspect of the story represents any trues and/or actual facts. Any resemblance of actual characters, locations, names and/or actions is accidental and unintended.

Once Tony was routinely getting sucked off during class or fucking outright, he stopped showing any reticence about exposing himself elsewhere. One day he was in an old, narrow, locker-lined hallway during lunch period showing off his thick, deeply cut muscle and encouraging the girls – and the guys, to feel every one of his hard, bulging muscles. The guys were reluctant to do that in public – not so the girls. They sampled everything, of course, but most often they had one hand tracing out the ridges and valleys of his flat, hard abdominals while the other explored the hard, striated mounds of glute muscle behind. He had come to school today in a large bikini swimsuit which allowed direct access to most of his ample butt but which, unlike his posers, actually managed to cover up his huge ballsack and more than half of his thick shaft, though still leaving at least four inches in plain sight even when the whole package was fully relaxed, but the gals wanted to see more: “O-o-o-o, Tony…, (giggle, giggle..) we wanna see it grow.”

“Well, I’d love to show you, Ladies…, but it won’t do it all by itself, you know…,” he offered teasingly.

And so, with one hand holding on to Tony’s thick, veined forearm -- in case they started to faint, one would suppose --, each girl reached down with her other hand and massaged one of Tony’s full, firm balls. This quickly stimulated his arousal, and soon his already prominently displayed, very manly male parts were expanding yet larger. His admirers watched with either desire, or jealousy, depending on their sex, as Tony’s thick tool pushed the now skimpy-looking bikini out from his groin, the waistband barely holding on to the head of nearly rigid, now foot-long man-meat, straining to curve upward and escape the cloth confines of the swimsuit. As the two girls continued to massage Tony’s palm-filling balls, thrilled by both the size and hardness of the taut, cum-filled globes, Tony started flexing his cock, causing it to grow harder and shinier as the skin was forced to stretch around its increasing girth. A third girl wrapped the fingers of one hand around the silken steel pole, worked her fingers around to the sensitive underside and began gently stroking. Two times, Tony hissed the air through his teeth as he involuntarily flexed his cock – hard – sending two large surges of precum into his suit, soaking the entire front portion. But Tony wanted to save his juice for later.

“That’ll be all, Ladies. Hands off.”

After cries of, “Awww, Toe-nee-e-e-e…,” the attention shifted to his upper body, the girls tracing out every curve of his bi’s, tri’s, pecs, and abs, with lots of girlish giggling whenever Tony trapped a hand between his bi’s and forearms, or caught some fingers between his ridges of abs muscle.

Coming up the hallway behind Tony, unnoticed, was Mack, one of the very large senior linebackers. Ever since his first encounter with Tony only a few weeks earlier, he changed the colors of his spots and had become totally and unashamedly gay; and being easily the biggest, and certainly the newest muscle-dude in the local gay-pool, he was always the “top” dog. He caught sight of Tony just as his cock was being stroked, causing Tony to respond with some mighty flexes – and not just of his cock, either. Mack had just begun to admire and drool over the firm roundness and striations of Tony’s massive glutes when he flexed everything, turning them into square bricks of rock-hard flesh. His own cock was rigid before he was even aware of it, because upon seeing Tony’s ass cheeks slam together like two steel plates meeting, he instantly imagined his own sizable tool trapped in that magnificent vice and swore he could feel the crunch within his own meat, even as he knew that such a thing could never happen. He froze in place, his eyes unwilling to leave Tony’s ass, and his mind unwilling to give up on the aforementioned day-dream, and he stayed that way until the girls were getting giddy over Tony’s other muscles. Finally coming to his senses, he continued on his way, fully intending to pass on by; but in passing, he looked down, and saw all that thick, hard, twitching, exposed prime man-meat, and the cum-soaked cloth ---, and in his present state of arousal, instinct took over totally, causing him to all but dive for Tony’s crotch. In one move, the swimsuit disappeared, and so did Tony’s cock, deep inside Mack’s throat. But Tony hardly missed a beat – he just kept on flexing and posing and laughing and talking as if nothing unusual had happened, even though Mack’s strong, weight-trained neck and throat muscles were giving Tony a dick-massage that most men would die for. Tony had come to take such things for granted – he demanded the best and expected no less from his faithful flock.

The bell rang, and everyone left, except for Mack, who now started sucking with a vengeance, not wanting to give up savoring the gigantic hunk of meat so quickly, still keeping Tony’s now fully hard twelve inches completely out of view. “Awww, yeah…, fucking suck this huge muscle dick, man…that’s it. Aww, fuck, yeah-h-h….”

“Slurp. Suck.., Un-n-n-n.., um-m-m-m-m…” “Aww yeah, suck it fucking hard, man…, keep it up.., aww, fuck yeah-h--h.”

Encouraged, Mack starts working yet harder, and now Tony let his feelings show – and he felt terrific! Mack worked his cock better than anybody else, managing to squeeze his throat muscles in waves that moved progressively up the rigid tool and back down, again and again, sometimes pausing to vibrate his throat against the thickest, softest, most sensitive part of Tony’s dick--- it was all Tony could do to hold back his orgasm each time Mack did that. The sucking and licking got more intense as he grunts and groans like he can’t get enough. For a while, Tony expresses his satisfaction and pleasure with his own set of growls and groans and finally realizes that Mack isn’t slowing down. He smirks down at Mack and says, “You know what, man? You want this cock so bad…., you need to be fucked right here, Man.” Mack stopped immediately and tried to look up at Tony’s face, but he couldn’t even tilt his head up enough to see because the deeply embedded cock was so rigid, so he gave a little shrug and went right back to giving a throat massage.

But Tony had made a decision. He extracted his cock, pulled off Mack’s shorts, and then holding him by his lats, suspended him momentarily over the tip of his muscular, vein-covered, now vertical cock. “Right here. Right now.” Tony had plowed Mack enough times that neither one was concerned about what both knew was coming next - and Mack knew the rod was well-lubricated-- he could see the globs of precum sliding down the sides. In one move – “Schloop!” Tony was fully in, and Mack forgot about plugging Tony’s ass – THIS was just fine, ‘Thank you!’ Tony began pumping him slowly up and down, and every trip across Mack’s large, sensitive prostate was a trip to heaven. Mack just clamped his hands onto Tony’s boulderous delts and held on for the ride. After two or three minutes, Tony decided to try something new; he stopped, forced his dick to soften a bit – just enough that it could bend downwards as he let Mack rock backwards. Then, in a quick position change, he grabbed one ankle in each hand and held Mack upside down, his full twelve inches still out of sight, and began yanking Mack up and down around his dick, ecstatic by the increased pressure this position placed on his hungry, gratified dick. “Awww, fuck, yeah-h-h-…, squeeze my dick, man…, aww, yeah.., so-o-o fuckin’ good, man…, fuck, yeah-h-h..,Awww, man, I think you’re gonna be late fer class, Dude… O-o-o-o, nice ass, man…..”

Mack never did make it to class. •

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